Motoblocks Centaur. Review, characteristics, instructions.

Motoblocks Centaurus: Checking the models features

Every owner of a land trade can confidently say what hard work it is – cultivation of land, landing and harvest. We live in the age of technological progress when technology takes on the most strenuous and hard work, making human life easier and even saves its health.

Motoblocks from Centaur are a great combination of price and quality. Such machines have great performance, are reliable and durable. With a wide range you can choose a device that works on a diesel engine or gasoline.

General description of the motor blocks of the brand center

Motoblic Centaur

The Centaur Centaur is produced in China, but at the same time they are of high quality of all parts, a large selection of suitable attachments and enormous options. With this technology you can easily process the earth, take care of plant plants, take care of it, harvest and transport them.

It is worth spending the diesel engine blocks of the centaur in more detail. These are very powerful units. As you know, the element is more profitable compared to gasoline. Such machines are perfect for virgin workmanship and large areas.

Minitors are already more professional technology that is appropriate. However, many craftsmen modernize motoblocks and make them a mini contract lawyer with their own hands. Exactly for this, the diesel models of motor blocks of the zentaurs are perfect.

For sale you will find a large selection of cars with which you can choose the suitable model for yourself. It is important to take into account the size of your location, the soil type and the work types that the device should run. So look at the main models.

Motoblock Centaurus MB 1080D

Motoblocks Centaur diesel

The most universal and most demanding model that is ideal for plowing earth, plants and harvesting as well as for the care of your personal property. It has the following technical properties:

  • Power – 8 horsepower;
  • The gearbox has 6 speeds forward and 2 back;
  • Combined gear mechanism;
  • Steering with the possibility of blocking;
  • There are rubber wheels and a special projector, which means that the device does not slip at large loads.
  • You can work with the halogen headlights at night.
  • Kama camera brand;
  • Prochsa leads with a maximum width of 100 centimeters and a depth of 19 centimeters;
  • mechanical starter;
  • In the kit you will find mills and plows.
  • The mass is 220 kilograms;

Motoblock “Centaur 1080 D” is one of the inexpensive but rather hig h-quality garden and operations. A wide range of hinge inventory not only enables the device’s owner to process the floor, but also to plant and harvest or remove snow.

Design features of the Walk behavior tractor

The design of the “Kentavr 1080 D” engine block contains a number of structural solutions that distinguish the machine positively against the background of other garden and operation models. These functions include:

  • Extended gear. It distinguishes the model from other analogues by the presence of 6 forward and two backward passes – this enables the owner to choose the appropriate speed for certain types of work. In addition, the box is equipped with a combined mechanism with which you can block the movement of the steering wheel.
  • The second feature of the han d-led tractor Centaur 1080 D is the presence of rubber wheels with a diameter of 12 inches. The wheels are characterized by the presence of a tread that prevents the equipment from slipping on a loose and wet floor.
  • Compared to other devices, the han d-led tractor Centaur 1080D is equipped with a unlocked differential with which the owner can turn the device on the spot. This makes it possible to operate the han d-led tractor even on small areas between bushes and trees.
  • The model is equipped with a 1-stroke 4-cylinder engine of the model of around R180N. The diese l-powered engine produces 8 HP, which is completely sufficient for work under difficult conditions, for example with viscous swampy soils.
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All of this makes the model an indispensable helper in the garden and in the garden. It is possible to operate the device on heavy floors with high weeds, on land with a lot of gravel. In any case, the model will prove itself and help you to quickly prepare the soil for sowing.

Technical properties and equipment of the machine

In a standard complete set, the engine block is sold together with a mill and a plow.

Motoblock Centaur 1080 D - Technical data

The small size of the device enables you to work with it under almost all conditions. The dimensions of the handled tractor include:

  • Length – 2.18 cm;
  • Width – 89 cm;
  • Height – 1.25 cm;
  • Distance – 20.4 cm.

The weight of the m / f “1080d” is low and is approx. 220 kg. During the operation, the model plows the floor up to a depth of 19 cm and the maximum width of the simultaneous area is exactly 1 m. An important feature of the han d-led tractor is the low fuel consumption. The device is operated with diesel and does not use more than 1.7 liters of fuel for 1 hour of continuous operation. The fuel tank of the model is designed for 5 liters of diesel. The operation of this model proved to be much more economical than the use of devices with a displacement of 6–8 liters.

