Motoblocks Don. Review of the list, properties

Whether you buy a motorcycle block: Reviews of the owners, technical specifications

Units are characterized by a high degree of continuity, a large selection of fastening devices that make every model of the cultivator an indispensable assistant in the fields, cottage, in the garden. The tractor for walk injuries is characterized by hig h-quality assembly, simple management and the ability to process complex soil areas, especially in places where trees grow.

Future technology owners can select the most suitable mult i-fold model. Each of them has their own properties – different engine power, engine volume, chassis width, costs.

The following options for the tractor for walk behavior are presented on the market:

  • K-700;
  • Don-1100 and 1000;
  • XS980;
  • Don-900.

The costs for multifolativators vary between 23-56 thousand rubles. The most expensive changes are DON-1100 and 1000.

Motoblock Don K-700

Motoblock Don K-700 is one of the most budgetary modifications of the cultivator. The price of the K-700 is determined by the manufacturer within 20 to 23,000 rubles. This is a unit for owners of huts and small land spots, the most suitable option for soil processing.

Motoblock Don K-700

To the characteristics of the model, such as

  1. Compact dimensions.
  2. The 170f brand is gasoline, has an output of 7 hp. (In a different configuration – 6.5 hp) has an air filter, a sensor with which you can control the use level of motor oil. If the lubricant is not sufficient, the sensor avoids a characteristic knock. The engine has a fou r-stroke cylinder.
  3. The presence of 3 gear speeds: 2 – front, 1 – rear.
  4. The transmission is in an aluminum corps, although it is possible to buy a cast Firei with which you can treat heavy soils.
  5. Transport pneumatic bikes 6-8 inches.
  6. Cultivator, mower.
  7. An adjustable handle that can be rotated horizontally and vertically.

The K-700 diesel engine is very maneuverable and easy, suitable to cultivate land maps with an area of ​​45 to 50 acres. This model received positive reviews of the owners. It can be produced in 3 versions:

  1. Aluminum gears, 7-inch wheels, engine power 7 hp. The price of the model is approximately 17,000 rubles.
  2. An aluminum transmission with 8-inch wheels and engine power is 6.5 hp, the costs are 17.9,000 rubles.
  3. A cast gear, the power of which is 7 HP, is the cost of 19,000 rubles.

You can buy a floor, perch, plow, a mower, a potato grave in specialized shops.

User Guide

Motoblocks Don von are popular with summer residents and field workers. The cost of a motor cultivator is low, so that any devices can buy. Manufacturers use motors from Chinese companies on cultivating ones so that they can easily find spare parts and components for motifblocks. Before you start using the Donchak motor blocks, new owners have to familiarize themselves with the operating instructions. It contains information on the properties of the device and the characteristics of the application.

The Don motor block is broken down. The assembly process should take place according to the operating instructions.

Then add oil and petrol because these containers are empty.

The first six hours of using the Don Walk behavior should occur in running mode. This means that it is necessary to give the engine a minimum load. A riding option is seen as an ideal option with an empty trailer.

After running, the engine oil should be changed because a large amount of mechanical contamination is assembled.


Don Motobobloks features of models 1100 and 1000 900 and K-700 with engine power 7 liters with owner reviews

The operating instructions offer a schedule for technical work.

  1. Replacing the engine oil should occur every 25 hours after operating the device. A 10W-30 is viewed as an ideal replacement option.
  2. The transmission oil should be changed by the Donchak motor note after 100 hanging hours. The operating manual recommends using TAP-15V or TAD-17i.
  3. Control levers should be regularly lubricated with waterproof lubricants.

You can classify products according to engine power and your kind. Depending on the variety, the manufacturer uses petrol or diesel engines. The second options are more economical in terms of fuel and give a larger indicator of the torque with the same performance. However, as far as weight is concerned, it is easier than the product of a petrol engine. They are less loud and marked in the exhaust by a lower number of soot.

As for the criteria, according to which the company’s motor blocks are rated in addition to the engine, this speed, gear, weight and management include. Each model has its own properties and must therefore be viewed individually in terms of a certain model. For example, options have two gears, weight of up to 95 kg, mechanical adhesion.

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The motor type can be a valuable fou r-stitch with a compulsory air cooling. The capacity of the tank can reach an average of 5 liters. The maximum torque can be 2500. Indicators of the transfer type can b e-1, 0, 1.2.

