Motoblocks Cubanets. Series overview, properties

Whether you should buy Kubanet’s han d-led tractors: owner reviews, specifications, instructions for use

The unity of domestic production of the Cubanet motor block was created especially for working under the difficult conditions of the virgin countries and the non-black region. Knotes and parts are made with a large security room. The power plant and gearbox are adapted to the rough conditions of agriculture in our country. The manufacturer has provided several options for a 7 hp engine. And 9 hp in the basic equipment, the product can be used as an engine pitcher, which can loosen the hardest floors up to a depth of 30 cm, whereby the use of different options can be significantly expanded. Ownership reviews show that a fully equipped Cubanets tractor can replace a tractor, the price of which is higher.

Technical characteristics

Motoblocks of the Kubanets brand go on sale after the processing quality has been checked and the engine has been tested. At the buyer’s request, the device is installed or delivered in a shipping box. The product includes an instruction manual and a guarantee card with receipt.

The most common MB-105 model has the following technical properties:

  • Motor – HMS170F singl e-cylinder gasoline;
  • Performance – 7 L.S. with a volume of 207 cm³;
  • Cooling – air;
  • Gears – gear and belt drive;
  • Number of gears – 3 (2 forward, neutral, 1 backwards);
  • Fuel tank volume – 3.6 l;
  • Starter type – manually with the possibility to install an electrical one;
  • Weight – 87 kg;
  • Movement speed – 8.0 km/h forward and 2.2 km/h back;
  • assembled dimensions – 900x460x660 mm;
  • Catch width – 80-110 cm.
  • Processing depth – 10-30 cm.

The standard equipment of the product includes rubber wheels 4.00-10 and cutting knife, 4 pieces on each side. In front of the body there is a cone for attaching attachments and a tap wave. The motor is transmitted from the engine via the drive belt. The owners notice the convenience of using this function of the device.

A more powerful model of the Cuban motor block has a 9-horsepower186F diesel engine. Thanks to the heavy engine, the device weighs 175 kg and has a better traction. This allows you to increase the working width up to 130 cm with a immersion depth of 35 cm. The diesel version is equipped with an electrical starter, which ensures easy start at low temperatures.

Motoblock capabilities

The cutting device supplied with the han d-led tractor is a multifunctional tool. She grinds the floor and pulls out the weeds together with the roots. So that the teeth do not cut grass, they have to be dull. It is necessary to edit the country at full speed so that the knives do not get stuck in the ground. The unit must not be pushed, it moves by itself through the translation movement of the knives.

You can increase the functionality of the handled tractor by equipping it with the following devices:

  • Plow. The use of this tool is necessary if virgin and strongly neglected areas are raised. Depending on the performance of the device and the density of the earth, adaptive
  • Shingles with one or more shares. The plow greatly facilitates laying trenches and digging pits.
  • Hiller. Used to create long beds after sowing. On the way, weeds are removed and the earth is loosened. After hilling, the plants receive more oxygen, excess moisture does not stay near their roots.
  • Mower. These devices are used when mowing and to pre-clean the field before plowing. Rotary mowers have 2 knives, they capture a strip up to 1.2 m wide. You can collect mowed grass with a towed rake and attach it to a universal hitch.
  • Landing and harvesting canopies. Potato planters and potato harvesters are very popular with farmers. These devices allow you to fully mechanize the planting and digging of potatoes.
  • snowblowers. Various types of nozzles are installed on the two-wheel tractor. The most productive of them is the rotary cleaner, which copes with dense snowdrifts. With a mounted blade or rotating brushes you can remove snow from paths and small areas. The grip width varies between 60-100 cm.
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Means of increasing patency. Even a massive diesel engine can lose traction. This problem can be solved with the help of weights or the installation of earth hooks.

With the use of carts and trailers, Kubanets engine blocks turn into full-fledged mini-tractors capable of transporting people and goods with a total weight of up to 550 kg.

Advantages of Motoblocks Kubanets

The most important thing that domestic farmers appreciate about this device is its strength, reliability and reliability. The equipment works in the most difficult conditions without breakdowns and breakdowns, in summer heat and winter cold.

  1. Users note the following advantages of the Kubanets engine block:
  2. User friendliness. The device is well centered, it is possible to adjust the position of the steering wheel. All levers are placed on the handles.
  3. power and economy. One filling is enough to process 0.3-0.4 ha.

Easy maintenance and repair. The device can be repaired and configured independently.

One of the criteria for choosing walk-behind tractors of this brand is their affordable cost and the availability of a wide range of inexpensive components and spare parts.

Instructions for use

In addition to a detailed description of the components of the two-wheel tractor and the technical properties, the instruction includes safety regulations, assembly, initial start-up and recommendations for running in and maintenance.

  1. Start and retract the two-wheel tractor
  2. Following the prescribed algorithm it is necessary to assemble the unit.
  3. Then you need to fill the fuel tank with AI-92 gasoline, and the engine crankcase with oil.
  4. Start the engine by pulling the engine starter handle.
  5. The running-in of the machine should last at least six hours, during which time the machine should be used with minimal loads (driving onto the site with an empty trailer is suitable). During this time, the engine parts of the Kubanets engine block (7 hp or 9 hp) are broken in and lubricated.
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After the running-in period, the engine oil should be changed.

