Motoblocks Centaur MB 2071b. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblocks Centaur MB 2071b. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

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Motoblock Centaurus MB 2071b – a new model in the series of motor blocks of the Centuring brand. Equipped with a 7-hp petrol engine with a capacity of 7 hp. With air cooling and electrical starter. Developed for intensive operation on land diagrams up to 1 ha. In the aggregation with a variety of hinge devices, many useful functions for soil processing, planting and harvesting as well as household, transport and individual construction work are carried out.

Engine block Centaur MB 2071B

The MB 2071B model was designed with a petrol engine based on a centaur of the 2070B. It has similar properties and parameters of working with hinge units. It differs in the presence of an electric steamer with a battery and a larger mass.

The average prices of the Centaur MB 2071B motor block on the market vary in the range of 27.5-32.1 thousand rubles.

Technical characteristics

engine Single cylinder 4-stroke
Maximum performance, L.S./KW/Q. Min 7/5.18
The maximum speed, crankshaft, approximately. Minimum. 3600
Type of fuel petrol
Starting system Electric starter/Manual Start
Engine cooling system Air cooling of the forced type
Motor operating volume, cm³ 207
Fuel consumption (maximum), l/h 2.04
Fuel tank capacity, L 4
transmission Gearbox
Drive unit Through a mult i-disc pair
Type of liability Mult i-Disc coupling in the oil bathroom
Number of programs, back and forth 2/1
Cultivation width, mm 622-874-1136
The depth of cultivation, mm 150-300
Motoboglok dimensions (D/SH/C), mm 1040/500/804
Equipped mass, kg 133

The advantages of the walk tractor

  • The gearbox with 3 speeds (2/1) in combination with a powerful petrol engine enables full control over speeds and traction.
  • Uninstalled gears with a gearbox reducer can perceive high loads and is extremely reliable during operation.
  • A flange connection engine, which was brought up together with a mult i-disc coupling, enables the maximum use of the engine output when working with various attachment tools on different soil types.
  • Due to the automatic control of the turning frequency of the crankshaft, a comfortable control of the tractor for walking is ensured.
  • Protective covers over the cutter protect the operator from stones that fly during operation, lumps of dirt and other objects.
  • Reduced noise and vibration level.
  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Good intersection for complex soil. Metal wheels with primers are used for better liability on the ground.
  • On the gearbox is located under the slit connection to the installation of active devices: Rotary mow, potato cutting edge, pump, etc.

Centaur MB 2071B

Frequent malfunctions

In every technique, some nodes remember over time, problems and malfunctions arise and require the exchange of the part.

Typical frequent mistakes are problems with the engine: it does not start, works with interruptions or is not twitched.

In order to search for malfunctions and their further elimination, the reasons for their appearance must first be determined:

  • Switch on the ignition
  • Check the fuel system
  • Check the position of the carburetor damper – it should be closed in the event of a cold start
  • Check the fuel supply to the carburetor.
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If the Centaur has an electric starter, then a banal cause of a malfunction may be battery leakage, fuse burnout, or a starter malfunction.

Incorrect engine operation can provoke such defects:

  • air filter contamination
  • Damage to the ignition system
  • Flowing Muffler products of combustion
  • improper adjustment of the carburetor, the presence of dirt in it
  • Wear of the cylinder piston group

In the event that the motor does not twitch, you need to test the operation of the button to break down, check, remove contacts or replace with good.

Timely preventive work will help keep the motorcycle block in constant readiness.


Included with the device are:

  1. Testing eight section bottom mills (2 whole + 1 removable + 1 removable),
  2. Large wheels 4.00-10 with a deep profile,
  3. Motoboblock operating instructions,
  4. A set of women’s keys,
  5. protective discs with a diameter of 280 mm on the edges of the cutter,
  6. Battery.


The forums are actively discussing the capabilities of this walk-behaviour tractor with mounting equipment, emphasizing its functionality and ease of management.

