Motoblocks Aurora Country 1000. Overview, specifications, reviews

Motoblock Aurora Country 1000. Overview, specifications, test reports

Motoblock Aurora Country 1000 is a universal helper for a farmer on plots of up to 1 ha. This on e-axle tractor is one of the moderate motor vehicles, is easy to control, agile and quick.

Motoblock Aurora Country 1000

Like more expensive counterparts, Aurora Country can do a large amount of work with an engine output of 7 hp and also work 4-5 hours without shutdown due to the fuel tank capacity of 3.2 liters.

Basic equipment Aurora Country 1000

Protective wing and knife Scharräder Transport bike

The device is sold packed in a thick cardboard. The runtime of the guarantee is 12 months.


The engine of the hand-led Aurora Country 1000 tractor is a petrol four-stroke engine with a volume of 207 cubic meters. See the start takes place manually, even with freezing degrees, the device jumps from a place without any problems and starts working. This is due to the quick start option. The engine is cooled by blisters, so you have to take a technological break every 4-5 hours during the operation of the hand-led tractor during operation of the hand-led tractor until the engine has cooled down.

Features of the petrol model of the han d-led tractor Aurora Country 1000:
  • There are headlights for comfortable working at night;
  • comfortable adjustable handle;
  • the presence of protective panes;
  • There are si x-cantons, these axes fix eyelets, milling cutters and wheels;
  • Casting iron gears, wear and damage festival;
  • han d-led tractor of the middle weight class;
  • simple control;
  • adequate working speed;
  • adjustable floor processing track;
  • Recommended petrol for refueling: AI-92 (95).

Technical characteristics

Technical properties of the han d-led tractor Aurora Country 1000:

  • The han d-led Aurora Country 1000 tractor can edit the floor in a width of 80 to 120 cm.
  • The field depth is 36 cm and the number of gears is three, one of which is backwards.
  • The fuel tank is designed for 3.2 liters of gasoline. H
  • And the device is equipped with a diameter of 40 cm.
  • Dimensions of the han d-led tractor in cm: 170x100x80.
  • The weight of the machine is 73 kg.
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This technology was specially developed for comfortable work on light floors, whereby the characteristics of the relief and the periodically high humidity are taken into account.

Aurora AE-7 engine

The specified engine power also allows new territory to be processed, but in compliance with all rules for the operation of the device. Switch the device off after 4-5 operating hours for 15-20 minutes.

User Guide

Features of the use of the han d-led tractor Aurora Country 1000:

  • Gears guarantees gently switching and transition from one speed to the other;
  • The transmission is protected by a durable cast iron housing;
  • The tap wave offers the connection of a wide range of attachments and the power of 7 hp. – Work with such heavy attachments such as a roundabout mower, a snow blower, a egg, a solid ground milling;
  • The han d-led tractor can be used for floors with any relief and soaked soils;
  • the presence of a reinforced trailer coupling;
  • Comfortable rotary handle;
  • Fast start even with minus degrees;
  • the presence of a reversal;
  • Increased safety for the farmer due to the placement of the steel blood on the underside of the steering column – this part can block the front gears so that the operator can use fastening devices.
  • Floors contained in the package are compiled in three and another that can be removed in order to shorten the width of processing.
  • There is a voucher in stock, support for stability at the front and protective slices for installation on wheels.

Motoboblock Maintenance Aurora Country 1000:

  • Use only of high quality oils, preferably with division into the seasons – mineral in summer, synthetics in winter;
  • Do not save good gasoline, the right fuel extends the engine as much as possible.
  • The motorcycle block should be stored by the direct sun in summer and in the room with plus temperature in winter.
  • The frequency of planned at the time: once in a season, ie at least every three months;
  • Öler set – after 100 hours of operation.
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Video review

Aurora Country 1000

Reviews of the owners

There are many reviews on the Internet from the owners of this model of the Aurora Motor Block. They notice its functionality and strength and from minus – poor processing quality.


“Aurora Advance is not satisfied with the Aurora Motoblock! I read good reviews and think that I was probably unlucky. First the camp had to dust, and then I had to repair the checkpoint. My assessment is negative. “

Aurora Country 1000 Motoblocks. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

The Aurora Country 1000 petro l-hiking tractor can easily have to do with professional work despite the middle class, such as: B. cultivation, plowing and harvest in large areas of land. With a significant weight of 98 kg and a petrol engine with a capacity of 7 hp, the device carries out the entire work assigned to it.

All line bodies are located on the handles and facilitate the operator with the work on the Aurora Country 1000 motor block. In order not to walk behind the device on the plowed floor, the manufacturers align the grip with a rotary mechanism that makes control easier.

Motoblock Aurora Country 1000

The transmission is one of the most important nodes in the cultivating, so it is reliably protected by a cast corps from stones and dirt. Wings are installed via wide pneumatic bikes with relief level that prevent dirt and land lumps from the operator.

By the presence of a power selection shaft, you can connect all fastening devices, which enhances the skills of the Aurora Country 1000 MOTBLOCK. A reliable assembly mechanism enables you to attach a plow, a car or turns.

Motoblock Aurora Country 1000

Technical characteristics

Motor type: A-7 OHV 207 cm3
Perfomance: 7 PS
Starter: Manual
Processing width: 80-120 cm
Front speeds: 2
Reverse programs: 1
The volume of the fuel tank: 3.2 L
Fuel: AI92 petrol
Dimensions: 1700x1000x800 mm
The weight: 98 kg
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Operating characteristics

It is recommended that the hiking loss is stored in a warm dry room after the entire gasoline has been released beforehand. This happens in such a way that condensation does not occur on the walls of the tank and the fuel system is preserved in the state of work.

Below you will find an official video check that you can use to visually evaluate the advantages of the Aurora Country 1000 Motoblock:

The run will be carried out before the start. During this time, all details are rubbed and lubricated.

The runnin g-in is carried out in accordance with the following rules:

  • The engine switches on and has to work for 20 minutes. After a while, a grunt is carried out (revolutions are obtained up to the maximum number).
  • In this mode, the engine is operated for 4 hours. After this time, in the next 4 hours you can use a tractor for walks without a special load, i.e. H. without improving the appendix.
  • The department can be completed after 8 hours of operation in a gentle mode.
  • The oil after completing the barrel is replaced by a new one.

You can familiarize yourself in detail with the instruction by the link.


We recommend that you leave your feedback from our internet magazine if you are the owner of the Aurora Country 1000 Motor note to help other readers choose a future purchase.


I have had a tractor for a walk for a year, but I hope it will take a long time. At that time he unveiled no defects. In work, the device is like a tractor with all tasks, and this is cultivation, plowing and collecting potatoes.

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