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Pros: Easy to use, everything turns on clearly. Daewoo engine. Ideal.

Cons: None for the money, no difference

Comment: Bought to cultivate the land. All very satisfied, many attachments are available or can be installed. Digs excellently with full coverage. Much used with trailer for trips into the forest for mushrooms and strawberries.

Pros: easy assembly, normal instructions in Russian! Yes, they offer a 3 year guarantee.

Cons: Expensive drive belts – 1200 rubles, but always available!

Comment: I decided to go with a walk behind tractor to tow a trailer and have the option to install a snowblower for the winter. With a carriage, it goes into 2nd gear very quickly))) You can roll over. In winter, the rotor perfectly cleans the snow, throws it 5-7 meters, the rotor itself is from an old domestically assembled walk-behind tractor, it got up without any problems. Wet snow does not throw well, but it is clear that it is heavy and the engine has enough power for everything.

Pros: Fancy wheels – planting this walk-behind tractor is simply impossible! As I said, up to a depth of 25-30 cm it works with a bang. An excellent eighthp engine – two sections of ten acres is no problem at all. Maneuverable and easy to handle.

Comment: Included are 8 rows of trimmings – cool! Good assembly and controls are conveniently located – I have no regrets choosing this company and model!

Advantages: high-quality metal parts, easy assembly, clear instructions, simple operation, powerful motor, wheels included.

Disadvantages: the model is not cheap, it requires oil filling of both the engine and the gearbox.

Comment: A powerful device for real men. The price-performance ratio is justified. There is reverse gear and overdrive, which is very important. Can handle large volumes. It is possible to install a front linkage (there is a PTO pulley). I use it for plowing the soil and for the cart that’s left over from the old walking tractor.

Pros: Packed on a metal frame. Well put together. High quality metal parts. Heavy and powerful.

Disadvantages: short shifter

Comment: A full-fledged two-wheel tractor with good speed in second gear. The mower and other equipment are easy to install. Suitable from all Russian manufacturers. Wide cuts of 110 cm are included in the set. Due to its weight, the two-wheel tractor easily breaks up virgin soil.

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Advantages: Transmission housing and transmission are made of gray cast iron. Copes well with clay. Start with a half turn.

Disadvantages: factory assembly is not optimal everywhere, is tweaked a bit after the first use

Comment: This technique is not our first, there was a mole cultivator that worked for us for 25 years. The choice fell on a walk behind tractor as they have extensive rear and front hydraulics, lots of functionality. I bought the walk behind tractor in April 2016, just before the May holidays, on the advice of friends and took a Korean Daewoo. I collected it for a long time, about 3 hours, I ran it on the plowed land, I went there without any problems. After two tanks burned on the driveway, put down the plow and started digging up virgin soil. Compared to the mole, it’s heaven and earth. At his weight, and he’s not small, he doesn’t even feel uncharted territory. It goes smooth, gently, like on farmland. Vibrations on the hands are, but insignificant, practically nonexistent. After raising the target, I set the knives. At first I worked in first gear and found that it was long and tedious. Switched to the second and the work went in full force. A field for planting potatoes of 20 acres was tilled in less than a day. In general, I can say the following – I am more satisfied with this technique than I expected. Next year I’m going to buy him a car. I recommend to everyone.

Advantages: powerful motor, wide cutter included

Disadvantages: from day one, the 50% engine runs smoothly, beautifully, 50% works only on suction, sometimes it is solved by removing coking from the candle, sometimes there is no coking, but it does not want to work , it stalls and it starts to work smoothly by itself. I don’t know why. In the first winter the fuel hose broke, changed it. Another belt cover fell off, the bracket broke.

Comment: Arrived in a very compact package, the wheels are small, I think this is precisely due to the compactness of the package (but I have not needed them in two years). I bought additional attachments, everything fits from not cultivating, spitting and taking potatoes. A thing that is of course useful for me and my parents. This is my first walk behind tractor (I took it for 40 tr in May 2017). The quality is average and so is the price. My overall grade is 4.

Cons: defective shifter. must be welded. Some fasteners are not very reliable.

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Comment: In general, after the model 4+, I am not willing to give another rating.

