Motoblocks Centaur MB 2090d. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Centaurus MB 2090. Checking the modifications, characteristics, overview

Motoblock Centaurus MB 2090 is a universally sel f-employed agricultural technician who is supposed to process different types of soils in areas up to a hectare.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090

This heavy equipment of the Chinese popular “Kentavar” brand is an ideal solution for private farms and small farmers. The knots and mechanisms are reinforced so that different fastenings can be attached to the tractor of the walk behavior.

Review of the modifications

The manufacturer of the devices created several modifications of this model with different properties:

  • Centaur MB 2090D
  • Centaur MB 2090D-3
  • Centaur MB 2090b

Consider any change in more detail.

Centaur MB 2090D

The mass of a motorized device is 180 kg. This modification is equipped with a powerful Kama engine (diesel), the performance of which is 9 liters. With. Air overheating protection. There is a manual starting system with an injector handle (a hole is provided for an independent installation of an electric starter).

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090D

The width of the floor intake is up to 135 cm, the depth of the i n-depth with milling cutters up to 30 cm. In the configuration, an adjustable thre e-stage grinding cutter with a knife of 5 mm thick and wheels for the protection of plants. The aggregation with attachments is provided by. The checkpoint is mechanical, three speeds are three (two forwards, one back). The clutch is mult i-tter, a gear with improved worm wheel. The air filter is immersed in an oil bath.

Engine type diesel
Number of programs 2 forward/1 before 1
Engine power 9 l. With.
Starting system Mechanical starter
Engine volume 406.0 (cubic meter)
Engine devices Fou r-Stroke
Engine cooling system Air
The volume of the fuel tank 5.5 (L)
The volume of the oil tank 1.65 (L)
Fuel consumption 0.9 (l/h)
The weight 180.0 (KG)
The width of processing 135.0 (cm)
The depth of processing 30.0 (cm)
Plant protection discs 280 mm
The mill has 3 stages of regulation

Centaur MB 2090 D-3

This diesel model is identical to the 2090D modification. The only difference is that there are no protective slices to protect plants from mechanical damage that can occur during the movement of the tractor of walk behavior in the Rowles.

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Motoblock Zentaur MB 2090D-3

Together with the tractor of the walk behavior, large pneumatic bikes with wide protectors are sold and adjustable in three positions of the milling machine (the captive of 87.4 cm to 140 cm).

Type of Fou r-Stroke
Engine type diesel
Engine volume 406 cubic meters.
perfomance 6.6 kW / 9 l. With.
The volume of the fuel tank 5.5 l.
Type of start Manual
The weight 170 kg.
The width of the cultivation 1400 mm.
The depth of cultivation 300 mm.
transmission gear
Number of programs 2 forward/1 before 1
Wheels 5.00 – 12
transmission gear
gear Wheels 5×12, mill

Centaur MB 2090b

This tractor of walking is equipped with a 9-liter petrol power plant. With. At the same time, the mass of the motorized device is 115 kg. The engine is started from an inertia starter.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B

The gear wheel has three speeds (2 + 1). The width of the floor intake is adjustable from 75 cm to 105 cm. In conjunction with a trailer, the motorized car has a load capacity of up to 300 kg.

Engine type petrol
Number of programs 2 forward/1 before 1
Engine power 9 l. With.
Engine volume 270.0 (cubic meters)
Engine devices Fou r-Stroke
Engine cooling system Air
The volume of the fuel tank 6.0 (l)
Fuel consumption 0.9 (l/h)
The weight 138.0 (kg)
The width of processing 140.0 (cm)
The depth of processing 30.0 (cm)
The mill has 3 stages of regulation

User Guide

In addition to tilling plants and other implements, the instructions for the walking loss tractor are necessarily included in the package. The following information has been presented in detail:

  • Device and phase assembly Centaur 2090d
  • Specifications of a specific engine block model
  • Preparation and execution of the first start of the engine with subsequent taxiing
  • Daily and scheduled maintenance of a motor unit
  • Detection of breakdowns and elimination of malfunctions
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First start, runnin g-in

Before starting the engine for the first time, you need to make sure that the required number of working fluids. For diesel models, this is oil and diesel fuel, for gasoline – oil and gasoline. A detailed procedure for starting the engine is described in the instructions.

Playing the walk tractor Centaur 2090d (production) begins immediately after the first launch.

The runway of the walk takes place in several phases:

  • heat the engine at idle;
  • minimum load;
  • increased loads;
  • oil drain from the crankcase;
  • fill the crankcase with new oil;
  • The declaration is almost in full power.

Technical service

Daily maintenance of the Motor Block Centaur 2090D before and after work, you will expand its performance and increase the motorcycle resource.

Before starting the field work, let’s check:

  • the level of oil in the crankcase and fuel in the fuel tank;
  • reliability of all fasteners;
  • When working with pneumatic wheels, we check tire pressure.

When the working season is completed by the walk behavior tractor, the tractor should be mothballing. This procedure includes the following actions:

  • cleaning and rinsing of all contaminated parts and elements of the traveling loss;
  • drying in a place protected from sunlight;
  • Lubrication of all elements and nodes with special lubricants.

The main malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

The main malfunction is the problem with starting the power plant.

  • It follows that in gasoline models we check the spark plugs, magneto, carburetor, filter and fuel hoses, do not forget to check the presence of fuel in the fuel tank.
  • The diesel engine is arranged differently, so it is worth checking the fuel tank (is there a diesel fuel), and then pay attention to the fuel system, especially the fuel pump, the filter.