The main advantages of a han d-led tractor

The “Centaur” company is very popular with a large number of landowners. The main reason for this lies in its reliability, the hig h-quality parts and the modest diesel consumption.

The main advantages of the model include:

The main advantages of the han d-led tractor Centaur 1080D

  • The presence of a water cooling system – even in extreme heat, the engine of the han d-led tractor does not heat up over the permissible standard;
  • The motor crankcase made entirely made of cast iron – thanks to this element, the engine is reliably protected from bumps and dirt;
  • 3 PTO – Guarantee the stabilization of the engine in areas with different terrain and diesel savings.

All of these advantages make the han d-led tractor Centaur 1080D one of the leading devices in the market for modern garden tools.

Motoblock Centaur 1070d

Motoblock Centaur 1070d

Another diesel model with a water-cooled 175n four-stroke engine. There is a reduction gear and a water cooler – this distinguishes the car from others in its class. A buil t-in generator is required to connect different electrical devices. Its direct goal is the electricity source of the headlight. The model is designed for a parcel of up to 2 hectares.

  • Mechanical transmission from the mixed type;
  • Six gears forward and two backwards;
  • Performance – 7 hp;
  • Weight 200 kilograms;
  • Steering system – with rotatable collar, lockable;
  • The braking system of the annular type with internal blocks;

Engine block Centaur 2090d

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090D

Diesel motoblocks are ideal options for owners of small land. Such devices are reliable, power and endurance. Recently, the Motor Block Centaur 2090 model has recently started the most popular use.

Due to its operational characteristics, the unit can perform qualitatively hard work. In addition, it is equipped with a high class diesel engine whose power is 9 HP power, a gear reduction with conical gearbox, multi-disc clutch and other features that can be found in the table below.

Technical characteristics of the Motor Block Centaur MB 2090d

engine Diesel 9L p., a cylinder Kama (motorized resource up to 3,000 hours)
The diameter of the milling cutter 350 cm
engine volume 406 cubic meters. cm
number of programs 3 (2 forward/before 1)
transmission Mechanically
The capacity of the fuel tank 5.5L
type of wheels Pneumatic
fuel consumption 1.0L/hour
The weight 130kg
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In addition to these functions, the device is characterized by the presence of a decompressor of a specific design, which allows you to start the device with a manual starter. Thanks to the configuration of 10 sects, it becomes much easier to cultivate the earth.

It is also worth noting that such distinctive qualities:

  • powerful and reliable transmission;
  • The steering wheel can be adjusted. In addition, there is a protection system against vibration.

Engine block Centaur 2070b

Motoblocks of the Centaur have always been in great demand among landplot owners. Therefore, it is not surprising that the 2070b 2013 model managed to get a lot of positive reviews and turned into a “favorite”. The device is designed for moderate soil processing.

The creators took care of the performance of their product and are enough with a 4-speed engine, which ran on gasoline and has a capacity of 7 hp. The SecondoBlock Centaur 2070b is also complemented by the strongest worm gear, designed to handle heavy loads.

  • Engine – GM170;
  • type of cooling – air;
  • The fuel tank contains 3.6 l.;
  • Clutch – Mult i-Disc (in oil bath);
  • fuel consumption per hour – 0.9 l;
  • Control handles are made of metal;
  • number of programs – 3;
  • wheel diameter-4.00-10;
  • The set includes a typewriter from the 8th section mill;
  • Cutter knives have a thickness of 5 mm;
  • Soil processing depth – 30 cm;
  • The weight of the device is net 130 kg / gross 143 kg.

Often the device includes pneumatic wheels, lac keys, drive pulleys and operation manuals. An important fact that the engine block of the 2070b Centaur includes several modifications, which received the names of MB 2070b/m2 and 2070b-3. Let’s get acquainted with the features of these models.

Engine block Centaurus MB 2070b/m2

Motoblock Centaur MB 2070B/M2

The specified device is a cut version of the above blocks. The manufacturer installed slightly smaller wheels (4.00-8), decided to remove a section of the floor and floor (on each side) and save the device from plant protection screens.

All other moments remained unchanged. As a result, the user gets a slightly smaller and cheaper tech that is in no way inferior to the base 2070b model.