Andrey, Novokuznetsk:

“I managed to work with a petrol engine for two seasons. Used mills, mowers. I am satisfied with the work, I hope it will not let you go further. I’ll make a trailer, fix the old plow and adapt to the walk’s tractor. “

Motoblock Centaur. Lineup review, features, reviews

A review of the Centaur’s engine block model range should be started with information about the manufacturer, the Chinese company Kentavr. This brand has gained wide popularity in a short period of its existence. The technique is characterized by an affordable price and good quality. Many domestic factories cooperate with the Kentavar company and assemble high-tech units in domestic areas from components made in China.

Motoblock – Centaur 1010 series

Product quality control is carried out at every stage of production, starting with the manufacture of parts and registration into a single mechanism. The brand produces not only motoblocks, but also another garden and park equipment, power tools. The complements for the Centaur walk-behaviour tractor are as affordable in price as the equipment itself, always available in specialized stores.

Motoblock – Centaur 2070 series

And now the main question: how much does an engine block cost in the domestic market? Depending on the powerful characteristics, such as fuel, configuration and size of the tractor of walking, the cost varies from 10,000 UAH. Up to 56 thousand Uah. (5-23 thousand rubles)

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petrol models

The petrol line of Motoblocks The Centaur includes the following modifications:

  • Centaurus MB-40
  • Centaur 2080b
  • Centaurus MB 2013b
  • Centaur MB 2070b
  • Centaur 2090b
  • Centaur MB 2071b
  • Centaurus 2016b
  • Centaur MB 3060b
  • Centaur MB 2091b
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We offer to study photos, descriptions and characteristics of each modification.

Centaurus MB-40

This self-propelled equipment belongs to the household class of equipment and is equipped with a single cylinder power plant with air protection. The MB-40-1 modification has a productive power of 7.5 hp provided by the DJ 170 F engine.

Engine block Centaur MB 40-2

The MB-40-2 and MB 40-3 model installed the DB170N engine with a capacity of 7 liters. With. The new modification of the Motoblok MB-40-1C engine block is equipped with the DJ 170 F electricity supply. The engine is started manually, a tw o-stage gear with 2 front and a rear program is carried out.

Model model Centaur 40-1 40-2 40-3
engine DJ 170 f DB170N DB170N
perfomance 7.5 L.S. 7.0 L.S. 7.0 L.S.
The work volume of the engine 208 cm3 208 cm3 208 cm3
Type of fuel petrol petrol petrol
Starting system Manual Manual Manual
Fuel tank capacity 3.6l 5.0l 3.6l
Tomped Godress, forward/backward 1/1 2/1 2/1
Width cultivation 40-70 cm 45-86 cm 45-86 cm
The depth of cultivation 10-20 cm 15-30 cm 10-20 cm
Wheels 13*5.00-6 4.00-8 4.00-8
Dimensions 75*41*61 cm 139*80107 139*80*107
The weight 83 kg 87 kg 70 kg

Centaur 2080b

This household appliance for household joint is designed for the processing of small areas (approx. 20 hectares), which are equipped with a Japanese quality benzincazity of 8 liters. With.

Motoblock Centaur 2080b

Start of the Okik starter and cooling ai r-forced type. With a small weight and compact dimensions, you can easily transport a walk tractor from place to place and not only do the work on open ground, but also in greenhouses. The manual transmission gives 2+1 speed.

Engine power, L.S. 8
Type of fuel petrol
Motor start system (starter) Manual
Connect active hitch From (1176 rpm)
Engine volume, cm3 210
Tomple sentenced to the front 2
Tomposise the regional 1
Fuel consumption, l/h 0.9
Max. Cultivation width, mm 1 100 (min. 450 mm)
Max. Processing depth, mm 200

Centaurus 2013b

This modification is designed in such a way that the sowing areas are processed with an area of ​​up to 2 hectares. The hiking loss tractor weighs 132 kg and is equipped with a 1 3-liter power plant with high performance. With.

Motoblock Centaurus 2013b

A special, foldable mill enables the operator to independently set the floor processing width of up to 140 cm. The built oil level sensor does not leave the Centureon motor block with inadequate amount of work fluid. Simple start takes place from a starter inertia. With the existing of the can summarize active attachments.

