Motoblocks favorite. Overview, features, service

Motoblock favorite: owner reviews

Motoblock favorite: owner reviews

Motoblocks “Favorite” of the models MB-1, MB-2, MB-3, MB-4 and MB-5 and their modifications are universal soil processing units that were developed for the mechanization of various agricultural work in household plots, gardens and gardens privately operation . This equipment is manufactured in the city of Kovrov, Vladimir region, at the Degtyarev plant. Equipped with petrol engines produced in China and a large selection of attachments and followers.

Motoblock “Favorite”, including suitable supplementary tools, you can carry out the following work: Floor processing before sowing: plowing, cultivating, egging; As well as: Hilling, grass mowing, sweeping, water supply; Perform snow removal, freight transport.

Working with this technology does not require a special training of the user, but nevertheless the operation of the han d-led tractor itself and working with each applied device requires certain skills for this.

Technical parameters of motoblocks “Favorite” of the MB-3, MB-4 and MB-5 and modifications models

Technical parameters of the favorite engine blocks of MB-3, MB-4 and MB-5 models and modifications

  • Total dimensions: length – up to 1.7 m; Width – 65 cm; Height (without steering wheel height adjustment) – 1.05 m.
  • Floor clearance – at least 135 mm; Space width (adjustable) – from 35 to 67 cm.
  • The mass of the han d-led tractor itself is 73 kg without additional equipment and refueling.
  • Tire model: 4.00-10 (F-106) GOST 7463-89 or 4.5-10 (604V) TU
  • Air pressure in tires – 0.1 … 0.15 MPa (1 … 1.5 kg / cm2).
  • The speed of the han d-led tractor is when driving on wheels transport – at least 3-4 km / h in first gear; at least 7-9 km/h in second gear; At least 2-3 km/h when reversing.
  • The processing depth is up to 25 cm.
  • The fishing width is 35, 62 or 89 cm depending on the milling mill.
  • Number of gears – 2.
  • Tank content – 4 l; Average fuel consumption in operation – 1.3 liters per hour.
  • The amount of machine oil filled into the engine transmission is 50 cm3, in the gearbox of the han d-led tractor 1100 cm3.
  • To be filled in oil: in the engine block gear-TAD-17i or MS-2O, in the engine gear-Motor oil SAE 1OW-3O API SF or SG.

What the owners of the favorite motor blocks say

Generally about this technology

Most owners speak of the han d-led tractor of the Favorit brand as a strong, reliable, robust and unpretentious technique that works several seasons in a row without any problems. The quality of the metal from which they are made causes no complaints. These han d-led tractors are equipped with strong reduction drives, have good controllability and of f-road capability. With its compact size, the favorite singl e-axisstractor is able to edit a floor strip of up to 85 cm wide and up to 20 cm depth in just one pass.

In general about this technique

By r e-installing the drive belt slices, you can change the speed of the han d-led tractor and set them in the range of 3 to 11 km/h. In order to ensure the ease of use of the han d-led tractor, the steering wheel can be set with controls in height and in the angle of rotation in the horizontal level – this setting option is specifically provided for by the construction. The handles are comfortable, especially vibratio n-damping, which minimizes the negative effects of vibrations on the hands and maintains a certain comfort for the operator when working with the han d-led tractor.

The favorite singl e-axis tractor is completed by hig h-quality cutting tendrils, with which you can edit the soil with different productivity – depending on the installation of two, four or six cutting plants.

About the engines of the favorite motor blocks

Kovrov Hand-based “Favorite” tractors are equipped with air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke engines. Both gasoline (gasoline) and diesel engines are presented. Each of the presented variants of the favorite engine is produced in the People’s Republic of China.

Motor brands used by Degtyarev: Lifan, Honda (a Japanese company, but the engines are manufactured in China), Chongqing Winyou, Tecumsen, Intek, Briggs & Stratton. Performance area: 6… 6.5… 7 hp. Everyone is extremely maintenanc e-friendly and economically in the company. In addition to han d-led tractors, these engines are intended for use as an energy source in other industrial and agricultural devices: in stamps, on ships, in light vehicles, in mobile compressors and power plants (electricity generators), in washing equipment for Z cars.

This performance is more than sufficient for such light devices as the favorite and axle tractor, with a certain edge. According to the evaluations of the owners, you sometimes even have the feeling that more “horses” are in it than in the pass. The Kovrov plant selects the engines carefully and competently for its han d-led tractors. The processing and assembly quality moves at a proper level. All seals and seals are produced as they should; Nothing drips, seeps or licks. There are usually no unnecessary questions at work either: the engine jumps quickly and easily even in winter. The fuel consumption is economical, which is good news.

