Motoblocks Champion: type review, characteristics, reviews of owners about engines

Review of the Champion engine block model range. Equipment not assembled. Instructions for first boot and ru n-i n-in

The “Champion” brand is known in the domestic market as a manufacturer of motoblocks and cultivators. In the network you can find a mention that the Chinese brand, but this is not the case. “Champion” is a Russian brand that appeared in St. Petersburg thanks to Wald concerns.

The company’s website offers farmers various equipment, as well as attachments, components, spare parts and even service for all gardening equipment.

Motoblocks of this brand are in demand for several reasons: the first are engines of various capacities. The ability to choose a car for specific needs of the farmer is the second with a powerful motorcycle resource medium. The line is represented by motor blocks with a capacity of 4 to 10 hp, besides both gasoline and diesel.

Chinese, Japanese Russian materials are used in the design of the units.

The “Champion” brand produces equipment, the main purpose of which is agricultural work, plowing, cultivation, weeding, loosening. Devices facilitate the work of the farmer, several times increase the speed of the owner, allow you to quickly deal with the harvest, common functions (cleaning of the territory, irrigation, sweeping, cargo transportation).

Reviews of the “Champion” technique are very different: from positive opinions you can highlight the operation of the engine, mainly small dimensions of the motblocks, their speed. Negative reviews are mainly associated with improper use.

Before use, we advise you to familiarize yourself with the instructions and carry out all manipulations with the tractor for walk behavior according to this document.

Petrol Builder and Motoblocks Champion

Among the representatives of the “Champion” model, the numerous groups of equipment are precisely gasoline motoblocks. They are popular, loved by many farmers, and also have different characteristics and profitable costs. Let’s consider in more detail the power of each model and the type of engine or motor-cultivator:

  • GC252, power 1.9 hp, engine volume 57.1 cm. Dice;
  • BC4311, 3.5 hp, volume 83 cm. boy
  • BC4401, 4 HP, 1P61FA OHV – 1 cylinder, fou r-Stroke; , 6.5 hp, 1P61FA OHV; 6.5 hp; cultivator;
  • BC5602, 5.5 HP, Cultivators; , 6, 5 hp, motor cultivator;
  • BC5602BS, US Production Engine, Briggs & Stratton 550e Series 140 cc, 5.5 hp; , G210-1HK-Power 7 HP; 7 hp; , 5.5 hp, the Japanese engine from the Honda brand, the model’s predecessor is the US6611 unit, the power of which is 5.5 hp. The difference is that the Chinese engine G160F OHV is installed on it. , 7 hp, engine cultivator;
  • BC8716, 5 hp, engine cultivator;
  • BC8813, inclined blocks, 7 hp;
  • BC1193, engine block, 9 hp

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Gasoline motblocks and cultivators are equipped with collapsible cutters. Additional attachments are purchased separately.

Motobloc k-Champion VC 9714 Motoblock Benzinmeister BC 9713 Motobloc k-Champion BC1193

Motobobe device MTZ. Basic malfunctions, configuration, maintenance

Diesel engine blocks “Champion”

Diesel models of walk-behind tractors are also popular, but there are only two of them in the manufacturer’s range:

  • DC1163E, 5.8 hp, 296 cc engine;
  • DC1193E, 9.5, displacement 418 cm3 – one of the most powerful walk-behind tractors among all Champion positions.

Engine block CHAMPION DC1163E Engine block CHAMPION DC1193E 9.5 HP

Motoblocks of this category are completed with a plow and reapers. Fuel for refueling: diesel, it is necessary to defend the fuel for 48 hours before refueling.

Electric cultivators

There are two positions in the electric cultivator category:

  • EC750, machine power is 750W;
  • EC1400, power 1400W.

Motor cultivator electric Champion EC1400 Motor cultivator electric Champion EC750

This technique is used only for gardening, cultivating the soil in the garden, loosening and weeding the beds. It is used successfully in greenhouses and comes complete with headers.

Overview of attachments for Champion walk-behind tractors

Attachments for motoblocks and cultivators “Champion” are used to increase the functionality of the equipment and its productive capacity. In principle, all devices are only equipped with cutting and protective discs. Other accessories must be purchased separately. Heavy single-axle diesel tractors are often equipped with a plough.


