Motoblock Zubr PS-Q74. Overview, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Zubr PS-Q74. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Motoblock Diesel Zubr PS-Q74 (4 hp) is a universal heavy agricultural machine designed for processing all types of soil (including new and clay) and other agricultural work. Additional attachments on the walk behind tractor make work easier and faster, from preparing the soil for seeding to harvesting.

The walk behind tractor comes with:

  • Cutter;
  • Wheels;
  • thrust lever.

Diesel “Zubr” is designed for high-quality processing of plots up to 1 ha. Ideal for greenhouses, cottages, small gardens.

Engine block Diesel Zubr PS-Q74

Motoblock Diesel Zubr PS-Q74 is equipped with a single-cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with a power of 4 HP and an overheating protection function. Air cooling of the motor allows you to increase the working time with the device many times over.

The engine is started manually with a spring-loaded manual starter. Thanks to the gearbox with worm gear, the torque is transmitted to the tiller or the wheels.

Engine block Diesel Zubr PS-Q74

Worm gears are the most reliable way of transmitting torque, hence the excellent traction characteristics of the Zubr PS-Q74. A special belt, which transmits torque from the diesel engine to the gearbox, prevents torque damage in the event of a sudden appearance of an obstacle and a forced stop of the two-wheel tractor.

The gear scheme is 2 * 2, which means that there are both low and high rows. There are forward and reverse speeds.

There is a steering wheel adjustment function thanks to which it can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. The horizontal setting allows the implement operator to operate the machine from the side rather than on freshly plowed ground.

Technical characteristics

Number of forward gears: 1
Number of gears back: 1
mounting width: 220-600mm
mounting depth: 30-160mm
fuel type: diesel
fuel consumption: 0.95 l/h
Fuel tank volume: 4.5L
Oil tank volume: 1.1L
Type of drive: V-belt transmission
Transmission: worm gear
Engine model: R170F
Perfomance: 4 hp
Start the motor: Manual
engine speed: 3600 rpm
Engine type: 4 tact
Cooling: air cooling
engine volume: 269cc
Cylinder diameter: 70mm
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application features

Before starting work with the Zubr two-wheel tractor, it is necessary to study the detailed operating instructions for the device. An increased load on the two-wheel tractor without running it in is not possible, this will definitely lead to engine damage. It takes several hours to break in the walk-behind tractor, after which you can generate 100% of the load by gradually increasing the power of the device.

Engine block Diesel Zubr PS-Q74

The net weight of the Zubr PS-Q74 diesel walk-behind tractor during operation is 104 kg. This makes it possible to adjust the tillage depth from 3 to 16 cm. The following attachments are offered for this agrotechnical device:

  • Schneider (active and crow’s feet);
  • reversible ploughs;
  • Hiller (hard drive, etc.);
  • Harrow;
  • potato planter;
  • Potato diggers (vibrating and passive type);
  • Mower;
  • flat cutter;
  • trailer (carrying capacity up to 300 kg) etc.

Engine block Diesel Zubr PS-Q74

Before you start agricultural work, you must carefully study the instructions for use, especially their sections such as:

  • Unit device;
  • Device maintenance;
  • Safety technology;
  • Possible problems and how to fix them.

Don’t forget to change the oil in the system regularly to maintain the performance of the main components and mechanisms. The description of the oil change is described in detail in the enclosed instructions of the singl e-axis tractor.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the video overview of the operation of the hand-guided zub tractor, model PS-Q74:

Owner reviews

Some owners of this Motoblock model have decided to share their opinion, what do they say:

Vasily, 39 years old:

The han d-led tractor is good, it starts without any problems, it is very practical in the greenhouse, with his help I work in the aisles of the raspberries. Practical in the garden, in the garden, tap on attachments. But as a shortcoming, I can only pick out two points: small wheels and dull milling cutters. I replaced the wheels, the knives sharpened, after these manipulations my “bison” was checked from all sides – and plowed and planted, then the potatoes were puddled, dug, etc. ‘ does not hurt.

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Stephan, 46 years old:

The car is great! No problems with factory or management. I bought a diesel “Zubr”, the fuel consumption is low. I do all gardening with a han d-led tractor, for 7 years I have bought almost all attachments. There was a snow blower, but. I will most likely do it myself. The bikes fit me, the car does not slip, it drives forward smoothly.

Bison PS Q74

Bison ps q74

BISON PS Q74-hand-led tractor, 4-stroke engine 269 cc. cm, tap wave, diesel. Delivery bison PS Q74 in the city of Moscow and other cities in Russia.

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Buy bison PS Q74 in Moscow:

➤ There are discounts with the campaign code SIDEX250: Buy an action price for the bison PS Q74 in the city of Moscow and other cities in Russia. The final costs depend on the shipping method. Delivery and collection Zubrs PS Q74 without prepayment. Make sure to activate the promo code before buying! Bison PS Q74: Reviews, photos, evaluation, specifications. There is a program at your own expense in Moscow. The city of Moscow is automatically determined, you can change it → contacts – Moscow [+]

Telephone: 8 (800) 555-25-66

The service is free!

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Video review


Wait until the price is loaded.

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