Motoblocks Centaur MB 1081d. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Centaur 1081d

Centaur 1081d – A mult i-purpos e-motorized car of Russian production. The technology has a large spectrum of skills that enables to be used under different conditions regardless of the type of soil. The machine represents a heavy class and is suitable for operation in large areas and can also transport goods with a strong road. The tractor of the walk behavior has all devices for the quick and hig h-quality performance of the tasks. Model 1081d is one of the most popular on the Russian market. The owners assessed their technical features positively, including indicative performance and perseverance.

Purpose and advantages of the design

Thanks to the universal design of the motorcycle block, you can equip it with any device. Depending on the type of options, the technology can be able to plant and dig work in connection with floor hilling as well as plants and other types of vegetable plants. The machine plowing the soil effectively and soil processing is possible without the use of floor hooks at a greater depth. The fact is that the motoblock is so heavy, which means that such options and other weightings can save.

At the request of the 1081d Centaur, you can turn a full min i-actractor that can handle large areas and transport any load. Despite the considerable dimensions and the solid weight, the tractor of walking is surprisingly easy to maneuver. It fits well in curves, even at maximum speed. In addition, you can effectively manage an engine block at night because the equipment list offers a bright light look. The developers have managed to provide a Centaur 1081d in the tractor of the walk behavior with the optimal balance for dimensions and mass. For this reason, the operator does not have to make any additional physical efforts at work. It is simple and understandable to manage the engine block, and this does not require professional skills. Ideal slopes on the axes prevents it from tipping forward and backwards. It is noteworthy that the control process takes place in such a way that the pressure on the driver’s hands is as reliable as possible at this moment.

Thanks to the large bikes with a Chevar profile pattern as well as a mass of 350 kg and a large torque of the motor block 1081d, practically does not take the street, and in most cases it can get out of deep holes and Kalya. We find that when installing the trailer, the machine is equipped with an impressive load capacity of 1000 kg.

The power plant of the power plant is reliably protected from dust. In this case, the role of protection is played by an air filter in an oil bath. Maintaining the purity of the inside of the engine offers him a long service life. The principle of cleaning is extremely simple – the first toxic air occurs through the oil and then goes through a oiled paralonous sponge that does not allow unnecessary contamination. Only clean air flows through the cup.

In order to start the Cantravrav 1081D engine, it is enough to turn the key to start an electric starter. This is very convenient compared to the usual manual starter. Of course, you can start manually if necessary, and a decompression valve is provided for this.

It is commendable that the rotary function of 360 degrees provides the Kentrav 1081d model. For example, this is very convenient for soil processing if you switch from one bed to another. There are special hands on the steering wheel to control the differential. They can be blocked on the wheel on one side to make it possible to turn 360 degrees. For this peculiarity of the tractor of the walk, those who often deal with the transport of bulky goods are often praised or they have to operate the machine in a limited space, for example in greenhouses. After the deactivation, the differential returns to the starting position with the help of return sources that work after the lever has been released.

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The tractor of the walk behavior is based on a frame structure with rigid ribs that protect the body from deformation and thereby extend the lifespan of the product.

It is noteworthy that the MB 1081D model has received four power selection options at the same time, with which you can connect devices without restrictions. A more reliable attachment of hinge elements is provided by a gear.

Configurations and attachments

In the standard equipment of the engine block, the Centaur MB 1081D has an active floor and a capture of 1000 mm and the basic options. In any case, you have to buy additional options to uncover the entire potential of Russian technology. However, such sound devices are often bought for the meto block in question:

  • plow
  • Potato cap
  • Seeder
  • Potato
  • follower
  • The Wizard
  • water pump
  • coupling

Parameters, engine circumference and gearbox

The mass of walking behavior is 255 kg. The diesel engine with water cooling is responsible for performance. The work volume is 0.4 liters. The technology is designed for a processing depth of 300 mm and 10 mm processing width. The maximum output is 8 hp. The fuel tank capacity is 5.5 liters.