The knife is foldable, made of hardened steel, the shape of the knife is crescent. During installation, it is possible to put both a full set of cutters on the axes, and just a few (this will reduce the machining width). The assembly and fastening of cutting devices should be carried out with protective gloves made of fabric. In the photo – the correct assembly scheme of the cutters.

On the next video – assembly and installation of cutters on the Champion walk-behind tractor

adapters, trailers

For the Champion walk-behind tractor, the choice of adapter or trailer is primarily based on performance and traction. It is recommended to use the adapter on units of 5 hp and above. and more. The trailer may be connected with 4 hp. and higher. An alternative to a trailer is a cart, dump truck or a conventional type TM-500. Load capacity of motoblocks from 5 to 9 hp the average is 300-600 kg. Keep this in mind when choosing an adapter, cart or trailer for your gear.

It is forbidden to exceed the recommended weight of transported goods – this can lead to rapid engine wear, overheating and overloading of the two-wheel tractor.

Review from the owner – a video with a diesel walk-behind tractor “Champion”. One of the best options for connecting an adapter.


A popular type of lawn mower is the rotary mower. Differ in fast work, ease of attachment to the engine block, high efficiency. They are also relatively cheap compared to other more powerful mowers. For the champion, you can use the rotating Zarya, Zubr, as well as other domestic and foreign models. The proposed review is a video of the operation of the Champion walk behind tractor with a rotary mower:

Stihl FS38 lightweight brushcutter. Properties, characteristics, video


Grousers are devices that increase the degree of adhesion of the walk-behind tractor to the ground. It is particularly recommended for complex soils with high density and hardness. Classic metal brackets are suitable for the Champion two-wheel tractor. The dimensions of the studs can vary depending on the diameter of the motoblock wheels, for example: 330, 380, 560, 450, 390, 370, 500 mm.

Champion wide studs Champion studs

A plow is a universal attachment, plowing is not possible without it. The most common plow types for a hand-led tractor: the classic type “Mole”, “bison”, you can use the Zykov plow for better plowing (some “homemade” produce such tools according to the drawings to find yourself on the Internet). Other types of plowing for “champion”: roundabout and classic, simple, with and without crowd, etc.

Snow mill, leaf blade

A snow blower or, as it says, a snow plow cultivation device is an indispensable attachment for the winter operation of a hand-led tractor. It costs more than anyone else and costs almost as much as a small cultivator. However, the presence of a snow blower makes your han d-led tractor a really versatile machine.

Snow removal prefi x-Champion ST1170E

Models of snow plow growing devices for “Champion”: ST656, ST556, ST762E, Ste1650, ST1170E caterpillar. If the owner intends to use the snow blower as an independent vehicle, the manufacturer offers the sel f-driving snow blower ST861BS for sale.

Potato rolls and potato planters

Potato rotoders “Champion” are installed via a clutch on the corresponding han d-led tractors. If the fastening holes for this attachment of other manufacturers match the machine of this brand, they can also be used after good fastening and proper attachment of the potato rotor.

Potato rotor models: BC8713, C3040 C3040 and others from Champion.

Potato rotor Champion Potato Mate APK-CM Potato Mate K-1L

Potato fleet “Champion”: You can use all potato fan machines that are suitable for the fastening method, e.g. B. “Zarya-K”, “Veprik”, “APK-C”, KSN-1, “Forte” and others.

The category “other attachments” for champion includes universal couplings, axle wave extensions, weights, Hiller, the manufacturer produces these equipment for petrol and diesel axractors. You can buy it online or from dealers near you.

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Hiller Champion Transport Hand Heckraftheber extension adapter

Instructions for use, maintenance, main disorders and their solution

The document for the han d-led tractor – the operating instructions – is extremely important. It must be read before assembly and operation. Follow the recommendations in the manual to extend the lifespan of the device and ensure its troubl e-free operation.

