Motoblocks Agate. Video review of models and attachments, owner reviews

Multifunctional walk behind tractor Agat

In 1968, the Moscow Machine-Building Plant Znamya Revolyutsii established a production branch at the leased sites of the Gavrilov-Yamsky Flax Mill – Workshop No. 100, where the production of small gardening tools under the Agat brand began. However, the main activity of the workshop was the manufacture of special equipment for aviation. At the end of the nineties, the company JSC GMZ “Agat” merged with the Federal Research and Production Center “Salyut” and until 2011 was engaged in the production of Salyut-5 walk-behind tractors.

Since 2012, the Gavrilov-Yamsky Machine-Building Plant has built its own production of Agat tractors, based on the design and technological developments and production facilities inherited from Salyut. By equipping the units with professional engines from well-known brands, the family of modern Agat two-wheel tractors has now been significantly expanded.

Model range of motoblocks

Motoblocks Agat are classic units with a PTO along the central flow towards the side members. A PTO shaft can be mounted on the gearbox shaft, the drive pulley is equipped with 4 streams, the driven pulley with three. The devices are characterized by reliability, ease of use, optimal technical characteristics, combined with affordable prices.

Motoblocks Achaf

agate salute 5

Motoblock Agat Salyut 5:

The reliable universal machine is equipped with a Lifan engine with an output of 6.5 hp and can process areas of up to 50 hectares. The Chinese engine is rationally adapted to various temperature conditions. Modification Benefits:

  • The transmission is represented by a V-belt drive with an idler pulley, a reduction gear providing 4 forward / 2 reverse gears.
  • Good stability due to low center of gravity.
  • Undemanding to the quality of the fuel.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • Low vibration and noise.
  • Possibility to connect various additional devices.
  • Easier assembly and disassembly of wheels and steering.

Agate BS-1

On a multifunctional two-wheel tractor with a power of 6.5 hp. the American engine Briggs & Stratton (Vanguard 13H3) was installed. The machine has an electric start, which is equipped with a mechanical decompressor system.

AChat BS-1

It is used for processing plots of land up to 50 hectares in size, performing various economic and transport works. Depending on the number of cutting units installed, it offers a working width of 35/60/80 cm down to a depth of 25 cm.

The price of Agate BS-1 is 24900-35500 rubles.

Agate L-6.5

Gasoline trailer Agat L-6.5 with a Lifan 168F-2 engine with a power of 6.5 hp. designed for processing medium-sized areas in intensive mode. The 4-speed gearbox offers 4 forward/2 reverse gears.

AChat L-6.5

The presence of the PTO allows the use of trailed and active attachments. The gripping distance when processing with milling cutters is 0.9 m. The model is one of the most popular agates of the line.

The cost of the model is in the range of 25,000-28,000 rubles.


This Agat model is equipped with a Briggs&Stratton RS (USA) engine. Despite the low weight of 78 kg, Agat-BS-6.5 works effectively all year round with additional guns and can carry loads weighing up to 0.5 tons. It has an adjustable steering wheel, speeds 4 forward / 2 reverse.


Thanks to a special module, the hand-held tractor can be transformed into a four-wheeled minirider in no time at all.

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Multifunction machine with a Briggs & Stratton Intek PR0206 engine with a power of 5.5 hp, has 2 forward gears, 1 reverse gear. Can be combined with a variety of pendants.


The cost of the equipment ranges from 20,500 to 27,000 rubles (depending on the configuration).


X-Series Motoblocks Agat with Japanese Honda engines are universal small machines for a wide range of agricultural, utility and household work.

Colorful garden from spring to autumn or which plants to plant?


Modification Agata with a Honda QHE4 engine has a power of 5 hp. Versions equipped with 6 hp HONDA GC 190 engines were developed. and HONDA GX 200 with 6.5 hp. The machines have 4 forward/2 reverse gears, a PTO and are equipped with four cutters.

The cost of the Agate X model varies from 28,100 to 36,000 rubles.


This modification of Agatha is equipped with a powerful Japanese Subaru Robin EX170D 5.7 hp engine. The device has gears 2 forward / 1 reverse, clutch on 2 belts, adjustable steering column. The processing width is 90 cm with a depth of 30 cm. The self-propelled machine effectively performs agricultural work on areas of 20-25 hectares, it is optimally aggregated with additional equipment for performing household and other work.


