Motoblocks Centaurus MB 2091d Lux. Review, characteristics, reviews

Rating: Motoblock Centaurus MB 2090 – a large motoblock with small nuances in operation

After a long downtime, the fuel swimmer can adapt and be started poorly even when the start.

The tractor for walking behavior was bought to replace the shovels, and as an indispensable assistant, if the crowd is more than 20 acres, there is simply no time to dig it out. It also helps a lot if there are lenses where an ordinary tractor cannot drive with a cultivator due to the dimensions.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

Conventional bikes are easy to remove, and instead of holding on the set (from one to five sets of sounds counted on each side) and holding on to each side, as well as slices to bring large grass. This model has one of the most powerful engines for its class – 9 HP, with which you cannot always use for your intended purpose. For example in highly overgrown areas and in virgin countries. At the same time, they have to stop very often to rewind the packaged grass.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

With densely soil or heavy load, weeds have to go through the same place of three to five times, which does not affect the fuel costs at all. This hiking loss tractor is very economical! Its average consumption is no more than a liter of petrol in 2 hours of work or fou r-time plowing of 10 hectares of land that are overgrown with weeds that are difficult to vibrate! This is a very good indicator!

It is better to use petro l-ai95 brands or comparable, although the manufacturer specifies the possibility of using the 92nd.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

The tank itself contains about 4 liters of gasoline, which will be sufficient for almost uninterrupted work for the whole day! In the back of the walk tractor (in the area of ​​the assembly of additional fastening devices), a brake is installed, which is also a controller of the plowing depth. Manually, the depth can also be adjusted by the inclination of the control handles during operation, which is very convenient because you do not have to press the motor block on thick floors (it goes forward and if you want to slow down, you only need to lower the handles And it will immerse yourself a little in the ground and immediately lose the speed).

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Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

The engine is very simple and unpretentious for work. It starts with a special grip of about 3 to 5 times with a special handle and warmed up after half a pike. The engine lubrication system contains a crank blast with butter, so that you do not have to add oil to gasoline, which you freed from excessive and calculations. It should only be checked regularly before use so as not to overheat or spoil the engine. You should also wipe all metal parts of the engine with a rag before working so that the accumulated dust does not delay the heat transfer. This also helps to avoid overheating. The manufacturer, although Russian, is produced in China, and there you calculated the cooler that was spent with an additional part.)

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

The loa d-bearing structures are cooked from thick steel tubes, so that this model can withstand large mechanical loads without the risk of early collapse.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

The only engine cylinder is at an angle, which reduces mechanical vibrations. In addition, almost all engine and gear constructs are made of aluminum alloys, which improves natural cooling. Even in summer heat, the engine itself is not overheated, although the manufacturer warns against a possible overheating of lon g-term work in hot weather.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

The air filter is not implemented in view of the increased dust during operation. This box with butter, covered with a parallelonic use by the incoming air through itself and delays the entire dust. The Öler set takes place after every working time that is much cheaper than every time to buy a regular filter. In addition, such a design is many times more effective.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

One of the insignificant disadvantages should be seen as the fact that after a long downtime of the swimmers can be connected to the carburetor, which regulates fuel supply. However, this problem is very easily solved. Just turn a bolt and shake the swimmer slightly, that’s it! Repair is over, you can go! )) In the photo below you can see the poorly folded swimmer.

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Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

Both the wheels and the knives for plowing are attached with a clamp with a clip to the wave, which is easy to remove when the small efforts are added to the correct directions, and the loss is completely excluded during work. Despite the obvious “thin” decision, it was the best side, since strong metal axes are removed from the main load on which the wheels are attached (or ligaments of floor cutters).

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

The metal parts themselves are painted black (with the exception of the fields of the housing they are red), and the color is pretty good because it came from constant friction and beats, it has grown in a very small volume. Mainly in areas of frequent friction.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

In the photo below, the process of propaganda of a highly overgrown area is visible that does not immediately become a processed part. The next two approaches are mainly necessary to increase the plowing and swelling of the soil.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

Protective slabs are made of millimeter steel, but during operation by vibrations, some of which are partially transferred to the operator, but strongly “classified”, but the rubber pads compensate for these vibrations.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

The side windows not only cut large grass, but also enable them not to bury too deeply when cultivation, since the motorcycle block can even sting in very soft floors and sit on the floor. In this case you have to jam and pull out. There is still the possibility to switch on the opposite passage (there are such, two speeds both forward and back), but this method only helps if it is not much stuck. The control consists of a handle of speed switch, clutch and ignition buttons (which turns off when the tractor of walking tries to escape them) and the gear lever to the back.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

If you don’t stop to clean floor cutters from the grass on the grass, plowing 10 hectares can take 15 to 20 minutes because you go through the same areas twice! This cannot be compared to manual ditch, although a little slower than an ordinary tractor, but the quality of plowing can even be better. You can also plow plowing places where the tractor simply does not fit, and the shovel takes a few days and effort.

