Motoblocks Agura. Review of the list, properties

Checking the AGUR switch. Characteristics of application and operation. Reviews of the owners

We start an overview of the “Agura” motor blocks. These units are designed in such a way that they carry out all types of agricultural work and a large selection of supply companies. This technology is often used to process small and mediu m-sized sowing areas that are widespread by small farmers and private owners of land plots.

Minor series “Agura”

We offer to get to know modifications and their features of the “Agura” motifblock. Information from the manufacturer’s official website.

The following changes to the Agura Motorized devices are available on the market:

  1. “Agura 900”.
  2. Improved modification “Agura 900 NEW”.
  3. “Agura” 1100 9b MQ.

Consider the properties of these units.

“Agura 900”

This is a petrol unit that is equipped with a 1-cylinder fou r-stroke engine with overheating. Engine power 7 hp.

Agura 900 motor block

The power plant is started from a manual starter. The gearbox is mechanical, a strap, the presence of two front speeds and backwards. The width of the border by tailor can be adjusted from 80 to 120 cm. The cultivation depth is 15 to 30 cm. The handles are adjustable, there is from.

Technical characteristics:
Engine type Fou r-Stroke, a cylinder
The number of gears, forward/backward 2/1
engine Lifan
transmission Chain
Engine power, l. With. 7:00
Motor volume, cubic meter. 196
The depth of soil processing, see 32
The width of soil processing, see 90

Improved modification “Agura 900 NEW”

This improved unit weighs 76 kg. The hig h-performance carburettor Lifan is attached to the frame, its power is 7 hp.

Motoblock Agura 900 NEW

The start of the Lifanovsky engine is inertia manual. The type of chain gear is reinforced, the box is pounded, there are 2 speeds forward and a direction in the opposite direction. The recording of tailors can be adjusted from 80 to 110 cm. The processing depth is 15 to 30 cm. It i s-in the processing.

“Agura” 1100 9b MQ

This modification is the most difficult, the weight of the hiking tractor is 130 kg. Two types of power plants are installed on this unit:

  • Lifan177 f, with a capacity of 9 liters. With.;
  • MQ 177-4 with a force of 9 liters. With.

Motoblock Agura 1100 9b MQ

Start of the engine’s intial manual. The kit contains four mills. The detection width of 80 to 135 cm can be adjusted during the grinding. Diving the cutter by 15 to 30 cm is mechanical, 2+1.

Technical characteristics
Motor type: 4 clock, gasoline
Perfomance: 6.8 kW/9 HP
Plowing depth: 15-30 cm
Plowing width: 80-135 cm
Coupling: Reduction
Start type: Manual
Speeds: 2-day, before 1- before
Engine: Lifan177f

Fantastic equipment and their use with engine blocks “Agura”

Motoblock without hanging devices is a useless device, but in the kit with functional attachments turns into a multifunctional device of a wide range of effects. The following actions can be carried out with a walk behavio r-tractor with obstacle:

  • grind the floor;
  • Plow with a plow;
  • Plant potatoes;
  • Sau plants;
  • Hill plants;
  • Harrow through the beds;
  • Pour;
  • Harvest;
  • Mowing and care for the lawn;
  • Remove garbage;
  • clear snow;
  • Transport goods etc.

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Let us get to know the tools with which you can run all these processes on your website:

    Floor mill. Developed for the production (cultivation) of the soil for planting various agricultural plants. The dresses are included in the completion of the Agura engine blocks, but they are delivered in a disassembled form, so that the owner of the equipment must independently assemble the cutter. The assembly manual is described in detail in the instructions. The manufacturer uses its units with saber deflected mills. However, if you want, you can buy your variety separately – cultivating “goose legs”.

Grind cutters hussin paws plow standard pm-1

Pneumoles pneumatic coses cosa

Rotor brush shchrmm-1 dump-lopata simple SM-0.6

Adapter anterior walk block adapter for a walk-in engineer TPM-350-1 trolley

Potat o-bor universal potato residents

Harrow chain coupling helper

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Instructions of the “Agura” engine

When buying the AGURA technology, we recommend that you examine the instructions for the company immediately, in which the following information is influenced in detail:

  1. Mounting device.
  2. Its technical properties.
  3. Safety requirements when working with a tractor for walks.
  4. Motorstar t-Up manual.
  5. Play the “Agura” technology.
  6. Technical service.
  7. Problems.