Oil and fuel

  • Oil varieties: for petrol/diesel four-stroke engines, such as SAE30.
  • For the transmission: gearbox, 80W90, TAP70, TAD70.
  • Petrol: Hochrein, AI95, AI92; Diesel fuel: arbitrary.
  • Oil change frequency: Change the oil more often in every season (every 90 days) if you work in dry weather, extreme heat or high dust pollution.
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First commissioning and inlet

The first commissioning takes place after the end assembly of the singl e-axle tractor, whereby the necessary attachments are attached. Make sure that the screw connections are well fastened and in a solid state. Place the attachments according to the instructions for it. Do not edit a new floor with a singl e-axle tractor during the entrance time.

Start with just a tank filled with fuel and a sufficient amount of transmission and engine oil. Gaming – a time of adapting technology to loads. The allowable load level is 2/3 of the power for 20 mothers. Then you can operate devices with full load.

The main disturbances

The main malfunctions of the motobobe “Champion”

Video review of the work of the motoboblock “Champion”

Reviews of the owners


“Dieselmeister is out of competition! I am very satisfied with my motorcycle unit (model DC1193E). I’ve been in business for 4 years.

Pros: There were no significant breakdowns. There was a replacement of a belt and a drive pulley.

Cons: for such power and weight you need strength and large territory, in small areas you will simply be exhausted.

For small gardens and greenhouses I recommend either an electric cultivator or a low power cultivator. The wheel motoblock is a thing! From the Scharnern there is an adapter for him, a single box plow, cutters for himself as well as the cigns. “

Pros and cons of Motoblocks ≪ Champion≫

Champion Brand Technique has firmly established its position in the domestic market. The line of ≪ Champion ≫ brand motor blocks is represented by almost twenty models of petrol and diesel units. The demand for them increases every year. To acquire beloved technologies, traders are open across the country.

General characteristics of Motoblocks ≪ Champion≫

The technique is designed for one year in all weather conditions for any task of a farmer or private trader.

Pros and cons of Motoblocks ≪ Champion≫

The Champion Brandtechnik firmly took its position in the domestic market

Equipment not assembled

The main types of attachment devices:

  • floors;
  • Plow;
  • potato break and potatoes;
  • Mills for cultivation and weeding;
  • disk skin;
  • rotary mower;
  • trailer or wagon.

One of the new products is a blower device.

Model parameters and operating instructions

The instructions indicate the designation of the device and its engine, dimensions, weight, engine type, power and other characteristics.

The dimensions and weight of the design of the walk tractor ≪ Champion≫

The dimensions and weight of each model are individual. The line of garden vehicles is represented from miniature models to heavy.

Pros and cons of Motoblocks ≪ Champion≫

Individual dimensions and weight of each model

Technical indicators

The technical characteristics show:

  • width and depth of plowing;
  • the number of front and rear gears;
  • wheels width and disc diameter;
  • engine type;
  • Maximum Performance;
  • ignition system;
  • launch system;
  • the volume of the fuel tank;
  • The maximum fuel consumption per hour.
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Servicing of ≪ Champion≫ brand aggregates

You must fill the engine crank with clean engine oil.

Gear oil is used for the gearbox.

Pure engine oil is poured into the lower part of the air cleaner support.

Units operating on gasoline refuel the fuel of the AI ​​92 or AI 95, diesel – diesel fuel.

Pros and cons of Motoblocks ≪ Champion≫

From miniature models to heavyweight, a range of garden motorcycle equipment is presented

How to get a motorcycle block:

  1. Check the oil and fuel level and close the carburetor air damper.
  2. Open the fuel valve.
  3. Turn on the ignition with a button on the left handle.
  4. The throttle stick is transferred to 1/3 of the course towards maximum.
  5. Pull the starter grip until resistance is felt. Then gently down and lift up a sharp jerk. The engine will work.
  6. After launch, open the air shutters. Warm up the engine at idle for one minute.
  7. In an emergency, transfer the ignition switch to the “disconnect” position for an emergency stop.

Play the brand of the brand ≪ Champion≫

At the first start, the details are rubbed together, so:

  1. Use the load only at 2/3.
  2. Do not work at maximum speeds.
  3. Leave the oil out of the gear after 5 hours and the crankcase of the still warm engine. Pour fresh oil and let the engine work for 3-5 minutes at low speeds.

Technical service

Check all parts and knots before each use of the device and check the level of the engine oil.

Every 50 hours change the engine oil and clean the filters.

