Motoblocks Centaur MB 2050d/m2. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblocks Centaur MB 2050d/m2. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

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Motoblock Centaurus MB 2050d/m2 with a 5-liter diesel engine. With. Developed in order to carry out a lot of agricultural work in aggregation with patients in areas up to 1 ha. Appropriate choice for small personal and agricultural participants.

High performance, ergonomics, modern design and security are the characteristic features of this machine.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2050d/M2 Motoblock Centaur MB 2050d/M2

Motoblock MB MB 2050d M2-DAS Absolute analogue of the approximately IZ 105 Walk-Behind tractor is designed based on the MB 2060 D-4 model, it differs from it with a lower performance, a reduced amount of combined grinding (2+ 1) and 2+1 wheels 4.00-8.

Accordingly, the price of a Centaur 2050 D/M2-4 is reduced due to such constructive modifications and more acceptable, in an accessible interval of 28.7-30.9,000 rubles.

Technical characteristics

Engine model DD170
Type of fuel diesel
The maximum engine power at 3600 rpm, KW/HP. 3.7/5.0
Combination volume, cm³ 211
Engine start system Hand starter
Type of lubrication system Oil pump
The volume of the fuel tank, L 2,5
Fuel consumption, l/hour 1,0
The oil volume in the crankcase, L 0.75
Coupling coupling ReibungsMult i-Dis c-Clown with manual control
Number of speeds in the gearbox 2 forward, neutral, vice versa
The oil volume in the crankcase of the gearbox, L 2,0
steering Adjustable in height with the ability to rotate the steering frame by 180º
Transpo boumes Chamber, size 4.00-8.00
Trail on transport wheels (on the outside of the wheels), mm 350/400/500
The width of taking the floor fire, mm 622/874
Ground grinding depth, mm 150-300
Structural weight of the walk behavior, kg 103.5
Number of packaging locations, PCs 1
Equipped mass, kg 113.5
The color of walking behavior tractor red, green, blue, yellow

The advantages of the walk tractor

  • A reliable transmission without a belt and chains enables to withstand intensive loads.
  • Thanks to the air cooling with a tw o-stage oil filter, the engine is reliably protected against dust and dirt, which largely increases its motorcycle water tour.
  • Thanks to a mult i-disc overfilled coupling, 2 front speeds are provided, 1 reversal.
  • It is possible to combine a wide range of hinges: plows, flat tailors, floor problems, spraying machines, hay production, rake, cignure, shift, adapter, potato tank and potat o-muesli, cereals and vegetable s-seed machines, pendants and couplings.
  • The control of the engine block centers is on work handles, which means that the operator can conveniently control the machine.
  • The minimum fuel consumption – the motorcycle block can continuously work at a petrol station (2.5 l).
  • Metal covers above the cutter protect the operator from flying lumps of the earth, stones and other objects.
  • Reduced emission of harmful substances in the atmosphere.
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Functions of the application

The motoblock is characterized by the rational parameters of soil processing – the cultivation width 622/874 mm at a depth of 35 cm, adjustable transport track – 350/400/450 mm.

For better liability on the ground, it is recommended to use metal wheels with primers. When working on complex soils, it is necessary to use freight priests.

Centaur MB 2050d/m2-4 Centaur MB 2050D/M2-4

Two versions are presented on the Market-MB 2050d/M 2 and MB 2050D/M 2-4. The 2050 D/M2-4 model is characterized by some improvements:

  • The engine control lever is equipped with a ratchet mechanism to adjust the performance.
  • There is a special bar in reverse handles to avoid careless pressures.
  • The levers of switching speeds and control boundaries are protected by vibration protection by rib rubber, which protects the operator’s hands.


Planned maintenance does not require any special knowledge and tools – the owner can provide maintenance himself. The publication of the Centaur 2050D engine is introduced with a manual KIK starter cable. A decompressor valve is provided for starting in cold weather. The locomotive takes place in accordance with the operating instructions in phases:

  • Check the oil volume, diesel.
  • Give the walk-in tractor third from the maximum load for 3-4 hours.
  • Drain the oil from the engine and gearbox, pour fresh.
  • Work 4 hours 2/3 of the maximum performance.