The 1081d Centaur is equipped with an eigh t-wage gear that is responsible for six speeds for the front movement. The remaining two programs activate the opposite. Depending on a certain transmission, a certain speed is achieved – from 2 to 25 km/h. The box itself is mechanical and resembles a car conductor sector of the checkpoint with its design. It is worth noting that the torque of the engine is transmitted to the transmission by means of a V-belt. This is a proven solution that has been used in the technology of this level for decades. The design is very simple, without difficulty repairing and using expensive spare parts. Clinical belts do not slide into the belt slices and perfectly transmit the power supply.

In addition, an integral part of the design of the tractor for walk behavior is a single disk coupling that offers a smooth and soft start without sharp movements.

Fuel consumption

In the reviews of real owners, this different data is on fuel consumption, since the devices are operated under certain conditions. In addition, every owner has their own journey. And yet you can calculate the average consumption from this information that is comparable to the manufacturer’s official data. The Motoblock Kentrave 1081D consumes an average of 3 liters per hour. With increased load, consumption can reach 4-5 liters.

Prices in Russia

The estimated price of the new han d-led tractor Centaur 1081d is 74,000 rubles. How much does the basic kit cost? Many sellers offer to install additional options with a discount, which makes the equipment cheaper. In extreme cases, you can purchase the standard version without options. In addition, all devices are presented in a wide range in the second market.

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The possibilities of the han d-led tractor are almost limitless and can only be restricted by certain needs of the owner. Compared to competitors, the han d-led tractor cannot be described as too expensive, especially against the background of foreign analogues. In particular, the potential of Russian technology enables her to compete at eye level with the more expensive Grasshopper 177f, Grasshhopper 188f, Shtenli G-192, Shtenli 1600 Pro Series, Kutaisi Super 610 and other powerful machines.

Motoblocks Centaur MB 1081d. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Diesel-unachstractor “Centaur” combines high quality and affordable price. Numerous user ratings prove the correctness of these facts. The technology belongs to the type of heavy MB. She is able to finish with loads of increased type.

The hand-led Centaur tractor was developed to carry out work tasks on different types of soil. She is particularly popular and asked by farmers who manage large areas. This model cuts off compared to the previous goods. In the past, machines were equipped with just one clutch disc, which caused the quality and time of work to suffer. MB 1081 D has a clutch with two slices, which means that the han d-led tractor can be operated longer, it works much more efficiently on dense soil.

One of the positive points is called eigh t-speed gear. It enables the devices to be used in different ground conditions and with different types of attachments. The highest MB speed is 21 km/h and the lowest limit is 2 km/h.

The designers gave the MB a rin g-shaped clutch that protects him from overload. His task is to switch the drive to the gear. The speeds are switched manually. The transmission of the type of Verrhine makes the Centaur mechanism more reliable. The steering wheel of the han d-led diesel tractor Centaur has three positions. It is easy to set whether essays are used or not.

A special feature of the “Centaur” 1081d is a plow that is arranged with the possibility to change its position in relation to the machine. With such a design, it is easy to carry out earthworks, to grab earth right next to the wheels and to plow it in difficult to access. The electrical starter is considered very comfortable at the Centaur, the employee can start the device manually.

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Motoblock Centaur MB 1081D – heavy sel f-driving device with an output of 8.5 hp. New in 2021, developed based on the version MB 1080 D. The han d-led tractor is equipped with a wate r-cooled diesel engine, which is practical with a stable heavy load. Recommended for agricultural and household work with a variety of attachments on areas up to 2 hectares.

Motoblock Centaur MB 1081d

The han d-led tractor is started with an electrical starter. It has an eigh t-speed gear (6 forwards and 2 backwards) (3 and 1), singl e-pane coupling and emergency shutdown with overload. Thanks to these properties, the Centaur MB 1081d quickly earned popularity in agricultural companies and private households.

When buying this device you should be careful because it is often confused with Motor Block Centaur MB 1081 D-5. The difference between the 1081 D-5 model and the 1081 D version is only in the presence of a three-cup pulley and three drive belts.

