Motoblocks Centaur MB 1080d. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblocks Centaur MB 1080d. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Motoblock Centaurus MB 1080D with an 8-PS diesel engine. And with water cooling, it was developed on the basis of the 1070D model, which was withdrawn from production. The functions are located in a more powerful engine and an extended transmission, an air filter and a generator are improved.

Zentaur MB 1080 D

As with the entire brand technology, the MB 1080D diesel engine car has a simple device that is unpretentious and reliable. With a plow, a grinding cutter, a potato pile and other hinge units are used to carry out many agricultural work in large areas. In the configuration with the adapter, various goods can be transported up to 600 kg.

Good maneuverability is guaranteed thanks to large bikes and differential lock. A large mass eliminates the weighting to work with a plow on solid soils.

Due to the possibility of setting the ruts (up to 740 mm), you can set the tractor for the walking behavior for the execution of various tasks. Equipment with a powerful headlights makes it possible to work effectively in the dark.

In accordance with the operating instructions, it is important to carry the engine competently. At the first start, it is necessary that the centaur works with a third of the performance of 3 cycles:

  • 20 minutes. Work + 20 min. Relaxation.
  • In the second stage you work at the same pace with 2/3 of power.
  • Then the oil is replaced in the engine.

The subsequent maintenance of the tractor for walk behavior consists of regular regulations: daily and after 150/800/1500 working hours.

Technical characteristics

Centaur MB 1080D

engine Single cylinder 4-stroke
Maximum performance, L.S./KW 8/593
The maximum speed, crankshaft, approximately. Minimum. 2200
Type of fuel diesel
Starting system Manual start
Engine cooling system Water cooling of the type of cooler type
Motor operating volume, cm³ 452
Fuel consumption (maximum), l/h 1.71
Fuel tank capacity, L 5,5
transmission Gearbox
Drive unit Brismal Gear (3 belts)
Type of liability Doubl e-Tter dry type with constant clutch of the friction type
Number of programs, back and forth 6/2
Wheel size 6.00-12
Cultivation width, mm 1000
The depth of cultivation, mm 190
Motoboglok dimensions (D/SH/C), mm 2000/845/1150
Equipped mass, kg 210
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Centaur MB 1080 D-5

The modification of the Motor Block Centaur MB 1080 D-5 is designed in such a way that it works under difficult conditions. Its functions and advantages:

  • Improved gears with comfortable switching to increased and reduced gears;
  • The engine is equipped with a thre e-armed wave to connect units with an active drive to ensure the maximum torque.
  • smooth start without jerking thanks to a tw o-disc coupling of the frictional;
  • Ergonomic steering wheel adjustment in three aircraft;
  • strong design of the frame;
  • The crankcase cover, radiator crickets and fuel sumps from materials improved in quality.

Various configuration options are offered to users, including the Auto Column of the Centaur MB 1080D + A Mill + Pflug + ZIP + adapter. A different hinge equipment is a mower, a potato interruption, a pump and a hip can be bought separately.

Video review

The video check is the first start and outle t-im engine block Centaur MB 1080D:


Peter, Sumy Region:

I worked two seasons two seasons on Motoblock MB 1080 D-5, but not significant, I corrected it myself. The quality corresponds, mills and plows praise.

Vladimir, Tschernivtsi:

I bought a Centaur MB 1080 diesel. I mainly work with him in the vineyard, I tried it normally with a potato pack. After a while the belt started to slide and it was tired of adapting. I ordered an Italian belt, now no problem.

Motoblock Centaur 1080d. Review of modifications, attachments, reviews

Motoblock Centaur 1080d with a cutter from the Chinese manufacturer “Kentavar” is a representative of professional devices for all types of agricultural work on small and mediu m-sized land plots.

Motoblock Centaur 1080d

With the presence of a power selection wave, you can attach all kinds of attachments. The manufacturer created two modifications of this walk behavior: tractor:

We offer ourselves to get better familiar with every modification by examining the properties and features of these motlocks. The kit contains a motorcycle:

Active grinding cutter sushnik

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Motoblock Centaur 1080d

The mass of this heavy device is 240 kg. Hig h-performance diesel power plant with a capacity of 8 hp. It is able to ensure high treatment of territories with an area of ​​up to 3 hectares. The engine is equipped with a water cooling system, the start is carried out by an inertia starter with a handle. Equipment test, mechanically, with the possibility of switching to “lowered” and “increased” gears (before 6 and 2 before 2).

