Motoblocks Cascade – Reviews of Models, Description, Reviews of the owner

Motoblocks cascade: checking the models and prices

Nowadays, every owner of the garden department strives to offer and his family environmentally friendly, saturated vitamins and useful trace elements of products. However, the process of growing all garden plants takes a lot of time and effort. Tim e-intensive spring or autumn work can be made much easier. For this purpose, the manufacturers of garden equipment have developed such a useful unit – a motorcycle cascade.

Motoblock cascade

The production progress that the scientists reached in our time enables us to simplify almost every task that relates to the care of a garden or garden. For example, if you buy a tractor for walks, you will forget with the help of an unpleasant shovel of manual breakers. However, if you install the fastening equipment on the device, this becomes indispensable for the preparation of grooves, the holes for planting plants, fertilization of the floor, transport of freight and even harvesting.

Technical characteristics

The quality of Russian production technology is in no way inferior analogue. The company guarantees a high degree of reliability of the device. Small costs should also be noted, which corresponds to the functionality and productivity of devices.

It is very important to follow the rules for the application and storage of a garden machine. The operating instructions are told about these nuances.

Thanks to a wide range of units, you can buy the most suitable model based on the required work volume. In addition to all, you can expand the functionality of the device by installing attachments, plowing soil, preparing holes, planting vegetation, the transportation of heavy loads and choosing root plants that are so much summer and time of summer can take advantage of.

Motoblock cascade

A cascade is a small, universal tractor that can make holes, holes, plant root plants, transport goods and much more

The main advantage is that the cascade engine and its high performance lead the engine to create a real min i-actractor from the technology.

The design consists of the following components:

  • Engine;
  • framework;
  • Tax system;
  • Chassis;
  • Transmission.

All components are installed in a strong frame that is protected from corrosion with a high color coating.

Regardless of the fact that the device is produced in Russia, it is equipped with an imported petrol engine that is famous for its performance, reliability and a large operating time.

However, there are often problems when a cascade motor block is not in order. In most cases, this is due to the fact that the oil did not change time during operation of the devices or that the lubricant was of poor quality. When ignoring the problem, more serious malfunctions can occur in the entire system.

Video: Evaluation of the Walk behavio r-tractor mascade

Evaluation of the best models of the motor blocks cascade

The entire list of units and additional elements for a walk has its own mission groups.

The equipment is divided into three main types:

  1. Light – suitable for working in a small summer house or garden area. The most important distinguishing features of the devices are small sizes, weight of up to 10 kg and a simple control system.
  2. Medium – have an engine power of more than 4 hp, are intended for tillage, the size of one hectare.
  3. Heavy – a group of powerful devices with a large weight category and a wide range of applications. The devices are designed for processing the soil of dense structure. The engine for the Cascade walk behind tractor has an output of 9-12 hp, which is excellent for plowing fields, crops and crops. With this type of equipment, a mini tractor is made.
Motoblock locust. Lineup review, features, reviews
Cascade MB 61-12

Garden tools are equipped with a four-stroke engine with a capacity of 206 cm³, a forced air cooling system and valves located on top of the device. The device is able to reach speeds of 13 km/s.

Motoblock Cascade MB61-12-02-01 with the engine B&S I/C 6.5

Engine block CASCADE MB61-12-02-01 with B&S I/C 6.5 engine

The high quality of soil treatment is confirmed by the owners’ reviews and parameters:

Motoblocks cascade. Modifications of models and their properties. Compact tractor from Motorblock Cascade

Motoblocks “Kaskad” are manufactured by Perm Holding, which develops gearboxes and gearboxes for helicopters – OJSC “Perm Motors”. The holding began developing engine blocks in 2006 and launched the production not only of garden machines, but also of four-stroke single-cylinder engines.

Today, Kaskad engine blocks represent one of the most extensive segments of low-power agricultural machinery. Many modifications with different engines, types of steering columns and transmissions are available to buyers. All Kaskad walk-behind tractors are designed and assembled in a factory that assembles aircraft equipment, which is why their build quality and functionality are so high.

The first representatives of the Cascade series were equipped with DM68 engines manufactured by the Kaluga Machine-Building Plant. In the future, DM68 was increasingly replaced by foreign counterparts from manufacturers from China, Japan and the USA.

The DM68 engine has been in production for over 20 years. During its existence, the engine model was improved. However, several modifications were released, now Cascade walking tractors are increasingly being equipped with Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Lifan engines.

The power of motoblocks is about the same and ranges from 6 to 7 hp. Next, we will consider in more detail what modifications and types of Cascade walk-behind tractors exist today.

