Motoblock Z-17. Review, features, reviews

Motoblock Z-17. Review, characteristics, reviews of the owners

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Diesel Bison Z-17 6 hp Designed for various agrotechnical works in small areas of 10 acres, up to 50 hectares.

Motoblock Z-17 Z-17

The weight of the unit reaches 120 kg. This is a heavy agricultural technology for private use. This allows cultivating the soil to a depth of 8-30 cm.

“Zubble” Z-17 6.L.S. is capable of cultivating the soil of any type, regardless of its structure.

Technical characteristics

The width of the extension: 800-1200mm
Engine Revolutions: 3600 rpm
Engine type: 4 tact
Working Speed ​​of Walk Behavior Tractor: 5 – 11 km/h km/h
Engine model: Km178f
The depth of cultivation: 150-300mm
fuel consumption: 0.47 l/h
Number of programs back: 1
start engine: Manual
Type of fuel: diesel
PTO: да
Forward the number of transfers: 3
Cooling: air cooling
The volume of the fuel tank: 3.5L


With the help of the declared unit, the following work can be carried out:

  • plowing land.
  • Sow and sow and plant potatoes.
  • weed control.
  • plant bill.
  • irrigation, pump liquid.
  • make hay.
  • snow cleaning.
  • Harvest.
  • transportation of goods.

However, each of the actions available requires the purchase of the appropriate equipment:

  • Groun d-Fins (complete with a Wal k-Behaviou r-Tractor);
  • Plow;
  • disks;
  • Hiller;
  • Water pump;
  • floors;
  • potat o-resident;
  • potat o-kumber;
  • Pump;
  • braid (rotary);
  • snowman;
  • exercise cart.


The Z-17 model is equipped with a 6-liter diesel with a single-cylinder four-stroke engine with a capacity of 6 liters. With. The motor is equipped with an air cooling function that provides motor protection from overheating.

Thanks to the diesel engine, many properties of the walk behavior are improved. The engine can be started both manually and from an electric steamer. Like all “Bison”, the Z-17 model is economical when it comes to fuel consumption (0.47 l/h). The fuel tank capacity of 3.5 liters allows the car company not to be distracted every 30-10 minutes. For refueling the device with fuel.

The motoblock has a four-speed gearbox:

  • three speeds forward;
  • one back.

The wheels of the device have powerful protectors with 4-8 chevrons, which ensures a stronger grip of the machine with the ground.

The transmission of torque from the engine to working elements is carried out with the participation of the worm gear, which is more reliable and able to withstand fixed loads.

The pulley leading from the motor to the gearbox protects the motor from overloading during an unexpected stop of the machine due to the sudden barrier.

Thanks to adjustable handles, you can control the engine block by switching sideways to avoid walking along the farmland.

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Characteristics of operation and maintenance

In order for the tractor of Walk behavior to serve as long as possible and without quarrels, it is necessary to properly prepare it for work. Such a preparation is called a starter.

Z-17 Z-17

At first, the device works idle for some time, then the turnover gradually intensifies and the machine begins to move at minimum speed. After some time, the second, and then the third speed is turned on.

It takes 10 to 15 hours to run, after which the device can be safely started.

As you read the instructions, pay particular attention to the following sections:

  • The device of the Walk behavior tractor.
  • The use of the unit.
  • Maintenance (replacing and checking oil, fuel tanks, etc.).
  • Possible problems, their causes and methods of elimination.

Before you start participating in a Walk behavior tractor, it is necessary to do the following manipulations each time (to avoid malfunctions or problems with starting):

  • Check the fuel tank and the in-diesel fuel in it.
  • Make sure the oil in the crankcase is at the correct level.
  • Lubricate all rotating parts with oil;
  • Tighten the fasteners.

At the end of the agricultural work, the unit should also be given the time:

  • Remove it from dust and dirt;
  • Check all parts, grease them;
  • tighten the fasteners;
  • If the malfunctions are identified, carry out repair work.


To understand if this motblock is good, it is necessary to know the opinion of the owners of this unit. They checked it at different loads and can indicate both the advantages of this device and its disadvantages. We encourage you to read the reviews written by the owners of the Z-17 6 HP.