Issues occurring with the following parts of the Walk behavior tractor:

  • Black smoke falls – Look for problems in the fuel pump.
  • The moving part (the clothes don’t turn, the wheels don’t turn) – you need to immediately check the clutch cable, belts and fastener.
  • Noise in the gearbox can appear from a lack of lubricants and weakened screws and nuts, as well as damage to gears and bearings.
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In case of questions for answers, you can turn to agricultural forums.

Video review

Review of the Engine Block Centaur 2090D

Review of the work of the Motoblock Centaur 2090b

Overview of plowing the garden by Motor Block Centaur 2090d

Reviews of the owners

Alexander, 49 years old:

“Motoblock Centaurus 2090 D was bought two years ago. I have easily finished processing a diagram of 750 hectares to plug, I prefer mills. It goes perfectly with the trailer that shows instructions that the permissible load is 300 kg – I went under 400, I did it. He came out of the winter with problems, didn’t start for a long time, had to sweat. Perfectly aggregated with different problems. “

Alexey, 34 years:

“My friend has a 3D model that freely processes one and a half hectares and begins in any weather. I had to rent a centaur repeatedly, checked it with milling cutter and potato thick. With a cigarette and a potato trailer. I will acquire the same unit this year. I am looking for the same model for myself for acceptable costs. “

Ivan, 36 years:

“The car is robust, unpretentious in care and environments, helps well on the website – all processes are mechanized. Centaur 209 0-A very successful purchase in winter there are problems with the start when the temperature drops t o-15 and below (I grind the castles and the garbage). “

Motoblocks Centaur MB 2090d. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Motoblock Centaurus MB 2090D is a universal machine with a professional diesel engine with a capacity of 9 HP, which is designed for personal and small farms.

Thanks to a solid gearbox with a conical gearbox and mult i-disc coupling, it can do hard work with followed tools in the aggregation: plowing, cultivation, loosening, hill, weeds, transport of goods.

Technical characteristics

engine Single cylinder 4-stroke vertical
Maximum performance, L.S./KW 9.0/6.67
The maximum speed, crankshaft, approximately. Minimum. 3000
Type of fuel diesel
Starting system Manual start
Engine cooling system Air cooling of the forced type
Motor operating volume, cm³ 418
Fuel consumption (maximum), l/h 1.83
Fuel tank capacity, L 5,5
transmission Gear gear
Drive unit Through a mult i-disc pair
Type of liability Mult i-Disc coupling in the oil bathroom
Number of programs, back and forth 2/1
Cultivation width, mm 874-1136-1406
The depth of cultivation, mm 150-300
Motoboglok dimensions (D/SH/C), mm 1030/501/804
Equipped mass, kg 169
Sign: October 1st to 5th

Functions and advantages

  • Ergonomicity – adjustable steering wheel vertical and horizontal
  • Maneuverability – thanks to a reduced center of gravity
  • Security – the presence of tail wave protection
  • Vibration navigation – thanks to the installation of a steering wheel on quiet blocks
  • Plant protection – special discs
  • Economy – low diesel consumption
  • Efficiency – thanks to the adjustable ten section (section 3 completely + 1 removable + 1 removable) The cultivation width is 874/1136/1400 mm.
  • Multifunctionality is the possibility of productive work with different attachments.

Motoblock Centaur 2090D-3

A modification of the walk-in tractor is developed-A 2090D-3 Centaur, which is intended to fully process open floors with medium complexity.

Centaur 2090D-3

It is an exact analogue of the version of the Centaur MB 2090D, but there are no hard drives for crop protection.

Functions of the application

Thanks to the constructive advantages, the technological work of the model and the acceptable prices in combination with excellent features, the engine block of the MB 2090D is in larger customer issue. The estimated costs of a heavy Centau r-MB 2090D in the market area in the area from 16.5 to 18.0 thousand UAH.

The operating instructions of the singl e-axle tract provide concrete recommendations for different stages:

  • Drive in
  • Preparation for work
  • Begin,
  • Working with drawn units,
  • Stop and save.

The work preparation consists in a mandatory review of the appropriate state of work fluids – oil and diesel fuel.

It happens that the machine does not start after several attempts. Such a malfunction often manifests itself by venting the fuel system for new han d-led tractors, which have not previously been functioned or were mothballed for winter.

This problem is eliminated by continuously turning the engine of the han d-led tractor with a manual start rope so that all air bubbles come out of the nozzles.

The second method requires certain technical skills. It is necessary to unscrew all thread connections in the fuel system, to vent the diesel engine until fuel leaves from the first connection.

Protecting garden equipment from frost

Then tighten this connection and take the process alternately with each connection to the nozzle. After starting the engine, it must first warm up while working before work can be started.

Building attachments to the singl e-axle tractor MB 2090D and working with it usually does not cause any special difficulties. It is important to choose the required torque correctly in order to effectively carry out a certain type of work without unnecessary effort for the engine and gearbox.

Invile engine block Centaur MB 2090D:


In the forums, Chinese han d-led tractors are characterized in different ways: they praise, scold, advise how best to adapt the centers for our fields and gardens. Around 100 large and small companies in China produce handmade tractors. The fears of future owners are understandable how you don’t buy a nice disposable toy. The right decision is to choose a han d-led tractor in a reputable business with a certificate of conformity and a reliable guarantee.

Maxim, Oblast Kyiv:

I bought a Centaur MB 2090 Diesel last autumn. Satisfied with work could even be bought less strong, 9 horses are a lot for me. You have to run after rubber wheels, but cutters are fine.

Sergej, Saporoschje:

I read in the forums and chose MB Centaur 2090d. I will notice from the merits; Easy operation, consumes little diesel, large working width with processing 140cm. About the defects: do not start well in the cold, after a long time the petrol swimmer can also jam. And so I advise, especially if someone has a decent property and a large tractor cannot always come by.

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