Motoblocks Centaur MB 1012d. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Centaurus MB 1012E. Review of changes, instructions, reviews

Motoblock Centaurus MB 1012E is the heaviest diesel unit from the entire line. With its performance features, you can easily process country diagrams with an area of ​​up to 4 hectares. With great weight and high performance work (12 l.), You enable an ideal result even with the cultivation of virgin countries.

Engine block Centaurus MB 1012E

The Chinese manufacturer presented this modification with a universal gear at low and increased speeds. With the presence of a thre e-bi o-belt disc in the design, you can use a tractor tractor as completely as possible (lung disc and power shaft are available). The equipment can be included:

Pneumatic fire

The reduced focus increased the unit stability and the differential unlock – maneuverability. Active cutters are equipped with four knives, the thickness of which is 5 mm.

Review of the modifications

The manufacturer has issued several changes to this heav y-engineered device:

  • Centaur MB 1012D
  • Centaur MB 1012da
  • Centaur MB 1012-3
  • Centaurus MB 1012D-5

Consider all models on line 1012.

Centaur MB 1012D

This model is equipped with a power plant of four R190 year olds with a capacity of 12 liters. With. The start of a diesel engine comes from an inertia starter with a handle. Cooling of the engine cooler, water.

Engine block Centaurus MB 1012d

With a universal control point with low and increased modes, you can get 6 speed speeds and 2 vice versa. The design offers a thre e-weapon slice of the power selection with two belts. The third pulley is free to connect the corresponding fastening devices. The drainage features are high, the motblock (with a weight of 260 kg) with a trailer can transport up to 700 kg. Mass or piece of freight. The steering wheel is easy to regulate in three positions.

Type of 195an
fuel diesel
perfomance 12l.S.
The engine works 573cm3
cooling Vodyannaya
Fuel tank 5.5l
The volume of the oil crankcase 1.5 l
Starting system Manual
Weight (KG 260
Dimensions (DHSHHV), mm 2170/845/1150
The width of the cultivation, 100 cm
Oil volume in the gearbox
Loading weight for trailers 700 kg
The depth of cultivation 5-22 cm
Number of programs 6/2
Type of liability disc
Wheel size 6.00-12

Centaur MB 1012da

This modification weighs 290 kg, although it is a complete copy of the 1012D model. A significant addition to the manufacturer is an electrical starter with a generator that enables the engine to start the engine in winter with strong temperature loss.

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Engine block Centaurus MB 1012DA

195anes power plant delivers the necessary performance. There is an unlocking differential. With the halogen headlights you can do the work in the evening. Vehicle capacity for a trailer car of up to 700 kg. The package can also contain a mill and a plow.

Type of 195an
fuel diesel
The engine works 815cm3
cooling Vodyannaya
The volume of the oil crankcase 1.5 l
Fuel tank 5.5l
perfomance 12l.S.
Starting system Electrical starter
The weight 290 kg
Dimensions (dhshhhv) 2170/845/1150 mm
The width of the cultivation 100 cm
Number of programs 6/2
transmission Gearbox
Type of liability disc
The drive of the floor fire Two wedge belts B1850
Wheel size 6.00-12

Centaur MB 1012-3

A 12-piece power plant with cooling cooling with cooling cooling was installed on the centoblock 1012E. The engine is started in two ways: from an inertia starter and an electric.

Engine block Centaurus MB 1012-3

Clutch irritation, tw o-Disc. The universal checkpoint offers 6 speed speeds and 2 – vice versa. There is from. With a thre e-arm pulley on the drive, you can attach to the 3rd strap of the fastening equipment (mower, Rotary Snowman. Cruser, etc.). The mass of model 1012E is 285 kg, while the loa d-bearing capacity of the leaked car of around 700 kg. This model 1012e has a headlight for using the company in the dark.

Type of SH195N
fuel diesel
The engine works 815cm3
cooling Vodyannaya
The volume of the oil crankcase 1.6l
Fuel tank
perfomance 12l.S.
Starting system Electrical starter
The weight 285 kg
Dimensions (dhshhhv) 2170/845/1150 mm
The width of the cultivation 110 cm
The depth of processing 20 cm
Number of programs 6/2
transmission Gearbox
Type of liability disc
The drive of the floor fire Two wedge belts B1850
Wheel size 6.00-12

Centaurus MB 1012D-5

The mass of the engine block is 269 kg. It installed a professional R195N engine with a capacity of 12 liters. With. Water cooling is carried out by the celler’s cells.

