Motoblock Zubr PS-Q70. Overview, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Zubr PS-Q70. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Motoblock Gasoline Zubr PS-Q70 (6.5 hp) is a representative of heavy agricultural machinery used for processing all types of soil on small areas (up to 70 hectares). The Zubr PS-Q70 petrol model is an ideal solution for summer residents, villagers and greenhouse owners.

Motoblock Zubr petrol PS-Q70

The compact dimensions and low weight (82 kg) of the walk-behind tractor enable it to be transported to its destination in the trunk of a car. A wide range of attachments makes the tillage machine a multifunctional device for all agricultural tasks, including:

  • to plow the land;
  • Cutting furrows for planting;
  • planting potatoes;
  • hill plants;
  • weeding at the site;
  • Harvest;
  • Irrigation;
  • transport of goods up to 350 kg;
  • snow clearing in winter;
  • Preparation of dry fodder for livestock, etc.

Mounted and towed devices help to carry out the above work:

  • Trailer hitch;
  • Rototiller (active and “crow’s feet”);
  • reversible plough;
  • Hiller;
  • hard drives;
  • weeder
  • flat cutter;
  • Mower;
  • Water pump;
  • snowblower;
  • equipment for planting and digging potatoes;
  • Trailer truck with a load capacity of up to 350 kg (bulk and general cargo).

Watch the video test of the Zubr PS-Q70 walk behind tractor:


The Zubr PS-Q70 walk-behind petrol tractor is equipped with a four-stroke single-cylinder engine with a power of 6.5 hp. Protection against overheating in operating air. The petrol engine is started manually thanks to a spring handle. Weighing 82/108 kg. (with rotating knives) processing depth reaches 14.5 cm.

Model PS-Q70

When processing hard soil, it is recommended to use additional equipment: weights and cleats.

Torque is transmitted from the engine to the rotors and the gearbox via V-belts and gears. The walk-behind tractor has four gears, two of which are forward and two are reverse.

Adjustable handlebars ensure maximum operator comfort and the operator can adjust the handlebars to control the machine while moving parallel to it. It is recommended to use only high quality A-92 and higher grade gasoline for the walk behind tractor fuel.

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Technical characteristics

The table below shows the complete characteristics of the motorized device:

Engine type: 4 tact
cooling system: antenna
Number of forward gears: 1
Number of gears back: 1
mounting width: 900mm
mounting depth: 145mm
Engine model: 168FA-2
fuel type: petrol
Start type: Manual
Fuel tank capacity: 3.6L
fuel consumption: 1.6L/hour
Displacement: 196cc
Engine power: 6.5 hp
The size: 1430x520x820mm
The weight: 104kg
Warranty: 12 months
Country of Manufacture: China

User Guide

Before you actively put a motorized device into operation on your construction site, read its operating instructions. This document contains the following important information:

  • Motoblock properties.
  • His device (diagrams + descriptions).
  • Servicing aggregates and mechanisms (cleaning, oil changes, preservation, etc.).
  • The procedure for running the unit.
  • Common breakthroughs, causes of their occurrence and methods of elimination.

Particular attention should be paid to the run in the course of the walk behavior as it is performed correctly. He improves the operational characteristics of the unit and extends its life. If you do not perform running, then the most important parts of the hiking tractor (from the engine onwards) will be rejected very soon, which will significantly affect the capacity of your wallet.

Motoblock Zubr petrol PS-Q70

Device maintenance is one of the most important parts of the instructions. Simple, timely actions such as: cleaning the engine block from dust and dirt, changing the oil, checking the level of fuel in the tank and oil in the crankcase, and a daily check of the fasteners – the device can serve you, by faith and truth, for more than a year.


On the Internet there are many reviews about the operation of the device. Some users are satisfied with the easy ride and multifunctionality of the machine. Others note problems with hard soil processing. Check out the reviews of the owners of the Motoblock Bison PS-Q70:

Andrey, 44 years:

My bison since 2015 acquired them both in early spring and Pasha all year round. From spring to autumn – field work (55 acres of garden), from November to March – snow cleaning. There is all the appropriate equipment, the snowmaker itself. The Walk behavior tractor is very light, manoeuvrable, I work especially without effort. Convenient controls, manual start, starts a t-17. Of course, there were small breakdowns, but there were hands and heads – quickly eliminated and back to work.