The considered modifications of Achat walk-behind tractors are the most popular. In addition, versions of machines were created that differ in special characteristics. In particular, in addition to the listed engine models, engines of other brands are installed – Zongshen, Hammerman (Hammerman).

The price of models from the Agat R-6 series starts from 37,500 rubles.

Agate HMD

Agat HMD diesel power units with German Hammerman CF178F engines are available in 2 versions with a capacity of 6.5 hp. and 5.5 hp, have 4 forward / 2 reverse gears and are capable of cultivating the soil to a depth of 35 cm.According to the owners, with intensive use in medium areas, they are extremely effective in any climatic conditions.


The cost of the Agat HMD-6.5 model starts from 27,800 rubles.

Agate ZH-6.5

This model has recently appeared on the market. The design is no different from previous models. Equipped with a 4-stroke Zongshen ZS168FB 6.5HP petrol engine. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters.

The processing depth with milling cutters is 250 mm. The width is 350-800mm. The mass of the walk behind tractor is 82 kg.

The unit has a horizontal PTO, spark ignition and air cooling.

The average price for this model is in the range of 26,000-26,500 rubles.

Appendix overview

Agate walk-behind tractors are easily aggregated with a variety of attachments, making them useful not only for cultivating soil, hilling beds and weeding plants, but also for pumping water, haymaking, mulching mowed grass and cleaning the lawn Lawns are widely used in areas covered by public works, under construction.


Normally, the walk-behind tractor is equipped with 4 tillers, an additional pair can be purchased as an option, which provides a wider grip during tillage.

Jaeter, Hiller

Okuchnik disc Okuchnik single row

If you end the tractor for Walk behavior with the rear clutch, a rob and two rue cakes are conveniently associated with it. To ensure reliable work, you need to choose a reliable problems. The processing depth is regulated with the help of holes on the rack.

trolley, adapter

adapter trolley

Motoboblocks Agate in aggregation with adapter and min i-water can transport goods weighing up to 0.5 tons.


Senicidal mower dawn

Motoblocks Agate with a hitch performs a grass mower. With the mower, the Terminator is able to adjust the height of the cut, unlike the Mormowel, while at the same time shredding the mowed grass.

The snowman is rotary

The snowy tractor is connected to the walk through the power belt of the power supply.


It is installed in the rear of the Walk behavior’s tractor to regulate the depth of the soil and the speed of movement of the unit.

light-off shovel

LM-100 Shovel Ottal as a hitch for a walk-on tractor will help to clear the territory from construction waste, twist the snow.

transport wheels

Motoblocks are equipped with transport wheels and extensors of the axles, which allow you to install the required track width during operation.

How do I start a garden?
mas s-spaces

To install the floor on the walking tractor, the wheels and hubs, the installation of special centers for floor- stable at work.


Ground spaces are used along with a potato tank, cun, plow. When choosing the size of the floor areas, it should be continued from the type of work being performed and the required distance between the wheels.

The brush is common

The Tornado brush as an active propulsion weapon is connected to a walk tractor by a power sheave pulley.


Potato cumulator, potato tape

To mechanize heavy agricultural work for planting and digging root crops through a universal hitch or on a trailer mount, potato plants are installed.

potato potato coder

Through the pulley of current selection, other active sound devices are rationally aggregated: pumping stations, feed targets, generator consoles, stationary woodworking devices. In addition, the manufacturer developed specialized modules that were able to further expand the functionality of the motoblocks.

Wheel module for the KV-2 engine block

Rad module for Motoblock KV-2

Motobouxer Agat

Mototurm Agat

Caterpillar module for the Achat KV-3

Chain module for AGATA KV-3

Snow Hold Crawler Module KV-3

Caterpillar snowmobile module KV-3

operational characteristics

All Agate engine blocks undergo extensive factory training and testing prior to outdoor use. Therefore, they are delivered in almost completely collected condition, seasoned with all oils and working. Machines are distinguished by a reasonable simple device, so its operation is not particularly difficult for beginners.

