Motoblocks Aurora Gärtner 750 Smart. Overview, properties, reviews

Motor block Aurora 750

The Aurora 750 is a han d-led mi d-range tractor, ideal for farms and suburban areas. The machine has proven to be the best and is very much in demand due to the advanced functions in its segment. With regard to performance and functionality, Aurora 750 is in no way inferior to its competitors. The hand-led tractor has a good price-performance ratio-especially because of the support of all grown options that have classmates. Take into account the advantages of a han d-led tractor, technical properties and also what you need to know before using the device for the first time.

General information and design

The spectrum of the available tasks for the Aurora Gardener 750 is extensive and diverse. Depending on one or the other attachment option, the han d-led tractor can recover, cultivate, plow the floor and mow grass, pump water, transport goods and carry out other work. The device is perfectly optimized for work in connection with the preparation of the soil for the new season and for more complex tasks. Aurora 750 has a durable housing that is resistant to external influences. The most reliable construction elements include the camshaft and the crankshaft made of strong steel. Thanks to hig h-quality components, the resource of the engine could be increased and the service life of the product was extended. It is noteworthy that the han d-led tractor can now be started in any weather and that there are no starting problems even with freezing degrees – this is an undeniable advantage of the Aurora 750 compared to its predecessors.

Aurora 750 is equipped with new thre e-part knives, each of which has four knives. The high quality of the knives is undeniable because they are made of durable steel and also have a good thickness and the level of sharpness corresponds to more expensive counterparts. As a result, the premature wear could be reduced at high loads. In addition, we find decent indicators for the width and depth of land management, which are at a very competitive level. The good performance and stability of the device in some situations makes it possible to work without a boden hook.

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Technology characteristics:

  • Low weight, compact dimensions
  • Simple start in any weather
  • Robust chain drive
  • The gearbox is designed in a robust steel case that protects it from damage and various external irritation substances.
  • Reliable protection against bumps and dust
  • Additional equipment of all kinds optionally available
  • Increased clutch for connecting heavier and larger attachments
  • The front wheel fulfills a transport function. Thanks to him, even a woman can take over the transport and control of a handled tractor
  • The scope of delivery includes si x-cantals, each with 23 mm diameter. They serve as an locking for wheels and knives.
  • Sparing and environmentally friendly petrol engine with a good traction reserve
  • Three-speed gears with two forwards and a reverse gear
  • Big stroke thanks to a low fuel tank
  • Cutting knives with a special curvature angle that ensures the maximum performance and stability during extension
  • Comfortable and ergonomic handle, with the possibility to set height and horizontally. Multifunctional handle with engine block controls
  • The benzent tank cover is attached to the housing with a chain and will never be lost

Rules for use

After buying a walk tractor, preliminary operation must be carried out. Playing is required for the production and adaptation of internal components to local climate and road conditions. It is therefore possible to increase the endurance and reliability of the design of the engine Block Aurora 750. The ongoin g-in contains the following steps:

  • The first start of the engine. He has to work for 30-40 minutes at idle
  • It is necessary to check the work of the gearbox, turn on all gears alternately, preferably with a delay of 2-3 seconds so that the oil is pressed well before using the gearbox
  • After you have found the lack of oil substance texts and the reliability of attaching the screws and bolts, you can process the soil in all available species – cultivation, hilling, plowing, transportation of goods, etc. It is important to remember that this is important Load level on the hiking tractor 50 percent of the permissible load specified in the user manual should not exceed
  • After the enema, which takes an average of 8-10 hours, a complete technical inspection of the product should be carried out. If necessary, change the bikes, replace the oil filter, pour in new fuel, etc.
  • Running has been successfully completed, and the next day you can switch from an economical load to completely.
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Unmounted equipment

The support of all types of folding options does not mean that Aurora 750 is already equipped with them in the basic configuration. The machine is sold without a single option that significantly reduces the cost of the model. The adhesive equipment is also bought so that the owner can choose what he needs. We emphasize the most popular options that are most often bought for Aurora 750:

  • plow
  • The Wizard
  • Potato cap
  • Potato
  • Hook
  • Dare, trailer
  • water pump
  • Additional milling cutters (cultivation)
  • Snowman
  • Hayfield

Motor and technical properties

The Aurora 750 Motoblock is equipped with a 0.2-liter engine with 7 hp. The petrol engine supports the fuel of the AI ​​92 and AI 95 brands. There is a opposite with which you can move around. In each cutter, the diameter is 30 mm, the volume of the fuel tank is 3.2 liters, the volume of the oil crankcase housing is 0.5 liters.

From other parameters: processing width – 350 mm, processing depth – 160 mm. Starter is a manual type. Dimensions, length/width/height, mm: 1400 x 840 x 1020 mm.

Fuel consumption

The average fuel consumption of the Aurora 750 motor block is 1-2 liters per hour.