Engine type petrol
Engine power 13.0 (p.)
Engine volume 389.0 (cubic meter)
Engine cooling system Air
The volume of the fuel tank 6.5 (L)
The volume of the oil tank 1.1 (L)
Number of programs 2 forward/1 before 1
Starting system Mechanical starter
transmission Gearbox
coupling Windshield friction
Pto Да
Wheel diameter 12.0 (customs)
Minimum processing width 87.0 (cm)
Maximum processing width 140.0 (cm)
The maximum processing depth 30.0 (cm)
Total dimensions, mm 870/1130/1400
The weight 132.0 (KG)
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Centaur MB 2070b

With the motorcycle block you can treat the country up to 1 ha. A buil t-up starting system made of a manual starter is built.

Motoblock Centaurus MB 2070B-4

There are several modifications to the walk-in tractor: 2070b/m2, 2070b/m2-4, 2070b-3, MB 2070B-4.

Motoblock Centaurus MB 2070B/M2

Motoblock Centaurus MB 2070B/M2-4

Motoblock Centaurus MB 2070B-3

Model model Centaur 2070b/m2 2070b/m2-4 2070b-3 2070b-4
engine 4 tact 4 tact 4 tact 4 tact
perfomance 7.0 L.S. 7.0 L.S. 7.5 L.S. 7.0 L.S.
The work volume of the engine 208 cm3 208 cm3 208 cm3 208 cm3
Type of fuel petrol petrol petrol petrol
Fuel tank capacity 3.6 L 3.6 L 3.6 L 3.6 L
Tomped Godress, forward/backward 2/1 2/1 2/1 2/1
Width cultivation 90 cm 80 110 110
The depth of cultivation 30 cm 30 cm 30 cm 30 cm
Dimensions 104*50*80 150*70*120 143*50*82 173*95*106
The weight 90 kg 90 kg 123kg 106kg

Centaur 2090b

The power of the SH270 engine of this walk behind tractor is 9 liters. With. This heavy-duty walk behind tractor is designed to work medium to large acreage in any soil severity.

Engine block Centaur MB 2090B

Three-position milling cutter with a blade thickness of 5 mm. allows you to adjust the width of the soil, the depth of processing is 15-29 cm, the engine start is sluggish, there is a PTO, the carrying capacity with a trailer is 300 kg. There are 2 speeds forward and reverse.

Engine type petrol
Number of programs 2 forward/1 before 1
Engine power 9 l. With.
Engine volume 270.0 (cc)
engine cycle four stroke
Engine cooling system Air
The volume of the fuel tank 6.0 (l)
fuel consumption 0.9 (l/h)
The weight 138.0 (kg)
machining width 140.0 (cm)
processing depth 30.0 (cm)
The tailor has 3 levels of regulation

Centaur MB 2071b

This model is designed to process areas up to 1 ha. The power of the DB170E engine is 7 liters. With.

Engine block Centaur MB 2071B

The center of gravity is specially lowered, which increases the stability of the walk-behind tractor. Milling cutters can be folded in three stages, speeds 2+1. The most important controls are relocated to the steering wheel.

weight (kg 132
Dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1740/1050/980
Attachment width, cm 62-113
The volume of oil in the gearbox, l 1,7
cultivation depth, cm up to 30
Number of programs 2/1
Type of liability multiple disks
wheel size 4.00-12.00
track width, mm 565
Type of DB177E
fuel petrol
Working volume of the engine, cm3 207
cooling Air
Oil crankcase volume, l 1,1
fuel tank, l 3,6
Fuel consumption, l/h 2.05
Horsepower 7
Starting system electric starter
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User Guide

This section describes in detail the stages of assembling a walk-behind tractor, shows diagrams with descriptions of units, mechanisms and individual parts, describes the principle of operation of a walk-behind tractor.

In addition, this section may contain other valuable information:

  • how to assemble a cutting machine for a Centaur walk-behind tractor;
  • how to adjust the plow on the centaur walk behind tractor;
  • how to attach one or the other attachment.

You can download the manual for the Centaur two-wheel tractor in electronic form under the link: Operating instructions for the Centaur 2070D two-wheel tractor

First launch

The startup process consists of two steps:

  • Preparation;
  • Begin.

Oil 85W-90 Oil 15W-40 Oil SG

The preparation includes the following steps:

  • Oil filling (oils for four-stroke engines are used: synthetic, semi-synthetic and universal, depending on the season);
  • Fuel filling (diesel or gasoline AI-92, depending on the engine);
  • Checking the reliability of bolted joints;
  • tire pressure control.

