Motoblocks Agro: technical characteristics of models, equipment, reviews of owners

Motoblock Agro

Agro is a family of heavy-duty, professional-grade walk-behind tractors. Despite its indolence and gluttony, the technique has a high margin of safety and excellent capabilities. Possible problems in operation can only be associated with maneuverability, since the walk-behind tractor is very heavy and can be compared with full-fledged mini-tractors. In addition, the device is equipped with large “toothed” wheels. High reliability and performance made the walk behind agro tractor one of the most popular in the world.

Purpose and design features

The machine in question is designed for tasks related to tillage, ploughing, mounding, harrowing, raising flower beds, cleaning areas from snow, leaves and other debris, as well as mowing grass and transporting heavy loads.

Agro began to roll off the assembly line at the Ufa engine plant. Originally, the model was known under the Agros brand. Soon the manufacturer was renamed “Agro”.

At the heart of the walk-behind tractor is a classic single-axle scheme with a PTO. The model is equipped with a durable gearbox. Its main components are a reduction gear, a cone dry clutch and a limited-slip differential. By the way, the last element slightly improves the maneuverability of the product. Transmission – four-speed. The presence of an inversion allows you to rotate 360 ​​degrees. This is very convenient given the large size and weight of the walk behind tractor. This means it can also be used in tight spaces.

The high efficiency of the technique was achieved due to the presence of steering column adjustments. The column can be adjusted in different angles, up to 30 degrees in the horizontal and vertical side.

The next feature of the walk-behind tractor is the ability to install not only branded equipment, but also to connect your own “homemade” equipment. As a result, the two-wheel tractor has almost unlimited possibilities.


A two-wheel tractor of the same name is rarely bought in its basic configuration. In fact, to appreciate the wide range of possibilities offered by Agro, it is necessary to use it with different auxiliary models. Of these, we mention only the most common elements recommended by the manufacturer:

  • Assembled unit ANM-4
  • Mower (segment) KN-1
  • Mower (normal) – KM 0.5
  • Grouser
  • Hiller
  • Snow plow SM-2B
  • potato digger
  • potato planter
  • Cart PTM-500
  • Cutter (multiple parts)
  • Brush ShchP-09
  • Shield The basic package includes only air wheels and a universal hitch that allows you to connect third-party attachments.
Easter in the garden

properties and engine

Agro equipment has the following characteristics: body length – 1800 mm, width and height – 850 and 1100 mm, respectively. The ground clearance is 250 mm and the minimum turning radius is 1200 mm.

The tractor of the walking behavior has a no n-regulated route – its width is 600 mm. The mass of the entire structure is 160 kg.

Of course, the technology is very difficult to transport with such dimensions and mass. There are many minus, but there are many more advantages. In this case, the main thing is to have a specific idea of ​​where the tractor of walking is used.

The tractor of the walk behavior is designed for a processing depth of up to 200 mm, and the traction force is 100 kgf.

The maximum mass of the transported freight (if a trailer) is 500 kg. Agro can move at a speed of up to 15 km/h.

The 1-cylinder gasoline carburetor REMZ-341, which is equipped with air cooling, is responsible for the performance. In fact, this engine is a copy of the Japanese Honda GX240. There is fuel support from A-76 to AI-92. A large tank offers an acceptable stroke supply until the next refueling.

With a work volume of 0.3 liters, the power plant develops 8 hp and the torque is 17 N/m. The engine uses a cylinder with a diameter of 79 mm.

The engine is initially adapted for use under difficult conditions. In newly designed versions, the developers managed to improve the lubricating system. If the lubricant was previously carried out by spraying, the oil is now under pressure under pressure of the pump under pressure. Therefore, frictional details in particular are lubricated. Before entering the friction, the oil is filtered in a replaced filter.

Fuel consumption

Agro is equipped with a 6-liter fuel tank. After numerous reviews, the technology consumes about 3 liters per hour. Many owners manage to meet 2 liters, and for some the consumption reaches 4 liters. It all depends on the load and the accuracy of driving and the quality of the street area.

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Prices in Russia

The Agro Motoblock is widespread in brand shops and in the supported market. The technology has been on the market for a long time, so that there is a large number of offers in the secondary level. The average price of the copy supported today is 25,000 rubles. The most equipped option costs around 45,000.

As for the new car, everything is much more complicated here. In view of the high popularity, the new AGRO auto column in the basic version costs at least 55,000 rubles. The price often reaches 60,000 rubles.

Agro successfully competes with domestic and imported models and is relatively inexpensive. According to the properties, this walk-in tractor can be compared with Belarus-09n cars, Burlak 10 DF, also Belarus 08 MT.

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The manufacturer of the Agro Motorn note is the UFA Enterprise – Umpo, which specializes in engine construction. The publication of motor blocks of this series was launched in 1998, and the model itself was released in 1996 in the project. Since then, the Agr o-Motoblocks (or “Agros” – the original name) has been very popular.

More than forty thousand copies of cars came from the worker of the work. From 2008 to 2011, Agro’s production was suspended and then restored and continues to this day.

The popularity of the walk in the first years of publication and today is due to hig h-quality spare parts, the assembly quality and the power of the device.

The main purpose of the agricultural hike tractor is the entire work area in medium and large areas.

Despite the fact that other Russian manufacturers produce devices with a lot of horsepower, Agros still does not give up its management position and receives the most positive feedback from the owners.

Engine parameter

The heavy hand-led “Agro” tractor is equipped with an 8 PS petrol engine. The number of cylinders is 1, the cycle time 4. According to technical indicators, the device can be assigned to professional devices. Its endurance and strength enable the machine to be used on parcels with a total area of ​​up to several hectares. Motor cooling system: air bubbles.

