Motoblocks Centaur MB 3040D. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Centaur 3040d. Review, operating instructions, reviews

Motoblock Centaur 3040D is a unit that is processed for small and mediu m-sized country diagrams with an area of ​​0.5 to 0.7 hectares. The Chinese manufacturer delivered it with compact dimensions and relatively low weight, which used the tractor of the walk behavior in greenhouses, in the garden and in open rooms.

Motoblock Centaur 3040d

The tractor of the walk behavior is perfectly aggregated with assembly devices, so that the spectrum of its use increases dramatically. The configuration includes:

Pneumatic mills

Features of the engine block Centaur 3040d:
  • The mass of this compact model is 93 kg.
  • An economic power plant R170F offers a productive power of 4 hp. Due to the air cooling, the engine cannot overheat during operation.
  • The diesel engine starts from the manual starter.
  • The mechanical gear is improved, offers low and increased gears, gives two front and two behind. The width of the recorded surface is 75 cm.
  • The depth of immersion with cutter varies between 15 and 30 cm.
  • The steering column, which can be set into two aircraft, makes a curve of 180 degrees.
  • Large pneumatic bikes offer an excellent cros s-country truck 3040d.
engine Diesel, R170F
Engine power 4.0l.s.
Engine volume 198 cm3
transmission Gearbox
Number of programs 2 forward/2 before
The width of processing 75 cm
The depth of processing 30 cm
The volume of the fuel tank 3.4l
Fuel consumption 0.5 l/h
Type of start Manual
Dimensions 1740*1050*980 mm
The weight 93 kg

User Guide

Motoblock Centaur 3040D (diesel) in its configuration together with the cutter and the wheels contains instructions for the operation that has submitted complete information about the work and maintenance of this unit:

  • His device
  • Recommendations for the first start
  • Play (production)
  • Characteristics
  • Technical service
  • Malfunctions and their elimination

We offer the full version of the instructions for the Walk behavio r-tractor (motor floor) Centaur 3040D: Operating instructions for the motor block Centaur 3040d

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First start, runnin g-in

Before the first start, we check the condition of containers with work fluids (fuel tank and engine of the engine), pour fuel and oil in absence. We follow all recommendations for the introduction of the engine described in the instructions.

The engine runs immediately after the start of the tractor of the walk. It takes about 8 hours.

The runway of the walk contains several stages:

  • In the first stage (without load), the engine heats up in idle (approx. 30 minutes) and then with the transition to each course. The total time is 1.5 hours.
  • The second stage (third of the load) lasts 3 hours. During this time, the first and second speed are alternately switched on.
  • The third stage (⅔ load) takes 4 hours. 2 hours are spent on each of the front gears.

We check how the line bodies work when everything is normal – production is over. We let off the used oil out of the crankcase and fill it with new ones.

Technical service

The service life of the motorized device itself depends on the correctness of daily maintenance. Let’s describe the main points.

Before starting the two-wheel tractor:

  • Check the oil level in the crankcase.
  • Pour diesel fuel into the tank.
  • We tighten the screws.
  • We check the pressure in the tires (if the wheeled walk behind tractor is used).
  • Thoroughly clean dirt from all parts of the two-wheel tractor.
  • Rinse with clear water.
  • Wipe dry and dry in the shade.
  • We lubricate the nodes and mechanisms with special materials.

Main malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

Loud gearbox:

  • the oil is running out or is of poor quality;
  • worn gears;
  • the warehouse has failed.
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V-belt slip:

  • belt wear;
  • adhesion of grease on the belt;
  • the tension has eased.
  • the wrong brand of oil is used;
  • worn or incorrectly installed bearing.

The motor does not start, stops:

  • no fuel;
  • low quality fuel;
  • clogged filter;
  • The injection pump is out of order or clogged.

Video review

Overview of the Centaur 3040D engine block

owner reviews

Ruslan, 43 years old:

“I bought this model because of its compactness and small size. The performance is sufficient for my property of 40 hectares – why pay too much. It goes well with raspberries, and in a greenhouse, in a garden – it is irreplaceable in general. Economical fuel consumption. Doesn’t take up much space when stored.

