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Motoblocks fermer. Properties, attachments, maintenance, instructions

Ferm motoblocks and motor cultivators are presented in a variety of different models and modifications. They differ in the engine output, the presence of differential and fuel for the engine (petrol or diesel). However, all of these devices are high quality without exception.

If the name of the car is available in MX or Pro, this is a tractor for a walk behavior if there is MSL or MS – this is a motor cultivator.

The difference is that the motor cultivator is intended exclusively for working with the floor and the motorcycle block can participate in the transport of goods or act as a motorcycle.

The first digits indicate the power of the device in horsepower.

The largest number of L.S. In the engine blocks there is a farmer in 15 models:

  • Fermer FM 1507 Pro-S;
  • Fermer FM 1511 u.

A little weaker – 13 hp. represented:

  • Fermer FM 1311 MX;
  • Fermer FM 1307 Pro-S;
  • Fermer 1309md.

9 hp There are enough for the operation of the device with a standard area mediu m-sized size, so these modifications are the largest number:

  • Fermer FM 901 Pro;
  • Fermer FM 902 Pro-S;
  • Fermer FM 903 Pro-S;
  • Fermer FD 905 Pro;
  • Fermer FDE 905 Pro;
  • Fermer FM 907 Pro-S;
  • Fermer FM 909 MSL.

Motoblock Fermer FM 901 Pro Motoblok FMERI FM 907 Pro-S Diesel Motoblok FD 905 Pro Fer-S Motoblock FMER FM 903 Pro-S Motoblok FD 905 Pro Pro Pro Pro-S

6-7 hp is sufficient for small areas:

  • Fermer FM 653 m;
  • Fermer FM 702 Pro-SL;
  • Fermer FM 701 Pro.

Regardless of this, it is worth lifting the series of the Greenfield motor blocks. You will be produced by you with the help of two factories and the use of the best innovations. They gather in the farmers’ factory.

However, the principle of maintenance and repair is similar for you. Let’s look at the nuances in more detail.

Unmounted equipment

The Fermer Motoblock itself is useless, it is only in operation when connecting the fastening devices.


The thick grass growth in summer is a big problem. However, a walk tractor with patients will help automate the process of cleaning. In addition, this device can be useful for the winter period when preparing hay.

FERMER FM-1010 Braid Mitch fermer FM-7001

There are two types of mowers: Rotary and segment.

Grass rotor cuts thanks to rotating knives. And thanks to knives that move in a horizontal level.

Rotor mower are laid out only by a shot of young low grass and segmented thick grass and small shrubs.


All Motoblocks and Fermer Motorbons include a sentence from cutter. The process of your assembly is displayed in the operating instructions.

The advantage of factory mills is the fact that they come from the official work and were specially developed for this equipment. They are made in the form of a classic saber.

If you have heavy soil and capacity of the cutter, you can mix the upper layer of soil with a normal plow. For light models, however, it is necessary to weight the structure in addition.

In this way, plowing is the plow of the Motoblock farmer:

Potato cake and potato dwellers

When landing and cleaning potatoes, the Fermer engine block and special fastening equipment will help. Thanks to this, you can significantly save the forces and time of agricultural work related to potatoes and its hilling.

Fermer fa-pt060 potato trailer for Fermer FM-1004 do heavy motblocks

Also, you can plant and dig potatoes with plow and healing farmer. The result is that since the plow cuts a large amount of potatoes, the truth will be a little worse.


The greater the power of the walk tractor, the more the wheels go to it. Thanks to this, great patency is achieved even in the heaviest soils. A high profile plays a key role when working on wet and clay soil.

mas s-spaces

If your walking tractor goes over the surface of the earth while grinding or skidding while transporting goods, you can replace traditional wheels with metal primers. Instead of a profile, they have steel plates and during movement they significantly improve the adhesion of the surface. They can be bought ready-made or you can make them yourself.

A set of universal floor spaces for Fermer pneumatic wheels for Fermer class FMER FM-2008


If your Wander tractor skips, install yourself instead of purchasing ground supplies. Factory options will be in the form of pancakes and hung on a wheel body. However, you can use improvised weights for weighting in the form of cinder blocks.


An important nuance when choosing a hinge device is a hitch utility, since many manufacturers offer special options that can only be connected to only one Walk behavior area. In Fermer devices it is universal and can be used with a wide range of problems.

Snowmen and trash copies

For many Motoblock owners, the farmer is idle in the winter. And in vain, because he is able to clean snow with snow. Its pulley picks up the snow and directs it to the rotor, and it throws it aside 7-10 meters with the help of special gutters.