If you gradually load the mechanisms, it is possible to provide rational grinding of the main elements of the engine, gearbox. The further stable work of the walk without frequent malfunctions and collapse depends on how correctly is carried out.

Frequent malfunctions

Most of the time there are problems with the engine when working with motlocks.

If the engine does not start, you should check the operation of the main components of the machine:

  • Fuel revenue for carburetor and cylinder, the maintenance function of the fuel crane and the cleanliness of the filter.
  • The gap between the electrodes (should be 0.8 mm. Clean the carpet on the candle the presence of a spark.
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If the engine begins but works unstable, stands, do not develop any power supply, you should check:

  • The maintenance capacity of the ignition system.
  • The purity of the air filter, silencer and the carburetor.
  • Compression – air pressure in the combustion chamber (there should be 8 ATM).

Motobo block grinding Centaur MB 2050d:


Reviews about the work of motor blocks Centaur 2050d are largely positive. The only minus is considered a bad assembly.

Pavel, Voronezh region:

My first serious technology from MB Centaur 2050d M2 is so satisfied with everything. The oil was not enough to the level, I had to add. I did a running with a trailer. The speed is very high, you have to walk right behind. I think the driver has to be installed.

Alexey, Bryanshchina:

Motoblock Centaurus 2050 DM2-4. A good depth of cultivation, although the car itself doesn’t seem to be difficult. I have already tried to work with the cigns, I liked it. I plan to continue to expand opportunities.

Motoblock Centaur 2050d. Review of modifications, characteristics, checks

The motor block Centaur 2050D is designed for the professional processing of light and medium severity of the floors on land diagrams with an area of ​​up to 1 hectare. The manufacturer of this sel f-proceeded heavy agricultural technology is the famous Chinese brand “Kentavr”. The authors have developed an extensive series of active and excluded fastening devices, which are combined with the Walk behavio r-tractor 2050D by a clutch or one of the (Power Selection shaft).

Motoblock Centaur MB 2050D

The main controls of the motorized device are placed on the steering column, there is a button on the emergency shifting of the engine. Unlocking the bike difference offers the necessary maneuverability for the necessary maneuverability, and the reduced focus has an advantageous influence on stability.

Cutters are an active mill

Collectable mills with a stitch with 6 mm are used as the main working body. The width of the recording is regulated by connecting or separating the sections of the grinding sections.

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Review of the modifications

The manufacturer has developed two modifications:

  • Centaur 2050d/m2
  • Centaur 2050d/m2-4

The average costs of these models on the market vary between 12.5 and 14.2 thousand UAH. (6-8,000 rubles).

Centaur 2050d/m2

The mass of the diesel engine unit of the Centaur D/M2 is 113.5 kg. A single cylinder professional power plant DD170 (with an Air Cooled compulsory type) offers a productive performance of 5l.S. The engine is introduced with an inertia starter.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2050d M2

The width of soil processing by milling varies between 62.2 to 87.4 cm. The processing depth in the maximum is approx. 30 cm. The mechanical gearbox offers two front speeds and backwards. Large transport bikes with powerful protective wheels offer a high ability to cross. The steering column can be adjusted in two levels. The configuration includes foldable tailors, wheels, a voucher and protection of the engine.

engine DD170F
Engine power 5l.S.
Engine volume 305 cm³
Fuel tank capacity 3.6l
Cooling system Air
Type of start Manual
coupling Mult i-Tter, in the oil bathroom
The number of speeds 2 forward/ 1 before 1
Wheel size 4.00-8
The width of processing Up to 88 cm
The depth of processing Up to 30 cm
From the There is
Dimension dimensions (D*SH*C) 174*105*98 mm
The weight 113.5 kg

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Centaur 2050d/m2-4

The mass of the Walk behavior 113.5 kg, the KAMA KM178F diesel power plant offers 5 l. Air cooling protects the engine from overheating during operation.

