Motoblocks Fermer 701 Pro. Overview, properties, reviews

Overview of the engine blocks Fermer FM 701 Pro. Overview, properties, application features

Motoblock Fermmer FM 701 Pro is a versatile device for gardening and gardening. Belongs to the class of devices with low power consumption that are used for budget requirements. Developed for the processing of areas up to 6 hectares.

Fermer 701 Pro

Available in two versions:

  • FERMER 701PRO S – han d-held tractor with headlights;
  • Farmer 701PRO MS is a cultivator for simple garden and farm work.

Both modifications have the same performance and are equipped with a 7-horsepower petrol engine. Motoblock Fermmer 701 Pro is a popular and cheap model from the Chinese manufacturer Farmer. Motoblocks and Grubber from Farmer are known in many countries, they are very popular in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.

Fermer FM 701 Pro

Purpose of the han d-led tractor Fermer FM 701Pro:

  • Plow;
  • Cultivation;
  • Hills;
  • Working with soil between rows planted crops;
  • Pick potatoes;
  • Plant potatoes;
  • used as a mower (with attachment).

Fermer FM 701 Pro is only recommended for soft floors. The use on a virgin country is not rational – the performance of the device is not enough for a hig h-quality cultivation of virgin land. Mini tractors or tractors from the same manufacturer can be used for more extensive and complex soil work.

A motor with a volume of 210 cm3 is installed on the han d-led tractor fm 701 Pro. Motor cycle – 4, power – 7 hp or 5.1 kW. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters, the approximate petrol consumption per hour is 1.6 liters. The fuel consumption rate depends on the speed of the machine and the total work duration without switching off the device.

Technical data Fermer FM 701 Pro

  • Motoblock Fermmer FM 701 Pro has an adjustable soil processing width – from 80 cm to 100 cm.
  • The work depth of milling is up to 30 cm, the required penetration into the soil is regulated by a crowd.
  • The cultivation is carried out at a speed of 6 to 18 m/minute.
  • Labor figure of gears: 4 (2 forward gears, 2 reverse gears).
  • Cup type: disc.
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The FERMER FM 701PRO is equipped with a tap wave so that the device can be used for many types of land and gardening. There are many attachments for a han d-led tractor of this model – the manufacturer produces it in rates and separately.

The product guarantee is 24 months. The weight of an unfilled unit is 93 kg. For the convenience of the operator, the singl e-axis Farmer FM 701 Pro has a front wheel – this makes it easier to transport the machine on the construction site. A trolley can be attached to the universal coupling and the device can be used as a load carrier.

Functions and device

Features of the han d-led tractor Farmer FM 701 Pro:

  • Lined for soft floors;
  • do not use for virgin land;
  • You can choose a modification (singl e-axis farmer or cultivator);
  • Delivered with tailors;
  • Equipped with a universal coupling;
  • There is a crowd;
  • There is a headlight for comfortable working in the evening;
  • Support wheel for increased stability of the equipment during transport or storage;
  • Wide ai r-tired rubber wheels;
  • Operating gag with rotary function (revolves around your own axis, height adjustable);
  • recognizable external design, assembly in factory quality;
  • is delivered with one set of assembly tool.

operation and maintenance

We recommend watching the video posted in the article. It will help you to better understand how the Farmer FM 701 per han d-held tractor works directly when working with the floor. Read the operating instructions carefully before assembly. The instructions show the assembly process step by step.

Be sure to let the engine run in with new devices, lubricate completely with oil. Use motor oils of the SAE 10W-40 of any manufacturer. Petrol – A I-92 or 96.

Clean the machine after every end of work. Prevent the attachment of dirt on the housing, monitor the condition of the fastening, painting and carry out corrosion protection when fusing off. Use a special lubricant for all moving parts.

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Owner reviews

Wassili, Oblast Gomel:

“I’ve been living in the village for a long time and it is very difficult to do everything in the garden with my hands. To make his work easier, he bought a han d-led Tractor Farmer 701 Pro. Very satisfied! In a forum I read a review that the han d-led tractor almost fell apart from the first few days. I don’t know the rest, it has been working for me for several years, thank God there are no failures. I carefully deal with it, everything is according to the instructions. I was not looking for a supe r-strong han d-led tractor, I needed an inexpensive device with normal functionality and I found it. I advise you not to be afraid to buy the Chinese “farmer”. He can do much more than it seems.

Advantages: do everything it promises. I use for cultivation and plowing. I also work on it with Hillers. Do not use a lot of gasoline.

Disadvantages: pretty loud.

Oleg, Browary:

“I bought a han d-led Farmer FM 701PRO tractor over the Internet last spring. Delivery without problems, arrived completely, undamaged. I did the assembly myself, studied the instructions and drove. I worked all summer, put it in the garage for the winter, I will use it again this spring. There were no problems in summer operation, I am satisfied! “

Motoblocks Fermer 701 Pro. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Recommendation: 100%



This model has two manufacturing options: han d-held tractor or cultivator. They are referred to as Fermer 701 per S or per MS.

Bauer 701 per S Bauer 701 per MS

These devices have a 7 PS petrol engine.

The unique land grip is adjustable and can be between 80 and 100 cm.

Technical characteristics

Performance (for gasoline): 7 PS
Displacement, cm3 210
Processing width: Up to 800-1000 mm
Processing depth: Up to 150-300 mm
Additional speed: 6-18m/min
Number of speeds: 2 before / 2 back
Coupling: disc
Engine: 4 tact
Max. Output power: 5.1 kW / 7.0 hp;
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6 l, flow 1.6 l/h.
The singl e-axle tractor has a punch wave: +
Fair diameter, mm 32 (Hex)
Warranty: 24 Months
The weight : 93 kg
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Application functions

Devices of the Fermer 701 Pro series are designed for use in small private areas, in which it does not have to be worked with hard soil or untouched country.

This video assessment shows the operation of a han d-led tractor with a Hiller:


The Fermmer 701 per MS is a cultivator. He has no tap wave and bikes, and only cutter are connected by default.

Cultivating fermer 701 per MS

FERMER 701 Pro is a standard unachstractor that is delivered with cutting plants, and you can also connect any attachment devices.

A support wheel is installed on the front that facilitates the movement and increases the stability of the device.

A characteristic of engine blocks and motor devices of the farmer 701 Pro is the control handle, which can not only be adjusted in height, but can also be transformed into 360 °.

First you have to properly put together devices. If something is not clear in the operating instructions, we offer a video that shows how this happens:

User Guide

The operating instructions are an essential component of the Fermer 701 per walk behavio r-enering set. The owner and operator must study it without failure before the start of work, since it describes the principle of proper assembly and the use of devices.


Section 12 of the uses contains a list of the necessary preventive work, the rules and the frequency of their implementation are described.

Be sure to pay attention to the first use.

  • Petrol should not be used lower than AI-92.
  • And the oil for the Fermer 701 Pro engine must be used from the SAE 10W-40 or 15W-40 series, with a class not lower than the API SF.

After the end of the work, it is necessary to clean the tractor of walking from the residues of the dirt to prevent corrosion.


We offer to get to know the ratings of the owners of the FM 701 motor blocks.

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“I live in the village for a long time and work with the earth an integral part of my life. Therefore, buying a walk tractor was not a mood, but a necessity. I didn’t need a super powerful MB. It is sufficient to work on my website. My farmer 701 plows perfect, hacking without problems, cutter hammering exclusively, petrol doesn’t use much. No device, but a dream “

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