This video showed the work of Walk behavior tractor builders during the snowfall:

If there is no desire to buy a snowman, you can use an ordinary shovel – a dump, which is much simpler and more reliable in design, but it cleans no worse.


A big minus of The Walk Fehind Tractor and Motor Worfers is that the device has to move on foot. And this is impractical and requires a lot of strength. Special adapters are ready to simplify this situation. Thanks to them, you can control the seated machine, thereby increasing the speed of work.

But homemade variants of Harrow and Adapter:


In order for the touring tractor to function as long as possible, it must be properly maintained and monitored.

  1. Be sure to use the correct brand of oil based on how the itinerant builder instructions are used. In the winter season it is recommended to be used with a 10W-40 classification and in winter 15W-40. Their difference in viscosity. In SAE, the oil should not be lower than SF.
  2. For the gearbox it is necessary to use TAP-15V, TAD-17I oil or their more modern analogues with a viscosity of 80W-90.
  3. Oil replacement should be done in frequency according to the instructions for use.
  4. Control levers also need to be lubricated. The best options are Litol-24 or Solidol Railway.
  5. An important nuance is the quality of the fuel. Gasoline should be clean and AI-92 or AI-95 grade.

After completing the work, the single-axle tractor must be cleaned of dust, dirt and water residues, as it can start the corrosion process at the places where the color has replaced.

Instructions for the first start

The key to the lon g-term and proper operation of han d-led tractors and digging from Fermmer is the right first start.

Fermer FM 909MSL

In the factory configuration, the device is sold when dismantled. The package contains a set of all necessary tools for assembly, and the operating instructions show the correct order. If something is not clear, you can watch the manufacturer’s corresponding video at any time.

Be sure to fill the gearbox and engine oil before the start, as it is not available at the factory. Then fill in gasoline and start driving in the new equipment.

A han d-held tractor with half performance is used in this procedure. So that the parts fit into the grooves reliably and start working without friction and adhesion, an enema is carried out.

The correct retracting should take place at half the maximum performance. For example, a plow can sink into the ground 20 cm, then it should only drive in when entering.

Main disorders

During the operation of the singl e-axle tractor Farmer sometimes occur. And the owners need to know how to solve them so that they do not have to contact the service center every time.

Motor start problems:
  • Check for fuel in the tank;
  • The cable that leads to the spark plug has come loose;
  • Check the condition of the spark plug;
  • The fuel supply valve can be closed;
  • Close the choke and restart.
The engine does not develop the required performance:
  • The contact on the spark plug is oxidized;
  • The air filter is blocked;
  • Petrol was in the tank for a long time and got water;
  • The carburetor must be set.
At high speeds, the engine is unstable:
  • Check the condition of the fuel filter;
  • Set the electrode distance.


Here are some reviews of Farmer-Motoblock owners.


“The main advantage of this han d-led tractor is its great versatility. Bought additional attachments and started to work. Dream device. Now I have bought cutters, a Hiller and a potato rotor. In the future I plan to buy a pump to irrigate the country.

Disadvantages: uphill with a trailer is difficult to climb “


“I got it in winter. This summer he makes almost all gardening in my place. Plow and loosen without any problems. In addition to standard cutting plants, I also bought a Hiller and a plow. My floor is a heavy tone. However, this is not a problem for him. Works flawlessly. The plastic handles are strong.

Advantages: beautiful appearance, great functionality, easy to manage.

Disadvantages: Gears switch heavily “


“Most often I use the hand-led farmer tractor for planting or clearing potatoes and transporting goods. Since I work as a master builder, I often have to work with weights. Although Chinese, but reliable. Managed quickly and without any problems.

Motoblocks farmer

Motoblocks “Farmer” are multifunctional units that are equipped with powerful combustion engines. The construction and assembly of these devices take place in Russia, from where han d-led tractors are imported into all corners of the world. The main consumers of devices remain Europe without exception, where the densest dealer and information technology service network was created.

The main motto of the “Fermer” brand can be called – “so that nothing can be improved”.

This is suitable for any model of its walk-behind tractors that:

  • perfectly balanced and stable;
  • agile;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • compact;
  • economically;
  • suitable for all types of adapters – plows, seeders, ridgers, potato diggers, trailers, brushes or a snow shovel for cleaning the territory, etc.

All this makes the Farmer company a serious competitor for many domestic and international brands.