Motoblock Cascade MB 6-06

Modifications of walk-behind tractors and their characteristics

All “Cascade” engine blocks are designed according to the classic principle and work on the basis of four main components – these are the engine, chassis, gearbox and steering column (control element). The type of engine can differ both from the manufacturers already indicated, and from DM68 or DM66 of a domestic sample. DM engines are assembled in Russia.

Each model differs from its counterpart in the model line precisely in the parameters of the engines.

Also functional differences Motoblocks “Cascade” are present in:

  • reducer;
  • frame structure;
  • specifications.

It is noteworthy that the overall dimensions of the Cascade walk-behind tractors are similar and are 830 mm long, 480 mm wide and 740 mm high. The minimum value of the turning radius: 110 cm. The average clearance is from 140 to 170 mm, the mounting track width with axle extensions is 610 mm, without them – 350 mm.

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Cascade MB6-06 series

MB6-06 Cascade series motoblocks are divided into models with a reinforced and simple gearbox, a wheel unlocking function, a simple or rotating steering wheel. This category includes the following modifications:

  • MB6-06-02-01 – basic steering wheel, reinforced gear;
  • MB6-06-02-02-rotary steering wheel, the gearbox is reinforced;
  • MB6-06-04-01-Base steering wheel, basic gear;
  • MB6-06-04-02-rotary steering wheel, basic gear;
  • MB6-06-05-01-The gearbox is reinforced, increased number of speeds, basic steering wheel;
  • MB6-06-05-02-The gearbox is strengthened, the rotary steering wheel, the number of speeds is increased.
  • MB6-06-06-01-The gearbox is strengthened, the number of speeds is increased, it is a function of unlocking the wheels, the basic steering wheel.
  • MB6-06-06-02-The gearbox is reinforced, more speeds, swivel steering wheel, wheels with unlocking;
  • MB6-06-07-01-The gearbox is strengthened, wheel engagement is automatic, the basic steering wheel;
  • MB6-06-07-02-The gearbox is reinforced, automatically unlocked, rotary steering wheel.
Technical characteristics, price and analogues of the MB6-06 series:
  • plunging into the soil with plows – 32 cm;
  • the width of the field strip – 35/61 cm;
  • weight stacks of 105 kg;
  • maximum developed speed – 10 km/h;
  • Engine type: four-stroke gasoline DM-66;
  • engine volume 317 cm cube;
  • power 6 hp;
  • engine mass 25 kg;
  • gas tank capacity 4.5 l;
  • Start with an electric starter and cable.
  • stock decompressor;
  • Type of fuel gasoline AI-92, AI-95, AI-80;
  • SAE 10W-30 oil;
  • Fuel consumption per hour is 1.9-2 liters.

The cost of MB6-06 series engine blocks averages 33,000 rubles. Motoblocks that are used can be bought much cheaper at a price of about 25-28 thousand rubles.

As analogues of the model, you can consider six-axis engine blocks from the Salute 5V and Neva MB.

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Cascade MB6-08 series

The MB6-08 Cascade Series is the most popular among farmers. The nomenclature features of the series are similar to the MB6-06 motblocks, that is, according to the designation of the 6-08 series, all the values ​​u200bu200bof the numbers are characterized by the following parameters: 02-01-upgraded gearbox and ordinary steering wheel , 02-02-upgraded gearbox and rotary steering wheel , 04-Basic gearbox, 05-The gearbox is reinforced+increased number of speeds, 06-The gearbox is reinforced+increased number of speeds+is the wheel engagement, 07 The gearbox is reinforced. +Auto unlock).

The MB6-08 series includes such models of motoblocks:

  • MB6-08-02-02 (01);
  • MB6-08-05-01 (02);
  • MB6-08-06-01 (02);
  • MB6-08-07-01 (02).

Motoblock cascade of the MB 6-08 series

Technical characteristics, price and analogues of the Cascade MB6-08 series:
  • weight stacks of 103 kg;
  • maximum speed of 10.3 km/h;
  • Maximum tillage depth – 30 cm;
  • The width of the cultivation width is 45/60/90 cm;
  • The engine is four-stroke, petrol, brands DM-68;
  • oil pump;
  • the function of forced lubrication of the engine;
  • manual start function;
  • the presence of a decompressor;
  • engine volume 317 cm cube;
  • power 6 hp;
  • engine mass 25 kg;
  • gas tank capacity 3.3 l;
  • Gasoline for refueling: AI-95, 92, 80;
  • Gasoline consumption per hou r-1. 9-2 liters per hour.

The cost of engine blocks from the MB6-08 series starts from 33.5 thousand rubles (for new models). The cost of the former models is slightly lower and from 25 to 30 thousand, depending on the condition and configuration.

As analogues of the “Cascade” of the MB6-08 series, you can consider the salute motoblocks with a capacity of 6 hp. Or Neva mb.

