Motoblocks debnya. Checking the properties of the list. Video work, recommendations for the company

Universal Motoblock Dibrynya as an assistant in the household

Agricultural activity is a kind of human employment that aims to grow plants and animal breeding. However, it is very difficult to participate in economics, especially on an industrial scale if there is no mechanized support. Many companies that support agriculture are operated on in the country – mechanized units, machines are produced, fertilizers and complaints systems, etc. are produced.

Motoblock Debrynya MT-119

If you are the owner of your own little farm, you will probably be interested in the Dibrynya diesel car driver. This unit is a hig h-quality, reliable product that can perform various tasks. Thanks to a variety of models, each user can select a tractor for a walk behavior according to their preferences.

Dobnynya’s motor cultivator is a universal device that can run in the fields, sizes of several hectares, without tractors and other auxiliary devices. After each farmer has looked at the production capacities, he will personally make sure that the purchase of a walk.

Motoblock Debrnya is a detailed “analysis” of the unit

The Dibrynya motor block is presented in two modifications on the modern market – it is equipped with a diesel and petrol engine. When we examine the list, Dibrynya is considered one of the advanced cars in its category.

Engine block Debrynya MT-119 Diesel

First, a 4-stroke engine with a P195 cylinder was installed on the walking tractor. The work volume is 710 cm³. The power of the device is 12 hp, which is sufficient for full work on site. The maximum number of speed is 2600. As with all power units from the diesel type, the model is characterized by its performance, efficiency and high traction indicators at low speeds. In an hour of intensive work, Debrnya burns only 2 liters of fuel, which is an excellent indicator with this volume of the cylinder.

The following features can be distinguished under other properties of similar models:

  • The smoothness of the stroke;
  • Simplicity in repair and operation;
  • The presence of an electric steamer;
  • Small weight of walking behavior.

If you study the engine of Dibrynya reviews, it can be noted that many users are attracted to liquid cooling, which is supplemented by a fan. The presence of a removable cast sleeve significantly increases the reliability and stable operation of the engine.

The checkpoint is a mult i-level system that offers control over the speed of movement. It is possible to change the gear if you go forward in 6 gears, back 2-tooth bikes. These indicators enable the device to transport up to 2 tons of charge and at the same time develop a speed of up to 25 km/h.

When creating every model, the possibility of blocking the differential, which made it possible to make the device safe and comfortable. Despite the fact that the system weighs almost 350 kg, it is quite predictable to control it and do not raise any questions.

Wheel base – collapsible discs with Kammer-type tires. Wheels of this type are easy to repair, which allows you to quickly restore the device even in the event of unforeseen malfunctions. The profile is drawn in such a way that you can grip the ground with quality.

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Electrification of devices – scheme

The Dobrynya Motoblock is equipped with a powerful headlight that allows you to work even in the dark. The processing scheme of the tractor’s Walk behavior starts from the generator, the power of which is sufficient for installation on the trailer model and other additional units, an electrified type.

The tractor’s commitment to a walk includes a cutter that is part of a product that keeps underfoot and is complemented by the seat. Therefore, you can configure the device exclusively for yourself, adapting it to a specific growth. To start the engine with a seed battery, you can use the collar.

Judging by the reviews, the electrical wiring in the tractor system does not cause problems in the walk behavior. The system is standardized and available.

To fix a specific area, it is enough to open the body block body and identify the problem.

All additional nodes and connections can be found in any car or in a special store.

Judging by the reviews, all products are different:

  • Reliability;
  • Durability;
  • Inexpensive repair;
  • acceptable value.

With this product you can not only loosen the soil, but also clean the crop. For example potatoes or other root crops.

Short summary of the results

There is an option to install water pumps, buckets, pigtails, snow pock units and irrigation motor cultivators. In fact, the Motrynya MT-119 MotoBlock model can be adapted for all kinds of agricultural manipulations that allow you to quickly and efficiently complete the task. Excellent powerful indicators combined with high performance make the unit simply indispensable in a small private economy or production.