Many small companies that produced agricultural devices rose from the craft industry at a time when the acquisition of a motor block or a cultivator was much more problematic than the independent production.

The products of such companies usually use a minimum of design tricks because it refers to the lower price segment, in which the maintenance and accessibility of spare parts is most important.

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In this regard, the Rostov company “Don-Internet”, the manufacturer of Don and Senda Motoblocks, cannot be referred to as an exception. These motoblocks use cheap Chinese engines, the manufacturers of which are masked by replacing identification data.

Since engines of this kind produce many companies, it is not possible to specify precise data. If it is necessary to look for spare parts for these engines, you should concentrate on compliance with the following Chinese models and their Japanese originals:

  • Don 168fa = HM168FA = Honda GX160
  • Don 168FB = HM168FB = Honda GX200
  • Don 170f = HM170F = Honda GX210

Since these engines are in the installation of wel l-made companies such as Zongshen and Lifan, the search for spare parts according to Don Motor Block motors should not cause any problems.

Model DON-1000 and 1100

The numbers in the name of the DON-1000 multiflovator mean that these models have an increased width for 10 mm cultivation.

Motoblock Don-1000

The distinctive features of the unit are:

  1. A brand of 170F is installed on the equipment, which has an oil filter.
  2. Wide chassis.
  3. The presence of hinge devices – cigns, plow, potato trailer, hook for soil.

The Don-1100 MotorBlock is a powerful soil processing device, the weight of which is 110 kg (hence the name of the model). In the cultivation configuration, a disc clutch and direct engine transmission are used. Above the wheel axle is the center of gravity of the mechanism that allows you to easily control the wander loss tractor.

Motoblock Don-1100

It is worth noting that such features of this model note:

  1. The presence of an engine for 7 hp
  2. There are several modifications of cultivators: 1100AE, 1100AD and 1100AED.
  3. The technology for diesel or gasoline fuel works.

The 1100AE engine block has a diesel engine, an electric starter. Such features increase the cost of the cultivator. The 1100AD and 1100AD models use the 178F diesel engine, its power is 6 hp, an electric starter, a differential with a locking function. The 1100As model is not only expensive – the price is 55-60 thousand rubles, but also has a large weight of 143 kg.

  • Engine – Lifan 170f
  • Engine power – 7 hp.
  • Oil volume – 0.6 liters
  • Starting system – manual starter
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 6 liters
  • Processing width-1000-1100 mm
  • Number of gears – 2 forward, 1 ahead 1 ahead
  • Weight – 110-143 kg

The preparation

The Don K-700 motoblock, the price of which is set by the manufacturer at 23,000 rubles, is a typical representative of the family of compact budget motoblocks.

It used the Chinese 170F petrol engine with a modified air filter and engine oil sensor, which dampened the engine’s lack of lubrication. The transmission of the tractor for walking injuries has two front speeds and one rear.

The gearbox is aluminum, a heavier cas t-Birge for processing heavy soils can be installed for the surcharge.

  • transportation of six or eight inch pneumatic wheels,
  • cultivation cutter.

Additional equipment and spare parts for the Don K-700 hiking tractor can be purchased directly from the manufacturer or ordered by phone.

For more details on the work of the Don K-700 walk-through engineer, watch the video:

The DON 1000 engine block is characterized by an extended cultivation frame width (1000 mm) and a modernized gearbox. It has the same 170F engine with an oil filter. For an additional fee, the walk tractor is equipped with:

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The heavy walk tractor Don 1100 (its weight is 110 kg) has a classic layout for such devices with a disk clutch and direct engine transmission instead of an engine blocks made of belts. The center of gravity of the wandering losser is above the wheel axle, which makes it comfortable despite the large weight.

However, since it uses the same seven system engine, the walking behavior tractor’s power may not be enough for strong soil processing. In addition, the Walk behavior tractor Don 1100 has the following modifications:

  • Don 1100A is more expensive than 11,000 rubles due to the use of a diesel engine instead of a gasoline one. Another 6,000 steamers (model 1100AE) add an electric steamer to the prize.
  • Don 1100AD and 1100AED – the most expensive versions (50 and 55 thousand rubles) differ not only in the use of a 178F diesel engine .
  • Don 1100AED is additionally equipped with an electric starter, which makes starting the diesel engine more convenient. Motoblock Don 1100AED is the most serious, its weight is 143 kilograms.