Motoblock Centaur 1081d

The 1081d Centaur from the Chinese manufacturer “Kentavr” represents a series of heavy motblocks designed for processing virgin and other soils in medium and large sowing areas.

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Engine block Centaur 1081-D

This diesel engine is perfectly adapted to our climate, harsh winters, the presence of an electric starter allows the device to operate at low temperatures with a canopy snowman.

Technical characteristics

Maximum power, L.S. (KW) 8.0 (5.93)
type of fuel diesel
launch system manual/electric starter
engine cooling system water cooling
Fuel consumption (maximum), l/h 1.71
drive unit Brismal gear (2 belts), 1 slip clutch
Number of gears forward/backward 6/2
wheel size 6.00-12.00
Cultivation width, mm 1000
The depth of cultivation, mm 190
gear Rubber wheels 6.00-12
Equipped mass, kg 235.10

Reviews of the owners

Vladimir, 41 years:

“I have a small farm, 2.3 hectares of land. I wake up not only potatoes, but also cereals. The choice stopped on the 2016b model with a 16L petrol engine. At first he worried about the inconsistency of weight and power, but after working it out he realized he made the right choice. I bought a walk behavior tractor with additional configuration and appreciated the collapsible cutter. I bought something else, I made a disc auto for the cereals. There are breakdowns, of course, but not so serious that the motoblock is bad. I don’t regret the purchase, quite the opposite. The quality of the assembly is excellent, and not surprisingly – Belarusians are always at the forefront in this matter. “

Ivan, 32 years:

“Hello. A year ago, a Centaurus 2016b made a tractor for walks and worked for a year without problems. I bought it an adapter, the work went even faster. I’m waiting for the new season, I’ll check how it starts after downtime . Its price justified. Appreciated the reduced center of gravity – stability in different sections of the track.”

Andrey, 27 years old:

“My Centaur is three years old. The breakdowns were insignificant, Belarusian assembly and the availability of spare parts did not hit the wallet. The tractor of the Walk behavior is very powerful, manoeuvrable and perfectly obeyed by the management. The engine emergency stop button helped more than once. “

Features of the application

Features and advantages of the walk tractor Centaur MB 1081d:

  • Toyokawa diesel engine (Japan) (due to the maximum thrust at low speed increases the aggregate motorcycle resource);
  • Economical fuel consumption – 0.8 kg/h;
  • Multifunctionality – thanks to 4 options for selecting the power supply, the possibility of effective work with a plow, an active grinder cutter, cun, pump, trolley, etc.;
  • elementary switching shift to an increased and reduced range;
  • A wide speed range of 2-25 km/h;
  • Thanks to the differential locks, the device rotates 360 ° in one place (this provides exceptional maneuverability, especially when working in a limited space).

User Guide

The instruction must include instructions for the kit for the walk behavior tractor. It describes the data important for the owner of the technology:

  • The device and the assembly of the device according to detailed descriptions and schemes.
  • Specifications of a specific model.
  • Briefing about the first start.
  • Cut a centaur.
  • Servicing a motorized device.
  • A list of possible problems and recommendations for their elimination.

First start and run-in

Running in is also called running in. This procedure is necessary, since it allows you to break in all parts of the engine, starting with minimum loads, with their gradual increase and reaching the maximum.

The operation of the Centaur takes place in several phases:

  • filling the crankcase and gearbox with engine oil;
  • filling the fuel tank with fuel;
  • the first start of the engine with further operation with a minimum load for 3 hours;
  • drain oil from crankcase and gearbox;
  • Filling with fresh engine oil for gearbox and crankcase;
  • Operation of the engine with increasing load for another 4 hours.

After running in, the two-wheel tractor is fully ready for full-fledged loads in various conditions.

Technical service

Before fieldwork:

  • Check the presence and amount of oil in the crankcase;
  • Check for the presence of diesel fuel.
  • check the reliability of screw connections;
  • If work involving pneumatic wheels is planned, check the tire pressure.