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Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

Transporting a walking tractor can be accomplished in a few ways. The first is to sink him into the trailer (and he can call there not to dismount), and the second is to attach the trailer to the engine block and use it as traction. Driving at pedestrian speed may not be to their liking).

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

And here is the result on 10 hectares. The walk tractor managed here in 3 hours of tedious work, and in 90% of the time it was spent on combining grass from soil cutters. As a result, the earth has moved on, the weeds are chopped and will soon turn into a natural humus. One of the disadvantages after unloading from the trailer turned out to be that the wheel was punctured. During dismantling, a marriage in the cell, cracked at the place of rubber inflow, was discovered. The repair is not complicated, but there is an unpleasant precipitation.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B Photo

As a result, it should be noted that this model was very justified and can be recommended for purchase, since its price is lower than the average level for eustration lesions. In any case, mechanized labor is much more effective for avid summer residents and gardeners! If you use a standard tractor (it’s not cheap now), this walk-on tractor can pay for itself after 2-3 jobs. This miracle aggregate can compete with many types of agricultural machines on the same terms)))

Motoblocks Centaurus MB 2091d Lux. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Recommend: 100%



Motoblock Centaurus MB 2091d Lux ​​​​is one of the most powerful in the group of heavy diesel motoblocks.

Equipped with diesel four-stroke single-cylinder Kama 186Fe engine.

Its power is 9L.S. You can work productively on large land charts with attached attachments to successfully perform a wide list of agricultural and economic work and transport up to 0.5 tons of cargo.

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Technical characteristics

engine Diesel, one cylinder sh 186 f
engine power 9.0LS
engine volume 406cc
transmission Worm gear with conical gear
number of programs 2 forward/ 1 before 1
The breadth of processing 135 cm
The depth of processing 30 cm
The volume of the fuel tank 5.5l
fuel consumption 0.9 l/hour
type of start Manual/electric starter
Dimensions 1800*1350*1100mm
The weight 130kg

The advantages of the model

  • Forced air cooling ensures reliable, uninterrupted operation.
  • Lighting start with an electric starter.
  • Thanks to the setting of the cutter, the cultivation width can be between 874 and 1400 mm, processing the soil depth of up to 300 mm.
  • Automatic transmission shut-off at the moment the operator releases control handles.
  • Economical fuel consumption – one gas station refueling in the fuel tank (5.5 l) is enough for a full working day.
  • The presence of three speeds: 2 forward – 5 km/h and 11 km/h and one reverse gear allows you to set the required pace of work using different hinge units.

Centaurus MB 2091d Potato Cleaning Video Review:

Features of the application

No matter how carefully you refer to the Walk behavior’s tractor, it has such mechanisms and knots that wear out quickly. The most common malfunctions during operation occur in the engine. In the case when the diesel engine does not start, it is recommended to first check first:

  • The presence of fuel
  • Is the ignition switched on
  • The correct position of the engine
  • The position of the fuel tank faucet is open regardless of whether there is a blockage
  • The hole in the fuel tank cap should be clean
  • Fuel intake in the carburetor
  • The condition of the candle is purity, the right gap.

Centaur MB 2091d Lux

More serious problems with the engine seem to be a exploitation of the ignorance of the listed malfunctions that are quite simple when removing it in good time. The recommendations of the instructions for the operation of the tractor for the walk behavior protect the Centaur from freelance situations, especially in the hot season – sowing, cleaning work.


There are many reviews in the network for this luxury block block. They are mainly positive. Users notice the functionality and excellent properties of the device.

Semyon, Crooked Balka:

Powerful good equipment. I am very satisfied with the purchase. They are not dependent on someone, I do all the work for housework – plowing, cultivation. The potatoes were planted 31 hundred parts, not even tired. The meadow spent the meadow three times in the summer and then took the hay with a trailer. I recommend it not regret it.

Ivan, Zaluzhnaya:

We have a lowland, the floor is wet, heavy. I saw in the work of a motorcycle diesel in 2091, I bought it and don’t regret it. Mechanized all work. And how many years before I had to turn.

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