Pros: Powerful engine, quality castings and welds. The whole hinge is suitable from Neva and Tselena. Except the wheels. The weight is sufficient for the purpose. Lightweight clutch handle. Two belts.

Cons: Hard to find metal wheels. Under 25 Hex. Heavy for transport. The consumption is too high compared to the 3.5 l/s cultivator.

Comment: I bought it for 39990 in early April. Now you can find it cheaper. not complicated. I just played around with the cutting unit a bit. I took a hitch, a plow and a Volga heap. Plows with a bang. The weight is enough for the goal. Probyval on 4 and on 8 cutters. 8 is better. With last year’s plowing, you just do it yourself, you just steer a little. The son of 6 years plows :) . Choose between Daewoo and Patriot Ural. The choice was satisfied with the entire plot of 15 hectares for 3 days in the evening without any effort. I recommend.

Pros: Strong enough, very strong

Disadvantages: Not balanced, the plastic gas handle literally fell apart when I was first used in small pieces. Therefore, I had to fix a hard cable with a metal lever and screws on the handle, all the approaches that were bought separately, extremely low quality, metal, metal, metal art. The adjusting screw of the swing turned out immediately as soon as it entered the floor, the frame on which the garbage copies were set, had to be bent under the fastening screws, packed under load, welded firmly and also bought half axle – hexagon. Tears after 20 minutes of work.

Comment: A remarkable force is required when cultivating maximum conquest, the NEVA neighbor compared to mine as a toy is much easier to use in mills. If it is used with a trailer, it is better to use the regular bikes, but it is essential to wrap the peninsula on the wheels at the fastener, otherwise the disc is easy to break. This is my first Motoblock I have accepted it according to the reviews, now I can say with certainty that half of the reviews of advertisers were written, except that the snowman has so far not been able to choose a mower if someone has such a walk I like you solved the problem. With all the problems described, however, I can say that the motoblock itself and the standard iron are quite strong. On a hill with a cart, plowing with a load of 150 to 180 kg, it is pulling, but only on normal wheels and a weight of 50 to 60 kg, since there is not enough weight, only large wheels burns out, only Large bikes when you carry the cargo along a flat street. In general, the impression is double.

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Advantages: I start immediately with impressions, the car is just a plague, really strong power block block, which was dug up over the weekend 17 acres, a virgin, which has been strongly kicked with feet. In places he also raised the virgin countries with the stones that I don’t have enough … A very powerful motoblock saved my time and nerves for serious tasks. In spring I buy a cartridge car for it, otherwise it is difficult to take your age in my hands. Satisfied with all 100% money was not spent for nothing. Sergey Mikhailovich.

Detailed properties

main features


The rotation direction of the ground is 60-110 cm. Installation depth 30 cm. The amount of milling systems in the kit is 8 STC.


The engine type is gasoline, 4x, cylinder: 1 manufacturer and model of the engine 225 cubic meters of the Daewoo 225 series. cm engine power 8 horsepower.


Gear machine drive (gear) gear 2 forward, 1 behind there is a back

Rating: Daewoo Datm 80110 Motblock – a good engine with a gearbox of the problem. It looks like one of me! With spare parts of the problem.

The engine begins with half a pike. Nice, powerful, so far new. I can’t say what can happen next. Maybe I wasn’t lucky with him. I read reviews, most praise.

There are no instructions, the speed of the speed switch, the grip of the gas is weak. Key to the China meeting. The official service is terrible!

Generally negative the negative for those who will buy this miracle of South Korean Chinese technology!

Think seriously before buying!

I bought a tractor from Daewoo Datm 80110 in February.

He arrived in Crimea in April. By the end of April, the instructions were raised with the neighbor and on it their dear motoblock was collected. Well, what can I say. “Care” about the buyer has already started with the instructions. She is so stupid and blurs this to guess what and where it must itself. In addition, in the instructions 2 cables for the inclusion of gears forward and backward. Do you think that at least somewhere changes in the design are indicated that there will be a cable? Yes, not once! Further. Engine oil and gearbox were purchased in the required quantities, exactly as stated in the instructions. But the truth is not entirely true. There are simply specified engine 5W-30. 15W-30 and attention. thirty! I appreciate you 30! Koreans with the Chinese, like that. Next we read about the gearbox for the gearbox! SAE 80W-90 and SAE 85W-90. Various types of lubricants are used in production. Let’s say the API GL-4. Do you think it’s stated? Yes, not once!.

