Motoblocks Fermer FDE-1001 Pro. Overview, properties, reviews

Motoblocks Fermer FDE-1001 Pro. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

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This is a typical representative of heavy han d-held tractors.

Fermmer FDE-1001 Pro has a solid weight of 230 kg. At the same time, it is equipped with a powerful four-stroke single diesel engine and reaches a top speed of up to 20 km/h.

Motoblock Fermer FDE-1001 Pro

In order to make the work with the single-axis Fermer FDE-1001 Pro as pleasant as possible and to adjust the device in a certain type of work, there are 8 gear levels. 6 positions for driving forward and 2 for reversing.

The hand-led tractor Fermmer FDE-1001 Pro has a large tractor and can transport pendants with a total weight of up to half a ton.

Technical characteristics

Engine type 4-stroke, diesel, single cylinder, fluid-cooled
Engine power 10.5 hp (7.7 kW)
Motor volume 573 Cu. cm.
Tap There is
Nominal power force 1510 N
Editing up to 800mm
Processing depth Up to 180mm
Number of gears 6 forward (2.3 to 20.5 km/h), 2 backwards (3.8 to 12.7 km/h)
Volume gas tank 5.5 l
coupling Single disc, permanent contact, friction type
transmission (3+1) x2 mixed type driven by cylinder drive
steering Tea type
Brake Ring, with inside spreader cheeks
Drive belt Two V-belts B1651 or two V-belts B1702
Wheel size 6.00-12
Oil amount in the crankcase of the engine 1.8 l (recommended oil 15W40)
Oil amount in the transmission 2.8 l (recommended TAP 15 oil)
The liquid volume in the cooling system 1.5 l
Print (MPA) 0.14
Cardboard dimensions, LXBXH, MM 1450 x 1100 x 1100
Dimensions in the assembled state, LXBXH, mm 2180 x 905 x 1070
The weight 230 kilograms.

Application functions

This is the heaviest hand-led tractor of the Farmer family. It does not matter for him on which soil and in which area he works. The Fermmer FM 1001 Pro can easily work with a milling cutter and a plow even on large, virgin stone floors.

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The main advantage of this model is its high performance and its diesel engine, which can last a long time.

To protect the engine during operation, a protective cover is attached at the top.

Fermer FM 1001 Pro

The han d-led tractor is driven by a starter connected to the battery.

The front of the device is equipped with an electric headlight.

User Guide

Before working with the singl e-axis Fermmer FM 1001 Pro, read the instructions for use.

This is a powerful model that can be used under difficult conditions. Therefore, all elements must be clearly installed in their place when assembling. In addition, the instructions for use describes the rules for operation, maintenance and maintenance of the han d-led tractor Fermer FM 1001 Pro.

The electronic version is available here.


The singl e-axis Fermmer FM 1001 Pro has a lon g-lasting diesel engine, but it can quickly fail if handling false.

  • Motor oil in the 10W-40 or 15W-40 series should be used.
  • TAD-17I or TAP-15V oils are poured into the gear.
  • You can use normal solidol or Litol-24 to smear the control levers.


The network has mostly positive reviews of this model. This is a powerful and wel l-equipped handleed tractor.

Anatoly writes:

“This is a fully equipped model. At first it was difficult to get used to the dimensions, but finally got used to it. The programs are easy to change, the lever is clearly installed, but could be made shorter. Motoblock Farmer 1001 is a heavyweight, so I only use it in dry weather, I’m afraid, it is overwhelmed. There are no problems when working with the floor. “

Checking the engine blocks Fermer FDE 1001 Pro. Review, characteristics, application features

Fermer FDE 1001 Pro is a representative of the heavy motoblock from the Chinese manufacturer. This technology can be used on large country diagrams for long work for long farms and as a universal assistant in the cottage a personal property at work in a greenhouse.

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The maximum land area on which you can use this tractor with the greatest productivity is up to 30 hectares. A mini contract lawyer or tractor from the manufacturer Fermer is recommended for more volumetric work or industrial use.

Motoblock Fermer FDE 1001 Pro

Fermer FDE 1001 per work on a fou r-strok e-singl e-cylinde r-diesel engine.

  • The power of the unit is 10.5 hp or 7.7 kW.
  • The capacity of the fuel tank is 5.5. Liter.
  • The engine volume is 573 cm3.
  • The oil volume cast in the engine of the engine is 2.8 liters.
  • Coolant volume – 1.5 l.; The oil volume in the transmission is 1.8 liters.

This model refers to heavy and powerful, the weight of the device without recharging with fuel, 230 kg. This is one of the most powerful motoblock in the farmer’s line and can transport goods up to 500 kg.

The main purpose of the Fermer FDE 1001 per engine block:
  • Plowing a floor;
  • even work on frozen soil;
  • Transport of goods;
  • Cultivation;
  • shake;
  • Collection and plants of root cultures (beets, potatoes, carrots, etc.);
  • Sow cultures;
  • Irrigation;
  • Cut the lawn;
  • Hilling;
  • Spread fertilizer or spraying of plants with liquids from pests;
  • Weed cleansing;
  • Soil leveling;
  • Work on gears.