Motoblock Centaur MB 2050D M2-4

There is a balance under the veneer. An unmistakable feature of this modification from the previous one is another device: a voucher, wheels with Chevar profile, mills and crop protection discs. Otherwise, the model is identical to the 2050d m2 Centaur.

engine DD170N
Engine power 5l.S.
Engine volume 305 cm³
Fuel tank capacity
Cooling system Air
Type of start Manual
coupling Mult i-Tter, in the oil bathroom
The number of speeds 2 forward/ 1 before 1
Wheel size 4.00-8
The width of processing Up to 88 cm
The depth of processing Up to 20 cm
From the There is
Dimension dimensions (D*SH*C) 174*105*98 mm
The weight 113.5 kg
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User Guide

The configuration of severe agricultural technology always contains instructions that must be carefully examined both by the newly suitable owners of the Walk behavior and experienced experiences. The instructions describe the following sections:

  • The device of the Centaur 2050D motor block, the steps of a step bending of the device.
  • Properties of the model.
  • Rules for safe work with a motorized device.
  • Model start manual, its production.
  • Maintenance.
  • List of problems.

Safety should be inserted when working with every device. Not only the health and life of the operator, but also the health of relatives depend on this factor.

A han d-led tractor is a device that consists of many rotating parts, assemblies, rotating knives (cutting) and even works with combustible substances such as diesel fuel and engine oil.

The “Security” section contains detailed descriptions of all hig h-risk components with instructions for their correct operation.

First run and enema

A professionally carried out first start with subsequent inserts are the factors that ensure lon g-term interruptio n-free operation of the entire singl e-axle tractor, including the engine, gearbox and other important components.

A control check must be carried out before the start:

  • Make sure that the work fluids (oil and diesel fuel) are fully filled,
  • Tire pressure is right
  • In the reliability of all screw connections.

After you have done all of this, you can safely continue with the start guide, which is described in detail in the instructions. The han d-led tractor Centaur MB 2050D begins immediately after the start. This long process takes place in several stages and takes about 10 hours.

Limit the level of oil and fuel

Phases of the operation of a han d-led tractor:

  • In the first phase, the engine becomes warm and the Centaur 2050d works without loads and goes through all the corridors.
  • The second stage is working with a quarter of the engine output.
  • The third stage is half force.
  • The last phase of the entrance is a complete replacement of the old oil.

Technical service

The instructions describe all phases of the technical work, we focus on those who have to be carried out daily before and after the work layer.

Before the field work:

  • Checking the existence and the amount of oil and fuel;
  • Checking the reliability of fastening elements;
  • Tire pressure.
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After field work:

  • Cleaning and washing the handled tractor from pollution;
  • Dry in the shade;
  • lubricated with special lubrication oils.

Recommended oils for the engine: 10W-40 and 15W-40, for the transmission: TAD-17 and 85W-90. Fuel: petrol AI-92 or 96.

Oil 10W-40 Oil 15W-40 Oil 85W-90

Main disorders and opportunities for their elimination

Drive strap slip:

  • Greasy dirt that sticks to the belt;
  • The belt is worn out and must be replaced;
  • The belt is stretched or incorrectly set.

The checkpoint makes uncharacteristic noises:

  • The box no longer has fat;
  • Filled with inferior oil;
  • The warehouse is incorrectly installed;
  • The warehouse is broken;
  • Gears are worn out.

Motor start problems:

  • The tank was empty;
  • Fuel hoses are dirty;
  • The fuel pump is defective or must be cleaned;
  • The air filter is clogged.

Video review

Overview of the work of the han d-led tractor Centaur MB 2050D

Overview of the milling of floors with a han d-led tractor Centaur 2050d

Owner reviews

Igor, 35 years old:

“Hello, I bought a Centaur 2050d/m2 three years ago. Excellent milling, excellent depth with relatively low weight. It goes well with a Hiller and an excavator and in general I am satisfied with the purchase. But I didn’t like the processing, in some places the color leafed off on the fenders, there were traces of rust (I found it after the second wintering). »

Stephan, 51 years old:

“I just got this miracle technology from the store! The instructions are more than understandable, the assembly was made by myself. The entrance went without incident. I am waiting for the start of the field season – I can’t wait to test the han d-led Tractor Centaur 2050d in action. I do not know if symptoms are necessary, the weight is not very large. “

Vasily, 48 years old:

“My Motoblock Centaur 2050d is 1.5 years old, I tested it on different floors with different weights. Milling cannot be praised, but it is better to mill in three stages on clay floors and virgin soil, which is better for the floor and for the han d-led tractor. After idle he started without any problems.

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