Models Don-900 and XS980

Models of the DON-900 and XS980 are lightweight growers with a belt drive, a two-stage gearbox, multiple speeds, one of which is the rear. The technique is powered by a petrol engine with a power of 6 hp, an engine volume of 160 cm³, branded Senda 168FB engine.

Motoblock Don-900

According to owners, version 900 has a weight of 74 kg, a weighted gearbox. The compact dimensions of the devices do not interfere with the cultivation of large areas of the earth, creating a cultivation width of 1.2 thousand mm.

The configuration includes pneumatic wheels, a mill cultivator.

The modification of the Don XS980 cultivator weighs more than 100 kg, has a nine-axle petrol engine and a gear reduction, suitable for work on heavy soils. There is a 3-speed gearbox on the device. The width of the crop of the cultivation is 1100 mm. In stores you can see another version of the XS980 – Don XS980C, in which the parameters are not so powerful, but this does not interfere with working with devices in the field.

Motoblock Don XS980

Therefore, diesel or gasoline motblocks of this brand have many modifications, powerful engines with a volume of up to 9 liters – from 6 to 7 horsepower. For processed areas, you need to choose the models that allow you to loosen the soil, mow grass and create harme.

Ratings and awards for owners

Don engine blocks are made in Russia, so finding parts and other components will not be difficult. The owners distinguish the wide chassis of the tractor, which makes it more stable, cross country ability. Some models have a belt drive, others are equipped with a gear reducer: such walk twister tractors are more expensive, but more reliable. A wide range of plows and trailer implements makes a universal agricultural engine for one machine: it can be used to cultivate land, plant vegetables and other crops, mow and collect hay, and remove snow.

Reviews of owners indicate that Don engine blocks are of high quality. In some cases, there may be a kickback of parts that can be easily eliminated. A significant plus of this technique is the price:

  • Thu 900 – 20,000 p.p.
  • Thurs 1100 – 27000 p.m.
  • Don R900C – 24000R.


The DON-1000 motblock is equipped with a four-stroke engine with a 7 HP sling engine, suitable for processing soils of various types, including heavy ones. The analogue is a phase block for 700, operating on the basis of the Honda engine with a capacity of 7 hp. Both models are in one price segment, their cost is almost the same. For the phase block there is also other attachment and trailer equipment, including mowers (dawn) and trailers with a carrying capacity of 350 and 500 kg. The manufacturer offers sets of fastening equipment, e.g. B. floor bearings, plows and trailer hitches. It is also possible to buy attachments separately, not only from the manufacturer of the phase blocks of the phase, but also from others, since most devices with a universal coupling are easily aggregated with him.

Did you use the Don engine blocks? What are the pros and cons?

Looking for an assembly sample

After pulling out of the trunk and collecting a walk, I made myself after Mills and the work, but there wasn’t enough screws and then I thought I didn’t collect properly. When I started collecting a second time, I found that I did not collect again, simply because all the mills went against each other, but it was necessary to put the next in an angle.

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The worst thing is that nothing is clear according to the instructions and photographs.

So I had to search for photos of the Don Motor note on the Internet. As it turned out, the engine note Don also has other relatives that differ only in color and fuel tank. The first relative is the Senda (Senta) Motoblock – I don’t know why they’re done, but only differ in stickers, maybe people have the choice. And when I was looking for photos of the brush, I found such a walk as a Sadko, this is one of our Rostov motor block Don. Instructions for the assembly and the operation I found can be downloaded below.

The operating manual of Don (Senda SD900C). DOWNLOAD


Instructions for the pipe for the Don Wal k-Dilated Tractor

  1. In the square part with the holes for attaching the grinding we find the hole in the middle and put the bolt in it.
  2. We put two tailors on the bolts and attach them with a nut, but do not tighten them. We start repairing the mills from the side on which there are two holes in the wave – this is the side of the walks tractor.
  3. We use the second bolt, put the third cutter and attach it with a mother.
  4. Now you have to install the third mill so that everything can be fixed with three screws.
  5. It should look like this in the collection of the grinding cutter.