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Sometimes the owners of the “favorites” make sure that the work of the carburetor sometimes bothers: his guilt “hovers” a little.

An owner said that after the winter, for which he initially had the han d-led tractor was stored in the country, he had categorically refused. The engine did not show the slightest hint – nothing. I changed the spark plug – no result. I removed the carburetor to wash it, and then it turned out that the damper was in the carburetor during storage. After I had removed it and installed the carburetor, the engine started with half a revolution. The candle then worked for six years.

Do not let the engine tilt if you operate it at an angle of more than twenty degrees. Because when working on the steep slope, there is a lack of lubrication even with maximum oil level, even with maximum oil level, a bad lubrication that can lead to the fixed eating of the engine.

The engine of the Honda GC 16O model is not equipped with an emergency stop switch, so there is no ignition switch on the steering wheel. In this engine variant, the ignition switch is combined with the gas lever of the carburetor. The engine is stopped by moving the lever to the “Stop” position.

Technical parameters of the running engine of the Favorit walk-behind tractor – Diesel Chongqing Winyou Model 173F:

  • Displacement: 284 cm3.
  • Cylinder Diameter: 73mm; Piston stroke: 68 mm.
  • Engine speed: 3 thousand rpm.
  • Maximum output power: 4.41 kW or 6 hp
  • Dimensions: length – 50 cm; width – 34.5 cm; Height – 37.6cm.
  • Engine weight – 30 kg.

The direction of rotation of the crankshaft of the engine is anti-clockwise (relative to the output shaft). The engine is lubricated under pressure by spraying. The oil used is type 15W-40 CF-4, its volume is 0.9 liters. Starting method – manual starter and additional electric starter.

Transmission Reports

Torque is transmitted to the wheels via a belt drive between the engine and transmission. The transmission of the Favorit engine blocks has two gears and one reverse gear. By the way, according to the reviews of some owners, the lever, in their opinion, is located deep enough, and it is not very convenient to reach for it. This lever on the left handlebar can also be called the “clutch” because when it is pressed, the tiller starts moving. In principle, the throttle grip is comfortable, but it is quite poorly finished.

Transfer Reviews

The power transmission consists of an engine reduction gear (two-shaft gear) with a PTO pulley. The gear ratio of the engine gearbox is 2.27. Drive Belt – Type B (B) -850 IV; GOST 1284.1-80. Cultivating the soil with cutterbars works well in second gear of the two-wheel tractor. Changing the speed of cultivation can be achieved by changing the gear ratio of the V-belt drive – by reinstalling the pulleys located on the engine gearbox and the gearbox of the walk-behind tractor.

About work and driving performance

Working on the construction site is not difficult at all with the Favorit two-wheel tractor, you don’t have to put in much effort: you just have to hold it gently in the furrow, that’s basically it. Another thing to note is that there are several options for the width of the handle, so almost any soil is normal for a walk-behind tractor.

The depth of tillage (up to 25 centimetres) depends on the position of the share: the deeper the share penetrates the soil, the deeper it works with cutting blades. If the engine of the walk-behind tractor begins to accelerate with a simultaneous reduction in the depth of cultivation, you should squeeze the handles of the steering wheel and deepen the share. If the walk behind tractor isn’t moving forward and “digging in” the blades of its cutters, you can lift it slightly on the handlebars and it will come out of this position. If the two-wheel tractor “leads” towards the treated area, this means that a small part of the headers follows the treated soil. You have to move the walk behind tractor in the opposite direction. When working on light and loose soil, make sure that the blades do not penetrate the soil completely, thereby causing the motor to be overloaded.

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In general, however, the “favorite” in relation to new territory lacks strength, which is why the knives of his cutter simply do not turn. There is also a lack of weight, which is why the bikes just start slipping. On hard floors, virgin and wet areas, soil processing is only possible in several transitions, whereby the processing depth increases each time and the position of the crowd is changed. And – with the minimal turning frequency of the cutting knife (only in first gear).

If someone is planning to cultivate a new country with a singl e-axle tractor or are not cultivated for several years, then models such as “Favorite” may not be suitable at all to solve this problem. Here it will be necessary to use more compact and more powerful and heavier devices.

