Motoblocks Centaur 2080 B. Review, characteristics, reviews

Engine block Centaur 2080b. Review, features, reviews

Motoblock Centaurus 2080b comes from China. In recent years, the Centual brand has gained increasing popularity among the population of the former union. The reason for this is not only affordable equipment costs, but also high quality, as well as the availability of suitable tolerances and certificates.

Motoblock Centaur 2080b

Centaur motoblocks are best suited to the climatic conditions of our country. In addition, there are many service centers serving this brand.


Motoblock 2080b is a motorized household device and is designed for high processing of territories with an area of ​​u200bu200babout 20 acres. The mass of the walking behavior tractor is 95 kg. The Japanese Kama power plant offers an engine block with a capacity of 8 liters. With.

Motoblock Centaur 2080b

The air protection of the tractor of the walker reliably protects the engine from overheating during operation. A one-handle inertia starter provides easy engine starting. The disc-type adhesion is immersed in an oil bath, which provides the power unit with a smooth pull.

The steering installation is adjusted in height and horizontally under the operator. The checkpoint is mechanical, steady, it gives two speeds forward and one reverse. The tractor of the walk is equipped with pneumatic wheels. The depth of cut with a cutter reaches 30 cm.

Thanks to the capacity selection shaft (VOM), various attachments can be attached to the device, increasing the functionality of the engine block.

With the centaur of the 2080th model, the following work can be performed:

  • Plow;
  • care for;
  • hill plants;
  • seed potatoes;
  • Weed;
  • Dig up the crops;
  • transported goods up to 500 kg;
  • mow the grass;
  • cleaning snow fractions, etc.

In the complete kit for the engine block, the 2080B contains:

Active grinder cutter plow potato cap clutch


engine power, L.S. 8
type of fuel petrol
Engine starting system (starter) Manual
Connect active hitch FROM (1176 rpm)
Engine Volume, CM3 210
Tomple forward sentenced 2
Tomplosise the Regionals 1
Fuel consumption, l/h 0.9
Max cultivation width, mm 1 100 (min. 450mm)
Max processing depth, mm 200

User Guide

The following information was stated in the instructions:

  • The device of the walk tractor on the diagrams and with a detailed description.
  • Technical characteristics of the model.
  • Motoboglok maintenance
  • The list of problems and their elimination.
Motoboblock maintenance includes several simple actions:
  • The first start of the engine;
  • Running – immediately after the first start, the engine must be driven – prepared for loads, starting with a minimum and gradual current.
  • Oil replacement (immediately after turning on, and then according to the schedule in the table).
Do you need a motorcycle license?

Oil SE SF Oil SG

Video review

Review of the Engine Block Centaur 2080b

Buyer’s video review of the Motor Block Centaur 2080b

Reviews of the owners

Eugene, 36 years old:

“The motoblock, though Chinese, was well done in two years of hard use (ploughed, drowned, digged, strained, etc.), proved a reliable assistant. Compact, manoeuvrable, I go to the greenhouse and in raspberries I do all the gardening. I really saved time and made the work easier. The service is unpretentious. “

Ilya, 40 years:

“I have 2080b in operation in the third year. I chose the gasoline model. The car is good, albeit a Chinese, I pass my 32 morning a day without strain. Bought of attachments, something made yourself, milling cutters with plow were there. Bionled in the garage, a little sneaked at the first start – who doesn’t happen. “

Vladimir, 27 years old:

“The petro l-powered Centaur 2080b fits perfectly into my household. Field work – on it, feeding – on it, this winter I bought a snow blower – again a han d-led tractor is in use. With a trailer he runs at 200 kg without any problems and of course 500 he pulls more slowly.

Overview of the hand-led Centaur tractor

Motoblock Centaur 2080 B is one of the most popular models used in agriculture and on household plots. Like the mechanism itself, the equipment for a han d-led tractor itself has a number of characteristics that differ from similar models. This model has a number of special features that have to be taken into account when buying and using.


Before you buy this device, you have to read its special features.

Description of the Zentauren motor block

“Centaur” is of Chinese origin, but the assembly uses various technologies from other foreign manufacturers, including Japanese. Models are presented in different categories that differ in performance and applications. Motoblock Centaur 2080 B is one of the most popular among farmers.