Motoblocks debnya. Checking the properties of the list. Video work, recommendations for the company

The Chinese company Luzhong (Luzhong) introduced its products to the Russian market, which did not go unattended.

It is interesting that the model range of Motoblocks was released under the Dobrynya brand, which indicates that the conquest of post-Soviet space was purposeful.

The brand stands out against the background of other Chinese compatriots with a high-quality assembly and a long service life of the units, which can only rejoice consumers.

The preparation

Motoblock Debrynya X650 is a powerful unit equipped with a 7 hp engine.

It is intended not only for processing and growing land allotments, but also for the implementation of other functions, provided that additional equipment is available.

The processing width can reach up to 136cm, which allows you to capture a large area while working. A significant mass of 60 kg gives the power unit stability that only needs to be straightened.

Technical characteristics
engine power 7 hp
energy source petrol
engine The four cylinder with four stroke
number of programs 2 forward/ 1 before 1
The width of the capture 622-874-1136mm`
The depth of soil processing 180mm
The tank tanker 4 л
The weight 60kg
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MT 81E

Motoblock Debrynya MT 81E is a professional model equipped with a diesel engine with a capacity of 8 hp.

The presence of an electric starter makes it easier to start the engine.

This model uses water cooling, so you can work on it even in sweltering heat.

The gearbox has 6 forward and 2 backward gears so that you can develop a significant speed and drive backwards without having to turn around.

The fuel consumption is 0.9 l / h, which means that the owner can save fuel costs.

The weight of this han d-led tractor is 230 kg, which looks like a miniature tractor.

The presence of a headlight implies the use of the device in the dark.

Technical characteristics
engine power 8.8 PS
energy source diesel
engine Diesel, single cylinder, fou r-stroke
number of programs 6 forward / 2 back
The width of the capture 1000mm`
The depth of soil processing 180mm
The tank tanker 6.5 l
The weight 240 kg


Motoblock Dibrynya MT81 is a diesel model with an 8 horsepower engine.

The model of the 4-stroke single engine is called R180AN.

The presence of water cooling enables the owner not to interrupt the work in the hot season.

The fuel consumption is 0.9 l / h, which is considered quite economical for a device with a weight of 230 kg.

A significant difference to the previous model is the presence of only one manual start.


Motoblock Dibrynya MT-101E is a series of heavyweights at a professional level that quickly and efficiently manage to process a parcel of up to 2 hectares.

The diesel engine has an output of 10 hp and enables the owner to cultivate, convey, transport goods and carry out many other useful functions with this han d-led tractor.

The presence of an electric starter facilitates the start of this unit with a weight of 255 kg.

The gearbox has 6 forward gears and 2 backward gears, which not only enable you to maneuver on the construction site, but also to develop a good speed.

Fuel consumption of 1.5 l / h is considered economical for such a powerful device, and that with a tank volume of 6.5 liters. Allows long work without refueling.

Rototiller and seat included.

Technical characteristics
engine power 11 PS
energy source diesel
engine Diesel, single cylinder, fou r-stroke
number of programs 6 forward / 2 back
The width of the capture 1000mm`
The depth of soil processing 180mm
The tank tanker 6.5 l
The weight 255 kg


The Motoblock Dibrynya MT65 is designed for the processing of mediu m-sized plots, but its engine output of 6 HP is sufficient to cultivate large farms.

Petrol is used for the operation of the han d-led tractor, the consumption of which is 1.3 l / h.

When using redotillers, the working width can be 1 m. The model has 2 forward and 1 reverse gear so that you can accelerate up to 9 km / h.

Technical characteristics
engine power 6.5 hp
energy source petrol
engine Petrol, single cylinder, fou r-stroke
number of programs 2 forward / 1 back
The width of the capture 1000mm`
The depth of soil processing 180mm
The tank tanker 6 л
The weight 104 kg
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Motoblock Dibrynya MT-119E leads the line of the diesel heavyweights of the professional class.

Hig h-performance engine 12 HP designs up to 5 hectares for use in agricultural companies.