All models of motoblocks “Farmer”: classifications and their characteristics

To date, the manufacturer “Farmer” has created several dozen small agricultural equipment, differing in several criteria:

  1. The functions performed: the walk-behind tractors themselves – in addition to working as rototillers, they are capable of transporting heavy loads; light walk-behind tractors – designed only for tillage tasks;
  2. Type of power plant: gasoline – mostly 4-stroke models; Diesel – the most productive cars among all those produced by the manufacturer;
  3. Power level: light walk behind tractors developing no more than 3 hp. – a 55 cm strip of soil is loosened by 8 cm in one pass; Household series of walk-behind tractors, the power of which does not exceed 5 hp. – Tools with a wider handle, adapted to clay and loamy soils, allowing the knife to penetrate 15 cm; Semi-professional equipment with a potential of 7 liters. With. and reversibility – ideal for 10-15 hectares of land, the plowing of which is carried out 28 cm deep when capturing a strip of 95 cm; Walk-behind tractors “Farmer” with a thrust of 9 hp – professional agricultural machines of the “PRO” and “PRO-S” series, effective in large estates; super powerful walk behind tractors with power ranging from 13hp up to 15hp, comparable to the power of some mini tractors. This is predominantly a line of devices marked “FM”.

Motoblock “Farmer” MB-6.5t

Motoblock for tilling soil types of different granulometric composition in medium and large farms (up to 5 ha). It is powered by the in-house production GF 168 F-1 engine, which runs on AI-92 gasoline. It has a perfectly spaced design for long hours of work with minimal strain on the operator’s shoulder girdle. Due to the compact design and standard air wheels with a coarse profile (or metal studs), the device overcomes all obstacles in its path. It is rounded off by a universal hitch for attaching attachments of all brands.


  • 6-speed gearbox with 2 reverse gears;
  • capacious gas tank, enough for an hour of continuous operation;
  • reduction gear;
  • user adjustable working width and depth;
  • built-in PTO;
  • Complete set of 6 milling cutters, share and hitch for it, tool set.

Technical characteristics:

  • power – 6.5 hp;
  • passage width – 350/620/890 mm;
  • Loosening depth – up to 0.3 m;
  • gas tank – 3.6 l;
  • carrying capacity – 0.5 t;
  • Weight – 83 kg.

Motoblock «Farmer» FM-1303 Pro S

FM-1303 is universal equipment for a garden or a summer residence, cultivating the soil in a wide range of technical parameters. Thanks to the PTO shaft, the device can easily be retrofitted with auxiliary attachments that do not allow idling. With the observance of the rules of operation, it is absolutely harmless to humans. The maintenance process is reduced only to refueling with oil (any machine is suitable) and 92nd gasoline.


  • durable H188F engine with a capacity of 389 cm3;
  • 3-speed gearbox with one reverse gear;
  • the increased intake by grinders that allow cultivation up to 12 m / min;
  • drive-on tires 6.00-12, resistant to loads in wet areas;
  • Ergonomic steering wheel with integrated control unit, adjustable to the height of the operator;
  • advanced hydro-cooling system that requires a 10-minute break every 2 hours of operation.

Operating parameters:

  • power – 9.6 kW;
  • Capture by cutters – 85th. 1.05 m;
  • Plowing (max.) – 30 cm;
  • Carter – 1.9L;
  • gas tank – 6 l;
  • Weight – 121 kg.

Motoblock “Farmer” 702 PRO-SL

Milling cultivator “Farmer” made with a low gear. Specially developed for farmers who need to complete labor-intensive tasks in the shortest possible time while saving motor resources. Does not slip on black earth and other water-intensive soils. An important advantage of the model is its 3rd support wheel, which makes it easier for a person to balance the device. Must be topped up with SAE 10W-40 or 15W-40 oil, the level gauge is located on the oil tank.


  • 4-stroke engine with reduction gear;
  • 4-speed operating mode, allowing to develop up to 12 km / h;
  • wide wheels with herringbone profile;
  • correct weight distribution of the structure, which allows you to work even on uneven surfaces;
  • start from a manual starter;
  • reusable foam air filter.

Technical characteristics:

  • effort – 7 hp;
  • plowing – up to 100/30 cm;
  • productivity – 4 … 12 m / min;
  • Gasoline / lubricant tank – 3.6 / 1 l;
  • Size – 140x85x110cm.

Motoblock “Farmer” 902 PRO-S

Petrol 4-stroke engine block from a professional series. Designed for processing medium-sized plots, the size of which does not exceed 5 hectares. Thanks to the improved tire flotation, the device does not need to install cleats on light and sandy clay soils. The design’s excellent weight distribution makes it suitable for working on gentle slopes and rough terrain.


