Motoblocks Centaurus – reviews of models, description, reviews of owners

Motoblock Centaur

Motoblic Centaur

Motoblocks have long conquered many owners of land plots with their capacity and multifunctionality. Manufacturers do not stop there and regularly please users with improved changes that meet current needs.

Motoblocks of the Centaur are one of the most worthy representatives of their type, since these devices are reliable, hardy and can qualitatively perform their work even in virgin lands. Often they are quite heavy, but this feature contributes to better stability.

The binding equipment allows you to operate the Centaur motor blocks not only for cultivation of land, but also for municipal purposes. The problem turns the device into a car for cleaning leaves, snow, garbage, etc. The variety of models is impressive, so there are no problems with choosing a suitable unit. Let’s get to know them in more detail.

Engine block Centaur 2080b

Motoblock Centaur 2080b

The specified unit is excellent for the implementation of basic land work in an area of ​​u200bu200bup to 20 hectares. The model is considered one of the most popular, as it has many advantages:

  • Japanese production engineer Tookawa reflects all the achievements of the developers of the Land of the Rising Sun.
  • Low noise and vibration during operation;
  • The unmeritability of the engine to the quality of the fuel;
  • High efficiency;
  • power (8 l.p.);
  • Low fuel consumption (total 900 g/h);
  • The presence of a well-thought-out shank of current selection;
  • Improved disk supply of transmission and guarantees the smoothness of history;
  • The ability to install optimal settings of a gear reducer;
  • inertial plan starter;
  • The presence of an air filter that protects the engine from dust.

It should also be noted the possibility of high hilling from tall seedlings. Excellent patency is created thanks to powerful wheels, a significant weight (110 kg) and a clearance of 200 mm.

Technical characteristics:

  • engine capacity – 210 cm 3;
  • Fuel: Gas;
  • The number of cylinders – 1;
  • type of cooling – air;
  • The drive is straight.
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You can adjust the steering wheel yourself, fully adapting it to the characteristics of the operator’s growth and complexion. Also on the steering wheel there is a special system of emergency installation, which allows you to stop the movement of the device in the event of a “meeting” with stones, twigs and other obstacles.

In order to get the most useful information about the practical characteristics of the 2080b Centaur model, you should get acquainted with the following owners, who will tell the whole truth about the device and share the features of caring for, using and repairing the device.

Engine block Centaur 1080d

The diesel engine block is equipped with a fairly powerful engine (8 l). Water cooling does not allow the mechanisms to overheat, and the reliability of the design itself allows you to carry out the necessary work without breaks for a long time. Fuel is considered one of the most affordable, so there will be no problems with its acquisition.

Differential locking in combination with large wheels allows maneuvering in areas and driving a machine without special physical efforts. Thanks to a serious weight, the owner of the walk tractor, the centaur does not need to acquire additional weighting means.

Motoblock Centaur 1080d

Technical characteristics:

  • Start – manual;
  • Tank capacity – 5.5 l;
  • Drive – V-belt transmission;
  • weight – 220 kg;
  • Transmission – reduction gear.

It is also pleasing that you can buy spare parts for the model in any specialist shop, because the Centaur brand “land helpers” are in great demand at home.

Engine block Centaur 1081D

Motoblock Centaur 1081d

Without exaggeration, Motoblock Centaur 1081D can be called one of the best-selling models in Belarus. Such serious popularity was facilitated by the literacy of the assembly of the device, the installation of the Japanese Kama engine and the ideal weight distribution, which contributes to the stability of the machine and the processing of new, clay and other heavy soils.

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Due to the fact that the engine creates maximum traction at low speeds, the possibility of rapid wear of the part is eliminated. With regular maintenance, the engine will work without problems for a long time, so it is necessary to carefully care for the device.

Technical characteristics:

  • Displacement – 417 cm 3;
  • fuel consumption – 0.8 l / hour;
  • clutch type – dry disc;
  • fuel – diesel;
  • maximum speed – 20 km;
  • starting system – electric starter;
  • Processing depth – 15 cm.

The walk-behind tractor’s increased environmental friendliness is achieved through the installation of a four-stroke engine, which has improved filters compared to two-stroke engines and contributes to cleaner exhaust gases.

Engine block Centaur 2070D

Motoblock Centaur 2070D

The model is very similar to the 2060D, but it has a number of significant improvements: the ability to adjust the steering wheel, a more powerful engine (7 hp), longer engine life – 3000 hours.

Approx. 1-1.5 hectares can be processed with the specified Centaur two-wheel tractor. Air cooling allows the device to work even on hot days. The built-in cast iron sleeve reduces the need for and cost of major repairs.

Technical characteristics:

  • displacement – 353 cm 3;
  • Lubrication tank capacity – 3.5 l;
  • clutch – multi-disc;
  • wheel size – 4.00-10;
  • Start – manually.

A refueling lasts quite a long time, because only 0.5 liters are consumed per hour. Two forward and two reverse speeds allow you to maneuver the course of the device and adapt it to the specifics of the process to be carried out.

Engine block Centaur 1081D

Motoblock Centaur 1081d

The model is complemented by an electric starter, which allows you to easily start the car even in sub-zero temperatures. With the appropriate attachments, the device becomes a snow plough, hiller, potato harvester, etc.

After assembling the trailer, the user can transport cargo weighing up to 500 kg. The single-cylinder, four-stroke R180N engine has 8 hp and is water-cooled.

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Technical characteristics:

  • Displacement – 402 cm 3;
  • piston stroke – 80 mm;
  • Rated speed – 2200 rpm;
  • injection pressure – 12753 kPa (130 kgf / cm2);
  • Weight – 240 kg.

When operating in extremely dusty conditions, special multi-layer oil filters are used.

Motoblock Centaur MB 1012

Motoblock Zentaur MB 1012

Manufacturers equipped the heavy Centaur walk-behind tractor with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine. The R 195 ANL engine is arranged horizontally and has an output of 12 hp. With. and liquid cooling.

You can start the device both manually and with the help of an electric starter. The model is often used to process a plot of up to 3 hectares. By adding a trailer to the car, the owner can transport loads weighing 750 kg.

Technical characteristics:

  • gearbox – combined;
  • brake – ring type;
  • Weight – 290 kg;
  • Floor clearance – 210 mm;
  • Cup – friction type.

The presence of powerful headlights enables you to work in the dark, and the low noise level does not cause any symptoms during operation.

Motoblock Centaur 2060D

Motoblock Centaur 2060D

Motoblock Centaur 2060D is considered an excellent mi d-range representative. It can withstand heavy loads steadfastly because the buil t-in engine with a displacement of 6.5 liters. With. This allows you to easily edit about 200 hectares.

In contrast to models with 10 liters. With., The device has a lower weight and is known for its economical fuel consumption. This allows the machine to work for about 8 hours without additional filling.

Technical characteristics:

  • Tank content – 3.5 l;
  • Max. Processing width – 105 cm;
  • Processing depth – 22-30 cm;
  • Weight – 120 kg;
  • Number of gears – 3 (2 forward / 1 backwards).

The KM178F engine has a great advantage-the direct injection. Also worth mentioning is a reduction gear with a bowling wheel pair that guarantees the maximum performance of the entire mechanism.

Every year the brand fills the rows of its creations with new models, because progress does not stand still and the creators improve existing products and create improved modifications. In addition to the excellent properties of the Centaur machine, you are known for your maintenance-friendliness because the internal system is quite simple and enables you to exchange some at home.

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Motoblocks Centaurus – reviews of models, description, reviews of owners

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