The commissioning itself is described in detail in the manual.


During the break-in process, all moving parts of the engine and the gearbox of the walk-behind tractor are lapped, the performance of all components and mechanisms is checked, the operator has an excellent opportunity to adjust the gearbox by checking all speeds.

Break-in for a gasoline and diesel engine is done in different ways. It is important to study the instructions before starting the tiller.

In both cases, however, for a diesel and gasoline walk-behind tractor, the procedure begins with the engine warming up, idling and gradually increasing power over several hours (about 10). At the end of the running-in period, a complete oil change in the crankcase of the Centaur two-wheel tractor is required.

Technical service

The instruction contains a complete list of work that must be carried out in a timely manner to ensure the operability of heavy equipment. We describe the daily activities that ensure the maintenance of the two-wheel tractor in working condition.

Before starting fieldwork:

  • pour in fuel and oil;
  • check tire pressure;
  • Make sure the mounting screws are tight.

After field work;

  • thoroughly clean and wash the walk-behind tractor;
  • dry in the shade;
  • Lubricate the mechanisms with a suitable lubricant.

Main malfunctions and their elimination

Here are some possible glitches.

Motoblock device Centaur

Transmission noise:

  • poor quality lubricants;
  • the oil is leaking;
  • the bearing is broken or installed incorrectly;
  • Gears are broken.

Knives not rotating:

  • Loose clutch cable
  • broken belts;
  • the rotors are clogged with dirt or stones;
  • bolt loosened.

Engine cuts out, won’t start

  • fuel is missing or of poor quality;
  • the fuel supply system is clogged;
  • the filter is clogged or out of order;
  • Spark plug problems (for petrol walk-behind tractors);
  • High-pressure fuel pump is out of order (on diesel vehicles);
  • Problems with the carburetor (petrol models).
Last cleaning - overview of the work in the late autumn house garden

main disturbances

One of the most common problems with Centaur walk behind tractors is a malfunction in the clutch mechanism. There are also engine failures. Most typical breakdowns can be fixed by replacing piston rings or other worn parts. Spare parts for Centaur engine blocks are easy to find, so many types of repair work can be done yourself.

Owners note that there are often problems with the drive belt. In this case, the voltage must be adjusted. Sometimes it is necessary to replace the valves, observing the order in which the rings are installed. Common problems with the transmission and fuel supply system. The filter is checked by pouring gasoline or diesel mixture in the opposite direction. If a thick dark liquid appears, cleaning is required. The device should be carefully disassembled and washed with acetone, and the valves should be properly adjusted.

Mini tractor based on a walk-behind tractor

Very often, equipment owners decide to re-equip the purchased walk-behind tractor, improve it, make attachments for it with their own hands, etc. Owners of more productive and heavier models often convert the Centaur walk-behind tractor into a mini-tractor. Small walk-behind tractor owners prefer to use an adapter (a seat on a frame with an extra wheel/wheels). We offer you to watch a video on how to make a mini-tractor from a Centaur walk-behind tractor with your own hands.

Overview of how to operate a mini tractor based on the Centaur walk-behind tractor

Often domestic and semi-professional walk-behind tractors move too quickly across the field, not having time to properly penetrate the soil and finish it with high quality, the operator has to run after the walk-behind tractor, which every now and then breaks from his hands. In such cases, it is advisable to install a creeper for the Centaur walk-behind tractor, which can be ordered from the manufacturer or made by hand. Creepers are chain and gear (gear).

Chain crawler reduction gear


Reviews about the Centaur mb 1070d are mostly positive. It is functional and powerful, suitable for any attachment.

Leonid, Odessa:

I mainly use the mb Centaur 1070 Diesel on the ground when cultivating and planting – digging up potatoes. There are many household chores in bulk: with a trailer, a shovel, a pump. I have no regrets, although I paid a large amount at one time, now you can find cheaper.

Nikolai, Sumi:

I was convinced that it’s better to plow my land with the wheels removed, I put cleats on it so it’s much better. Centaur 1070d has been working on my farm for 4 years, I am satisfied but it is a bit heavy.

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