We will familiarize ourselves with some of the sections listed.


The runnin g-in is carried out to increase the motorized motorized device that occurs in a savings (without loads) when rubbing all moving parts of the engine unit. The duration of the battery period for Agura is 5 hours. It is necessary to properly prepare for this process in order to ensure the correct process of the process and its end. Look at some rules:

  1. Fill the fuel tank with fuel before starting the run.
  2. Fill out the motor oil (10W-40 or 10W-30) of the engine crank and the gearbox (TAD-17i or TAP-15V) -a transmission of the walk-in tractor.
  3. Get the engine and heat it a little.
  4. If you run without loads, you gradually increase the speed, but do not exceed engine power more than ¾Z.
  5. During the period, check the work of all components and mechanisms – transmission, etc.
  6. Leave the oil at the end of the run and replace it with new ones.

The main stages of maintenance

Maintenance of the “Agura” switch, this is above all:

  1. Daily care of the unit “B” and “After”.
  2. Oil change.
  3. Conservation work.
  4. Planned exams etc.

The preservation of the technology is the preparation for a long period of downtimes (for example winter). The main stages of the preservation are:

  • Drainage and fuel outflow;
  • Cleaning and rinsing the unit;
  • Dry;
  • Lubrication with suitable substances (lilet, solidol, etc.).
The daily care consists of the following actions:
  1. Before operation, it is necessary to check the oil and fuel level if necessary and add the work fluids.
  2. Check the reliability of bolt connections and tire pressure.
  3. After the work of the Agura walking tractor, it is necessary to clean, wash and dry and then grease it with a lithol or solidol.

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Motobobes malfunctions “Agura”

The instructions (which can be found on the official website) show a complete table with malfunctions of this equipment. We will touch only a few malfunctions:

  1. The engine doesn’tstart:
    • check for fuel;
    • check the oil level;
    • whether high-quality working fluids are poured;
    • check the condition of the filters;
    • clean the carburetor;
    • Check spark plugs and replace if necessary;
    • adjust ignition;
    • check the tightness of the cylinder cover;
    • ring the magneto;
    • Check if the high voltage cable is broken.
  2. Jerks when operating the Agura two-wheel tractor:
    • the drive belt is loose or broken;
    • Tires are worn or have a different pressure;
    • lack of fuel;
    • Screws must be set correctly.
  3. Skipping the drive belt:
    • the belt is worn and needs to be replaced;
    • oily dirt sticks to the belt – cleaning helps;
    • The tension is loose and needs to be adjusted.
  4. Transmission overheating during operation:
    • little gear oil;
    • low-quality oil;
    • Bearings are worn and need to be replaced.

Video review of Agur’s work

We offer you to watch a video showing the Agura walk-behind tractor in action with various attachments:

owner reviews

Ilya, 29 years old:

Pretty basic no-frills petrol walk-behind tractor. The power is small and designed for small areas. The compact dimensions even allow you to work in a greenhouse. In operation, it vibrates strongly, rumbles, fuel consumption is acceptable. The assembly is so-so, it has been welded for a year, the cable has changed. The cutters aren’t very good either – I’ve made others stronger. I don’t know how long it will last, but the price is affordable, I don’t regret the purchase.

Sergei, 45 years old:

The third year of my Agura in work. There are no special requirements, milling, planting, selecting – what else is needed. After the second wintering, he came out of hibernation with difficulty, but then the ox returned to working mode. In the second year of life I had to contact the service – the bearing was replaced, the guys fixed it for a month, I had to return to the usual shovel and snot, now I’m glad the nurse finally returned ( that’s what I call Aguru ).

Motor blocks Agura. Overview of the model range, properties, attachments, instructions

These devices are designed to automate a large number of land works in garden, garden and household plots. In addition, Agura walk-behind tractors are used in goods transport and in the work of municipal utilities.

Below are the characteristics of the main models of Agura walk behind tractors from the official website.

Agura 900

This model is equipped with a 6.5 hp petrol engine.

Agura 900 motor block

Agura 900 starts with a manual starter.