Evgeny Borisovich, 56 years old:

This horse, albeit Chinese production, justified itself in our vastness! It starts immediately, plows confidently, the furrow is deep and even. With the purchase of “Bison” in the past, all gardening remained. Now I don’t overload, started a motorcycle block and left. It is necessary to plow it – I put the cutters (although you need to hide them), I have to hand over – I put the cigns, collect the potato crop and beets, also with a motor block. The car is unpretentious and economical, eats the solarium in small portions.

Sergey, 48 years old:

Motoblock acquired four years ago. I have a foundation on 40 acres, it’s unrealistic to handle it manually, and every time someone is a biller, the harvest doesn’t always pay off. So I decided to spend money for once and not depend on anyone anymore. The car is excellent, compact and economical. Diesel – what do you say! For them there is both in the garden and in the garden, even in a greenhouse. Gradually I grasp the fastening devices, so to speak – I add functions. I recommend to everyone.

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The most popular models of Chinese motoblocks from Bison: diesel, technical characteristics, hinged

Bison’s Bison is made by a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of small farm machinery and trailer equipment. Zubr products have ISO 9000/2001 certificate and are supplied to many countries around the world. The Bison’s motoblocks have high performance and quality while being able to be purchased at a fairly low price. The advantages of this technique include engine power, the presence of an electric steamer (for some models), a large selection of attachments.

Chinese motoblock

Technical characteristics

Zubble technology is equipped with petrol or Chinese diesel engines. Ignition engines from compression have a large weight, but they offer lower fuel consumption and are adapted for a long time with an increased load. Power units have a capacity of up to 12 hp. Depending on the power of the engine, the Zubr engine blocks are divided into light, medium and heavy.

The ZUBR GN-4 light grubber is powered by a 6 hp petrol engine. The engine is equipped with 1 cylinder with a volume of 196 cm³ and an electronic ignition system. The aggregate starts manually with a cable starter. Switching gear at 1 speed. The volume of the fuel tank is 6.5 liters, A92 petrol is used as fuel. The han d-led tractor processes a strip with a width of up to 1 m and a plow depth of up to 250 mm. The technology is suitable for processing areas of 40-60 ACRES.

The diesel unachstractor ZUBR HT-105 belongs to the middle weight class. The device is equipped with a we t-running lamella coupling and a gearbox with a snail couple. The gearbox has 2 forward gears and offers a plow depth of up to 300 mm. The reduced fuel consumption enabled the use of a tank for 3.5 liter fuel. The installation of additional equipment enables the use of equipment to clear the territory of snow and to transport goods. The pump of the irrigation system can be driven with the power supply.

For medium motoblocks ZUBR 8 PS The Zubr JR-Q78 model is equipped with a 4-stroke 1 cylinder unit with an electrical starter, which is duplicated by a manual starting device. The gearbox has 6 forward and 2 reverse gears. The drive shaft of the connected equipment is installed on the box. A dry clutch is installed between the engine and the transmission. The track width is adjustable in 2 positions (650 and 730 mm). The Q78 is well suited for plots of 2-3 ha.

Overview of the model range of Motoblocks Lynx. Specifications, reviews

Zubble JR-Q78

The average model NT-135 is equipped with a 9-horsepower diesel engine. With a circulatory cooling system. According to the operating instructions, the fuel consumption is 2.2-2.7 liters per hour. The operating costs are a little different. The unit is started by an electrical starter. The gearbox consists of a wet lamella coupling, a 2-speed gear and a driving gear with frontal wheels.

The JR-Q79E model is characterized by the installation of a 10 hp diesel engine with fluid cooling. The property of the hand-led Zubr tractor enables you to cultivate land of 3 hectares. A belt drive is installed between the clutch and the entrance shaft of the gearbox. The Q79E uses a 6-speed gear with an additional wave to drive agricultural devices. Radium speed 1176 rpm. Model Q79E has a weight of 260 kg.