  • Device maintenance recommendations
  • The engine oil should be changed every 20 hours of operation (better semi-synthetic, class 10W-30).
  • Transmission oil is changed every 100 hours (the manufacturer recommends using TAP-15V and TAD-17I oils).
  • All control levers on the steering wheel and other rubbing parts of the two-wheel tractor should be lubricated with grease or a similar lubricating technical agent.

Petrol that is filled into the fuel tank must be fresh and free of contamination.

Disruptions and repairs

  • The MB-105 model most often shows the following malfunctions:
  • The han d-led tractor does not jump due to problems in the ignition system (spark plug pollution, cable damage or change of distance) – you have to carefully clean the spark plug, replace the wires or set the distance between the magnetower and the magnetier;
  • Operating interruptions of the gearbox (a foreign noise occurs from the side of the assembly or oil leaks) – it is necessary to disassemble the mechanism and replace the damaged gears or replace the cuff on the gear connection;
  • Overheating of the engine due to a blocked fuel filter – it must be cleaned regularly;
  • Break of the starter cable – his exchange is not difficult;

Active knives do not rotate (this problem can be traced back to damage to the drive belt or constipation of the labor knives) – it is necessary to install a new drive belt and clean the dirty knife of adhering soil, stones, branches and twists.

Owner reviews

An analysis of the reviews of the owners of the most common hand-led tractors that are offered on the websites of official retailers for sale (MB-105 (7 and 9 hp), MB-1050, MB-500, MB-900 and MB- 950), that the units for democratic prices, impressive weight (which is necessary for plowing new territory), simple maintenance and unpretentiousism towards fuel and oil brands are loved.

Motoblocks “Cubanets”: properties of models and operating rules

Motoblocks have become an indispensable unit in agriculture because they can perform a variety of work with minimal time and effort. To date, this technology is represented by many manufacturers on the market, but the han d-led tractors of Cubanets are particularly popular with homeowners and farmers. They are not only intended for plowing the country, but also for other work in connection with the harvest, the transport of harvesting and cleaning the area of ​​rubble and snow.

What is that?

Units of the Kubanets brand are jointly produced by a Russian and a Chinese manufacturer. They are composed of components in the domestic company “Vega”, which are supplied by a Chinese work. Thanks to this production scheme, finished hand-led Cubanets tractors are sold at an affordable price, so that they can also be bought by a normal consumer. The manufacturer has also developed many attachments for the device so that it has become multifunctional and is very much in demand for owners of small land and farms. Such han d-guided tractors are particularly suitable for difficult working conditions in the processing of new territory.

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All parts and assemblies of the unit are made of durable material. The transmission and power plant are adapted to the use under rough climatic conditions. The manufacturer produces various types of modifications with an engine of 7 and 9 liters. With. This device is equipped with the basic equipment of a engine pug that can edit the soil up to a depth of 30 cm.


  • The main advantages of the Cubanet’s unit are reliability and reliability in the company. The devices work for a long time without breakdowns and failures, both in the winter cold and in the summer heat. The advantages of the device can also include other properties.
  • Multifunctionality. Most of the time, a han d-led tractor for soil processing, cultivation, plowing and hills is used. In addition, the device is a good helper when transporting goods, watering and rooming the terrain of snow and rubble.

  • Possibility of installing attachments. This allows you to carry out different types of work on the farm. The manufacturer produces attachments in a huge range, so that any cutting, planting and segotes can buy for the hand-led tractor.
  • Easy control and compactness. Most modifications have small dimensions, which significantly simplifies their administration.
  • Simple mechanisms. The design of the equipment is simple, so that the owner can repair it independently in the event of a breakdown.
  • Average price. The costs for motoblocks are calculated based on the financial possibilities of a consumer with an average income.
  • Opportunity for heavy transports. Due to its high performance and strength, the device enables the transport of heavy loads.
  • Sparing fuel consumption. A filling is sufficient to edit an area of ​​0.4 ha.

Huge selection of parts and accessories. They are always available, so that there are no problems with the repair and modernization of devices.


Like all other devices, the hand-led Cubanets tractors have disadvantages. The main disadvantage of the device is its performance – compared to tractors, it is inferior in many ways. Therefore, this device does not work for owners of land that exceed 10 hectares – mostly, it is preferred by summer residents to cultivate the components of several hectares to four hectares. In addition, some types of tasks that are carried out by a han d-led tractor require the use of considerable physical exertion. For example, light additives do not get along well with the processing of new territory – in this case, it is best to use more powerful models.