Prices in Russia

The average costs of the Aurora 750 model on the Russian market are 28,000 rubles.

Competitors: OKA MB-1MM10 LIFAN 6.5, AGAT 5L, Agrostar as 1050, Ruslan Agromotor 170f, Hyundai T1200, NEVA MB-C6.0 Compact, Scout GS135G.

Motoblock Aurora Gärtner 750. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Aurora Gärtner 750-universal functional device in connection with medium weight and motor vehicles. The tractor of the walk behavior is designed in such a way that it works with floors with an area of ​​up to 1 ha.

Engine block Aurora Gardener 750

When operating properly, it can overcome the most complex soils, can work with grinding, plowing, giefers and various other hinge tools.

Aurora Gärtner 750

Wheel mill transport wheel

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The main advantages of the Aurora Gardener 750 Motoblock:
  • Compactness;
  • Light weight and easy control;
  • engine quick start;
  • Gear protected by a steel case;
  • Additional equipment connected by a belt drive including heavy hinged guns such as mowers, adapters, carts, snowmakers;

Grass 750 snow blower snow

  • the ability to attach a universal coupling;
  • the presence of a transport wheel;
  • the presence of a coupon;
  • hexagonal axles, axle diameter 23 mm;
  • The availability of spare parts, warranty service for 12 months.


The Aurora Gardener 750 motoblock is available in one more modification – Gärtner Smart 750 (Aurora Gardener Smart 750). This model differs from the flagship in only a few parameters: the basic configuration, including the number of mills, since the usual Gardener has 750 smaller mills, and Smart has 24 Mills. In addition, in smart cutters are combined into four groups to make it more convenient to work with the soil.

Aurora Gardener 750 Motoblock overview” width=”676″ height=”500″ />

Another difference between Aurora Gardener 750 and Aurora Smart Gardener is an external design. Smart is more ergonomic, special plastic overlays are placed in the case. The weight of the motoblocks also varies: Aurora Smart 750 weighs 78 kg, and a regular Gardener 750 weighs only 52 kg.

Features of the Aurora Gardener 750 Motoblock:
  • Motoblock is quite economical in terms of gasoline consumption.
  • It has a recognizable pleasant design;
  • equipped with a motor, power of 7 hp;
  • A-7 engine brand;
  • Engine volume is 196 cm. Dice;
  • Gas tank capacity 3.2 liters;
  • The capacity of the oil crankcase is 0.6 liters;
  • Engine Type: Four-Stroke, Top Valves;
  • The maximum number of engine speeds is 3600 per minute.
  • Recommended fuel type: AI-92 gasoline.


Technical characteristics of the Aurora Gardener 750 Motoboblock:

  • Aurora Gardener 750 can operate in three-speed mode, one-speed – on the reverse. There is an inverse function.
  • The width of the cultivation strip is up to 75 cm, with the depth of plowing or digging into the land of the milling machine is 25 cm.
  • The radius of rotation of the cutter is 16.5 cm.
  • The device is started manually with a quick start system.
  • The average fuel consumption per hour is 360 g/hour.
  • Connection of hinge devices is carried out due to the belt transformer.
  • The weight of the wandering lost is 78 kg.
  • Wheel diameter 40 cm.
  • The overall dimensions of the Aurora Gardener 750: 1400x840x1020 engine note (length/width/height).
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User Guide

The basic equipment of the tractor of the Walk behavior provides the following components: In the cardboard box there are discs.

Aurora Engine Rules:
  • Do not load the Wanderloss tractor during a 100% power period. The maximum load should not exceed 2/3 of the maximum motor.
  • Carry out the enema according to the schedule indicated in the instructions – at least 10-20 mothers;
  • Regularly change the lubricants, add fresh oil, use high-quality gasolin e-These measures will increase the service life of the walkin g-behaviou r-tractor and save the engine in a stable working condition.
  • Do not smoke near a working tractor;
  • Pour fuel into the tank from fire and gas sources into the tank;
  • Work with a walk in closed clothes and shoes;
  • To reduce vibration, use mittens with overlays and prevent the consequences of the impact of noise from the wal k-tractor on the ear – berushi or special headphones.

Video review

Aurora Gardener 750

Reviews of the owners

On the network you can familiarize yourself with the reviews of the owners of this model. Basically, they note their performance and functionality, but the minuses – vibration and noise are strong.


“I bought a similar Aurora model in 2017, immediately encountered a problem, a walk tractor in the virgin lands and did not want to work. I myself did not understand anything, and immediately after the purchase turned to the purchase in its region. I note that the breakdown has been eliminated and has not taken money for repairs. I am very happy, since then the unit has worked for glory! I am pleased that such a technique is very affordable in price. I can not afford dear Motoblock or, for example, Austrians. The 750 Gasoline Gardener is a good option for middle-income farmers with a small area. The power of up to 7 horses! “

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