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Cascade MB61-12 series

Representatives of Cascade Motoblocks from the MB61-12 series:

  • MB61-12-02-01 (02);
  • MB61-12-04-01 (02);
  • MB61-12-05-01 (02);
  • MB61-12-06-01 (02);
  • MB61-12-07-01 (02).

The distinguishing features of the series are similar to those of the MB6-06 walk-behind tractors, that is, according to the designation of the 61-12 series, all the values ​​u200bu200bof the numbers are characterized by the following parameters: 02- 01 – reinforced gearbox and conventional steering wheel, 02-02 – reinforced gearbox and rotating steering wheel, 04 – basic gearbox, 05 – the gearbox is strengthened + the number of gears is increased, 06 – the gearbox is strengthened + the number of gears is increased + there is an unlocking of the wheels, 07 the gearbox is strengthened + the wheels are unlocked automatically).

Motoblock cascade of the MB 61-12 series

Specifications, price and analogues of the Cascade MB61-12 series:
  • Field depth – up to 26 cm;
  • Attachment width: 45/60/95 cm;
  • weight of engine blocks 94 kg;
  • chain reducer;
  • belt clutch;
  • maximum speed – 13 km / h;
  • Carburetor, 4-stroke engine, brand Briggs & Stratton, made in USA;
  • Displacement is 206 cm3;
  • power 6.5 hp;
  • engine weight 15 kg;
  • gas tank volume 3.6 l;
  • Gasoline for refueling: AI95 and AI92;
  • the presence of a decompressor;
  • manual starter + cord;
  • filling oil SAE 30;
  • Gasoline consumption of 1.6 liters per hour.

Versions of these modifications with a 7.5 hp engine are available. They differ only in power and torque. All other properties are identical. The average cost of modifications for 6.5 hp – 40,000 rubles, modifications for 7.5 hp – 45 thousand rubles, for 6 hp – 35 thousand rubles. 7.5 hp models more expensive and less in demand.

As analogues of the Cascade engine blocks of the 61-12 line, one can consider such models as the Salyut 100Bs and the Neva MB2B6 with a capacity of 6-6.5 hp.

Cascade MB61-21 series

Representatives of “Cascade” engine blocks from the MB61-21 series:

  • MB61-21-02-01 (02);
  • MB61-21-04-01(02);
  • MB61-21-05-01(02);
  • MB61-21-06-01 (02);
  • MB61-21-07-01 (02).

The distinguishing features of the series are similar to those of the Cascade MB6-06 walk-behind tractors, that is, according to the designation of the 61-21 series, all values ​​​​of the numbers are characterized by the following parameters: 0 2-01 – reinforced gearbox and conventional steering wheel, 02-02 – reinforced Gearbox and rotating steering wheel, 04 – basic gearbox, 05 – the gearbox is strengthened + the number of gears is increased, 06 – the gearbox is strengthened + the number of gears speed is increased + there is an unlocking of the wheels, 07 the gearbox is strengthened + the wheels unlock automatically).

Motoblock cascade of the MB 61-21 series

Specifications, price and analogues of the Cascade MB61-21 series:
  • depth of immersion of cutters during cultivation – 10-20 cm;
  • cultivation strip width – up to 90 cm;
  • rotation of knives – 36 cm;
  • Weight of engine blocks MB61-21 – 105 kg;
  • maximum speed – 13 km / h;
  • belt clutch;
  • Engine Robin-Subaru EX-21, petrol;
  • engine block power 6-7 hp (depending on engine model);
  • mounting width – up to 900 mm;
  • attachment diameter – 360 mm;
  • weight – 105 kg;
  • maximum speed – up to 13 km / h;
  • Displacement 211 cm³;
  • built-in DC generator;
  • tank capacity 3.6 l;
  • gasoline AI-92;
  • manual starter;
  • there is a transistor inductance;
  • Oil for the cold season: SAE 5W-30, for summer and spring – SAE 10W-30;
  • Fuel consumption – 1.6 – 1.8 liters per hour.

The cost of the model of the Cascade MB61-21 line is on average 30-48 thousand rubles (depending on the engine power and the configuration of the walk-behind tractor). A used model can be purchased at a price of 25-28 thousand rubles.

Analogues of the Cascade engine blocks of these modifications: Salyut 100RM1, Favorit MB, Neva MB3S, SunGarden, Craftsman 23030S, Caiman Vario 60S – 6-7 strong.

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Cascade MB61-22 series

The MB61-22 series includes the following models of engine blocks “Cascade”:

  • MB61-22-02-01/02;
  • MB61-22-04-01/02;
  • MB61-22-05-01/02;
  • MB61-22-06-01/02;
  • MB61-22-07-01/02.