After completing the work:

  • thoroughly clean the walk-behind tractor from dust and dirt;
  • wash the car with clean water;
  • wipe dry and air dry in a place protected from sunlight;
  • Lubricate all components and mechanisms with grease or special oil.


The complete walk behind tractor set includes a plough, a cutter, an electric starter, a battery and wheels. Thanks to the adjustment of the position of the ploughshare, it is possible to plow the track from the wheels, cultivate the soil in greenhouses near the fence and make clean, even furrows. The active soil cutter consists of ten pairs of saber-shaped forged knives under the body, which performs the processing of soils up to 100 cm wide.

The failure of certain components is often associated with an elementary violation of the operating manual of the two-wheel tractor, namely:

  • violation of the break-in mode of the engine,
  • wrong oil or overfilling,
  • clogging of the muffler with combustion products,
  • Lack of play between pressure piece and release bearing in the clutch.

Compliance with the simplest requirements and recommendations of the manufacturer, timely preventive maintenance will help avoid more serious problems during operation and significantly reduce repair costs.


In addition to the main purpose – plowing and cultivating, the walk-behind tractor, with the help of additional attachments, performs a wide range of agricultural, household, transport and construction work.

With the help of hitches, passive devices are installed: hillers, flat cutters, harrows. Using various trailers, centaurs can transport large loads weighing up to 0.7 tons.

Universal dual clutch PTO

Active attachments are mounted on the PTO shafts: motor pumps for pumping liquids, rotary mowers, snow blowers, bucket dumpers, generator attachments, log splitters.

Thanks to the special design of the adjustable tine knife, it is possible to vary the working width of the soil up to 140 cm.

How to assemble a cutter for Motoblocks Centaur MB 2060 D-3; MB2070B-3:

Mounting the adapter on the walk-behind tractor makes it an excellent means of transport, facilitating management and the transport of goods.

Do-it-yourself adapter for Motoblock Centaur MB 2091 D:

Heavy duty walk behind tractors are equipped with large diameter, high profile wheels. The large weight and solid performance ensure ultra-high off-road mobility, the machines successfully work on heavy and virgin soils.

Tracks for walk behind tractor

In winter, the wheels can be replaced with caterpillars. They increase the contact area of ​​the device with the ground, thereby improving its course.

Thanks to the adjustments of the fractures of transport and the high approval, high plants can be enveloped. For better liability with soil in light models, it is recommended to use metal wheels with dirt carriers. Use loads when working on complex soils.

Excellent one centaur to plow the earth with a circular plow. Plowing occurs as follows: the first lane is made, then a wheel is placed in it and the plow is reduced into the ground. So the second track buries the first.

Such functional devices such as potato adhesive and potato hikers are widespread in the aggregation with the centaur in Centaur.

The potato is the following device: Before that is the plow that breaks through the break, the potato tubers fall along the conveyor belt. Two cigns are buried behind the ditch.

Potato resident engine block K-1C potato roof MB 1080-1012

The most popular in our time is vibration potato waste. At the front she has an active knife that cuts the layer of the earth and delivers the roar, break the comments of the earth and only remain fruits.

Potatoes with an MB Centaur 1070 D ::

Sometimes the traction efforts of the centaur must be increased during operation with additional units.

In such cases, a driver is used to reduce the number of speed rollers when working with a cigarette light, a dump, a rotary mower, an adapter, an adapter, a trailer and a garlic plowman.

The driver is an additional gear that is installed on the engine block housing, which reduces the speed of its movement, increases the thrust at the same time and a more efficient execution is guaranteed.

In winter you can convert the motorized car into the snowman. Simple snow cleaning equipment is a dump of a lopate.

This is a metal sheet curved with an arch and is located at an angle. An active knife is installed at the bottom to cut solid snow.

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Product of the year 2015 – 2016

For high quality and reliability, the centaur is characterized by such renowned Republican awards such as “Product of 2015, 2016,“ Leader of the Year – 2016 ”.

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