Motoblocks farmer. Overview, properties, instructions.

Detailed properties of the han d-led tractor farmer

Motoblocks are devices that are often indispensable in our time. These helpers take on a variety of tasks in household and agriculture, replace bulls and horses with plows, the enormous human work of fertilization and plowing. Due to the possibility of various modifications, han d-led tractors can often wear heavy loads, since such devices are a conveyor due to their construction that can cope well with the field conditions and floors. You can also harvest quickly and efficiently from the fields, which makes you an indispensable tool for the comfortable life of farmers and simple people who appreciate your time.

In this article we will talk about hand-led tractors, a company that is quite well known in the GUS countries and profiled itself in its production, which is one of the leading companies in terms of quality and reliability of its products.

Fermer is a manufacturer of motorcycle products that are used in various (mainly rural) areas. Has a range of equipment for competitor standards – from moto r-grubs to special engine blocks and devices based on it, a large selection of devices for a certain type of task and a good price – Fermmer is rightly one of the leading companies in this area.

Details characteristic of the engine Block Bauer

One of the leading companies is Fermer

General description of the Fermer Motoblock model

With regard to their performance and energy properties, some models of the hand-led Fermer tractors can replace a small tractor. The buyer can equip his han d-led tractor with various attachments and select the options that are primarily for his tasks. The options include the performance of the engine, differentials, the presence of a low corridor (a particularly important mechanism for this technology) and body with different rigid levels for better of f-road capability. The engine range of the Fermer model range is very extensive and offers the optimal basis for a wide range of customers. The strongest combustion engine contains 15. PS. The FM 1507 Pro-S, FM 1511 MX and FM 907 Pro-S are equipped with this solution. These assistants will be asked wherever han d-guided tractors need more power and loa d-bearing capacity as well as high resilience. The basic models are the hand-led tractors MB-6.5 T and FM-811 MX with 6.5 and 7.5 hp. or. These models are suitable for work on small land and fields.

A good plus for buying Grubbern with small engines can be your weight and your rather modest dimensions, which means that you do not take up a lot of space when storing and transport.

Depending on the model, the fuel consumption can vary between 1 and 2.5 liters of fuel per hour. This level also depends on the number of speed levels – the more there are, the less “stresses” the engine and the lower the consumption.

Details characteristic of the engine Block Bauer

Models from Motoblocks fermer can replace a small tractor

Model palette, description and costs

As already mentioned, the palette of the hand-led Fermer tractors comprises a large number of models. Next we will talk about the top most common and ultimate solutions.

One of the cheapest motoblock models on the market. The main advantage of such an installation is the presence of a PTO shaft – a device that allows the walk-behind tractor to perform a large list of various farm work using attachments that can be operated from the engine shaft. For example, pre-cultivation, work in winter conditions – snow removal and compaction, as well as mowing and lawn care in summer. With a flow rate of 1.3 liters, this model has established itself as a maintenance-friendly and economical device that is suitable for light to medium-duty work. Price around 36,000 rubles.

Overview of the model range of engine blocks Mole. Features, reviews

Versatile and powerful Fermer walk-behind tractor. Thanks to the high-profile tires fitted to the wheels from the factory, this model shows good performance on medium-viscosity surfaces, which contributes to operation in difficult conditions. The engine in it is installed with acceptable power – 9.6 kW, which equals 13 hp. This traction is sufficient for normal driving and work on soft ground. Also, the presence of a power take-off in conjunction with a powerful engine allows the installation of larger and highly specialized mechanisms for various works on a walk-behind tractor. Built-in reverse gear. Due to the possibility of attaching a large number of attachments, the weight of the walk-behind tractor can reach more than 150 kg, which is not the best indicator. However, thanks to the modified rack, controlling such a device does not cause discomfort even for people without special skills. Price 55,000 rub.

A fairly light motorized cultivator that can cultivate soil 100 cm wide and 30 cm deep. Special knives are already included in the basic equipment for tilling the soil. The presence of a low gear contributes to a smooth and accurate start of movement, which becomes important when sowing seeds. Power plant for 7 hp allows you to easily cope with medium-sized areas, which is suitable for people with a small budget. The rather simple yet reliable design of this cultivator makes it a good choice for those who value their time and keep track of resources. The cost is about 40,000 rubles.