Like the Previous Series, digital designations Description The Functional Features of the Gearbox, Engine, Steering Column and Unlocking Wheels: 02-01-enhanced Gearbox and Ordinary Steering Wheel, 02-02-enhanzed Gearbox and Rotary Steering Wheel, 04-Basic Gearbox, 05 cooking box is expanded+The number of speeds has been increased, 0 6-the gear is reinforced+increased number of speeds+There is a wheel stream, 07 gearbox is reinforced+automatic unlocking).

Motoblock cascade of the MB 61-22 series

Technical properties, price and analogues of the Cascade MB61-22 series:
  • Acker depth 32 cm;
  • Cultivation width 45 cm, 93 cm;
  • Weight blocks – 105 kg;
  • The speed of movement is 4 km/h, the speed of the forward drive is 12 km/h;
  • The engine is four clock, petrol, brands Honda GX-200;
  • Air cooling;
  • Motor volume 196 cm cube;
  • Power 6-7 hp depending on the type of engine;
  • The gas tank contains 4.5 liters of fuel;
  • Motobobes refuel Petrol AI92, AI95;
  • Petrol consumption of 1.4 to 1.7 liters per hour.

The average costs of the Cascade Motor note from the MB61-22 series are 41.5,000 rubles. The models used can be bought at a price of up to 38,000 rubles.

Recommended analogies of this motoblock line: favorite, Ruslan, Salute-100-All-All-Honda engines at 6-7 hp.

Series cascade with lifan engine

Cascad engine blocks are also made with Chinese Slling engines. These engines have the call as a reliable and robust units, the manufacturer has not yet flooded the market, but the popularity of such motlocks is growing rapidly. The engines of this manufacturer are also installed on other motoblocks, for example a plugman, Belarus, a greeting, a caliber and others.

Lifan Motor LF177 Motor Lifan 6.5 Motor Lifan 170F Motor Lifan 168F-2.5 PS

Technical properties, price and analogue of the cascade engine blocks with life engines
  • Plow depth 20 cm;
  • Cultivation width 45/90 cm;
  • weight stacks of 103 kg;
  • Speed ​​maximum – 10 km/h;
  • Minimum speed – 4.3 km/h;
  • Cooling type: air;
  • engine volume 317 cm cube;
  • power 6 hp;
  • The engine is inserted by an exhaust cable.
  • Fuel consumption 1.8-2 liters per hour.

The price of the Kascade n-Motblocks in the range from 33 to 35,000 rubles equipped with the Lifan engine. Used model can be bought cheaper, at a price of up to 30,000 rubles.

As analogues, you can consider motoblocks such as 5L or MK6 caliber with a capacity of 6 hp.

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Minitor from the engine block cascade

The model with which the engine is to be selected

You can select any model for the production of a mini vector from the Cascade Motor note. However, farmers with experience I recommend that you pay attention to models with American and Japanese engines with a capacity of 6 to 7 hp, for example from the MB61-12 series.

Additional components, what and where can you buy them?

For the design you need the following components:

  • Welding machine;
  • Electric drills with a number of drills;
  • Screwdriver, wrench;
  • Bulgarian with special discs “metal”;
  • Bolts, nuts, different fastening parts;
  • The seat for the operator;
  • Frame for the cabin (if it is planned to create it);
  • Hydraulic distributor;
  • Headlight;
  • Dimensional headlights;
  • Brake system.

You can buy this equipment in special hardware stores, in the construction markets and in online shops. We offer to get to know the video that shows a mini actionor that was made from the Cascade Motor note

Video check of the work of the “Kaskade” engine block

Video with the Cascade motorcycle block – an evaluation of the owner

Reviews of owners of Models Cascade

Valentine’s Day:

I am the owner of the Cascade MB61-22-02-01. I have had it for more than four years. He worked under difficult conditions, but the model simply conquered me! The walk tractor is economical, not loud. I carry out work such as hilling, plowing, cultivation. I translate too. I bought a cart for him in a year of operation. It accelerates to about 12 km/h if it is loaded.

Advantages: The fuel consumption is now about 2.5 liters per 10 tomorrow. There is enough strength for all work! I generally never broke.

Disadvantages: The mass is quite large, the first few months were very difficult. Then got used to it. Well, I spent the car.

Now I will say that I haven’t found the best model in parameters so far. I will use it while he will work


He worked with the Motor Block Cascade MB6-06-05-02 for seven years. I have a variation with a plastic gast tank. And immediately about the bad: the year of work and the lid cracked. I had to change. An unpleasant clutch lever, it was unusual for me to keep it all the time and repaired it with wire. I didn’t buy any additional devices, I only used digging, which, by the way, spoiled the potatoes properly for me. There was no money for a new one, and when they appeared, I sold my model. Incidentally, he was completely worker, just an indestructible unit. I want to buy something easier and easier

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