Check the gear oil after 100 hours of operation, change the air filter, rinse the carburetor sample and check the spark plug.

What are the errors possible and how can you remove?

Causes of malfunctions and methods for elimination.

Possible reason Elimination method
The engine does not start
The spark plug is faulty Replace the candle
Air damper is open Close it
Low oil level Check and add
Bad fuel Substitute
The fuel does not enter the carburetor Check whether the fuel valve is open
The fuel filter was clogged Clean or replace
No fuel in the tank Pour petrol
The engine stops
The fuel ended Pour petrol
The air filter was clogged Substitute
Low oil level Fill the oil
The fuel filter clogged Substitute
Ventilation channels are clogged in the fuel tank cover Clean or replace the cover
The engine does not develop performance, smoke
The air damper is closed Open
The air filter is closed Substitute
The fuel filter is closed Clean or replace
Piston rings worn out Replace in the service center
The engine heats up
The edges of the cylinder were dirty Clean the ribs
Review of the Walk behavio r-tracto r-Keimgt 732 SK. Technical features, functions of operation, video and reviews

Modern: description and costs

Cultivation master BC6612N

Middle class, power 5.5 hp. Processing depth 33 cm, width of 30 to 85. The costs are 35950 rubles.

Pros and cons of Motoblocks ≪ Champion≫

Cultivation master BC6612N

Cultivation master BC7714

Middle class, power 7 hp The processing width is 80 cm. The depth of the plow is 30 cm. The price is 32200 rubles.

Cultivation master BC7713

Middle class, Power 7 HP The processing width is 80 cm and planted depth 30 cm. Price 28900 rubles.

Cultivation master BC8813

Middle class, power 7 hp The width of soil processing is 35 to 85 cm. Contain 6 mills. The price is 29950 rubles.

Cultivation master BC6712

Middle class, power 5.57 hp floor processing width 30-85 cm. Processing depth 33 cm. 6 million included. The costs are 23200 rubles.

Cultivation master BC5511

Middle class, power 5.5 hp. Motor volume 163 cubic meters. See floor depth of 35 cm, width – 85. Price 19900 Ruble.

Pros and cons of Motoblocks ≪ Champion≫

Cultivation master BC5511

Cultivation master BC9714

Middle class, power 7 hp The cultivation depth 30 cm. The soil processing is 80. The sentence is 6 mills.

Cultivation master BC8713

Middle class. Power 6.5 HP The plowing depth is 33 cm. The floor processing width is 65-88 cm. The costs of 29900 rubles.

Motoblock champion BC1193

Middle class, power 9 hp The set is 8 mills. The depth of soil processing is 30 cm, width 110. The costs are 50600 rubles.

Motblock champion DS1193E

Heavy class, power 9.5 hp. The depth of soil processing is 30 cm, the width 110. The sentence is 8 million. The costs are 72800 rubles.

Motoblock champion BC9713

Middle class, power 7 hp The depth of soil processing is 30 cm, the width 80. The costs are 28900 rubles.

Pros and cons of Motoblocks ≪ Champion≫

Motoblock champion BC9713

Cultivation master BC5712

Mid-range, power 5.57 hp processing depth 33 cm, width from 30 to 85. 6 grinders in the kit. The cost is 22400 rubles.

Champion G160VK Brand engine

Power 5.5 hp. Designed for use as a ride on garden and park and construction sites. The price is 6950 rubles.

Champion G200HK Brand engine

Power 6.5 hp Specially designed to work with motorized cultivators and motblocks. Price 6072 rubles.

Reviews of the owners of cultivators and motoblocks of the brand ≪ Champion≫

Reviews on the SC9713 model with a capacity of 7 hp

Dmitry Dudnikov, 07/19/2018

Pros: Even the virgin lands.

Cons: Not very convenient management.

Vladimir Delich, 02/13/2018

Pros: layout, functionality, design.

Cons: has not revealed yet.

Review of the Supreme Armed Forces model with a capacity of 7 hp

Sergey Elizarov, June 11, Moscow

Pros: Great motoblock. Reliable, hassle-free.

Cons: when the movement starts with a jerk, the cameras rotate in the hoop. This leads to damage to the chamber and its replacement.

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