About work and running qualities

This disadvantage is compensated for by the fact that even a young man or a young woman can easily cope with the “darling”. In addition, low weight is a compact size. “There is a hand-led MTZ tractor nearby. People regularly turn to their owner – they invite him to cultivate the country in the garden. He immediately asks how to get to the construction site. If there is a fence without a goal, only with a goal, then he refuses. And “Favorite” – it can go everywhere and don’t spoil anything. He also appears unhindered in the elevator and in the door of the apartment. In the first two seasons I had no suitable place in the country where I could leave it – I took it home, into the apartment, ”says one of the owners.

Due to the fact that the “favorite” – a han d-held tractor is light enough, the entire load must be transferred to the front part when hanging a car, otherwise it may not be pulled: it slips out.

Large and wide wheels with air tires ensure acceptable ground clearance, make movement easier and improve the functionality of the machine, which is involved in the transport of goods on the farm. Almost all surface unevenness – pits and unevenness – the favorite of singl e-axis streak overrides.

About attachments and how to use them

The official list of additional equipment recommended by the manufacturers for use with the hand-led tractor favorite includes the following agricultural and other devices, drawn and grown: P1-20/2 or croter plows; Hillers OH-2/2; Couplings CB 1/1 “Favorite”; Ösen 46ox16o; Saddle tractor TPM-350-2; Shoveling (troughs for snow removal) motor block favorite “; Motoblock betting brushes SHCHM-O, 9; engine block mower KM-O, 5; motor block snow slices CM-O, 6; Eggen; potato rotor KB-2 12; frame SU-4.

Users are pleased to find that accessories and spare parts for singl e-axractors favorite are usually much cheaper than similar products from other manufacturers of single tractors.

The design of the favorite engine blocks provides for a pfo (PTO). According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, it is intended to connect a water pump, a mower, a snow plow, a sweeping brush, a potato rotor to a han d-led tractor. The use of the han d-led tractor favorite with a potato roter emerges from this list. The owner notes that the han d-led tractor generally copes with the work of this equipment. But – it is not very comfortable to work with great difficulties.

About hinge devices and options for use

One of the owners says they also bought three-row headers for the walk-behind tractor. Besides them, the main working tools are also a plow and a hiller. After several seasons in use, a rotary engine block mower was also purchased. However, the owner did not like the quality of her work. He says that the mower is also belt-driven, and when mowing thick grass, the belt constantly starts to slip, and the rotary mower just wraps the grass around itself, so you often have to stop and constantly clean it. Therefore, a segment mower is preferable for the Favorit walk-behind tractor.

If someone does not want to stomp on farmland and use it to trample on the already worked part of the terrain, it is possible to turn the handlebars at a certain angle, which allows the operator to be not only behind, but also behind / to the side of the walk-behind tractor.

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During operation, the space between the rotor blades and the gear housing can occasionally become clogged with grass and, in particular, weed roots. In any case, in order to avoid damaging the V-belt, it is necessary to stop the walk-behind tractor immediately and remove the roots and stalks stuck in this place by cleaning.

In order to work with a plow, hiller, engine block shovel and snowblower, additional studs on the wheels must be used. In addition, when working with a plow, it is also desirable to use ballasts for the weight of the two-wheel tractor.

The load capacity of the trailer for the Favorit two-wheel tractor is 400 kilograms. The owners themselves equip it with seats they have built themselves or, for example, removed somewhere in the stadium.

The cost of the motoblock “Favorite”

On the official website of the Degtyarev plant there are currently four models of Favorit brand engine blocks. Their price ranges from 31,700 rubles to 37,400 rubles (engine block with a 7 hp engine and an automatic clutch). A used Favorit walk-behind tractor can be purchased at a price of 15-20 thousand rubles. The technique is very popular, widespread and there are advertisements for its sale in different regions of the country.

The cost of the favorite engine note

According to official documentation, the fuel consumption of the Favorit two-wheel tractor is 1.3 liters per hour. It should be noted that the actual number practically does not differ from the declared. And you can get a lot done in an hour with this walk behind tractor. Manually, even during the day, it will not be possible to dig up as much land as you can plow and cultivate in an hour with a walk-behind tractor.

They say that in small areas sometimes more time is spent reinstalling cutters and wheels than the work itself. There is no doubt that it is a replacement for primitive manual labour; By saving personal time and physical strength, the Favorit walking tractor is very effective and pays for itself in the first season of its active use.

Motoblock favorite. Overview, properties, attachments, operating instructions

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Motoblock’s favorite become at OJSC “Plant im. Degtyarev. This is one of the leading companies in Russia for the production of tillage equipment. Its products are distinguished by the quality of workmanship, low price (since household parts are used) and durability.