  • The manufacturers produce Cubanets motor blocks with both petrol and diesel engines. These units differ in design and technical properties. A petrol engine is available in such modifications:
  • “Kubanets MB-105” (7 hp);
  • “MB-105” (9 hp);
  • “Cubanets MB-500”;
  • “Cubanets MB-500” with a paw wave (improved model);
  • “MB-900”;


  • The modifications “Kubanets MB-105D”, “MB-105 DE” and “MB-135 DE” have a diesel engine. The following models are very much in demand and popular with land owners:
  • “MB-900”. This is a multifunctional device with a mower that helps farmers and gardeners to easily master all tasks on the construction site. The manufacturer completes this model with a 7 hp HMS170F petrol engine. S and a volume of 207 cm3. The design also has a tap wave, three gear stages and a manual starter. The device weighs 85 kg, its dimensions are 840 × 375 × 855 mm. The minimum cover of the treated area is 80 cm, the maximum 100 cm, the processing depth 15 to 30 cm.
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  • “MB-950”. It differs from previous models as it is adapted to work on any type of soil as it is equipped with a powerful 8 liter petrol engine. With. The petrol tank of the walk tractor is designed for 3.2 liters of fuel, thanks to which work can be carried out for a long time without stopping for refueling. With the help of this unit, land is carried out with a depth of 15-20 cm. At the same time, the width of the site where the work will be carried out should not exceed 95 cm. The engine is introduced by a manual starter. For the operation of the farm, the manufacturer has equipped the tractor of the Walk behavior with three gears.

“MB-105”. This unit is sold configured with router cutters. She can handle both cultivation and harvesting and transporting land. The design is equipped with a gear transmission and a brand from 170F, working on gasoline. Its volume is 207 cm3, power – 7 liters. With. The wheels of the equipment are pneumatic, their diameter is 8 inches, the clutch is temporary. Initiation of the tractor’s walk behavior is performed using a mechanical starter. This modification has 3 gearboxes (2 front and 1 rear).

The width of the site processing is 120 cm when it deepens into the ground by 35 cm. “Kubanets MB-105” can be additionally equipped with hinged devices that can perform grass, hilling, plowing, transport transport and snow removal. These devices are mounted on a special pin on the front of the structure. You are on the move with a blade belt. In addition, you can find such a model with a capacity of b9 l. With.

In addition, the MB-105 model will also be released with the MB-105D diesel engine. It is the most popular modification with a diesel single-cylinder engine. Its power is 7 liters C, and the volume is 207 cm3, in addition, the engine has an air cooling system. The transmission of the technology is a belt and gear wheel. The fuel tank is designed for 3.6 liters of a diesel engine. The engine is started by a manual starter, but the installation is also intended for electrical provision. The mass of the unit is 87 kg, the speed of its movement is 2.2 km/h (backward) and 8.8 km/h (forward).

When collected, the dimensions of the device are 900 × 460 × 660 mm. Such a walk behavior tractor allows you to process the soil, deepening it by 30 cm and covering the area up to 110 cm wide. The design also includes a power selector shaft and special pins for mounting attachments. This model is available in the configuration with rubber wheels and mills (4 pieces on each side). The main advantage of the tractor from Walk injuries is its convenient operation.

Plants that change their color

Each of the above changes has its own benefits. Therefore it is required. Gasoline units are much cheaper, but they are inferior. Diesel motives are high performance, well suited for farm use, but much more expensive.

operating rules

Despite the fact that the Kubanu motoblocks are characterized by high quality and prolonged work without outcrops, in order to expand their operation, certain rules must be observed.

  • Therefore, the owners who acquired such a technique for the first time should take into account certain nuances.
  • First you have to prepare the device for the start. Before switching on, you should carefully check the attachment of all parts and accessories. In addition, fuel must be filled up to the specified stand – its presence must be constantly monitored. Oil and coolant are also filled- without sufficient amount of force and lubricating materials, a failure is possible even when the single-axle tractor is briefly operation, so the oil must be refilled in time. In winter it is recommended to let the coolant down after operation of the device.
  • It is best to use mineral oil in classes 10W30 and 12W30 for Cubanet’s motor blocks.

  • The han d-led tractor must be started by slightly pressing the clutch handle. Do not turn the remote switching lever when starting and at high speeds.
  • When editing from the country on, it is advisable to switch on the idle, to move out the clutch and to carry out movements in the transverse direction.
  • If the singl e-axle tractor moves with a trailer, only its brake mechanism should be used for braking.
  • The attachment must be raised before turning or reversing the machine.
  • Do not slow down by loosening the clutch.

Particular attention should be paid to the timely technical diagnosis and the exchange of components. This initially affects the motor belt disk and the drive wheel wheel. Before disassembly, the air must be drained from the wheel tires, and the new belt disk is selected according to the dimensions, it is forbidden to assemble part with a large diameter.


Today the agricultural market is represented by various types of devices, but the Kubanets motor block is particularly popular with landowners. His modifications were positively rated due to the high quality, the affordable price and the reliable operation. Under the advantages of the device, consumers emphasized its versatility, simple operation and maintenance. For many summer residents, this device has not only become a reliable helper when it comes to tillage, but also when transporting goods. In addition, the owners are satisfied that the devices work properly and that spare parts are always available in the event of a breakdown.

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