Motoblocks Fermer FM 1011 MX. Overview, properties, reviews

Motoblocks Fermer FM 1011 MX. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

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The FM 1011MX Farmer is one of the most popular models from the Fermer Motoblock family. It has an output of 10 hp.

The Fermmer FM 1011MX can edit floors at a depth of 15 to 30 cm.

The width of tillage with milling is 85 to 115 cm.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 1011 MS

This model is also equipped with differential hubs, which means that the device can be used on a small property.

Technical characteristics

Type of the engine 4-stroke, gasoline
Engine power, PS (KW) 10 (7.3)
Engine volume, cm 3 270
Tap no
Universal holder There is
Number of speeds 2 forward / 1 back
Type of drive gear
Cutting width, mm 850-1150
Attachment depth, mm 150-300
Cultivation speed, m/min 6-12
Capacity of the fuel tank, L 6
Motor oil volume, L 1,1
Fair diameter, mm 32 (Hex)
Bike dimension 6.50-12
Cardboard dimensions (LXBXH), mm 1020x820x570
Weight (KG 135

Application functions

The han d-led tractor FM 1011MX from Fermmer is designed for soil processing on medium and large areas. It can work with a loose country and a virgin country.

The motor block Farmer 1011MX has no pt shaft and the attachments are connected to a universal coupling.

Transportation of goods, even in winter with a lot of snow, are no problem for the Fermer FM 1011 MX:


In the factory configuration, the singl e-axis Fermer FM 1011 MX is sold inemited. There are no problems during assembly because the process is described in the operating instructions and all the necessary tools are included.

A bonus for all owners of Fermer FM 1011MX handled tractors is a set of milling cutters.

Motoblock Fermmer FM 1011 MX with mills

The height of the control handle can be adapted to the body size of the operator.

A telescopic running board is installed on the front, on which the hand-led Fermer FM 1011MX tractor can rely during warming up the engine or during repair work.

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Motoblock Farmer 1011MX has wheels with a size of 6.5-12 k. Thanks to them, the device can also work on wet soil.

Here is a video about the configuration of the han d-led tractor Farmer FM 1011MX without assembly:

User Guide

Before using the singl e-axle tractor, the operating instructions must be studied. It describes the functioning of the device, assembly, commissioning, entering and further operation. The operating instructions are here, but is often lost. We offer you its electronic version.


In order to extend the lifespan of the han d-led tractor Fermer FM 1011 MX, you should follow the operating instructions precisely.

  • The presence and level of oil and gasoline must be checked before each departure.
  • It is recommended to use universal all-weather engine oils in series 10 W-40.
  • This is a gasoline model and pure AI-92 or AI-95 fuel must be filled in.

You should also wait regularly in accordance with the table on page 15 of the operating instructions.


In the forums you can read reviews on the operation of the han d-led tractor. They are mostly positive, the owners notice its versatility and quality of work.


“Great compact model with a great kit. It just has to be assembled correctly. Very easy to handle and on my 7 hectares it unfolds without any problems. Acquired cutter and Hiller. Penetrates deep into the ground, but sometimes jumps out, it is better to use symptoms.

Advantages: compact, gentle switching, proble m-free attachment coupling

Overview of the engine blocks Fermer FM 1011MX. Overview, properties, application features

The FERMER FM 1011MX belongs to the series of the popular Chinese factory-mounted hand-held ferm tractors. All models are tested, tested and provided with guarantee cards.

Official representations of the manufacturer sell handmade tractors in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus. The Fermmer FM 1011MX is very popular. The performance of 10 hp and the high maneuverability of the differential hubs made the han d-led tractor so popular.

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Fermer FM 1011MX

The device is equipped with a fou r-stroke engine, gasoline, with an output of 7.3 kW. The capacity of the car of the car is 6 liters, the oil pan 1.1 liters, the displacement of the engine 270 cm3. With the technical features, it should be emphasized that the on e-axle tractor does not have a tap wave. Beating devices are attached to it thanks to the clutch.

