Motoblocks Centaur MB 2081d. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblocks Centaur MB 2081d. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

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The Centaur MB 2081D is one of the most popular models of motoblocks developed in 2013. It is equipped with a professional diesel engine with a capacity of 7.5 hp, which is started with an electric starter from the battery.

Engine block Centaurus MB 2081d

Thanks to the connection of a large number of hinge devices, the centaur turns into a multifunctional universal unit and in areas up to 1.5 hectares leads a multifunctional universal unit and effectively leads a lot of work through – agricultural, household, transport, harvest and construction.

The price range for this model is 40.0-42.5 thousand rubles.

Technical characteristics

engine Single cylinder 4-stroke vertical
Maximum performance, L.S./KW 7.6/5.63
The maximum speed, crankshaft, approximately. Minimum. 3000
Type of fuel diesel
Starting system Electric starter/Manual Start
Engine cooling system Air cooling of a forced type
Motor operating volume, cm³ 337
Fuel consumption (maximum), l/h 1.55
Fuel tank capacity, L 3,5
transmission Histerer reducer of the conical type
Drive unit Through a mult i-disc pair
Type of liability Mult i-Disc coupling in the oil bathroom
Number of programs, back and forth 2/1
Cultivation width, mm 622-874-1136
The depth of cultivation, mm 150-300
Dimensions Motoblom2071KA (D/SH/C), mm 1030/500/804
Equipped mass, kg 170.80

Features of the Walk behavior tractor

Modification of the Centaur MB 2081D is an improved version of the engine blocks of the Centaur 2070d and 2060d. It is characterized by greater performance and ergonomic turnn wheel.

  • The machine is equipped with a durable and reliable worm, a foldable type.
  • The engine is characterized by high maintainability – at the end of the motorized crust (3000 hours), restoring its work does not require any significant means.
  • A specific oil lump air filter offers excellent air purification, easy and convenient in operation.
  • Thanks to a strong steering system for height and parties, a comfortable Centaur control is ensured. All adjustments are carried out and executed quickly.
  • The presence of 2 front and 1 speeds enables you to select the optimal rhythm of the movement depending on the connected additional tools.
  • Thanks to the hexagonal shape of a power selection shaft with a rotary frequency of up to 3000 rpm.
  • Due to the torque of the engine for the gear with a mult i-disc clver and a powerful gearbox, the operation of the walking behavior is possible under difficult conditions.
  • With the presence of an adjustable cutter sentence, you can vary the cultivation width of 80 to 140 cm.

Motoblock Centaurus MB 2081d

The kit supply: wheels 4.00-10, floor mill, tools for assembling the device, ignition key, operating instructions.

Possible malfunctions

The occurrence of frequent malfunctions is connected to the physical aging, the wear and tear of individual nodes and parts. Damage can also occur due to the no n-compliance with the instructions for the operation of loads, operating modes, the use of improper oil or fuel in poor quality.

One of the common problems in the gearbox is the appearance of extraneous noise. In most cases, this is due to the inconsistency of the oil level in the crankcase or its quality. In other cases, it is necessary to disassemble the gearbox and carry out the defect. This procedure is best entrusted to a professional.

When burrs appear, all you have to do is clean them with a fine-cheese file. Of course, with severe wear and tear of the equipment it is better to replace it with new ones. It will not be superfluous to pay attention to the condition of the main bearings in the gearbox, they may require their replacement.

Detailed video view of a walking tractor:


We offer to get acquainted with reviews about the work of the engine blocks of the Centaur MB 2081D from their owners:

Alexander, Saratov region:

A good wal k-tractor, large wheels, it is convenient to process rows.

Vasil, Bryansk:

An excellent apparatus is powerful, with good traction effort. It plows great, no worse than a full-fledged tractor. For large goods is of course weak. But all the work on Earth is flawless!

Engine block Centaurus MB 2081d. Review, operating instructions, reviews

Motoblock Centaurus MB 2081d from the Chinese manufacturer “Kentavar” is designed to process medium-heavy soils on land plots of up to 1.5 hectares. This modification is an ideal solution for private mushrooms and stakeholders not only in its characteristics, but also thanks to the current selection shaft and also a large list of connected devices developed by the manufacturer, which is summarized with the Walk behavior tract.

Engine block Centaurus MB 2081d

Now, in the presence of a motorized device and suitable shelters, the following agricultural, economic and construction works can be carried out:

  • Plow;
  • cutting the furrows;
  • Landing;
  • hilling;
  • Irrigation;
  • weeding plants;
  • Harvest;
  • Kolka firewood;
  • snow cleaning;
  • herbs mowing;
  • feed preparation etc.

The diesel engine has a smoother pull and a reduced level of vibration, which positively affects the comfort of the operator during the operation of the walking tractor. Comfortable rubberized adjustable handles, a lowering center of gravity and large transport wheels increase the stability, mobility and cross-section of the Motor Block Centaur MB 2081d.