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Motor model – petrol change. The parameters and the general design of the engine are similar in many ways to the Japanese Honda engine of the GX240 brand, the same number of horses, the lifespan of the engine, endurance and the ability to work for many years without breakdown. The compression ratio is lowered so that the hand-led tractor can also be operated without any problems with inexpensive gasoline such as AI-76, 80 or 92.

Honda GX 240 petrol engine Umz-341 engine

The cylinder in the engine is arranged inclined, the angle of inclination is 25 degrees. The engine is lubricated with oil in a certain way, namely: there is no oil splash. A special pump promotes oil (under pressure, with the help of a pump) after filtration to all touching parts of the engine. The displacement is 333 ccm.

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The main features of the hand-led agro tractor

Motoblock has the following properties:

  • can carry out all agricultural work on small, medium and large areas;
  • will be useful for gardeners;
  • used for supply functions (cleaning, transport, cleaning);
  • Sowing and collecting work – plants of crops, root fruits, harvest;
  • The steering column can be swiveled, thanks to this option, the control button can be set at an angle of 30 degrees in two levels and turned in a mirror, which increases the comfort when driving the device for snow streams and henoming;
  • Big wheels;
  • Weight suitable for working of all complexity (160 kg);
  • Availability of attachments, adaptability to the work with attachments from UGRA, NEVA, Cascade, Salyut, Oka and other Russian motor vehicles;
  • Engine reliability, good performance ratings, endurance and durability.

Operating and maintenance instructions

Read the operating instructions for its operation before using the agro and aerial tractor. Keep the instructions for the entire service life of the device.

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Oil and fuel

  • Motor oil – for ai r-cooled carburetor depending on the season, for example SaE15W / 30;
  • Gear oil – SAE80/W90;
  • Fuel – petrol A I-86, 90;
  • Lubricant – lito l-24, synthetic fat, fat fat.

Oil SAE 80W-90 Oil SAE 80W-90 Motor oil SAE 10W30 Litol-24

First run and enema

Before the first start, place the gear lever on neutral and the PTO.

Recommendation from the manufacturer: at least 40 hours.

Slight transport work (with a low trailer load) and work with a singl e-axle tractor when the engine is partially loaded are allowed.


The main causes of breakdowns

Motoblock “Agro” cannot start for several reasons:

  • Inadequate amount of fuel;
  • inadequate oil level;
  • Settlement of the han d-led tractor, too low air temperature (in winter);
  • more serious mistakes that require repairs.
The most common problems:
  • Leckage of oil (can occur due to cuff wear or due to their damage to eliminate the exchange of cuffs);
  • The clutch coupling does not switch off fully (the clutch lever “walks”, the cable is too extended, it is eliminated by the exchange or shortening of the cable and regulating the lever to the standard).
  • There is no complete torque (maybe the pressure spring was weakened or the leading cup is worn out, it is eliminated by replacement or setting).

The device and the circuit of the walk behavior, engine, engine

The components of the Agro Motor note:

  • Steering rod with a reverse gear;
  • Tw o-wheel chassis;
  • Motor (attached to the case of the clutch control mechanism);
  • Power transmission.

The engine is:

  • Transmission;
  • Transmission;
  • Clutch coupling;
  • Main equipment;
  • Differential with lock;
  • final transmission;
  • From the.

Scheme of the gear of the motor bloc k-Agro

Device, repair and tuning carburetor

The following diagram shows the device of the carburetor of the AGRO Motornote-the KR-45R model.

Type of the carburetor: swimmer. The horizontal position of the diffuser.

The setting (setting) of the carburetor of the AGro Motor Mote is only carried out with a heated engine with a special adjustment screw. The position of the gas is set. The idle speed should be so small that the engine sounds even and even. The maximum and minimum engine speed are set several times until the desired result is achieved.

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ELP, hempers, warehouse

  1. For the AGRO engine blocks, bearings with an inner diameter of 20 mm are used, an external diameter of 47 mm. The width of the camp is 14 mm.
  2. ELS (cuffs) for this model: for a gearbox/gearbox, cuff size 2.2-30 × 52 × 1, for the primary shaft the size of the oil seal 20 × 42 × 10 mm
  3. Agros Antigns: Universal for Motblocks with a capacity of 6-9 hp.

Cup, gear, flywheel

The transfer of “Agros” consists of such elements:

  • conical coupling – dry type with friction coupling;
  • Equipment reducer;
  • Differential (there is a function of forced blocking).

Number of programs: 4 forward, 2 before 2.

Ignition, starter, candles

  • The ignition of the Agro Motor note is carried out using the contactless Magneto MB-23U.
  • A motor block is started with a hand starter after the cable is automatically removed. The power of the motor of the tractor of the Walk behavior is 25 watts.

Candles for this device: Type A11-3. It can replace the A-17V type with candles (for example when switching to better gasoline to AI-92).

For such a transition, you also have to move the ignition angle of two degrees. The direction of the shift is clockwise.

Video check of the work of the Motoboblok “Agro”

Video on the preparation of the Agros Motor note for plowing

Video about Cumming potatoes

If you are the owner of the Motoblock of this model, share a link to the video about the work of your technology in the comments on this article.

Reviews of the owners


“I didn’t buy my Agros again. I don’t use it very often because I also have a second motblock so that I do the whole work that is connected to the garden. I have more agro for transport, like a tractor and work.

Advantages: good speed in 4 gear, sufficient power to use it as a snowman. The worthy motblock together with MTZ and motor.

Disadvantages: Almost all owners sooner or later collide with the breakdown of the wheel of a o n-board transmission. The previous owner was so, he changed. I still have everything fine. “

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