Engine block Centaur 2070b-3

Motoblock Centaur MB 2070B-3

The Centaur MB 2070b 3 has not changed so much, since in its formation the creators only removed crop screens and added adjustable bottom and cheat. In relation to all other moments, the motoblock is a complete analogue of 2070b.

A person himself can determine which moments in the functionality of the device are fundamental for him and make the final choice. Modifications are less popular than the main development, but are also quite often acquired by landowners.

The advantages of the MB 2070b motoblock and its transformation analogues

  • The installed motor has a very low noise barrier. It is therefore not necessary to use any additional means to protect hearing.
  • Having hidden the device with clean gasoline AI-92, you can actively work without breaks for more than 2 hours.
  • Possible both manual start of the starter and through an electronic ignition system;
  • Allows you to regulate metal pins at your own discretion.
  • The cost of walks is quite affordable, and the devices themselves perform the tasks qualitatively.

If a person chooses a proven and reliable unit for himself, a person does not risk that it will come with a low-quality product that will not be able to work out for a couple of hours. All Centaur products are renowned for endurance and responsible assembly.

What type of hinge device is used with the Centual Motoblocks?

  • A coupler, relevant as a special link, an adapter that allows you to connect a device with various additional devices.
  • Ground spaces, which are a pair of iron wheels complemented by notches, allowing for more productive grounded grips. Ideal for working on slippery or too soft ground;
  • Wheels that can be an excellent substitution of the kit. The separate sales options are considered better, given that they are present on one tire, strong rubber and will not wash even in the most difficult conditions, a reliable wheel disk and other characteristics.
  • Soilines are considered excellent assistants in loosening the earth and its cultivation.
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Anyway, finding the right attachment devices will not be difficult, since many specialized stores have all the most popular objects.

Important points to pay attention to

  • Before starting the engine, the owner of the walk behavior tractor must ensure that the gear handle is in a neutral position.
  • When assembling the device, you need to be as careful as possible and not ignore the manufacturer’s tips.
  • Caution should be caused during the operation of knives.
  • Use only high quality lubricants and clean fuel;
  • Turn off the clutch, should be postponed.

As high lock blocks are considered one of the most popular among modern devices. Such a prevalence is understandable given that units have all the necessary capacity to carry out even the most difficult work.


As can be seen from all the above appearances, no matter which model you choose, plowing the earth with a Centaur motor block is a great pleasure. As with any other equipment, you need to treat the units very carefully and make timely repairs and replacement of parts. Also, choose only high quality fuel and oil.

Motoblocks require ongoin g-in – This is the preparation of the machine for future loads. Meanwhile, it is necessary to carry out certain works half-heartedly. How to create motoblocks and how to make runnin g-you will find in the operating instructions.

Motoblock “Centaur”

Motoblocks “Kentavar” – petrol and diesel wheeled units designed to perform a wide range of agricultural operations: shake, cultivate and level the soil. They are produced in China, which has made it possible to significantly reduce the cost of the product and make it more affordable for the general population. The domestic market appeared only in the early 2000s. And today they are considered the leaders in sales.

In the field of motoblocks “Centaur” – light devices (up to 7 hp) and heavy class (over 10 hp), which we will get to know further.

Engine block “Centaurus” 2080

A petrol mid-size motblock that is an ideal solution for small areas – up to 30 acres. Thanks to considerable weight, both light soils and virgin areas can be used to cultivate. It is compatible with a variety of attachment devices, allowing you to use them to plant and remove potatoes, cut the lawn, pump water, and carry half loads.


  • Japanese assembly high-speed motor, dust and moisture-proof, and unpretentious to the quality of tank gasoline;
  • great efficiency, which is achieved due to the upper layout of the valves;
  • minimal vibration effect on the operator;
  • rear power shaft working with active adapters;
  • 3-speed transmission with a reverse regime and a scale of speeds up to 15 km/h;
  • Inertia starter with reduced starting resistance for easy starting, whatever the season;
  • Dawn of rotary hubs for better maneuverability in turns.

Technical characteristics:

  • Power – 8HP;
  • cylinder – 21 cm3;
  • fuel consumption – 910 ml/h;
  • Dimensions – 160x85x138cm;
  • Weight – 118 kg.