Features of the Motor Block Centaur MB 2081d:
  • The mass of the Centaur 2081d engine block is 170.8 kg.
  • A vertically positioned single cylinder diesel engine offers a capacity of 7.6 l.
  • The engine is started from a manual starter duplicated by an electric starter supplied with the battery.
  • The botto m-founded bottoms of the three-positioned bottoms with a blade thickness of 6 mm. If necessary, it is possible to adjust the width of the detection from 62.2 cm to 113.6 cm.
  • Strong gears of the gearbox provide high reliability of the gearbox of the rotational moment through the working bodies, the oil bath protects rotating parts from wear.
  • The universal air filter is also immersed in an oil bath, which contributes to more reliable air purification.
  • A mechanical gearbox with two front speeds and one rear.
  • Fuel consumption is very economical, with a maximum of about 1.5 liters per hour of work.
  • Equipment includes floor and large pneumatic wheels with a Chevar tread.

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engine power 7.5L
Type of fuel diesel
engine volume 337cc
fuel tank capacity 3.5l
cooling system Air
type of start Manual
coupling Multi disc, in oil bath
number of speeds 2 forward / 1 back
machining width up to 1136cm
processing depth Up to 30cm
PTO shaft There is
Dimensions (L*W*H) 10*50*80mm
The weight 170.8kg

User Guide

The manual is an invariable companion to every Centaur engine block. This document must be studied before starting operational work. The instructions contain the following points:

  • The device and step-by-step assembly of the Centaur MB 2081D walk behind tractor.
  • Performance data of the MB 2081 D model.
  • The first start of the power plant.
  • Walk-behind tractor.
  • Servicing a motorized device.
  • Listing and elimination of possible faults.

The Centaur MB 2081D walk behind tractor uses flammable liquids such as diesel fuel and oils (transmission, engine). All this requires special skills from the operator, which are needed when refueling, maintenance, as well as working with the device.

Active Tailor Tailor

The working body of any walk-behind tractor is soil cutters, which consist of sharp rotating knives mounted on an axle. Inexperienced or careless handling of the machine while milling can result in serious injury or serious injury to the operator or his family.

First run and run-in

The instructions contain a detailed step-by-step description of the first start of the engine. Following this recommendation will extend the life of the device. Before you start for the first time, do the following:

  • Pour oil into the engine crankcase.
  • Fill the tank with fuel.
  • Tighten the screws and nuts more firmly.
  • Check tire pressure.

Once the engine has started, it needs to be run in, which prepares the two-wheel tractor for heavy loads in the field. During the break-in process, all parts of the engine are lapped first at idle, then with ¼ power, then the load is increased to ½ power, and finally to ¾. The run-in ends with an oil change.

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10W-40 oil 15W-40 oil 85W-90 oil

Recommended oils for the engine: 10W-40 and 15W-40, for the gearbox: TAD-17 and 85W-90.

Technical service

The Maintenance section contains many subsections including oil changes, preservation, and scheduled inspections. But we will look at the minimum that needs to be done daily from shift to shift to give the Centaur MB 2081D walk behind tractor the required performance and serviceability. The work is carried out in two phases: “before” and “after” the work shift.

The maximum oil and fuel level

In the first case:

  • Checking the level (presence) of working fluids (oil and diesel fuel);
  • Checking the reliability of fasteners and screw connections;
  • tire pressure.
  • cleaning the walk-behind tractor from dirt;
  • Lubrication of components and mechanisms with special oil.

Main malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

Consider some options that you can eliminate yourself.

Background noises in the checkpoint:

  • screws loosened;
  • low quality lubricants;
  • no oil;
  • gears are worn out;
  • The bearing has failed or is installed incorrectly.

Earth knives do not rotate:

  • Blades are clogged (stones, clods of earth, vegetation);
  • loosened screws;
  • the clutch cable is loose;
  • stretched or broken straps.

The engine does not start, stops:

  • filled with low-quality diesel fuel;
  • there is no fuel in the tank;
  • the filter is clogged;
  • The injection pump is clogged or defective;
  • Fuel supply hoses clogged or ruptured.

Video review

Overview of the Centaur 2081D engine block

owner reviews

Roman, 33 years old:

“Motoblock MB2081D is hardy, stable, dimensions allow you to work both in raspberries and in a greenhouse in open ground, rushing like a tank – with mill mills, a plow, a trailer. Of course it would be better to add speeds to it, but then the price would have grown a lot. “

Nikolai, 28 years old:

“I have this model for the second year. Last season MB 2081d worked without outcrops. I greatly facilitated all the processes with potatoes – they planted 1.5 hectares per day, collected just as quickly. The perch and spray also went with the participation of a centaur. Not far into the new season I’ll see how I survived the preservation. So far, during a cursory inspection, no rust or peeling paint. “

Sergey, 54 years old:

“I have 1 of the earth. I stuck with the MB 2081D model due to its relatively light weight and excellent features. I tried a car with other problems. The milling is beyond praise, although I had to walk twice in some spots where the ground was more difficult. I managed it myself, now I’m working at the dump – both winter and summer will come in handy. “

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