A distinctive feature of the FM-902 PRO-S walk behind tractor is simplified steering for more comfortable work. The body structure and various equipment of this model are similar to its “little brother” FM-702 PRO-SL. The difference is a more powerful engine with 9 hp, as well as various attachments that contribute to easier operation. For example, technological flaps that prevent dirt from under the wheels from polluting everything around. The cultivator is also designed to work on sandy soils, as shown by the special tread pattern. Price 40,000 rub.

An advanced walk behind cultivator with a variety of features needed for the job.

  • Differential hubs – mechanisms that ensure the stability of the walk-behind tractor on soft soils and reduce wheel slip to a minimum.
  • High tillage speed – 6.12 m/min.
  • A universal hitch is a device that allows you to choose attachments from a wide range.
  • Small dimensions, but powerful engine (10 hp) and reliable construction.

The price of this assistant is 42,000 rubles.

A household engine block with relatively modest properties, which makes it a profitable acquisition for people whose tasks are to take care of a small garden or garden. Despite the small size, a trailer with a permissible lifting capacity of no more than 400 kg as an angled device can be installed for this equipment, which is often sufficient under these conditions. The plus points include good maneuverability and low weight (90 kg). The engine is quite energ y-intensive and has a high maintenance. The obvious disadvantages include the lack of (reverse power). The costs are only 20,000 rubles.

Overview of the DT-175 tractor "Volgar". Characteristics, elimination of problems, video work, reviews

An ultimatical solution that is suitable for almost all types of soils and for every land size. For a rather decent price compared to analogue, the buyer receives a powerful tractor with walks, the good properties and all necessary devices for a high floor deletion, which quickly transported, cleaning territories and mowing grass. The ice resource in this model is quite large, but you always have to monitor the quality of the fluids cast in it to avoid serious breakdowns. Price of 41,000 rubles.


  • An important feature is a good price/quality ratio.
  • High performance and low fuel consumption.
  • Small weight.


  • A close area of ​​possibilities.
  • The quality of some body elements is not the highest.

According to buyers, one of the main problems of the FM 663 m cultivator is a small width of the wheels, which is why a motorcycle can be in loose floors. The solution to the problem is the use of soil surfaces. The cost of this unit in the region of 22,000 rubles.

The advantages of the 702 MSL Series Cultorator contain a fairly rich sentence in the basic version. There is also additional low equipment. The box itself contains 3 steps at the front, with which the tractor of the walk behavior can not only quickly carry out its work, but can also save fuel. The comfort of the control is among the pleasant little things, owners have an adaptable height. The price of the cultivator from 40,000 rubles.

Details characteristic of the engine Block Bauer

Motoblock FM-702 MSL


Instructions for the first start.

One of the main rules at the beginning of the operation of the new Walk behavior tractor is the right first start.

Compliance with simple rules contributes to the long service life of this assistant and the lack of serious breakdowns and malfunctions in the future.

Since all devices, especially the walk, are delivered in a disassembled state when buying, it is necessary to fill all the necessary oils: engine and gearbox. Then pour suitable petrol into the tank and start running.

The main disorders:

The operation of such a technique is affected by information because the conditions for using engine blocks are quite hard. Nevertheless, the answers to the main notes and their reasons in the Fermer engine blocks have long been found and dismantled by their owners and experts.

  1. The problem of starting the engine.

A frequent mistake of the owners is often a distraction.

  • First you have to check the presence of gasoline in the tank and the condition of the spark plugs.
  • The fuel, which is intended for pouring the tank of the tractor of the walk behavior, always indicates the manufacturer in the instructions for the company. Problems with the engine can be due to the use of gasoline with an octane number below the required use.
  • It should be mandatory to evaluate the ability to maintain the fuel supply mechanism.
  • Close the air damper and repeat the start.
  1. The engine does not develop the required performance.
Redverg Motoblocks. Review of the serial nerie, properties

This problem can occur for several reasons:

  • The gasoline has become lean due to the accumulation of moisture in the tank. This situation can occur due to a long downtime of equipment in a room with high humidity.
  • An improperly adjusted carburetor can severely affect power output. You need to check the fuel inlet and outlet.
  • It is advisable to check the air filter for signs of contamination. Replace if necessary.