Engine block “Centaur” 1080d

A powerful diesel engine unit equipped with a single-cylinder 4-stroke R180N engine from the Zirka brand. It has a reinforced halyard that provides high maneuverability by locking the differential in swampy ground, blackosemes, as well as when approaching tall plants. With the significant weight of the walking behavior tract, you can save floor space and weight.


  • High-speed diesel engine, due to overheating due to overheating due to liquid cooling;
  • a capacious gas tank, enough for 3 hours.
  • a handle that is adjustable under the growth of the operator with a comfortable rubber lining and an ergonomic location of the control levers;
  • 12″ tires with an anti-slip effect and a deep profile for plowing on any substrate;
  • 8-speed gearbox with 6 front speeds;
  • built-in halogen lantern;
  • Competitive capacity – about 0.6 tons.
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Working characteristics:

  • traction – 6.5 hp;
  • gas tank – 5 l;
  • Max. plowing (width/depth) – 1/0.19 m;
  • Dimensions – 2.18×0.89×1.25m;
  • Weight – 220 kg.

Engine block “Centaur” 1081d

It is considered an improved version of the previous model. It used a double clutch, which increased the engine resource and the power owing through the device. It is indispensable on heavy and moisture-resistant soils, where it is protected by a ring clutch and improved cumulative drive (except for adhesion in this model, it consists of 2 B1750 belts). Compared to analogues, quite economical: on average, a plowman uses up to half a liter of diesel in an hour.


  • 452 KOW diesel engine with 1 cylinder and hydrocarbons;
  • wear-resistant bevel gear;
  • adjustable ploughshare for plowing near fences and in greenhouses;
  • Electric starter for trouble-free starting in frost;
  • Complete with meter-long 22-knife rototillers;
  • steering wheel adjustable in 2 levels;
  • Solid construction, thanks to which there are no weights or eyelets.


  • Power – 8HP;
  • fuel tank – 5.5 l;
  • processing – 100/19 cm;
  • Dimensions – 200 x 84.5 x 115 cm;
  • Weight – 240 kg.

Motoblock “Centaur” 2070 B

Gas walk-behind tractor with farm-class performance. Effective for growing areas up to 2 hectares. It is unpretentious to external conditions: it feels good on both light and loamy soils, regardless of weather conditions. Thanks to the worm gear, it is suitable for many hours and dynamic loads. Delivery with knives only. All other couplings, including grommets, must be purchased separately by the user.


  • 4-stroke single-cylinder engine GM 170F with overhead valves;
  • 3-speed gearbox with reverse gear;
  • rational use of energy – according to the reviews of the owners, the walk-behind tractor consumes an order of magnitude less gasoline (up to 900 ml / h) than its domestic counterparts;
  • trouble-free summer and winter manual starter;
  • PTO shaft for connection not only with a trailer or cart, but also with active adapters;
  • thickened knife walls (up to 5 mm);
  • 10 inch pneumatic tires for hitching to any surface.

Technical specifications:

  • effort – 7 hp;
  • cylinder – 210 cm3;
  • gas tank – 3.6 l;
  • Carter – 600 ml;
  • Weight – 100 kg.

Motoblock “Centaur” MB-1012

One of the heavy-duty range of professional diesel walking tractors. Known on the market since 2017. According to the manufacturer’s recommendations, suitable for plots up to 3 hectares in size. With its impressive size and weight, it is quite simple and easy to use. Can also be used at night thanks to the powerful halogen headlight. Compatible with a variety of attachments such as B. a 2-furrow plough, an 8-row seeder used only with powerful walk-behind tractors and mini-tractors.


  • modified air cleaning system – before entering the engine, it undergoes 4-stage cleaning through dry centered circuits with oil contact and 2 sets of metal meshes;
  • a special “curve” starter with decompression valves in the form of a Z-shaped lever;
  • 3-belt drive with a 4-rib pulley on the engine to save its engine resources;
  • 8-position gearbox that allows you to choose a low or high operating mode;
  • differential lock, localized on each wheel axle;
  • reinforced frame with 4 stiffeners and 5 fasteners;
  • 3 PTO shafts at the same time: rear gearbox, side key and front belt.

Technical characteristics:

  • power – 12 hp;
  • fuel tank – 9 l;
  • generator – 90 W;
  • diesel consumption – 2.1 l / h;
  • Weight – 290 kg.