  • shocking;
  • Increased work;
  • Soil leveling;
  • Dig and plow.

Most models are universal, ie they can be used for most types of agricultural work.

In this video you will get to know the advantages and disadvantages of this hand-led tractor:

On the domestic market you will find both models with low performance (up to 7 hp) and models of the heavy class with an output of 10 hp or more.

The Centaur Motoblock 2080 B belongs to the middle, ie universal class. Due to its affordable price and high quality, it has found widespread use in Russia, which is confirmed by the corresponding certificates. This technology is fully adapted to the country’s climatic conditions. All problems can be resolved by the owner himself, this is possible thanks to a simple device device or in al l-widespread service centers throughout Russia.

It should be borne in mind that almost every model can be equipped with additional equipment, including a potato rotor or a cultivator. All models of the singl e-axis tractor are designed for goods transport. Compared to model 2080 B, the weight of the load can reach half a ton.

Each model has its own standard equipment, which is bought together with the singl e-axle tractor. For example, the 2080 B package contains:

Last cleaning - overview of the work in the late autumn house garden

In addition, any devices with a universal connection can also be installed. Special equipment is manufactured for the centaur, but can be replaced by other homemade or purchased options on request.

General properties

There are many models of hand-led Centaur tractors. All have minor differences in the technical properties:

  • Motoblock Centaur 2080 B has an output of up to 8 hp. And a 21 cm³ cylinder. The device is small and weighs up to 120 kg. Despite the increased performance, the device does not use more than 910 ml of fuel per 1 hour;
  • Handled Tractor Centaur MB 1080 D – The total boost of the device is 6.5 hp. It has small dimensions and weighs up to 220 kg. Thanks to a 5-liter tank, the device can work for a long time without refueling;
  • Motoblock Centaur 1081 D has a traction of 8 hp. The proportion of the device does not exceed 240 kg. Thanks to the large fuel tank (5.5 l), a continuous plowing of large areas can be carried out, while the depth and width of plowing is 100 or 19 cm.
  • Motoblock 1010 D engine power is 10 hp. The total weight does not exceed 245 kg. This device is suitable for processing large areas because it has a large tank (5.5 l) and low fuel consumption – 1.8 liters;
  • Motoblock Centaurus MB 40-2-the thrust of the device is 7 hp. It is perfectly adapted for work in small areas. The total weight does not exceed 90 kg. Thanks to the small dimensions of the engine block, the Centaur MB 40-2, there are no problems with storage. The total volume of the tank does not cross 5 liters;
  • Centivar Motoblock 2013 B has a capacity of 13 hp. It can be used to process large areas (up to 2 hectares). The Centoblock Cental 2013 B has a weight of around 130 kg. Thanks to the large Baku (6.5 l), there is the possibility to process large areas without additional refueling, which saves time considerably. Centivon Motoblock 2013 B can be used for field work of all kinds.
  • Motoblock Centaurus 2010 has an engine power of 10 hp. The proportion of the device does not cross 180 kg. The device is suitable for working in areas with increasing complexity, as it has a high degree of continuousness. With a si x-liter tank you can process large areas without breaks.
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The choice of the model depends on the final goals and areas for which the technology is used. The list is shown by both more expensive and budget models. The final price depends on the overall traction of the device and the fastening devices contained in the kit.

Important! When choosing a model, the conditions and the frequency of using devices must be taken into account. For an area with solid or constantly frozen soil, it is necessary to use the most powerful models than under normal conditions.

The choice of the model is regulated by various characteristics and requirements. It is also worth considering that it is better for constant work of universal nature to use the middle class in power because it is better to maintain than devices with stronger engines.

For periodic small work, lo w-strength options are selected. For the constant execution of agricultural tasks, it is necessary to buy a medium or heavy class.


The “Centaur” line has many different models

Features of the device and operating instructions

Before you start working, you have to read the instructions carefully and prepare the device for further work. To fully configure the device, you need:

  • Pull the drive belt by unscrewing the 4 screws under the engine and moving it. Then he turns the mother. A properly stretched belt should chop around 3 cm with a slight pressure with four fingers.
  • Set the clutch holder according to the scheme specified in the attached instructions.
  • Check the brakes maintenance. With compressed brake, the squeaker lever is clutch;
  • Adjust the roller column and the width of the trail that is required during work.
  • Set neutral speed;
  • Draw a squeeze lever;
  • Transfer the throttle valve to the initial brand;
  • Perform the engine.

