Motoblocks Centaur MB 2090b. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Centaur 2090b. Review, operating instructions, reviews

The operation of the motor block Centaur 2090b is simplicity and unpretentious. The Chinese manufacturer provided this model with a powerful petrol power plant with a capacity of 9 HP. The technology is designed in such a way that they are processed mediu m-sized and larg e-sized areas with different soil types.

Engine block Centaurus MB 2090b

The frame of the Centaur 2090B motor block is strengthened, there is a power shaft so that the device connects a large spectrum of the fastening devices. The floors are adjustable, thre e-positioned, contained in the kit for the hiking loss tractor, the thickness of the blades reaches 5 mm.

This model is a derivative of a wel l-known hiking tractor as a 2060b Centaur. The manufacturer was strengthened by the power plant. In addition, more powerful and the entire transport bikes were included in the entire quantity, so that the device could work in outrage.


This heavy motor vehicle is used by small farms, owners from land spots to two hectares. Let us consider the properties of this change more in more detail.

Centaur MB 2090b

Features of the engine Block Centaur 2090b:
  • This tractor for walking behavior is with a SH270 petrol installation with a capacity of 9l.S.
  • At the same time, the mass of the motorized device is 115 kg.
  • Air cooling system, forced.
  • The oil filter offers a double cleaning of the air from the outside, which expands the motorized installation resource. The beginning of the engine from the starter in the inertia.
  • Soft start and movement without an alarm clock are provided by Mult i-Disc coupling.
  • The gear gear is three speeds (2 + 1).
  • The width of the floor intake is adjustable from 75 cm to 105 cm. The cultivation depth is regulated from 20 to 28 cm.
  • There is a power shaft that enables the use of a tractor year with different attachments.
  • Large pneumatic bikes are equipped with a chief pattern and offer excellent crossing cros s-quala.
  • The maneuverability is provided by two factors: a large wheel size and the presence of a differential retreat function in the model.
  • In connection with a trailer, the motorized car has a load capacity of up to 300 kg. The ant i-vibration steering system increases the comfort of the operator when working with a tractor for walks.
  • The cost of the gasoline modification of the Motor Block Centaur 2090 B-3 vary between 14 and 15,000 UAH. (7-6,000 rubles)
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Engine type petrol
Number of programs 2 forward/1 before 1
Engine power 9 l. With.
Engine volume 270.0 (cubic meter)
Engine devices Fou r-Stroke
Engine cooling system Air
The volume of the fuel tank 6.0 (L)
Fuel consumption 0.9 (l/h)
The weight 138.0 (kg)
The width of processing 140.0 (cm)
The depth of processing 30.0 (cm)
The mill has 3 stages of regulation

User Guide

The instruction is necessarily included in the equipment for the tractor of the walk behavior. The following points are described in detail:

  • Device and assembly of the engine block Centaur 2090b
  • Technical data models MB 2090b
  • Instructions for the first start and execution of motorized equipment
  • Proper maintenance
  • A list of possible problems with possible opportunities for elimination

Race and start first

If you prepare for the first start of the power plant, you must ensure the following:

  • The fuel is flooded into the fuel tank until the desired level.
  • The oil in the crankcase is flooded.

If all indicators are normal, you can turn on the engine. The operating instructions describe this process in detail. Next, we begin the walk behind tractor break-in (also called break-in). The burn-in takes five to ten hours, during which the engine is hardened and all parts are lapped.

Running-in begins with idling, after which the loads gradually increase.

After the 3rd hour of running-in, the oil is drained from the crankcase and fresh oil is poured in, then the running-in is continued for another 4-5 hours, bringing the engine speed to maximum.

Technical service

Proper care of the device will ensure that it will function properly for a long time. This includes the following procedures:

  • regular replacement of engine oil (the table is available in the instructions);
  • Care of a walk behind tractor before and after field work;
  • Preservation of the device during long-term storage.
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Particular attention should be paid to daily care. Before work, you must perform the following steps:

  • Check the presence and level of fuel in the petrol tank and engine oil in the crankcase.
  • Make sure all fasteners are tight.

When the field work is completed, it is necessary to properly prepare (conserve) the walk-behind tractor. This procedure includes the following steps:

  • Cleaning the device from impurities:
  • rinsing with clean water;
  • dry in a draft in a place protected from direct sunlight;
  • Lubrication of components and moving parts of the device with special lubricants.

Basic problems and solutions

If the engine does not start, the first things to check are:

  • Fuel in the tank – if it is empty, fill it up;
  • filter – if it is clogged, the engine will not start;
  • fuel supply hoses;
  • carburetor;
  • the condition of the spark plugs – a burned or wet candle must be replaced, a smoked one can be cleaned;
  • check the fastening of the high-voltage cable;
  • magneto – it wedges itself with turbine blades.

The lack of rotational movement of the cutting edge or mandrel may indicate:

  • the clutch cable is loose;
  • the mounting screws are loose and need to be tightened;
  • Straps are stretched or torn.

From time to time a rumble can be heard from the gearbox, this can be caused by the following:

  • Loose fasteners:
  • lack of oil in the gearbox;
  • transmission problems;
  • Bearing has failed.