Compliance with the requirements of preventive and regulatory work in accordance with the operating instructions allows you to largely extend the life of the equipment.

Instructions for the operation of the motor unit AGAT L-6.5 here.


Oil engine oil for the agate engine block is selected strictly in accordance with the operating instructions, depending on the brand of the engine. The transmission requires TAD-17I or MS-20 oil. Motoblocks use unhealthy AI-92 brand gasoline. The size and profile of the V-belt: A-1120 13 mm wide.

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Transmission Oil TAD-17I MS-20 Oil

First start, runnin g-in

The first 25 mothers of the work of the Motoboboks Agat is the time of the run – the production and lapping of the main components and mechanisms. The procedure for performing the start should be carried out in a saving image, which will avoid heavy loads. Cultivation must be done gradually for 2-3 doses, starting from 10 cm. In a passport. The throttle cannot be opened more than 3/4 of full travel.

The work of the walk behavior tractor at idle is possible no more than 10 minutes. On heavy clay soil, the machine cannot operate for more than 2 hours, then a break is required. After running, the oil is changed in the engine and gearbox nodes of the device.

Basic malfunctions, repair

Motoblocks Achat are characterized by a simple rational design. Possible device malfunctions can often be provoked by the operation of errors. So, the uneven rotation of the grinding cutter can be caused by the sticking of a wet land or the hit of foreign objects into the working zone. In addition, a belt slide should be ruled out.

In the event that the tailors stopped checking the clutch cable with a running engine, the break is possible. Another reason: A wedge belt that jumped off the pulley or its cliff.

Video review

Motoblocks Agat – OJSC GMZ “Agat”

Motbloc k-Agate for spring plowing

New Motoblock Agat BS-1

Motoblock agat in work

Potato Hilling through Engine Bloc k-Agate

Reviews of the owners

Semyon, Izhevsk:

“Motoblock Salute Agat 5 since 2007 has been operating in my Country House, an area of ​​45 hectares. I’m doing soil cultivation work with another problem – Cutter, Harrow, Hillion. Potato – landing, 5 years of digging, the adapter and the carriage hung up. In winter I discard the snow with a shovel. In general, a universal unit. “

Checking the model range of the technical industry of garden technology: description, characteristics and usage rules

Vladimir, Oryol region:

“AGAT BS 6.5 I have Season 4. I chose this particular model, as experts advise, and for the price it is not expensive, and then without problems with spare parts and expenses. All agricultural technologies on a wal k-Tractor. It works well, doesn’t fail. With large volumes I give him a break. I use an additional rotor – snowman from the Huch and a mulching nozzle. “


“Motoblock agat l-6.5: from the cons there are oil leaks and it is not very convenient to change the speed of the steering wheel and lever yourself. But in general I am satisfied with the machine. Service is minimal and does not call for gas. I use almost the entire list, gradually adapting the device to different works. “

Top-5 Agat Best Motoblocks: 2021 rating and a brief description of the reviews of the devices + owners

Models of a number of agate are used for transportation, weeding, plowing and other agricultural work. The lineup was created based on salute and has a number of distinguishing features. Now motoblocks of this type are in demand on the market due to good quality combined with a small service. Among the models there are several options, the most popular of which are the engin e-bloc k-Agate of 6.5 horses, as well as 6 hp. and 7 hp There are also less powerful options, such as the HMD 5.5 Hoctoblock. All models are similar in structural features, but there are their nuances relative to any type of walking tractor. This is interesting: homemade hedgehogs for an engine for processing potatoes.


Each model has its own nuances, which are described below

Description of the device

The AGAT Technology plant is a branch of Moscow broth and has been working since 1968.

Thanks to the use of professional engines from well-known brands, the manufacturer managed to create a line of modern motblocks. These are classic devices with optimal technical characteristics and ease of operation.

The technique is used to perform the full cycle of work to improve gardening and yard plots. Due to the attachment equipment, motor growers can replace multiple devices.

They are suitable for plowing soil, digging root crops, cultivation, mill harvesting and other tasks.