Pour oil

In principle, oil is poured into the market on the market, but it will not be superfluous after transportation to give a click and check the level. The gear oil is poured into the gear in the volume of 1.2 liters. Oil is also poured into the engine, but is already particularly special for the engine.

Don Motoblocks: functions and varieties

Don Motoblocks: functions and varieties

The Don Rostov brand produces motor blocks that are popular with summer residents and field workers. The company’s range enables every buyer to choose the most convenient model what the material of this article can help.

Design description

A characteristic feature of the domestic manufacturer is a high level of continuousness. The manufacturer’s range is characterized by a wide range of adhesive devices. The design of the tractor for walk injuries has a Chinese engine. In this way, you cannot think about the selection of the required spare parts and components.

Each product has its own engine output, the volume of the engine and the width of the chassis.

A motor block is a universal unit with which you can work with special tracked and stored tools. Depending on the variety of motlock, 7-liter can have an aluminum or cast iron transmission, seven or eight inch wheels and motor power 6.5, an aluminum or cast iron gear. With. Or even 9 l. With. In addition, the design can include a wide chassis, no gasoline, but a diesel engine and an electric starter. Your presence increases the costs of a walk tractor considerably.

The drive of the device of some models in the belt line. Other options are equipped with a gear reducer, which means that they can be used when working with heavy soil. The hexagon of the hexagon in the engine block transmission is small, this is the norm. The most important nodes of the tractor of the walk behavior are considered gears, engine, chassis and controls.

The gearbox is needed to transmit the rotation of the electric motor to the wheels, as well as change the speed and direction of movement of the unit. Its nodes are the gearbox, the clutch, the gearbox. The transmission device can provide a gear shift and at the same time the functions of a transmission.

The clutch ensures the transmission of torque from the crankshaft to the transmission shaft, as well as the separation of the transmission from the engine at the moment of gear changing. It is responsible for smooth starting and stopping the walk-behind tractor, preventing the engine from stalling. The device has a vent, which is responsible for equalizing the pressure during heating and cooling, which helps to extend the life of the product. The clutch lever consists of an axle, yoke, bolt, clutch cable, nut, washer and bushing.

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Technical characteristics

You can classify products according to engine power and your kind. Depending on the variety, the manufacturer uses petrol or diesel engines. The second options are more economical in terms of fuel and give a larger indicator of the torque with the same performance. However, as far as weight is concerned, it is easier than the product of a petrol engine. They are less loud and marked in the exhaust by a lower number of soot.

The criteria by which the company’s walk-behind tractors are judged include engine, speed, transmission, weight and controls. These properties are different for each model and should therefore be considered individually in relation to a specific model. For example, options have two gears, weight up to 95 kg and a mechanical clutch.

Depending on the variety, the width of the plow can vary from 80 to 100 cm and even more, the depth from 15 to 30 cm.

The motor type can be a valuable fou r-stitch with a compulsory air cooling. The capacity of the tank can reach an average of 5 liters. The maximum torque can be 2500. Indicators of the transfer type can b e-1, 0, 1.2.

The preparation

Among the rich list of running models, some options are particularly popular with buyers.

Don K-700

The K-700, a lightweight cultivator, features an aluminum body and a 7 HP engine. With. Has a 170 F petrol engine with a modified air filter. The model is characterized by the fact that the engine oil level sensor switches off the engine in the event of insufficient lubrication. The 68 kg machine is equipped with a cultivator cutter and has 8 inch pneumatic wheels. Can cultivate soil in plots up to 95 cm.

Thurs 900

This walk-behind tractor is one of the light cultivators, it is belt-driven and has a two-speed gearbox. The weight of the product is 74 kg, the engine capacity is 7 liters. With. The modification is equipped with rear speed and has a weighted hand-held tractor transmission. This model is equipped with pneumatic wheels and a cultivator cutter. If the buyer requires additional attachments, these must be purchased separately.

Don R900C

This model is powered by a petrol engine, it is compact, although it is capable of cultivating large areas. The power of the two-wheel tractor is 6 liters. With. The product is characterized by the impressive weight of the cast-iron gearbox and belt drive. The variety is characterized by the power of the knives and the adjustment of the handle, which can be both vertical and horizontal.