Andrei, 35 years old:

“Last spring I was given a walk-behind tractor as a gift. At first I was worried about the low wattage, I thought it wouldn’t pull, but it turned out I was worrying for nothing. My soil is light, sandy, after milling the earth generally turns to fluff. I don’t know what it is connected with, neither with the advent of a walk-behind tractor, nor for any other reason, but the harvest was excellent – they took three norms. Experienced people say that high-quality grinding and further correct spitting greatly affect the yield. I bought everything you need for potatoes.”

Vladimir, 39 years old:

“I’ve been plowing for three years, when we hit new ground it’s in three visits (I don’t want to overload it), otherwise I do all the site work on it. It is worth its price, it greatly facilitates life for a summer resident.

Motoblocks Centaur MB 3040D. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Recommendation: 100%



Motoblock Centaur MB 3040D is a self-propelled agricultural unit of a light group, designed to work on small plots of 0.5-0.7 hectares. Equipped with an economical 4 hp diesel engine. air-cooled.

Zentaur MB 3040D

Together with attachments, the walk-behind tractor does an excellent job on most farm jobs.

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Technical characteristics

engine Diesel, 4-stroke R 170 F
Engine power 4.0 hp
Engine volume 198cc
transmission Gearbox
Number of programs 2 forward / 2 back
The width of processing 75cm
The depth of processing 30 cm
The volume of the fuel tank 3.4l
Fuel consumption 0.5 l/hour
Type of start Manual
Dimensions 1740*1050*980 mm
The weight 93 kg

Benefits of a walk behind tractor

  • Possibility to select the optimal mode of operation due to the presence of a reduced and increased speed range (1+1)x2.
  • Powerful diesel engine with high tractive effort works efficiently at low speeds.
  • Affordable aggregation with various attachments.
  • Convenient adjustment of the steering wheel in two planes, taking into account individual peculiarities, even when the operator is standing at the side of the device.
  • The clutch is connected to the engine and disconnects the gearbox and working mechanisms from it. In the event of an overload, the clutch slips and thus protects other components from damage.
  • The presence in the configuration of hig h-quality hardened milling mills and air wheels.
  • Practical tillage parameters: width in one pass 75 cm, depth 30 cm.
  • Adjustable rotary angle of the control button in 12 positions (6 top/6 below) with an angle of 180 °.

Application functions

Although this on e-axle tractor is easy to build and easy to use, smaller disorders can occur. Most of the time, they can be corrected by the owner. For this purpose, the operating instructions of the singl e-axle tractor must be studied in detail before work begins.

Zentaur MB 3040D

Sometimes there is a situation in which the transmission units begin to warm up. The main causes of failures are worn bearings, oil deficiency in the crankcase or the wrong brand. Excessive filling beyond the norm can also lead to leaks on the gearbox. Leakers also occur with improper installation or breaking of oil seals as well as worn seals underneath.

The average costs of a han d-led tractor on the market vary between 22.0 and 27.0 thousand rubles, which is a very affordable price for such productive devices.

In order to eliminate such disorders, damaged parts are replaced, corrugated seals and seals are installed correctly, screws attracted to the lid fortifications, the ventorated and, if necessary, the oil level adjusted to normal. The use of unsuitable oils is strictly prohibited.

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Wadim, Noginsk:

When I bought a han d-led Tractor Centaur 3040, excursions to the country became a joy. Many probably came across it – everything has to be excavated manually because the tractor is nearby and there is none. Then plant everything with your hands etc. The whole summer became permanent work, they wanted to sell the Datsha as a whole. Now we have got used to it and have been doing a lot of work with the help of a han d-led tractor since the second year, it has time to recover in the country.

Sergej, Polyany:

MB Centaur 3040 with diesel engine is the most suitable car for the middle section. Plowing, cultivating, plants and ditches without any problems. I’ve been working since the fourth year, there are no quality comments.

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