The working depth of the cutters is 30 cm, the maximum working width is 90 cm.

Agura 900 NEW

This is a more advanced model. This device is equipped with a Lifan single-cylinder four-stroke petrol engine with an output of 7 hp. The engine of the Agura 900 NEW is powered by a manual starter.

Motoblock Agura 900 NEW

  • The tillage depth with cutterbars is 15 to 30 cm and the working width can be adjusted from 80 to 110 cm.
  • The transmission of the engine block Agura 900 NEW has 3 stages: 2 forward and one reverse.
  • The walk behind tractor weighs 76 kg.
  • The Agura 900 NEW has an improved chain drive.
Small tractor Chuvashpille r-1220 - description and properties

Agura 1100 9B MQ

This professional model is equipped with a 9 hp LIFAN177 F petrol engine. The engine of the Agura 1100 9B MQ is started with a manual starter.

Motoblock Agura 1100 9b MQ

The maximum working width of the Agura 1100 9B MQ surface with cutterbar is 135 cm, and the depth of immersion into the soil can reach 30 cm.

The weight of the Agura 1100 9B MQ engine block is 130 kg.


Motoblocks are full-fledged mini tractors. With the help of additional attachments, they are able to perform a wide range of agricultural work:

  • Plowing and grinding the soil;
  • Plants, hills and ditch potatoes;
  • Snow cleaning;
  • Bart weed;
  • Transport of goods.


These problems are included in most AGUR motor blocks. It is used by farmers to mix the upper layer of soil before planting agricultural plants and collecting.

When compilation, it is necessary to clearly follow the manufacturer’s operating manual. Since the cutters are incorrectly combined, they are canceled and fail quickly.


While working with heavier floors, it is better to use plows with front of Agur blocks to mix the upper layer of the floor. The manufacturer offers a revolutionary plow on the official website.

The accused plow

The work of them is carried out a little more slowly because the width of capture is limited by a piece. If you work with solid rocks, cutter cannot enter the floor and just jump, and the plows can process such areas.


This adhesive equipment is often used by supply companies and landscaping companies together with the Aguur motor.

Rotary Braids are presented on the official website to mow weed and small herb. Their design has two metal slices between which the knives are. When the tractor of the walk is switched on, the knives are encouraged and cut under the influence of the centrifugal force.

Rotor segment mower

If you have to remove the area with thick grass and bushes, you can better use segment options. They have two rows of knife in a horizontal level and alternately move to each other. However, segment mowers can only be used on a flat surface.

The mower must be hung in front of the tractor of the walk behavior.

Potato cake and potato dwellers

Potatoes are a popular agricultural culture in our country. However, working on landing and cleaning requires great physical work. Agura motorbobes along with a special problem can automate it.

Potato and potato cuts are used in cases where it is necessary to carry out work on a large property.

Potato potato river

The most difficult to dig holes is to dig while planting. In order not to use the potato adversar, you can partially automate the work. To do this, you only have to make one ditch with plow and plant potatoes.

Instead of a potato capital, you can use a plow again. In this case, however, it is necessary to be extremely careful, since it reduces a large number of potatoes if the setup is incorrect.

Snowman and dumplings

In the winter season, most owners of Motobobes Agur find no work. Although you can help with snow cleaning.

Rules for the propagation of grapes with cuttings

The snowman is mainly used in supply companies where it is necessary to remove large areas. This fastening equipment selects a layer of snow and throws it through the channel.

Light-off shovel

If you don’t have much snow in winter, you can use the usual shovel sheet. You copy perfectly with a snow cover with a height of up to 20 cm. The blade should be hung in front of the Agor motor block.


Agura motor blocks can carry goods over long distances with followers. There are ordinary trolleys, but there is sel f-loving. The manufacturer offers its customers a second option with high sides, a seat in front and a maximum load capacity of 300 kg.

Pendant for the Walk Tractor Urals

Wheels, floor rooms, caterpillars and weighting

In the standard configuration, the AGUR switches are supplied with a number of meal and pneumatic bikes. With the tires you can deliver the device to the site. These bikes have a wide profile, which means that they can move around the hiking tractor together with assembly equipment.