Thurs 1000

This hand-led tractor is an improved modification of the Don K-700. It has a cast iron gear and can withstand rather high loads during operation. The difference is a larger knife cover parameter that can reach 1 m. The model has an improved cooling system in the form of an oil air filter. You can absorb attachments for the han d-led tractor, namely: tunnels, Hiller, plow.

Don 1100

This device weighs 110 kg, is quite powerful and grinded dense soil with high quality. The model is characterized by the presence of a disc coupling and a direct engine transmission. The performance of the singl e-axle tractor is 7 liters. With. This model is designed for working with prepared soil, it cannot cope with thick layers of earth.

Don R1350ae

This device, which is a modification of the Don 1350 diesel version, belongs to the difficult class. The product has a long engine life and a reduction gear. Due to the design features of the decompressor, it is easy to start it. The power of the device is 9 liters. With., The processing width is 1.35 m, the coupling of the model is a disc, there is a reverse gear, the engine is a cylinder. The han d-led tractor weighs 176 kg, the processing depth is 30 cm, the speed is 3600 revolutions per minute.


The manufacturer develops a list to maximize the skills of the units. Depending on the variety, you can purchase cutting works, plows, mowing works, potato rolls and potato fabric machines for you. And in some cases it is also possible to equip the mini tractor with attachments such as snow blades and shovel shovels as well as adapters and followers.

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Missing cutters is good because they enable them to loosen the ground well and to lift its lower layer. If you want to process virgin soil, you can buy a plow that does an excellent job in thick layers of soil. If there is a lot of grass, you cannot do without a mower, as this is particularly relevant in virgin areas.

The brand offers rotation variants, the speed of which can vary between two and four kilometers per hour.

Potato rotroders and planters make the work of the summer residents considerably facilitating and contribute to a quick job. With regard to adapters, they contribute to reducing the fatigue of workers by reducing physical stress. Depending on the device type, you can choose options with which you can work while sitting.

Fine of the operation

Since the buyer receives the product broken, you must first use the construction and operating instructions. After studying the operating material, you can go on to the first commissioning and to drive in. For this purpose, gasoline and oil are filled into the unit, because the containers themselves are initially empty. It is important to understand that the inlet time is several hours. During this time, the product must be tested with a minimum load.

The engine should not overheat, and therefore it is immediately possible to work with an empty trailer. After eight hours the details must be lubricated and you can work correctly. After the pump time has expired, it is necessary to change the engine oil because it collects many mechanical contamination. It is also important to carry out technical work in good time, including valve adjustment, transfer of oil changes and lubrication of the control levers. For example, the engine oil must be changed after 25 hours. The transmission must be changed after 100.

Possible malfunctions

Unfortunately, it is not possible to avoid some malfunctions during operation. For example, if you cannot start the engine, this can mean that you have to check whether there is oil and fuel yourself. In addition, the reason can be the spark plugs. If this system works properly, you must configure the carburetor. Another possible cause of the malfunction can be the constipation of fuel filters.

If engine operation is uneven, this can mean that there is water or dirt in the fuel tank. In addition, the reason can consist of poor contact of the spark plugs, which requires attaching the cable. If the first two reasons are not suitable, the problem can be associated with the constipation of the ventilation hole that must be cleaned. Another possible reason can be the mud in the carburetor.

In addition, vibration can be determined during operation of the walking behavior. If its level is noticeably increased, it is necessary to check the tension of the engine’s bolt nodes. And the voltage of the gear strap and the quality of the attachment of the trailer coupling is not checked. When the oil licks during the load, this shows the high level. In this case, it is necessary to take it off and then pour it to the marked brand after the level. If the problem is not eliminated, it consists in rings.

If a motor bridge suddenly has a torn break, it must be replaced, although this may have to balance the purchased spare part for weight. In this case, it is important to adapt the connecting rod by weight and growing metal.

This nuance enables the connecting rod to ensure good dynamics of the engine, since the gasoline consumption becomes more economical.

Reviews of the owners

Motoblocks of the domestic brand receive different customer reviews. Good technical features that correspond to expensive analog models from other manufacturers are found of the advantages in the comments dedicated to the discussion of motoblocks. Buyers write that the price for products and the quality of the units themselves is quite acceptable. The product breaks the floor well, even though it doesn’t make it fine. However, the disadvantage of the devices is the sound of the engine.

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