Fermer FDE 1001 Pro can develop a speed of up to 20 km/h. The device can be used as a tractor because the traction of the machine is quite large. It is recommended to operate this model together with a trailer or car on a stiff coupling. To the hiking loss tractor

 Fermer FDE 1001 Pro

The FDE 1001 per farmer is easy to choose to select a device: first.

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Technical properties Fermer FDE 1001 Pro

The FDE 1001 per Fertmer Motoblock is equipped with a power selection shaft. The value of the traction force is 1510n. It can be set up to 80 cm along the width of the ground stripe.

  • The depth of the immersion of the mill cuts 18 cm.
  • Work in 8 programs: 6 forward, 2 before 2.
  • The minimum speed is 2.3 km/h, the maximum is 20.5 km/h.
  • Checkpoint from the mixed type.
  • Types of V-belts on the drive: B1651 or B1702.
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 Fermer FDE 1001 Pro

The Ferfer FDE 1001 per engine block model is equipped with standard gears in size 6.00-12. The basic dimensions are folded: 1450x1100x1100 mm, in the form gathered, takes a wal k-behavio r-tractor more space and its dimensions are 2180 x 905 x 1070 mm.

For the transmission, the TAP15 oil for the engine – 15W40 or similar in viscosity, the manufacturer of any.

Characteristics and devices of the walk behavior tractor

In the lineup, the FDE 1001 Pro model weighs the most. For this machine, the type of soil is not important – the walking behavior tractor will perfectly cope with the virgin lands and Chernozem, and with frozen soil. Working on clay, sandy soil, as well as on swampy soil is allowed.

 Fermer FDE 1001 Pro

Power and reliability are the main features of this motblock. The layout of the main nodes is standard – but the engine is closed with a protective casing. The machine is activated with the starter by pressing the button on the control handles.

From the characteristics of the Fermer FDE 1001 Pro, the following is distinguished:
  • Farah for a better rating during evening work;
  • powerful, durable diesel engine;
  • an impressive weight that allows the motoblock to classify the pro;
  • a motor protected by a housing;
  • Endurance of the device, work on large land diagrams;
  • high clearance, which gives maneuverability even on rocky, uneven ground;
  • Stability;
  • good handling;
  • controlled control handle;
  • the ability to work in bad weather conditions;
  • moderate fuel consumption;
  • easy to care for and take care of;
  • recognizable external design;
  • high factory assembly;
  • understandable and affordable lessons;
  • Guarantee for 24 months.
Basic equipment Fermer FDE 1001 Pro:
  • Motoblock in a carton;
  • assembly tools;
  • Instruction;
  • guarantee voucher;
  • two wheels;
  • control handles;
  • soshnik with clamp;
  • The clutch is universal, hard type.

With proper walking tractor operation, the FDE 1001 Pro Farmer will last you for many years. Before starting use, carefully read the recommendations of the instructions. Make sure the assembly of the walk behavior tractor is done correctly. Use fasteners and parts from the kit provided by the manufacturer.

Motoblocks Foreman - reviews of models, descriptions, reviews of owners

The video is perfectly visible in the dimensions of this model and the dimensions of the FM 1001 Pro thigh block wheel builder.

Operation and maintenance Fermer FDE 1001 Pro

Follow such rules of operation and maintenance of the engine unit Farmer FDE 1001 Pro:

  • Every 2 hours make breaks so that the engine cools down, the duration of the break is 10-15 minutes.
  • Periodically check the condition of the checkpoint, the engine if there is extraneous noise or smoke, the fuel tank and oil crank for leaks, and the checkpoint for damage.
  • Do not work with a faulty engine block;
  • During work, use headphones or beryushi, as well as special anti-vibration mittens with a sticky surface;
  • Wear closed shoes and open clothing when using a tractor for walks.
  • Clean the machine body regularly with air purifiers or dry cloth.
  • Pour the oil no more than the norm, as well as diesel fuel;
  • If fuel dies, defend before pouring into the tank for two days;
  • Every 100 mothers or more often (if necessary), replace the engine and transmission oil.

Reviews of the owners

On the Internet you can get acquainted with reviews of different models of engine blocks from a farmer. Users note their features, performance and high components. The minus – strong vibration and noise.

Peter, Ulyanovsk:

“A well-manned Motoblock. At first it seemed heavy, but then I got used to it, taken over by the dimensions.

Pros: easy transmission of gears, heavy weight (in my opinion, this is the biggest plus) can do any work on the site. I plan to buy a hinged snowman for next winter. I will clear the yard of snow.

Disadvantages: vibration and noise are palpable, but all fermer have such a sin. I use berushi, without them you can just shake all day.

I don’t use it in raw weather, I’ve only exploited dry soil, but I think it will handle the raw soil. I am satisfied with the engine block, I am very appreciated! “

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