With a successful setting up of the device, it must be carried out. This process is only necessary for purchased motifs and the complete repair and replacement of the main parts. To carry out the technology, it is necessary:

  • Show the tank with the required fuel type. This is necessary for washing and removing garbage, which could go hand in hand with the production process.
  • Remove the belt;
  • Contact the maximum decompression valve and hold the handle and relax, release at the very end.
  • Let the device work for 10 minutes, drown and carry out a complete inspection for the presence of su b-texts and other malfunctions.

Important! At the location of the equipment, 10 hours should take. In the first few weeks it is necessary to use every 30 minutes of work in gentle mode.

Initially, increased loads can have a disadvantage, which will lead to an upcoming collapse.

Overview of the model range of Motoblocks Salyut. Specifications, comparisons, reviews

advantages and disadvantages

Each model has a rational design and has a number of advantages:

  • 2080 b:
    • The engine is completely protected against hits or moisture. Due to the high quality of the assembly, it has increased the durability. Unpretentious about the quality of the fuel;
    • The upper layout of the valves enables you to achieve maximum efficiency.
    • the minimum vibration level for the user;
    • The work with active adapters is based on the tail wave of the power selection;
    • the ability to accelerate to 15 km/h;
    • The possibility of a simple start every season thanks to a theater starter with a reduced star t-up resistance;
    • Increased maneuverability.
    • Due to the liquid cooling, the diesel engine has increased resistance to overheating;
    • The capacity of the gas tank is sufficient for 3 hours of work without refueling.
    • the ability to adjust the handle equipped with rubberized overlays and comfortable control levers under the growth of the user;
    • Deep profiles and wide tires have an increased resistance to sliding, which enables them to do the work on each floor.
    • the presence of 6 front speeds;
    • Increased loa d-bearing capacity – up to 600 kg.
    • the presence of a 452-cubic diesel engine with a cylinder and a hydrochloflings system;
    • the possibility of manual coordination of a limber that enables plowing near fences and other fences;
    • the possibility to start even while frost thanks to an electric steamer;
    • The presence of a massive construct that you can use to use the use of weighting agents;
    • The possibility to configure the handle for the user.

    Each option has its own indicators. When choosing, it is worth taking them into account. With regard to other models, 2080 B is the most suitable option for most conditions and requirements. An important point is its ability to resist different burdens for a long time, including constant work.

    The shortcomings of all models include an increased need for the first setting during the first start or after lon g-term downtime. The technology should also be used for the winter period or if it is not used for a long time. The preservation includes complete cleaning and maintenance in full. This avoids most technological problems in the future. The moment with a strict requirement to stick to the company is also different. It is only impossible to use the options with low performance for work for other categories. With every overload of devices and the engine you have to adjust everything again.

    Reviews of the owners

    The 3 9-yea r-old Konstantin supports: “I have seen many reviews about the 2080 B Centaur on the Internet. He didn’t dare to take a long time, but still took a chance. I liked the device. It turned out that it was very maneuverable and easy to manage. I have no problems with 6 acres on my website. The small fuel consumption was particularly pleased. “

    Roman, 56 years, Buravtsy: “I got the device about half a year ago. Was completely satisfied. The floor is mixed on my construction site, with a large predominance of sound; No inconvenience is observed during work. With his help, it is comfortable to spit potatoes and process gears. The only disadvantage I found is that it doesn’t start the first time when I don’t use it for a long time. Otherwise, the han d-led tractor has never failed.

    Anton, 64 years old, Lubnya: “As long as I can remember, potatoes have been planted with the help of a horse, but now it is a big problem to find them in the village, and age is not the same. The han d-led tractor turned out to be the best option for me – a small price and a wide range of work that can be carried out. For 3 years I managed to completely appreciate the comfort of the technology. With his help, he planted potatoes in peace, buried them and transported them. There were only a few small breakdowns during the entire service life that I could fix myself. ”

    Maxim, 34 years, Brjansk: “I have thought about donations for a long time. I chose the centers. I only decided for 2080 B because of the combination of not very high price and normal quality. I took a set with all the equipment. One and a half years have passed. Nothing has changed. You don’t play with good service. Do not need any special care.

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