A considerable weight of 340 kg and large dimensions make the model look like a min i-tractor.

When using a car, the device can transport a load of about half a ton.

The presence of an electric starter makes it easier to start the engine.

Technical characteristics
engine power 12.6 hp
energy source diesel
engine Diesel, single cylinder, fou r-stroke
number of programs 6 before/2 back
The width of the capture 1000mm`
The depth of soil processing 180mm
The tank tanker 8.5 l
The weight 340 kilograms

Motoblock Dobrynya MT-90 represents the middle class with simplified technical capabilities.

9 лошадиных сил, наличие ручного стартера и воздушного охлаждения влияет на стоимость, делая ее значительно ниже по сравнению с подобными моделями. /p>

As a rule, petrol engines are not economical, but this model has a consumption of 2.3 l / h.

A remarkable weight of 104 kg brings an advantage when working in new territory.

Technical characteristics
engine power 9 hp
energy source petrol
engine Petrol, single cylinder, fou r-stroke
number of programs 2 forward / 1 back
The width of the capture 1100mm`
The depth of soil processing 220mm
The tank tanker 8 л
The weight 110kg


Motoblock Dobrynya NT-105 clearly demonstrates the availability of efficiency and efficiency, because a 6-horse diesel engine consumes only 0.5 l / h.

At the same time, the service life of diesel engines significantly exceeds that of gasoline engines.

The hand launcher is easy to use and maintain. The presence of a direct drive with a multi-plate clutch greatly simplifies the design of the walk-behind tractor.

The position of all control levers is carefully thought out, which increases the comfort of use.

Technical characteristics
engine power 6 hp
energy source diesel
engine Diesel, four-stroke single cylinder
number of programs 2 forward / 1 back
The width of the capture 1100mm`
The depth of soil processing 220mm
The tank tanker 3.5L
The weight 132 kilos


Motoblock Dobrynya NT105E is an analogue of the previous model, but equipping the device with an electric starter became a significant difference.

With the same dimensions, the weight increases significantly, which is 135 kg here.

The rest of the properties remained unchanged.


Motoblock Dobrynya NT-135 is equipped with a diesel engine, the power of which is enough to solve agricultural problems of any complexity.

It will help to effectively cope with the cultivation of a plot of land up to 1 ha.

The machine is equipped with wide pneumatic wheels for better off-road mobility.

A vibration oil air filter is installed to prevent contamination of the unit by dirt and dust.

The steering is adjustable horizontally and in height, which greatly facilitates the work of the owner.

Technical characteristics
engine power 9 hp
energy source diesel
engine Diesel, four-stroke single cylinder
number of programs 2 forward / 1 back
The width of the capture 870mm
The depth of soil processing 300mm
The tank tanker 5 л
The weight 160kg
Fulfill dew on trees and crops: apple tree, peach, wheat


Motoblock Dobrynya NT135E is designed to perform gardening and field work of varying complexity on stony and clayey soils.

This is made much easier by equipping the walk behind tractor with an engine rated at 9 hp. To make starting the engine easier, the device is equipped with an electric starter.

By installing a simplified silencer, the noise level is significantly reduced.

Diesel is used as fuel, consumption is only 0.5 l/h.

Technical characteristics are similar to the previous model.

SunGarden Dobrynya 7.0

The SunGarden Dobrynya petrol cultivator is equipped with a SunGarden 7.0 OHV engine model with a power of 7.0 hp.

Its main purpose is the cultivation of soils of medium and complex density, and when using additional equipment, its functionality increases significantly.

The working width does not exceed 81 cm, and the digging depth is 22 cm.

The compact size and light weight make it easy to transport.

Technical characteristics
engine power 7 hp
energy source petrol
engine Four-stroke SunGarden 7.0 OHV
number of programs 2 forward / 1 back
The width of the capture 330-610-810mm
The depth of soil processing 300mm
The tank tanker 3.6L
The weight 72.7kg


The use of binding equipment significantly expands the skills of the hiking tractor. In addition, it facilitates different types of work on both the country piece and in the entire farm.

