Motoblocks Fermer FD 905 Pro. Review, characteristics, reviews

Checking the engine blocks Fermer FD 905 Pro. Review, characteristics, application features

Fermer FD 905 Pro is a universal model of a tractor of walking from the same Chinese Fermer manufacturer. The equipment is created in the factory, the assembly process is automated. These motoblocks are one of the best in their class and categories. Fermer FD 905 Pro is designed for home use. It is recommended to process the soil with its help in areas up to 10 acres.

Motoblock Fermmer FD 905 Pro (Diesel)

Fermer FD 905 Pro has a diesel fou r-stroke engine 186d, the volume of which is 406 cm 3. The power of the engine is 9 hp. The volume of the fuel tank is 5.5 liters, the consumption of diesel per hour is about 1.5 liters. Motor devices – 4.

When using hinge devices, the cultivator can carry out the functions of a current unit (transport of the middle weight, etc.).

Purpose Fermmer FD 905 Pro (Diesel)

The main purpose of this technology is:

  • Pluging the floor (so that the floor is correct in the first rod and then put a bike in and the plow in the ground on the required depth. The same applies when plowing, the previous rod will explode);
  • Cultivation;
  • Pour land;
  • Transport of goods (a trailer of average capacity or trolley is used);
  • Cut the lawn;
  • Sow cultures;
  • Collection of potatoes;
  • Hilling;
  • shake;
  • Cleaning the farm area (used the harvest brush).

Technical characteristics

According to the technical features, Fermer FD 905 Pro refers to the standard of most garden and land models from Motor Blocks Farmer. The weight of the device is 158 kg. The machine can cultivate the earth at a depth of 15 to 30 cm. The processing width is 100-135 cm. For the cultivation of the tractor for the walking, you can insert several speed modes: from 8 to 21 m/min.

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The speed of the FER FD 905 Pro is 5-10 km/h. The work area of ​​the transmissions is 3, one of which is the back. There is a power shaft. The engine is started by an electric starter or manually. The total dimensions of the farmer are 1010 x 780 x 780 mm.


The technical features of the Fermer Motoblock are as follows:

  • Farah for a better assessment at work in the evening;
  • Start the engine manually and with an electric steamer;
  • the presence of milling systems in standard configuration;
  • powerful diesel engine with moderate fuel consumption;
  • Steering wheel adjustment for the growth of the operator;
  • Protective wing over the wheels – protect the operator from the company before the dirt.

In the basic configuration of the tractor of the walk behavior, a farmer packed in a cardboard box contains the following:

  • Set of mills;
  • Operation manual;
  • Guarantee voucher;
  • Rubber bikes;
  • Protective wing.

Diesel Walk Impacting Dieselmotorbauer

The layout of the main control nodes is classic without covering the housing. Reducers, fuel tank and oil crank are located in the upper part of the machine near each other. There are plasters above the wheels that protect the operator from the fleets of the countries or small stones.

The wheels are pneumatic, with wide tires a pattern is applied to the surface of the wheels in order to maintain better liability on the ground. The Walk behavio r-tractor has compact dimensions, can be saved in assembled form (with remote control handles).

operation and maintenance

A document that helps to deal with the device and the rules for using an operating instructions for a walk behavior. Read it carefully for proper use of the device.

To fill the fuel tank, use diesel fuel defended in the canister of 48 hours. High-quality fuel extends the service life of the engine significantly.

Myths about gardening.

10W-40 oil 85W-90 oil 15W-40 oil

To fill the oil crank use 10W-40, 15W-40 oil, gear oil is recommended for types like 80W-90, 85W-90, TAD-17. During operation of the Fermer FD-905 Pro, perform periodic oil replacement (if necessary) at least once per season and replacement/fuel percentage (if applicable).

Operating rules FERMER FD-905 Pro:
  • Every 50 motorized hours check the state of the leading nodes of walkin g-behaviou r-tractor;
  • Avoid the appearance of chips;
  • Make sure that stones, twigs and fragments of glass do not fall under the cutters under the clothes – this can lead to a collapse.
  • When the farmer’s trim is not operating, drain all flammable liquids and lay the car so the wheels are clear of the surface.
  • Before beginning seasonal use, pump up the wheels by restoring normal tire pressure.