In total, there are several modifications in the Favorit line of walk-behind tractors. Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Motoblock Favorit MB1

This is a representative of the light class of walk-behind tractors. Its weight is only 67 kg.

Motoblock Favorite MB 1

Motoblock Favorit 1 is equipped with a ZiD petrol engine with a power of 7 hp.

Fuel consumption on average – 1.3 liters per hour.

The gearbox has 3 positions: 2 for forward trip and one for reverse ride.

Motoblock ZID 1 is designed for processing soft floors and the maintenance of plants.

Motoblock Favorit MB3

It is also a light han d-led tractor, but more advanced.

This device is powered by a Briggs & Stratton Intek 6.5 hp petrol engine.

Motoblock Favorite MB 3

The weight of the han d-led tractor favorite 3 is 73 kg.

There are 6 speeds (4 forward, 2 backwards).

The fuel consumption is similar to favorite 1 – 1.3 liters per hour.

Motoblock Favorit MB4

This model is equipped with a Lifan four-stroke petrol engine that is an analogue of the Honda GX-220.

The weight of the han d-led tractor favorite MB 4 is 73 kg.

Motoblock Favorite MB 4

The gearbox has 6 gears (4 forward and 2 backwards).

The fuel consumption is 1.5 liters per operating lesson.

Motoblock Favorit MB5

The kit of this machine includes axle waves with different diameters.

To achieve optimal speed, a gearbox is used that works with a belt drive in a gentle mode.

Motoblock favorite MB 5

Large pneumatic bikes enable them to move on every surface.

The ground clearance is 15 cm.

Motoblocks Favorite MB 5 is produced with several engines: ZID (7.0 PS), Subaru Robin – EX21 (7 hp), Honda – GX160 (5.5 hp), Briggs & Stratton – Vanguard 6HP (6 HP) with.) .


The han d-led tractors favorite are very popular because they can do a large amount of work with the help of attachments. With low performance, fuel consumption is low, but the functionality is much larger than with a mini tractor.

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The basic attachment device for a han d-led tractor is a cutting unit. It is often completely sold with a favorite. The advantage of ZID products is that their width can be adapted using axle waves and a set of additional spare parts.

If you work near crops, there is a high probability that you will be damaged. To prevent this, protective panes are attached at the end of the knife.

Instead of pneumatic bikes, cutting devices are installed.

A simpler classic growing device for mixing the topsoil is a plow. It was used by people from old times.

JSC “ZID” offers its classic plow. Its weight is 10 kg. It is designed for an average plow speed of 2.5-3.5 km/h.

The warranty period is 5 years.

An improved model is a turning plow. It has a special form of plu g-in, which initially turns the earth several times before the throw and only then throws to the side.

Plowing takes place as follows: The first lane is made, then a wheel is placed in it and the plow is lowered into the ground. So the second lane buries the first. Thanks to the rotary handle, you can control the hand-led favorite tractor on the side without trampling the ditch.


The lush growth of weeds causes a lot of effort in cleaning. Motoblock’s favorite together with a mower can help to solve this problem.

Mower kr-3 for single-axis fitters sickle mower kr-2 for single-axis favorite

ZID offers a sickle mower Kr-3. It is intended for mowing ordinary grass and coarse plants on small areas, road edges, etc. The mower enables you to protect the operator from grass and stones flying around around thanks to the high protective board.

The height of the grass to be recorded is 3 cm.

The rotor speed is 2570 rpm.

Lawn mower are ideal for hay for winter, since only the dried grass has to be collected.

Potato rolls and potato planters

Potato is a very common culture in our country. However, working with him is associated with a lot of physical work. The han d-guided favorite tractors with attachments can help.

The potato planter is intended for planting potatoes. The potato mesh machine has the following device: a plow in the front that breaks through the tracks, a tank with conveyor belt for the supply of potato tubers. Two Hiller are buried behind the ditch.

After the minced fruits are ripe, they need to be harvested.

Potato rotor KKM-1 potato mesh KSP-02

An ordinary plow can be used to dig potatoes, but has a disadvantage: it cuts a large number of tubers.

A vibrating potato roter is considered a professional. In front of it there is an active knife that cuts an earth layer and takes it to a sieve (steel rods) where earth piles are broken and only fruits remain on the surface. Then the operator only has to harvest.

Snow mill and shovel

For the snow removal in winter you can use the hand-led Tractor Favorit together with the SM-2 snow blower from ZID OJSC.

In front of it there is a strap for collecting snow, then it reaches the rotor, where it turns and is thrown to the side.