Below you will find a list of devices used with the tractor of the walk behavior:

  • The capture plow is effectively used to plow goals and break the countries of the world.
  • The cutter is contained and developed to cultivate the soil.
  • Metal wheels with floor surfaces are designed in such a way that they facilitate the movement of walking on viscous soil.
  • The rakes are used to clean the personal property.

Single plu g-Singl e-Boxing plug with a wrapper mooring

Pump water potat o-tan k-potato failure

Soilofreze trailer adapter

Operating characteristics

So that the technology works without interruptions and its functions can be mastered effectively, maintenance must be carried out regularly.

The cultivists of Dibrynya are delivered without oil in the crankcase of the engine!

Make sure that you may be poured the required amount of the lubricant. A small amount of lubrication can lead to early wear on work nodes.

Due to the ambient temperature, the manufacturer recommends using oil with a certain degree of viscosity.

It is recommended to use the SAE 10W-30 or Sae 30 oil species.

For those models that are equipped with the Sun Garden engine, you can use the SAE 10W-40 oil.

Keep the following rules with every use:

  • Check the oil in the motor crank. Add if necessary.
  • Check the oil in the transmission.
  • Inspection of all fastening elements. Tighten if necessary.

The following work to maintain a motor block are mandatory:

  1. Clean the cultivator after every use of dirt, dust and stick made of weed grass.
  2. The Öler set is carried out with a warm but not hot engine to avoid damage.
  3. Wear for a gear that contains Öler set.
  4. Replace air filter expectation or if necessary.
  5. Check the spark plugs.
  6. The gear belt is completely replaced in the event of deformation.
  7. When maintaining the gearbox, it is worth noting that the oil is not replaced during the entire service life.

Более подробно с инструкцией по эксплуатации мотоблоков Добрыня можно ознакомиться по ссылке—>

The ru n-I n-in is executed in such a way that all parts of the walking behavior are injured and become in place. This will increase the lifespan of your unit.

  1. Perform the engine idle. Let work for 20 minutes.
  2. After a while, run a roast that is carried out by pressing maximum revolutions. Drawing should not take longer than 20 seconds.
  3. Work in this mode for 4 hours and alternately change the idle passport and canting.
  4. The next 4 hours can be used by a walk tractor, but without hanging devices. The manufacturer offers to attach the wheels and take a walk.
  5. After the 8-hour run, let off the entire oil and replace it with new ones.

If you plan not to use a tractor for a walk for a long time, stick to the following memory rules:

  • It is necessary to drain the fuel.
  • Clean the machine from the dirt and stick grass.
  • Remove the spark plug and pour in a little engine oil. Install the candle in place.
  • Wipe all unpainted surfaces with a fabric that is slightly moistened in oil. This prevents the occurrence of corrosion.
  • Cover the motorcycle block from the dust.
  • Store in a dry and ventilated room.


Possible malfunctions and causes of their occurrence:

The engine does not work ignition is not switched on; There is no fuel or oil, maybe they are outdated; no spark; dirty air filter;
The engine stops The air damper or fuel valve is closed; filter clogged; Faulty spark plug.
noise from the gearbox Bearing wear that can better replace with a new one; deformation of sprocket teeth; Small lubricant or its poor quality
Booking a wedge belt oil on a belt or pulley; weak belt tension; The belt will be erased or deformed.

video ratings

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Reviews of the owners

If you are the owner of the Dobrynya Walk behavior tractor, we suggest leaving a review about its work, advantages or the identified shortcomings.

Mikhail: “I bought a car – Auto Sungarden Debrynya and I was happy for a whole year. The vibration was strongly transmitted to his hands, so the phalanxes were then sick. Despite the fact that they write everywhere with a low speed motor, this is unjustified. It makes sounds so that you can stand completely in an hour of work. We have to use headphones. After a year of use, the engine was smoking, it was not possible to find spare parts in our region. I had to fix it myself from improvised means. “

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