Nikolai, Rostov:

“I love a diesel fuel technique. That’s why the farmer took Diesel FD-905 Pro with him. The model is for my website only – it doesn’t go into large areas but quickly helps to process a small section, yes. Using his tractor with the walk, he began plowing the site himself, now no need to borrow a mini-tractor from a neighbor.

Of the advantages, I can highlight a manual start, it starts very easily and quickly, since the purchase did not have any difficulties starting. More advantages – it consumes little fuel, it seems to me even less than gasoline.

Cons: I would like the manufacturer to attract cars with such weight more. The standard is standard for me. “

Anatoly, Tyumen:

“The Fermer FD-905 Pro cultivator was presented by the woman, she does not know how to choose the technique, but here she has not lost the gift: I liked this model and it is just right for the garden. It’s good that a cultivator was not bought, but a tractor for a walk, there is an opportunity to add a hinge to work – and use all the options, and not just the cultivating one.

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I find it difficult to work with the floor, my back hurts. And with the tractor of the walk things went more likely, now work in the garden has become for me not difficult, but with pleasure. I lead to plows, cultivation for them. There is a spotlight, you can work in the evening. There are no complaints about the technique yet, there have been no breakdowns. “

Motoblock Fermer Fd 905 Pro. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Recommend: 100%



This model is equipped with a diesel engine and a power selector shaft. Fermer Fd 905 Pro is an indispensable assistant when performing many works in dachas and agricultural areas: during harvesting and watering of domestic crops, when processing soil, cleaning snow, etc.

Diesel-Nachstractor Fermer FD 905 Pro

Due to the power of 9 hp, the farmer hiking tractor can be used as a device for cargo transport and drive a wide range of approaches.

Technical characteristics

engine type 4-stroke, diesel
engine power 9.0 hp (6.6 kW)
engine volume 406cc
PTO There is
The breadth of processing up to 1000-1350mm
The depth of processing up to 150-300mm
The speed of cultivation 8-21 m/min
speed movement from 5 to 10 km/h
number of programs 2 forward, before 1 before 1
type of transmission gearbox
shaft diameter, mm 32 (hexagonal)
wheel size 5.00-12.00
Cardboard dimensions, LXBXH, MM 1000 x 770 x 750
Dimensions in the assembled state, LXBXH, mm 1800 x 1100 x 970
The weight 158 kg without fuel

Application functions

The Fermmer FD 905 Pro singl e-axis tractor does a good job when working with many attachments. Its specialty is that it can not only serve for plowing, milling and milling, but can also act as a pump.

This video shows how you can plow properly with the hand-led tractor fD 905 Pro-S:


  • The hand-led tractor Fermer FD 905 Pro is equipped with a 186d four-stroke diesel engine with a volume of 406 cm 3.
  • Depending on the modification, the engine can be started manually or with an electric starter.
  • The steering wheel is adjustable in height and enables adaptation to every body size of the operator.
  • For the comfortable work in the evening, a headlight is installed on the han d-led tractor Fermer FD 905 Pro.
  • By default, there are cutting devices in addition to the device.
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The video shows the process of correct assembly of the single-axis fermer FD 905 Pro-S and the cultivation:

User Guide

First, read the instructions for use after buying the device. It shows the correct process of assembly, initial commissioning, entering, operating and storage. If you follow the operating instructions, you can significantly extend the lifespan of the Fermer FD 905 Pro singl e-axis (diesel). You can download it here.


Motoblock Fermmer FD 905 Pro-S is unpretentious in maintenance.

The main thing is to use hig h-quality oil and fuel, and then there are no serious problems with repairs.

  • Motor oil in the 10W-40 or 15W-40 series should be used.
  • The transmission can be filled with TAD-17i or its analogue from the 80W-90 or 85W-90 series.

Recommended maintenance intervals are listed on page 21 of the operating instructions.


There are many positive reviews in the network of the owners of the Fermer FM 905 Pro-S Motoblock (Diesel). They emphasize the performance and functionality of the device as well as the presence of milling grubs in the kit.

Igor writes:

“Excellent value for money. I took it not to stand in the garage, but to use it for the whole. And they made the right choice! According to its properties and from. The complete set corresponds to the information from the manufacturer. Fuel consumption is low, a tank filling is sufficient to carry out all work. In terms of every season and in any weather. The rear is great! Large selection of hinge plates (Mühlen-Grubber). In any case, recommend! “

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