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Roman, 48 years old:

I bought a walk-on tractor this spring, I couldn’t decide for a long time and I have a chance to stand in the PS-Q70 Cub. Honestly I expected more from the Wander tractor, I had clay soils so I had to put in a lot of effort with a plowing to get the tiller to drop to the desired depth. What he didn’t do – he clung to weightlifters, put on the floor, he helped with his weight. The neighbors caused me to be plowed in several stages and bite deeper and deeper with grinding cuttings. In the future, all the work lasted without effort, but I still remember it, like plowing in a terrible dream.

Egor, 29 years old:

There’s a small plot (70 acres) I’m working on, I’m growing potatoes for sale. I bought a walk tractor 5 years ago. Of course, I spent on additional equipment. I can say one thing – the expenses paid off in the first year of operation of the tractor of Walk behavior, I even won – I did not overwhelm in the season. I keep my bison in perfect cleanliness. Gasoline, butter – only the highest quality! The purchase has been justified.

Who has the Zubr PS-Q70 (MB-2M) tier? We share experiences, write reviews.

No! He is not the same as SH-41A: its engine 168FA-2 (Bison) and the Zirki-168 F-2 and the weight of the Bison-97 kg. And Zirki 82. Here you have the difference!

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Vodohrai wrote: Here you have the difference!

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Vodohrrai wrote: No! He is not the same as SH-41A: its engine 168FA-2 (Bison) and the Zirki-168 F-2 and the weight of the Bison-97 kg. And Zirki 82. Here you have the difference!

The same rake – side view

Motoblocks Zirka SH-41A, Zubr PS-Q70, Centaur MB 3060 B, MB-2M-One class and structure.

From how he was painted and what was named nothing changes. The main thing is not to break and the guarantee in practice is not in words.

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The plowman wrote: The picture is very beautiful

The picture is nothing either.

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Vodohrrai wrote: No! It is not the same as SH-41A: its engine 168FA-2 (Bison) and Zirki-168 F-2.

I wonder what the difference between the 168fa-2 and 168f-2 engines is. According to the manual, it looks like different reductions.

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Xingtai 220 Minitractor - Description and Properties

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vodohrai stunned. And what is that? Breakdown?

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No! These are X-KI engines, the names of the engines are above

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2vodohrai in the picture is the wholesale price, how high is the sales price?

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Vodohrai wrote: No! These are X-KI engines, the names of the engines are above

Good. Then about 41 in your opinion only 5 horsepower, or what?

Вот с инструкции: [code]Номинальная мощность (л.с./кВт): 6.5/4.9 Рабочий объем двигателя (см3): 196[/code]

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The engine output is specified on the side of the cover

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I have a 168f engine in the instructions and 6.5 hp are on the engine. China is China. Do not be surprised.

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Actually, they tear everything off, only the names change.

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2Lysenko costs the same only disassembled and without guarantee

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Vodohrai wrote: Actually, they tear everything off, just change the names.

So what I talk about. They are equal. I have a 6.5 engine. And what that you wrote. As a woman said: “… it also says on the fence. I touched it – you cheated on me, there is nothing.”

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These Chinese have very high speeds, at the first speed you need 3.4 km / h and the Chinese have 4.3. You have to run around the field at 6 km / h, especially if you use larger tunnels (you have to put you, the bikes are very small for your dimensions, the Chinese have saved on bikes). The second speed also had to be smaller, I calculated that the milling cutters turn a speed of 115.165 rpm, for their milling cutters (the diameter looks about 360 mm) is a lot. The perspective of the author of the contribution may not match the perspective of the sellers of this MB

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Vodohrrai wrote: No! He is not the same as SH-41A: its engine 168FA-2 (Bison) and the Zirki-168 F-2 and the weight of the Bison-97 kg. And Zirki 82. Here you have the difference!

Don’t let me agree-in the passport for my approx. SH-41A weight of 97 kg is written

IMPRESSIVE! wrote: He will have to walk around the field, especially if you set more tunnels

Field tests have shown that tunnels with a diameter of 670 mm (without a hook) work with a bang in the potato ditch, and I would not say that I run it. I don’t dispute if it were 600 mm, it would be exceptional. I also do not agree with the milling – in the first course I always close humus – it is slowly turning, putting it in lumps with the fist. In second gear down.

IMPRESSIVE! Wrote: The perspective of the author of the contribution must not match the perspective of the seller of this MB

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