Motoblock salute

Motoblock Salut is a multifunctional integral agricultural technology. There are motoblocks, there are very good motoblocks, but sometimes the legendary “salute”. If you are reading this article, it means that you have the question of whether to choose self-promoted agricultural machinery, a universal assistant. In fact, it’s not easy to favor a particular sample of many different brands.

brand history

For a quarter of a century, the motoblocks delight their owners. Their release was organized in the Salute MMPP, the history of which began in 1912 with the assembly of aeronautical engines in a factory founded by the French.

Today, once a small factory, today has turned into a joint enterprise “Saltyut” -NPC, the main profile of which is the production of turbojet aircraft engines and gas turbine units. The assembly of motoblocks is auxiliary production.

Motoblocks “salute” are rightly considered specialized equipment designed to perform high-complexity economic work.

Throughout the period, the design of the engine blocks repeatedly improved, with the cars rising from the stages of household appliances to an impeccable professional level in terms of efficiency and quality.

Series and brief description

The main difference between various modifications from Achatmotor producers is the use of different motors.

Review of motorcycle, trimmers and lawnmower union. reviews

The performance depends on it. The design, layout and spare parts are identical.

The technique includes several episodes:

  • BS-1-A equipment with an American-made B&S Vanguard engine developing a speed of up to 7.8 km/h and suitable for medium-range processing areas;
  • BS 6.5 ENGINE blocks with USA Briggs & Stratton RS engine production for 6.5 hp with two front and one rear gears;
  • BS-5.5-The technique is equipped with Briggs & Stratton RS engines around 5.5 hp, which is able to process areas 60 cm wide and 25 cm deep.
  • X-5.5 models with a Honda GP 200 engine of a well-known Japanese brand for soil processing 30 cm wide;
  • L-6.5 engine cultivators with the Chinese Lifan engine for 6.5 HP for the processing areas 60 cm wide and 30 cm deep;
  • R-6-A technology series with Japanese Subaru engines at 7.5 hp and processed 90 cm wide for a care.

disadvantages and advantages

Like any car, agates have their disadvantages and advantages. Benefits include:

  • reliability, speed;
  • domestic production;
  • the ability to buy “native” spare parts for the Walk behavior’s tractor;
  • high repair capacity, simplicity of design and repair;
  • Autonomy (unlike electrical devices);
  • Compactness, Simple Assemblies Distembly.
  • Noise;
  • exhaust emissions;
  • The use of expensive gasoline AI-92.

The average price in the country is 25,000 – 32,000 rubles. Spare parts for a walk-on tractor can be purchased from official dealers and through online stores.

The best models of Motoblocks Achat

Modes from the domestic brand combine functions and accessibility. The entire technology is differentiated by high properties, but is designed in such a way that sections of different areas are processed. To choose the best option, it is worth taking into account the evaluation of the popular models for 2021.

Agat L-6.6

A universal motor cultivator that is suitable for supply companies and farms. It is equipped with a Lifan petrol engine thanks to which the device is suitable for work in winter.

Thanks to a comfortable lever, it is comfortable to change speeds.

The maneuverability is ensured by the presence of tailpetracks.

The model is suitable for cleaning snow, hills of plants and other goals.

Characteristics :

  • Processing area – 5000 m2;
  • Processing width – 60 cm;
  • Plowing depth – 30 cm;
  • Motor volume – 196 cubic meters. cm;
  • Engine power – 6.50 hp;
  • Fuel consumption – 395 g/kW*h;
  • Speed ​​- 8 km/h;
  • Tank volume – 3.6 l;
  • Dimensions – 82x53x86 cm;
  • Weight – 84.7 kg.


  • affordable price;
  • Functionality;
  • compact size;
  • A wide plain strip.

Defects :

  • not suitable for large areas;
  • Lack of standard places for attaching weighting agents.

Agat BS-6.5

The model is suitable for use in combination with steered devices. Equipped with an American engine.

2 front and 2-back speeds are provided, and it is also possible to reorganize the belt on the belt disk to increase the number of gears.

Due to the presence of support, the technology is stable before the structure.

Thanks to BAKU, 3.6 liters for long work without refueling are made available.

Characteristics :

  • Processing area – 5000 m2;
  • Processing width – 60 cm;
  • Plowing depth – 30 cm;
  • Motor volume – 206 cubic meters. cm;
  • Engine power – 6.5 hp;
  • Fuel consumption – 310 g/kW*h;
  • Speed ​​- 7 km/h;
  • Tank volume – 3.75 liters;
  • Weight – 87.5 kg.