At high speeds, the engine is unstable:

  • High probability of fuel filter failure.
  • Asynchronous operation of spark plugs is possible. Fine tuning required.

owner reviews

Vasily, 36 years old, Omsk: “I have been working on this equipment for 3 years. Of the pluses, I note that all spare parts for repairs are easy to find, I was pleased with low fuel consumption. The only negative is that the clutch needs to be adjusted or it will lead.

Georgy, 51 years old, Kursk: “I used to work on equipment from the Minsk plant, but I decided to switch it to another unit. The choice fell on FM-1303 PRO-S. I was pleased with the presence of a third wheel and bumper, a convenient throttle grip.

Motoblocks Fermer: models and operating rules

Motoblocks are the best option for agricultural equipment. With it you can carry out the processing of small plots of land. On the modern market you can find a huge number of models of this equipment with different power, performance and other characteristics.

Fermer walk-behind tractors deserve special attention.

What is that?

Farmer is a German company that produces equipment with powerful engines and a wide range of attachments. The production of walk behind tractors is based on the quality and reliability of the parts. People who have become owners of the devices of this brand have already managed to appreciate all the advantages of these devices.

Fermer walk-behind tractor is a great helper for people who constantly have to work in small areas. In order to process a small backyard area, you should not buy an expensive car, in this case the Farmer units are an ideal option.

This type of devices is produced in Germany, diesel and gasoline devices are in great demand among the population. Depending on the features, the consumer can choose a device with a certain power.

Machines of this brand perform efficient work on areas no larger than fifteen hectares. Not only the diesel, but also the petrol two-wheel tractor is characterized by efficiency and productivity.


“Farmer” implements units capable of performing a large number of functions.

The main features of walk behind tractors are the following features:

  • stability, good balance;
  • Maneuverability;
  • environmental safety;
  • Compactness;
  • Business;
  • Adaptability to different attachments.

Thanks to these qualities, Fermer devices are competitors of many world-renowned companies. The characteristics of these machines also include a large number of functions – this allows them, in addition to cutting the ground, to carry large loads.


Motoblocks “Farmer” are considered high-quality equipment, there are practically no disadvantages. After studying the reviews, we can conclude that the price of these machines corresponds to their quality.

Users of the units noticed only a few minor flaws:

  • a light walk-behind tractor needs weighting equipment for quality work;
  • The device requires adjustment of the conical coupling.
Motoblock Centaurus 2016b. Review, features, reviews


The importance of walk-behind tractors in the life of summer residents is difficult to overestimate. Thanks to a wide range of models and constant improvement in technology, the devices can not only plow the soil and destroy weeds, but also perform many other tasks.

Consider the most popular models of motoblocks “Farmer”.

  • FM811MX. This model of a walk-behind tractor is designed for use on small areas of up to fifteen hectares. This device is equipped with a petrol engine that has a capacity of 7.5 liters. With. The machine is equipped with three speeds and is characterized by a processing depth of 30 centimetres. The equipment weighs 90 kilograms, cutters are included in the kit. With the FM 811 MX you can automate many tasks in your garden.

Equipped with a plow, the unit has the ability to mill, mine, cultivate, plant root crops, pump water and transport cargo. This device requires good quality fuel to function properly.

  • The FM 909 MSL is a low gear that requires little maintenance and is easy to operate. The shaft RPM of this machine is low, but this contributes to the good low speed operation of the walk behind tractor with existing implements. The engine of the FM 909 MSL has 9 hp. with., and the number of speeds of the machine is four. The cultivation is characterized by a depth of 15 to 30 centimeters. Built-in manual recoil starter, and there is also a height-adjustable handle. The hand-held tractor weighs 121 kilograms and is therefore used for agricultural tasks in the country and garden.

The machine easily copes with prepared and virgin soil.