Engine block Centaurus MB 1012D-5

The air filter is immersed in an oil bath. The width of the processing is 1 meter, the cultivation depth is up to 20 cm. The control point is universal, eight speed (6+2), with reduced and increased speeds. The steering wheel was set in three aircraft. An improved frame, a gearbox, enables you to serve up to 5 hectares of sowing areas.

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Type of R195N
fuel diesel
The engine works 815cm3
cooling Vodyannaya
The volume of the oil crankcase 1.5 l
Fuel tank
perfomance 12l.S.
Starting system Electrical starter
The weight 269 ​​kg
Dimensions (dhshhhv) 2000/900/1250 mm
The width of the cultivation 100 cm
The depth of processing 20 cm
Number of programs 6/2
transmission Gearbox
Type of liability disc
The drive of the floor fire Three wedge belts
Wheel size 6.00-12

User Guide

The instruction is indispensable for the owner of the tractor of the walk behavior. It contains all information about the Walk behavio r-tractor:

  • Device with schemes
  • Assembly procedure – in descriptions
  • Technical functions of the model
  • Preparation and implementation of the start, subsequent runnin g-in
  • Motobobok maintenance
  • A list of possible malfunctions

First start and runnin g-in

After you have filled out the tanks (fuel and crankcase) with functioning liquids (oil and diesel fuel), you can safely continue with the fastening elements with the first start of the power plant, which is led according to the step bending instructions.

Important! Immediately after the start, it is necessary to operate the engine in which all parts of the engine are rubbed.

Playing (production) begins with the heating of the engine at idle, then several hours of operation with minimal loads. After 3-4 operating hours, oil is drained out of the crankcase and filled with fresh. The enema continues for another 3-5 hours, now the loads are gradually increasing and leading to the highest value.

Technical service

Description of the daily work, which the owner of the hiking tractor has to do before and after agricultural work.

Before the start of work:

  • We check the presence and level of work fluids (oil and fuel);
  • We check whether the screws are reliably twisted;
  • We follow the tire pressure.

At the end of agricultural work:

  • Cleaning-me block;
  • Wipe dry dryly;
  • We dry in the shade;
  • lubricate with grease or other lubricants specified in the instructions.

Main malfunctions and ways to eliminate them

Blades or wheels do not turn.

  • Check if the clutch cable is loose;
  • pay attention to the condition of the belts, if they are loose or torn, replace them;
  • Check the reliability of screw connections.

The device of the engine block Centaur

Engine stalls or won’t start:

  • the fuel system is clogged;
  • HPFP is out of order;
  • the pump is clogged;
  • no fuel in the tank etc.

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The gearbox makes strange noises:

  • check if the lubrication is finished;
  • check screw connections;
  • Check gears and bearings.

In the face of a non-standard breakdown or any other problem (attaching implements to a walk-behind tractor, etc.), we recommend that you turn to the appropriate forums, where more experienced owners of the same walk-behind tractors will share their opinions on experience and free.

Video review

Overview of the engine block Centaur MB 1012 E-3

Overview of the active cutting system of the Centaur 1012 walk behind tractor

Overview of the Centaur 1012D walk behind tractor

owner reviews

Sergei, 42 years old:

“I bought a Centaur 1012E walk behind tractor 2 years ago – an excellent productive unit, planting potatoes is very fast, like all other procedures. By the way, I noticed that it is better to grind the soil for potatoes, then the yield will be two or even three times higher. Maneuverability is excellent, the machine is stable, there is a headlight and an electric starter.”

Vitaly, 38 years old:

“My Chinese tormented me a bit – the belts broke, I had to change immediately, then the clutch, good thing the Internet was at home – the guys from the forum suggested I turned on the lamp a little, and finally The handheld Tractor worked as it should. The retraction was carried out strictly according to the instructions. Very powerful engine, manual start. Milling conquered me, the earth – like fluff. I plowed with a plow in the fall, there was enough power for a trailer, I loaded it to the eyeballs, probably more than 700 kg.

Anatoly, 54 years old:

“I have been working for four years, I consider the purchase of the Centaur 1012e walk behind tractor a very profitable acquisition – it saves time, money, the job is done better, the result justifies the funds – the device paid for itself in the first year of use. “

Motor blocks Centaur MB 1012D. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Recommendation: 100%



Motoblock Centaur MB 1012D is a heavy diesel engine block. It is equipped with a powerful 12 HP engine. and allows you to work effectively on large plots – up to 4 hectares. Plowing heavy soils and virgin soils is the main purpose of the walk behind tractor. The block hoe with a fixed width of 1 m works effectively on difficult-to-work soils.