The height of the snow cover is 17 cm.

The range of the expense of the majority of the snow cover due to the snow blower SM-2 is 5 m.

The average speed is 2-4 km/h.

The weight of the snow blower CM-2 is approx. 55 kg.

Motor block sneaker SM-1 “Favorite” engine block sneaker SM-2

A simpler attachment for snow removal is a shovel sheet. This is an arched curved and diagonally arranged sheet, on the underside of which an active knife is installed for cutting hard snow stories.

The total dimensions of the leaf blade are as follows: 495 × 1000 × 400 mm.

The angle of rotation can be set by ± 20 °.

The average speed of the hand-led favorite tractor together with a shovel is 2.5-5 km / h.

Wheels and tunnels

The hand-led favorite tractors are equipped with air-tired wheels of the size 4.00-10 or 4.5-10. However, due to their low weight, they often slide and slide through with increased loads.

wheels and floor surfaces

In order to increase the traction with the floor, it is therefore recommended to use tunnels. They are a metal rim with welded panels in the form of a fishbone pattern.

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When transporting loads in winter, traction is a big problem, because tunnels often do not help. In this case, the pneumatic bikes can be replaced by caterpillars. You enlarge the contact area of ​​the device with the floor and thus improve the course.

When choosing the tracks, you must pay attention to their width. The bigger it is, the better it will be. However, this makes it more difficult for the engine to drive it because the chains are very heavy devices.


Another option to improve the gravity of the favorite singl e-axisstractor is to complain to it with the help of complaints. Factory weights are made in the form of 18 kg pancakes that are hung on the wheel frame in front of the wheel.

Usually two pancakes are hung up. In total, you can get a device with a weight of 110 kg instead of 70 kg.


While working with the Motoblock favorite there is a lot of physical activity on the operator as he has to move behind and direct movement. When performing long-term work, it is recommended to use adapters.

This is a special prefix with a chair, thanks to which it is possible to do the work.

User Guide


The key to the long-term operation of the machine is proper care.

Experts recommend performing several simple works that will significantly increase the life of your favorite engine block:

  • The machine should only be used for its intended purpose.
  • Before you begin servicing a walk tractor, it is necessary to allow the engine to cool.
  • Before carrying out work it is necessary to inspect the tractor for walking behavior on the unnatural position of parts or their wear.
  • At the end of the work, clean the favorite of the remains of dirt, dust or grass;
  • Avoid contact with water, this can disable the device.
  • Motor oil should be changed every 25 mothers of work. It is recommended to use semi-synthetic 10W-30 or 10W-40.
  • After 100 hours of engine rating, the favorite needs to replace the gear oil. The manufacturer recommends using TAD-17I, TAP-15V or their analogues.
  • It is required to monitor the condition of air filters, spark plugs and a clutch cable.


The key to prolonged and stable work is the right assembly and start using your favorite engine grade.

Before starting full work with full bang, it is necessary to carry out the device. This implies its use at half the maximum power. During the run, it’s not about sinking the binding into the ground by more than 10 cm.

The ongoin g-in is done so that the details of the Motobobok favorite stand are in their place and together. There will certainly be some small mistakes in the factory assembly.

After completing the run, replace the engine oil.

The main disturbances

Motoblock’s favorite are reliable devices. However, they even tend regularly since they are automobiles. Their owners should know how to fix the main errors:

The reasons for the fact that the engine does not start:

  • empty fuel tank;
  • low-quality gasoline;
  • The throttle control lever is in the wrong position;
  • The ignition light was abnormal or dirty;
  • Low oil level in the crankcase.

The reasons why the engine works intermittently:

  • The contact extends across the spark plug;
  • Old or dirty gasoline is used;
  • The vent hole on the tank cover was clogged with garbage;
  • The air filter has become dirty;
  • Problems in the work of the carburetor.

If the dog’s tractor vibrates heavily, this is a signal about improper installation of grinding plants, their damage or weakening fasteners.

video ratings

This video showed the Motornote favorite working with the Zid plow:

Snow cleaning with the Motoblock Favorit:

Here is the video of how the potato mounds appear:

Reviews of the owners

There are many reviews of favorite motoblocks on the web. Users notice their performance and functionality.


“Convenient in circulation, obedient, simple management is not whimsical in maintenance. Small fuel consumption and excellent performance. Not only do I work with the soil, but in winter I remove snow and in summer I remove the grass without any problems.

However, a year later I had to change the engine of life, the rings burned out.

Pros: low cost, high functionality, easy control.

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