A more complete list of faults is given in the Centaur 2090B walk behind tractor operator’s manual.

Sometimes, in order to clarify the cause of the malfunction and fix the problem, it is recommended to seek help on the forums, where very experienced members of the forum share their experience for free.

Video review

Overview of the centaur 2090B walk behind tractor

Overview of the Centaur 2090B walk behind tractor

Motoblocks Oka - Reviews of Models, Descriptions, Reviews by owners

Owner’s feedback on the Centaur 2090B walk behind tractor

owner reviews

Vasily, 29 years old:

“Motoblock bought last season. The break-in went without any problems, the engine runs like clockwork. This winter I shoveled snow, at temperatures down t o-5 the car starts without any problems, at lower degrees you have to sweat a little. Engine power is excellent, but I try not to overload the car, I drive around the site 2-3 gifts with cutters, the bottom is fluff.

Stanislav, 33 years old:

“I’ve had a walk behind tractor for the fourth year now, for two years I’ve been using it together with an adapter, it’s much better to do field work – no strain on the legs, everything is like on a tractor. I grow potatoes, there is everything you need attachments. Happy with the purchase.”

Eugene, 41 years old:

“Last year I bought this centaur. Everything worked for the first week, but then suddenly the gearbox started to rumble. I immediately went to the forum, the guys suggested what to do. Oil refilled, screws tightened, the noise stopped. Now I always try to ask what and what to buy, so I bought a vibrating potato harvester, a rotary mower – the guys tell me what to pay attention to, since store consultants are not always competent in this matter.

Motoblocks Centaur MB 2090B. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Recommendation: 100%



Motoblock Centaur 2090B with a 9 hp petrol engine. designed for intensive use in medium-sized areas up to 2 ha.

Available aggregated with a variety of attachments and for a variety of farm and household jobs:

  • Plow,
  • loosening,
  • cultivation,
  • weeding,
  • Plant and dig up vegetables.

Various goods are transported with a trailer.

Engine block Centaurus MB 2090b

The Centaur 2090b is known for its good performance and stable operation on heavy soils. It is an analogue of the diesel MB 2060d and differs only in a more powerful engine, it is the same in terms of power.

The average cost of the 2090b model on the market varies from 30.5 to 34.7 thousand rubles. This is an excellent price combined with high operational performance.

Technical characteristics

engine Single cylinder 4-stroke
Maximum power, hp/kW 9/6.67
Top speed, crankshaft, RPM. Minimum. 3600
fuel type petrol
launch system manual start
Engine cooling system forced air cooling
Displacement, cm³ 270
Fuel consumption (maximum), l/h 2,5
Fuel tank capacity, l 6
transmission bevel gear
drive unit directly via multi-plate clutch
clutch type Oil bath multi-plate clutch
Number of gears, forward-reverse 2/1
Attachment width, mm 874-1136-1406
mounting depth, mm 150-300
Dimensions of the walk behind tractor (L/W/H), mm 1030/501/804
Empty weight kg 148
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Model Benefits

Motoblock Centaur MB 2090B has a number of useful advantages that make it attractive to farmers, owners of summer cottages and kitchen gardens:

  • The high-quality SH270 petrol four-stroke single-cylinder engine is structurally placed forward, which allows it to work efficiently on any type of terrain.
  • Thanks to the multi-plate clutch, a reliable worm gear ensures reliable operation over a long period of time.
  • The ability to adjust the steering wheel in two planes allows you to adjust the walk-behind tractor, taking into account the individual characteristics of the operator.
  • The presence of three speeds allows you to choose the most optimal mode of operation. In high gear he works with a tiller, in low gear he works with a plough.
  • It combines well with various passive and active devices, in particular: rotary mower, vibrating potato digger, potato planter, mouldboard.
  • The tiller is adjustable in width (3+1+1), the working width is 874/1136/1400 mm.

application features

To avoid frequent breakdowns, the operator’s manual for the Centaur walk-behind tractor provides for routine equipment maintenance. In addition to regular oil changes, you should systematically check the condition of the air filter, which largely determines the life of the engine.

The forums have many discussions about the quality of power transmission of Chinese sidewalks. However, for the self-propelled technology of this class, it is the most rational constructive solution, since replacing belts does not cause difficulties even for beginners. And in the event of a collision for obstacles – stones, branches, metal, optimally protects against damage and blows.


On the forums there are a lot of positive reviews about the work of the Motor Block Centaur 2090b. The owners have fallen to the power and functionality of the unit. The only minus is considered large gas consumption.

Sergey, Lipetsk:

Centaurus 2090. Big, power is enough. If you often have to do something, it is better to take gasoline, especially if the problem is with a diesel engine. The adapter has been installed and it is more convenient for me to drive 3 km to the field than to walk. And at least work all day. And there are no comments on quality and work.

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Max, Kursk Region:

The Centaur gasoline 2090 first saw with a relative, tried to work, liked it. I got it for myself, already the second season. It works well with a plow, a dump. In the virgin lands I go through the cutter 2 times, I try not to overload. No problem .

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