Motoblock “Centaur” 2060D

Medium power walk-behind tractor equipped with a 4-stroke 1-cylinder DD178 engine with direct diesel injection. Externally, it has a classic red design with a pair of control knobs and pneumatic wheels. With the correct weight distribution of the body and drive units, the two-wheel tractor can also be used in hilly terrain. Thanks to the reduction gear and multi-plate clutch, the device is well adapted to any soil hardness. It comes with stackable rotators that can be used to change the plow width, saving your time and minimizing anthropogenic stress on the soil.

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  • Manual start only;
  • 3-speed transmission with reverse function;
  • Reduced resource intensity to 0.4 to 0.67 liters of diesel per hour depending on load;
  • 3.5L of a fuel tank that needs to be refueled every 8 hours;
  • VOM, works with any problem;
  • Pneumatic walls 4 × 10 with embossed rubber;
  • Thickened mills of grinders that increase their suitability.

Working parameters:

  • Effort – 6 HP;
  • cutter diameter – 32 cm;
  • Plow width – 62/87/113 cm;
  • processing depth 12 … 30 cm;
  • Weight – 138 kg.

MOTOBLOCKS “Kentavar” clubs

The basic supply of this series of engine blocks includes:

  • User Guide;
  • motoblock itself;
  • removable tires;
  • soilline;
  • altimeter (pairing);
  • Hard drives to protect the system (do not go to all models).

Disguise equipment to the highway “Kentavar”

A number of auxiliary attachments are compatible with Kentavar motor blocks.

Among them:

  1. Adapters for cargo transport, for example the trailer “Centaur” from 1 PMB-0,7 or another Universal;
  2. Hinders planting agricultural crops-P-1st, P-1c, K-1L with wheels for transport, K-1C and K-1Sets; Five-row 2BJ-5F seeders for sowing grain, vegetables 2-row CM-2, STV-2, 5-row fine grain, 1-3 row chain chain seeders for garlic and knot plants;
  3. Park Equipment Cultivators (Interdetail KMO-1.2, Continuous KN-1), Plows (“Centaur” PNM 1-20, PN-1-20MB), Flat Cutters, Cigns (Arrow-3), Harrows, Differences (those not provided for by that design) and ceremonies;
  4. Henage Devices Type 4-Clock “Sonne” Rake Ribs, Rotary Braids (01b, KR-02);
  5. Auxiliary mechanisms for community works – a shovel from a dump for cleaning snow, a chipper for grinding branches, an engine block shift (only with professional models);

Additionally, additional adapters required for Rese fitment motor blocks include:

  • The clutch – universal and double;
  • Adapters that often go with a seat and a universal center (like BOM-2);
  • Hodoader – increase the torque and traction of the device;
  • Basic kits for modifying walk behavior tractors.

Motoblocks “Centaur”: preparation for work, runnin g-in maintenance

Before starting a motor unit “Kentavar” is familiar with the management of the user and prepares him for work.

Tuning of the high blocks “Kentavar” includes:

  1. Delicate the drive belt – unscrew 4 screws under the engine, move and tighten the nuts. A properly adjusted belt when pressed with 4 fingers by 3 cm;
  2. The correct installation of the hitch bracket (as indicated in the diagram);
  3. Checking the maintenance function of the brakes – using the squeezer clutch lever (it is connected only with the brake compressed);
  4. Adjusting the steering column and track width;
  5. neutral operating speed setting;
  6. puffing of the squeezer lever;
  7. Transfer of gas to the initial signs.

After that, they move to start the engine. The process of correctly starting Centaur Motor Blocks for the first time is detailed in the video instructions.

After successful recording, you can walk in grinding units. It is only necessary for new motoblocks and those that have been revised.

Running motblock “Centaur” lasts about 10 hours and consists of such sequential actions:

  1. Gasoline refueling (diesel, engine oil and coolant (for diesel only). The manufacturer insists on refueling AI-92 gasoline and 10W30 or 15W40 type lubricant;
  2. air pressure tests in tires;
  3. Operation at an incomplete load for which the plans adhere to:

At the same time, the functionality of the steering wheel and brakes is checked.

After entering, start replacing the engine lubricant and maintaining the device.

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