Purpose of the Fermmer FM 1011MX:
  • Milling (cultivation) of the soil;
  • Plow;
  • Processing of land of 6-10 hectares;
  • Transport of goods;
  • Snow removal with a municipal shovel landfill;
  • Loosening of the soil;
  • Plant potatoes;
  • Harvest transport;
  • Spread the fertilizer in the garden or in the greenhouse;
  • Working with Hillers.

Technical characteristics

The FERMER FM 1011MX model has classic properties, for example a standard milling depth – from 15 to 30 cm and an adjustable working width – from 85 cm to 115. There are hubs from the help properties for faster turning the walk behind tractor in a small area . The machine is equipped with a universal coupling bracket, a running board for more stability and wide and large wheels with a size of 6.5 to 12.

Fermer FM 1011MX

When packed, the farmer has the following dimensions: 1020x820x570 mm. The weight of the vehicle without filled fuel tank is 135 kg. The FERMER FM 1011MX model is also in demand because it has enough weight to do complex work with the floor, for example plowing. If necessary, the farmer can be “loaded” singl e-axle tractors with symptoms of a standard test. During the cultivation, the device develops a speed of 6 to 12 m/minute, and the number of operations is 3 (including 1 reverse gear).

Functions and device

Characteristics of the Fermer FM 1011MX:

  • Manövability on snow, the passing of snow drifts without additional equipment;
  • High ground clearance and wide bikes that ensure stability and good grip on the floor;
  • Lack of a pf wave and work with attachments at a universal coupling when assembly;
  • a complete tool set for the assembly of a han d-led tractor (delivered in the box with the device);
  • Laser contained;
  • Height adjustment of the control handle;
  • Footrest for better hold with storage or repair;
  • good grip even on wet soil;
  • Comfortable control lever.
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The device Fermmer FM 1011MX is simple, with regard to the arrangement of the main parts, this model does not differ from the mass of other representatives of the model series. The engine, fuel tank and gear are located in the upper part of the singl e-axle tractor, connected and not covered by a protective cover.

Fermer FM 1011MX

Operation and maintenance of the Fermer FM 1011MX

In order to ensure longer motor operation, it is recommended not to overload it with continuous operation. Perform technological breaks in the operation of the motor block 1011MX (drown the engine every two hours for 15 to 20 minutes and let the engine cool down). The assembly of the tractor of the walk behavior should be carried out according to the operating document. According to the instructions, even a user can put together the device without experience.

Follow such operating and maintenance rules FMER FM 1011MX:
  • Use the oil for the season and the fuel only of the specified type, in this case gasoline 92, 95;
  • Maintenance, including visual inspection of the tractor for walking behavior, to do damage and pollution, are carried out every time after the work has been completed.
  • In order to remove possible malfunctions, depending on the loading of the Farmer1011MX engine block and the wear degree, it can either be done more often.
  • Complete the ongoing acceptance immediately after assembly;
  • Follow the instructions during the 1011 MX.
  • Put on special closed clothes and shoes while working with the training Farmer 1011MX.
  • Leave the device with gas and oil when storing the device.
  • Book mature tires before every season;
  • Store at a place of moisture sources;
  • Do not smoke next to a work unit, especially during contact with flammable fuel liquids.

FERMER FM 1011MX Video Review

The video shows how the motorcycle builder 1011MX drives on sno w-covered soil. Obviously, a layer of snow is no obstacle for this device

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Reviews of the owners


“A tractor with a walk cannot be distributed in a private sector. Farmer 1011MX is worthy. He travels perfectly, well in the frame (help hubs).

Advantages: I could easily put it together myself, without help, in the kit in which Mills applies, also bought Cigns. I liked a good penetration into the ground, the transmissions are well switched without jerking.

The disadvantages of the model are 1011MX: weighting agents are required, especially if you plan to plow the virgin countries.

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