MOTOBLOCK MB Centaur 1012d

With the use of additional attachments, the Centaur MB 1012D perfectly copes with many agricultural and household works: planting and digging potatoes, weeding and mounds, cleaning the territory from debris and snow, leveling sites.

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Thanks to the mower, you can ensure a decent supply of forage. The towing capacity of the machine is impressive – it is possible to transport goods weighing up to 0.7 tons at a speed of 21 km / h.

Technical characteristics

Maximum power, hp (kW) 12.0 (8.89)
fuel type diesel
Starting system manual starter
engine cooling system water cooling
Fuel consumption (maximum), l/h 2.27
drive unit V-belt drive (3 belts), 2-pulley clutch
Number of forward/reverse gears 6/2
Attachment width, mm 1000
mounting depth, mm 190
gear Advanced SPTA, rubber wheels 6.00-12
Empty weight kg 269

application features

To ensure stable and uninterrupted operation of such a heavy walk-behind tractor, air cooling of the engine is not enough. Therefore, water cooling with a condenser is used. Lubrication of loaded engine components is carried out by spraying oil from nozzles.

A feature of the Centaur MB 1012D walk behind tractor is the use of a drive based on three high-quality belts, which makes this model extremely reliable and practical. The belt drive does not fail even under maximum load.

Thanks to the two-disc clutch, the gears are easy to shift, when starting from a standstill the operator does not feel any jerking and jerking.

In the Motoblock Centaur MB 1012D, the frame was strengthened, which allowed the engine to be placed more correctly, which significantly improved the balance of this model. During operation, the operator no longer experiences strenuous loads on his hands.

Despite the large weight (260 kg), the walk-behind tractor surpasses the mini-tractor in some characteristics – it has high maneuverability and increased cross-country ability.

This is ensured by the presence of 8 speeds (6 forward and 2 reverse) and large wheels (6.00-12) with a deep chevron profile. Thanks to the track adjustment (up to 740 mm), you can set up a hand-guided tractor for working row spacings of different widths.

Information on assembly and operation of the MB Centaur 1012 DE hand-held tractor can be found in the video test.

If you plan to use a walk-behind tractor in the cold season, pay attention to the MB Centaur 1012E model with an electric starter. Now you don’t have to endlessly pull the cable, just turn the ignition key and the machine starts to work. The electric starter works from the accumulator with recharging from the built-in generator. The halogen headlight is connected to the same circuit and works great when working in the dark.

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Centaur MB 1012 E Centaur MB 1012 D

Motoblock Centaur MB 1012d is also available in an extended configuration – with an active cutterbar and a heavy plow. Another configuration option is MB 1012 DE (electric starter) with active header and heavy plow. Accordingly, the cost of different versions varies depending on the type of equipment of the walk-behind tractor, and the market average is from 46.5 to 63.2 thousand rubles.

User Guide

In order to avoid frequent breakdowns of the two-wheel tractor, it is necessary to carry out scheduled maintenance at the intervals specified in the operator’s manual and follow the recommendations for specific work.

Thanks to the rational use of the many available adjustments and settings, you can always choose the optimal operating mode and load the equipment correctly. This protects the Centaur 1012e from annoying breakdowns and malfunctions.

For stable operation of the engine, systematic monitoring of the oil level in the crankcase is necessary. Or, for example, when working with a plow and transporting a particularly heavy load, you should not work at full speed. On the other hand, if the load is light, you should choose a faster pace.

Knowing the design features of the steering wheel – effective damping of vibrations – you can give yourself the most comfortable control over the machine. When working with a tiller, the adjustable steering wheel can be adjusted to your personal comfort, and when working with a plough, you can set the steering wheel to the lowest position. When transporting a load, the steering wheel must be in the highest position.


The forums have a lot of positive reviews about the operation of Centaur engine blocks. Basically, the owners praise multifunctionality, assembly quality, power and speed of the device. Here is an example of comments from motoblock users forums:

Michael, Baranovka:

The Centual 1012 DE Lux was bought with the plow and cutter of the tractor of the walk. We have black soot, heavy greasy, and the cutter cultivates powerfully, the depth is sufficient. You can’t get through a light engine block. I evaluated a lot of constructive nuances: a cast cover on the crankcase, the steering wheel is adjustable, there are many speeds, there are many speeds and, of course, an electric starter.

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