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Good OK. They poured oils, added engine oil to the air filter, do not forget! We go according to the instructions! AND?

Correctly. Pour gasoline again according to the instructions. We run the engine. We idle for about 2 hours and every half hour we add to the gas, well, very light for the lube with spray, and the engine is hig h-difficult! We collect knives.

2 hours have passed and the evening already.

I will conquer in the morning. It starts on the second try, great!

I warm, 5 minutes work. I’m starting to loosen the soil. The ground is raw, the motorcycle block jumps with a goat, for real! CM for 10-15 jumps. So we chart the plowing of the earth until better times, looking for a weight average on the front! There are no problems with him. Ordinary pancakes for dumbbells! OK. Almost 10 kg are suspended. It remains to be seen on drying the earth to dry.

Yes. The earth was repeated by the Neva Motoboblock, a year this 93-94, pahan digging. The beginning of the Red October work in St. Petersburg. It was really about the flag in the ground. In 3 passes it was possible to plow everything after the rain. This is me to the fact that the earth is totally unaccustomed to plowing. The floor is mainly fluff/sand.

Okay, after May I got dried up and went plowing. Everything in science, in 3 passes. 1hundred processed. He was embarrassed. That is, plowing 3 hectares on the circle. Burden? Yes No!

And here . Yes, the crackle and does not go backwards.

And the fun begins. I take it under Evpatoria to Simferopol. You accept there. Waiting for an answer from the head office! Guarantee or not! Well, no more than 10 days and the answer from the service.

The answer is the head. The case is not a guarantee! It is not clear what is in the gearbox.

Let’s see what this is not clear what’s in my hiking tractor.

So. Russian oil is flooded, the warranty period is 5 years, released in 2019, passports), gear oil and even for heavy loads. I think that there were no heavy charges! That’s complete for the motoblock I use the Neva almost from the beginning of the Saints of the 90’s! There is experience and good!.

Well, in one of the stores that sell motoblock during a private conversation, they specifically sympathize with me! They said in open text they say the engine is excellent, powerful. But the gears of the equipment (stars) fly and do not recognize this through a warranty case! And there are practically no spare parts for him! So it turned out!

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Well, the cons I was worse.

Even though. There is no date and printing of the store in the guarantee voucher. True true! Although they promised! Doesn’t matter.

And here. The assembly keys, full G. Real, the metal is soft, prepare your keys when you buy! In the break after several hours of work on the thread formations, Chinese keys are no longer suitable!

Advantages. Nice. The instructions state a 1 year guarantee and + 2 if you register it on the website within one month. Of course, I couldn’t register it because it makes no sense to open the package in Moscow in winter. 5 years of service life! Yes, now I think. No belief! Exactly 5 years! Gear change in the gear every 2-3 hours! Runs great! If you adjust the gas train even though the gas lever is made of plastic, it is possible that it will close soon. Even with low loads and below average speeds, there is no stalling.

In general. China. Böses China.

Photos sent to the service center. But I’m afraid that the main service really recognizes this oil for some reason. Right, the QR code shows the oil manufacturer. But I’m afraid that the cleric moskauer greed still recognizes normal oil, which was bought in the Crimea in the Crimea Service Oil business, or a fake or it is not clear what)

By the way. The Daewoo Power Products Russia VK side has not been updated since 2019! When I asked what where, how and how much, you have not answered for almost a month! This is the great concern of consumers) The outrage that there are no spare parts for other garden tools is great!

And for those who will still buy this miracle. Motoblock is except production!

Summary! Shy away from the Daewoo like hell from frankincense!

All the best and nice holidays! Here is the addition. On June 3, they called from Simferopol from the guarantee that according to them, the headquarters recognized the oil for unknown reasons and explained that gear oil cannot be yellow. And the 2000 km from Simferopol without examining the oil. So you have easily proven in a simple way, like Baba Vanga, that the case is not guaranteed and that it does not have to be changed, but the entire gear! Of course at your own expense! I torture me vague doubts that the metal used in the gears from the Chinese cellars and the city is rare that the elementary stress could not withstand. Not even normal or generally serious!

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