  • FM 1311 MX is a powerful machine designed to work on heavy ground. The engine of the unit is a four-stroke gasoline engine of 13 liters. mit., so the single-axle tractor can also cope with stony new territory. The FM 1311 MX has a universal mount. The device weighs 135 kilograms and has pneumatic rubber wheels that allow the equipment to drive through the heaviest soil. Users of this technique note its high performance and good functionality.
  • FM 702 PRO-SL is characterized by an engine capacity of 7 liters. With. The lower gear contributes to a smooth start without judder. The power unit is equipped with four speeds and a gear transmission. The walk-behind tractor weighs 95 kilograms and has found its application in summer cottages and private estates. This is a reliable and multifunctional unit.

operating rules

How durable the operation of the two-wheel tractor depends on the correct assembly, configuration and adjustment. This type of equipment is strictly forbidden to work on wet soil, as well as to cultivate sloping fields or land in greenhouses. A run-in phase is required before commissioning. This operation is considered to be quite important for further use of the two-wheel tractor. Before starting this procedure, you need to adjust the valves and check the tightness of all bolts.

After checking the integrity of the device, it must be filled with oil, gasoline, grease, coolant. After that, the car can be started, the speed is reduced and the two-wheel tractor is initially idling.

Before you start plowing the soil and working with a plow, you need to adjust the carburetor, remove the clutch and conduct a technical inspection of the car. Every part of the walk behind tractor needs to be wiped down with diesel oil.

If the condition of the bearings and seals is not normal or wear is determined, it must be replaced. Reliability is important for the characterization of the plug and control spring.

The following measures must be carried out before carrying out the extension:

  • Turn the screws – according to – to repair the protective shield;
  • mount the owner and a voucher;
  • Collect cutter and then carry out your installation;
  • Fill the tank with high fuel;
  • Enter the engine or gear oil.
Plants that change their color

The care of the Farmer technology is the maintenance twice a year. In the event of downtime, six months before working on a tractor for walks, it is worth changing oil in it and pouring fuel.

The independent diagnosis of the unit are the following moments:

  • Panel armor wash;
  • Checking the position and fixation of the carburetor;
  • Lubrication change;
  • Candle cleaning;
  • Constant review of the amount of oil and add, if necessary.

Care equipment and spare parts

The comfort of Fermer Motoblocks is that spare parts, if they do not fail, are easy to find in the shops.

Damage to the technology of this type rarely occurs, but if necessary you can buy the following details:

  • Warehouse;
  • Spark plug;
  • Transmission;
  • Cup device;
  • Air filter;
  • Tires at the wheel;
  • Starter;
  • Transmission;
  • The pulley of the wedge repression;
  • Transmission;
  • Petrol engine;
  • Remove the cable.

Motobobes become more functional if you are attached to the fastening device to you.

  • Mass rooms. These elements can remove the situations with slides and slide the surface on the basis.
  • A rush for a walk tractor is a knot that connects additional nozzles.
  • The potato river is required for the elements for planting and digging root plants.
  • Plow. The equipment is associated with the lack of grinding power with the tractor of the walk behavior. The plows are required to mix the upper layer of the soil.
  • Adapter. This equipment is necessary to create user comfort while you are working on a tractor for walks.
  • A mower is a necessary element for mowing plants and the use of hires.
  • Tears increase the mass of the machine, which is necessary to increase their functionality.
  • The snowman cleans the area of ​​the snow cover in winter.
  • Mühlen, homemade caterpillars.

How do I repair?

Every owner can repair the tractor for the walk with his own hands. If there are problems with the functioning of the machine (if the clutch is not pressed), such measures must be carried out:

  • Check the oil in the housing and pour it in if necessary.
  • Inspect and eliminate defects in half in half.
  • set the voltage of the chain;
  • Replace the damaged details;
  • Change the seal;
  • set the wheel hubs;
  • Guide the car without additional equipment.

According to User Reviews, Farmer technology is a kind of small technology that perfectly performs its functions. In addition, people are pleasantly satisfied with the maneuverability of technology, small fuel consumption and low comfort. By buying this device, you can not only receive an excellent assistant for the country, but also for the courtyard.

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