Motoblock Centaur 1080d

Coupling of the frictio n-in s-Disc. The immersion of the grinding cutter in the floor reaches 19 cm, the width of taking 1 m. The special design of the frame reduces the vibration from the work motor, so that the load on the handle’s hands is minimal. The steering column is located in different positions to make the operator too comfortable. A motor block on a wheel drive and pneumatic bikes have a powerful agricultural protector that increases the cros s-emptiness.

Engine type DD180V
Power, L.S. 8,0
Starting system Manual
The volume of the cylinder 452 cm³
cooling water
The weight 240 kg
Type of fuel diesel
Fuel tank capacity 5.5 l
Fuel consumption 1.71 l/h
Number of programs 6 forward/2 before
The width of the cultivation 1000 mm
The depth of cultivation 190 mm
Dimensions (dhshhhv) 2000/845/1150

Motoblock Centaur 1080D-5

This modification weighs 230 kg. The width of the processed floor is expanded to 110 mm. Its performance is 8 hp.

Motoblock Centaur 1080D-5

The protection against engine overheating is carried out by a water cooling system. Start manual from an inertia starter. The manual transmission gives 6 speeds forward and 2 vice versa. It is possible to switch to the “increased” and “reduced” gear. This is sufficient to install the lever in the corresponding position. You can attach all approaches to the tractor of the walk behavior. There is a headlight with which you can do work in the dark. Pneumatic bikes have a strong profile that the device does not slip during operation.

Motoblock Pogar MZR-800. Review, features, reviews

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Engine type SH180N
Power, L.S. 8,0
Starting system Manual
cooling water
The weight 230 kg
Type of fuel diesel
Fuel tank capacity 6 л
Number of programs 6 forward/2 before
The width of the cultivation 1000 mm
The depth of cultivation 200 mm
Dimensions (dhshhhv) 2170/850/1150

User Guide

In addition to the plow and the cutting machine, the operating instructions are included in the scope of delivery of the handled tractor. This document trains the machine owner in the correct use of the machine and contains the following information:

  • Motoblock device (clear diagrams and descriptions are provided).
  • Table with characteristics.
  • Motoblock maintenance.
  • Possible disorders and their elimination.

Knowing the device’s device helps its owner to assemble a han d-led tractor and to carry out ongoing maintenance work and smaller repairs to devices independently.

Motoblock device Centaur 1080D-5

The maintenance section includes the following work:

  • Prepare the device for the first start, drive in.
  • Procedure for oil changes.
  • Service before and after field work.

Before the first start and before every work, it is necessary to check the oil and fuel stand and to check the reliability of the fastening screws.

For diesel units, it is better to use oils of the series approx., CD, CB and CC.

At the end of the field work, the device must be cleaned and lubricated thoroughly. After the first start, an enema follows – the grinding process in all parts of the engine, starting with minimal loads and increasing. At the end of the entrance, the oil must be completely drained out of the crankcase and filled with new ones.


The han d-led tractor is equipped with a tap wave thanks to which the device is aggregated with functional attachments.

The equipment can be both original and homemade.

Let us talk about some types of hinges.

Folk signs: August 1 - 5

    Cutter. Sabe r-shaped knives are included in the kit and are delivered inemited. Information on the assembly of a cutting device for a han d-led Tractor Centaur 1080D is described in detail in the instructions.

Active saber cutter

Adapter for singl e-axle tractors

Potato rotar potato planters

Brush-shovel snowy scale

Video review

Overview of the hand-led Tractor Centaur 1080 D-5

Overview of the han d-led Tractor Centaur 1080D with an active cutting unit

Overview of a potato rotor on a hand-led Centaur 1080D tractor

Owner reviews

Igor, 35 years old:

“I bought a han d-led tractor Centaur 1080D 2 years ago. A neighbor advised me to check the presence of sand in the milling rooms of the milling room. I broke everything down except for the gears – in fact a lot of sand can get into the gear – there are no problems later. I cleaned everything, washed, smeared, assembled and applied to the seal – everything is fine. And if you hadn’t heard of your neighbors, what would have happened?

Juri, 44 years old:

“Hello. I have a D-5 for the fourth year. At first everything worked well, but after wintering it hardly started, black smoke flows and flows! I consulted a specialist, spark plug, injection nozzle, injection pump checked. Was a fuel problem and had to be replaced. Everything is fine for today. ”

Andrej, 25 years old:

“The motor block Centaur 1080D is powerful, agile, the headlight helps great – I can linger in the field and do the work in peace. With an adapter – generally a fairy tale.

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