  • inverse function;
  • 3 working speeds that allow processing of 6-12 m of field per minute;
  • 6 liter fuel tank for 3 hours of continuous use;
  • Equipment with a power take-off, which simplifies the configuration of the walk-behind tractor with active attachments;
  • Completeness with main and auxiliary knives for plowing earth of any density and composition without loading the engine part;
  • extensive protective shields that prevent soil particles from penetrating the operator.

Technical characteristics:

  • thrust – 9 hp;
  • milling length – 0.85 … 1 m;
  • mounting depth – 300 mm;
  • oil tank – 1.1 l;
  • Dimensions – 135x97x130 cm;
  • Weight – 120 kg.

“Bauer” 1011 MX engine block

10hp walk behind tractor launched in 2006 and suitable for winter use. Thanks to the PTO and universal bracket, it is compatible with adapters from other domestic and foreign manufacturers. It has a balanced design typical of the farmer walk behind tractors mentioned above. which is controlled via 2 handles that can be adjusted to the height of a person. Such a walk-behind tractor will perfectly cope with both a professional and a beginner without special training.


  • powerful engine part that is tough even on uncharted territory;
  • equipped with a differential for turning without slipping;
  • Ergonomically rubberized handles, swiveling around its own axis;
  • high tire profile for running without lugs on soils with light granulometric composition;
  • Delivery of the Farmer FM-1011MX walk behind tractor with reinforced crescent cutting decks protected by wide metal wings;
  • the presence of a folding support for vertical storage in the off-season.

Processing properties:

  • effort – 7.3 kW;
  • Plowing (max.) – 115/30 m;
  • cylinder – 0.27 m3;
  • Dimensions – 102x82x57cm;
  • Weight – 135 kg.

Farmer 811 MX engine block

Farmer 811 MX engine block

One of the latest modifications of this brand. It is considered an advanced analogue of the FM-643 FMER Motoboblock FM-643 released 5 years ago. It has increased power (7.5 HP instead of 7) and reduced fuel consumption – its level in this model does not exceed 1.7 l/h. It has a powerful steering column, a fast bumper and a wide wheelbase that allows you to capture 30% more territory than its predecessors.


  • Belt-type drive, carefully a motor resource;
  • reversibility;
  • conquered transportability;
  • Rotary on the 360 ​​0 control handle complemented by rubber anti-slip pads;
  • Pneumshots 4.00-8.00 for all weather and seasons;
  • The availability of spare parts that represent a budget class.

Operating parameters:

  • Cultivation of breadth/depth. – 95/30cm;
  • gas tank – 3.6 l;
  • Carter – 600 ml;
  • The cross section of the shaft is 23 mm;
  • The mass is 90 kg.

Motoblock “Farmer” 1511

One of the most powerful and productive motoblocks in the entire “Farmer” lineup. Adapted for increased loads and adapted for large estates (over 5 hectares). It can easily cope with the virgin lands, and with a tow bar, the carrier of the cargo or the snow tube can serve as a tow bar. Unlike the 811 model, it processes 20 cm more for the same time (about 720 m/h), which allows you to reduce the number of passes and turns, maintaining the natural properties of soil and user forces.


  • Almost half a liter cylinder that gives an increased power supply;
  • Reduced compression level for unimpeded launch at each t 0c;
  • Reliable Equipmen t-Drive;
  • Reverse for light turn;
  • SACON handles adjustable vertically with an anti-slip effect;
  • Wheel base 6.5-12 to avoid slipping and additional load on the engine.

Technical specifications:

  • power – 15 hp;
  • milling – 1.35/0.3 m;
  • gas tank – 6 l;
  • Dimensions – 103x84x57cm;
  • The mass is 145 kg.

Basic rules for the safe operation of engine blocks “Farmer”

The durability and success of this technique depends on proper assembly and fitting. Plowing the fields under the slope over 10 0 or in greenhouses as well as wet land is forbidden.

Before you start cultivating you need:

  1. Turn the bolt settled on the wheels and attach shields.
  2. Install the holder and couch yourself;
  3. Gathering and installing clothes – basic or reinforced with auxiliary elements;
  4. Seal a gas tank with fuel with a minimum octane rating of 92;
  5. Pour the engine (10W-40 or 15W-40) or transmission oil (such as TAD-17) which is changed every 100 hours.

After reviewing life support systems, you can start to start and work.

Motoblocks Oka: owner reviews, video reviews of models, specifications
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