  • long work;
  • Stability;
  • Large selection of speeds;
  • affordable price.


  • complex service;
  • Unreliable components.

Agat X5

The motor cultivator is an excellent choice for the processing of mediu m-sized areas. Thanks to a powerful engine for 6.5 hp, which produces 2500 revolutions per minute, high soil processing is guaranteed.

The purpose of Kamaz 5325: modifications of the model, scope of application

The presence of several speeds ensures the multifunctionality of the device.

The tank is designed for 2.8 liters of fuel.

Characteristics :

  • Processing width – 90 cm;
  • Plowing depth – 25 cm;
  • Motor volume – 196 cubic meters. cm;
  • Engine power – 6.5 hp;
  • Fuel consumption – 310 g/kW*h;
  • Speed ​​- 7 km/h;
  • Tank volume – 2.8 liters;
  • Dimensions – 135x60x110 cm;
  • Weight – 78 kg.


  • Steel building;
  • Universality;
  • Quick Start;
  • Powerful engine.

Defects :

  • Small tank;
  • Quality of low assembly.

Agat HM-6.5

A reliable device for agricultural work. It can be plowed with an even dense floor. Can be used to transport goods.

Different attachments make the device more functional.

The selection of the speed for different work is provided.

Characteristics :

  • Motor volume – 196 cubic meters. cm;
  • Engine power – 6.5 hp;
  • Fuel consumption – 395 g/kW*h;
  • Speed ​​- 8 km/h;
  • Tank volume – 3.6 l;
  • Dimensions – 150x85x135 cm;
  • Weight – 83.7 kg;
  • Rauschen – 86 db.


  • Universality;
  • Speed ​​regulation;
  • Optimal size;
  • Excellent speed;
  • Fast start.


  • Small tank;
  • Unreliable components.

Agat HMD-6.5

High quality device for plowing the floor every density. The model is universal because it can be used to transport goods.

Various attachments increase the functionality of the device.

Several speeds are available for different tasks.

The model captures a 60 cm wide strip in one round, the plow depth is 25 cm.

Characteristics :

  • Processing width – 90 cm;
  • Plowing depth – 25 cm;
  • Displacement – 296 cubic meters. cm;
  • Engine power – 6.5 hp;
  • Tank volume – 3.5 l;
  • Weight – 85 kg.


  • excellent traction;
  • Steel building;
  • Processing large areas;
  • Sparing gasoline consumption.

Defects :

  • small turns after several operating days;
  • Factory defect of the fuel tank.

Motoblocks Saljut-5, Saljut-100 and Agat. Understand the difference

I would like to talk about the Motoblock legend No. 2 in the entire post-Soviet area and what has become of it in our time. Motoblocks Salyut-5, which have been produced in the Budyonny Avenue in the work of the same name in Moscow since the time of the USSR (there is still a business with the new Salyut-100). Motoblock fell in love with everyone for:

1. Aircraft steel coast gear. She was more reliable than that of her closest competitors, the Newa.

2. Low focus, worn forward. This gave the han d-led tractor a high stability when working with a car and a attachment device for the floor (with the exception of cutting devices, working with you is a weak side of the han d-led tractor).

3. versatility. The manufacturer did not forget his child and delighted the owners every year with new attachments or improvements.

Years passed, the union dissolved. The Saljut plant was preserved and continued to produce hand-led tractors with new American B&S engines after old sketches and thus triggered a new wave of interest.

After the crisis in 2008, the management of the company in relationships with each other “withered tomatoes” and the facility was divided into two parts.

The old company with the new name GMZ Agat moved to Gavrilov Yam (Jaroslawl region), where it still produces AGAT axractors according to old drawings (the quality of the gearbox has deteriorated slightly, but in general these are greetings).

A new company with the old name Salyut shifted the production to China and built hand-led Salyut 100 tractors with excellent improvements in terms of control and comfort, but from mediocre Chinese metal.

5 years of sales of the two han d-led tractors indicate a severe decline in people’s interest in this brand. Too bad, good units.

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