If the clutch with the surface is not sufficient, the manufacturer recommends replacing the tires with floor surfaces. Their metal plates penetrate into viscous ground and improve the properties of cros s-country ability.

Supporting bike 4.8 load copy vehicles

There is another problem in the winter season. This is a glide on ice. In this case, it is necessary to increase the contact area of ​​the device with the surface. A caterpillar module helps.

Another way to improve the consistency properties is weighting. They are metal pancakes that are hung on a wheel axle. Weight average with a weight of 16 kg is presented on the manufacturer’s official website.


During work on large areas on the owner of the AGUR switch, a large load is in progress. To reduce it, there is a special prefix – an adapter.

It is a frame with a seat and a stand for the legs so that you can control the change of the agure seat. There are options for adapters that can be hung in front of the tractor of the walk behavior.


The problem of the Agura switch is a small number of gears. And the speed of the wheels is often too high. Handmacher can solve this problem. They are installed on the underground frame in the engine. The driver’s operating principle is very simple, a small star is installed on the motoblock hal f-wave and this equipment is large. During the operation of the AGUR switch, the drivers take over most of the engine speed.

Clamp a driver


A universal coupling is installed on the AGURE switch. You can not only use hanging devices from the official location of the manufacturer, but also from the third party walk areas.

operation and maintenance

Before you continue with the full use of AGO blocks, you have to familiarize yourself with the operating instructions. It describes the technical properties of the model, the assembly sequence and the operating rules.


Each new unit of Ago r-Abssen must begin the operation in accordance with the requirements of the operating instructions.

  • After assembly, pay attention to add oil and fuel to the corresponding subjects.
  • You cannot start operating with full power.
  • First you have to run (in other words, use a tractor with a walk behavior at minimal loads). This is done for the thorough lubrication of all spare parts of the tractor of the walk behavior and its clear introduction to the grooves.
  • Usually the curren t-in takes 5 to 8 hours.
Motoblocks Zubr. Overview of the model range and components, owner reviews

The next video check shows the Allrain vehicle of the AGUR switch:


Agura Motoblocks are produced in China and are not regarded as a quality standard. In order to expand your application, you should therefore carry out technical work in accordance with the operating instructions.

The engine oil should be changed after 25 hours of operation of the Agura motor block. The manufacturer recommends using half-synthetic options 10W-40 or 10W-30.

  • The replacement of gear oil should be worked after 100 hours. You can use publicly available TAD-17i or TAP-15V for these purposes.
  • The control levers must be lubricated with Lithol-24 once a month.
  • All AGUR switches are gasoline and work on AI-92. The use of old or dirty fuel is not allowed.
  • Once every six months, it is necessary to check the condition of fuel and air filters. They tend to clog with dirt and fail.

Basic malfunctions and repairs

The switches of the agure are a technique that tends to fail at regular intervals. Therefore, every owner must know how to correct them. Here are the main recommendations of the manufacturer:

In the following you will find the possible reasons for what the drive belt glides:
  • Glue oily mud (it is recommended to clean the belt);
  • Weakening of the belt tension (pull it more firmly);
  • There was a strong wear on the belt.
The gearbox is very heated during operation:
  • Lack of transmission oil or lubricant of low quality;
  • There was wear from frictional bearings (in this case it is better to contact the service center for repair).
Agura’s engine block works with idiots:
  • Different tire pressure or wear;
  • Setting screws are not true;
  • Low fuel level;
  • Problems with the drive belt.

Video review

In this video check, the shattering earth with the switchers from Agur with the adapter is presented:

owner reviews

In the forums, they say the following about the work of the AGO blocks:


“I bought an AGURA 900 walk tractor in 2015. So far I’ve been satisfied. The engine works for both positive and negative temperatures. It processes moist soil without problems, but with a virgin floor. Sometimes you have to go with mills 5-6 times to usually break the dirt clips. I thought enough for a few seasons, but so far there have been no special collapse.

Advantages: Small fuel consumption and low price

Disadvantages: Power is still not enough “


“I bought an Agur Motoblock a year ago. In the spring he processed 20 morning. Management is quite simple, but those who have no longer recorded such devices will initially have hands. Only if you get used to the device and find the optimal position does the control seem comfortable. The weights of the walk and its strength are sufficient for my section with my head.

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