Model JR-Q79E

The heavy hand-led tractor JR-Q12E is equipped with a power plant with fluid cooling system. The engine with a work volume of 815 cm³ is started by an electrical starter. A double manual start requires a lot of physical use. The diesel performance is 12 hp. The technology enables the processing of large properties with a virgin floor. The weight of the singl e-axle tractor without attachments is 280 kg.

The gearbox has 6 courses forward and 2 – backwards. The main couple with cone wheels are used to drive the wheels. The plow contained in the scope of the singl e-axle tract enables plowing a strip of 800 mm wide. Plow depth – 180 mm. Above the engine there is a cooler of the cooling system and a fuel tank (5 liters). The headlights and 2 position lights are installed on the front.


Brand accessories and homemade products are used when working with ZUBR products. The standard products include a horizontal roundabout. The cultivator is firmly connected to the rear lid of the gearbox. The drive takes place via a chain mechanism. Removable teeth are installed on the work rotor. The plow is set with the rear wheel, which is mounted on a screw holder. The cultivator offers a depth for plowing dry soil up to 120 mm, wet – up to 140 mm.


The mechanical mower of Zubr is equipped with a drive of a pulley or a separate shaft that is mounted on a gear. Depending on the type of working body, mowers are divided into rotating and segmented mower. With the segmented unit, you can fold the cut grass into a clean strip, which shortens the time for hai.

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An adapter is used to simplify the control of the handled tractor, which is a steel frame with 2 wheels and a seat. The wheels are rigidly mounted, in front of the seat there is a platform for the operator’s feet. The connection between the adapter and the singl e-axle tractor is via a clutch that ensures the mobility of the parts when turning. The seat is adjustable in height, with a sid e-mounted operating lever for attachment devices. The installation of tax pedals and a steering wheel is possible.

In order to improve the continuousness and reduce the slip, metal wheels with developed tunnels are used. Number and shape of the tunnels vary depending on the type and nature of the substructure.

DIY repair

A common problem during operation is the slip of the drive or clutch. The cause of the malfunction is pollution and reeling the work surfaces. Belt slices are wiped off with a dry, clean cloth. The clutch must be broken down and washed into petrol. If the rubble covering is worn out, the part must be replaced. After assembly, the gap must be set between spreading foot and the release. Belt hatch can be caused by wear or insufficient voltage.

Noises in the gearbox indicate damage to the camps or gears as well as the drop in the oil level. Small scratches on the teeth are removed with a file. Damaged parts must be replaced. The purchase of spare parts for Zub motor blocks is not a problem because the design of the engine and gearbox with products from the brands Centaur or about approximately are standardized.

Oil leaks from the crankcases of the gearbox or engine occur when seals or seals are damaged. Worn parts must be replaced. When installing seals, the areas to be connected must be checked: they must not be damaged.

During the operation, the oil level should be checked regularly in the units because its decline leads to larger repairs.

If the petrol engine does not start, the cause is to be found in the ignition system or in the gasoline supply. Starting problems in winter are caused by water that gets into the fuel pipes or the tank. To remove water, you have to rinse the fuel system and fill the tank with fresh fuel.

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Difficulty starting a diesel engine indicate pollution of the spray nozzle or dirty fuel supply lines. A sel f-repair of the injection equipment is not recommended. If you have problems starting a diesel engine, you should contact a maintenance service for diesel engines.

Many breakdowns can be prevented due to regular inspection. The details that have served your term can easily be changed to new ones because the parts of the manufacturer are delivered worldwide and are always available. Strong motor blocks of the bison are in great demand and most frequently perform complex tasks. Spare parts on motor blocks 8-12 HP can wear out faster. Therefore, it is so important to create timely inspection. Rings, seals, filters, waves, piston nodes and much more can be easily bought in specialized shops. The manufacturer’s quality parts are a key to a long service life of the device.

Reviews of the owners

Eugene, Smolensk region.

A heavy bay of a bison with a diesel engine with a cutter and plow is in operation. The management of a powerful wal k-in tractor with a great weight requires physical exertion. Surely moving moves the driver behind the steering wheel. The floor is quickly plowed, the floor is well solved. When driving along the street, the engine block accelerates in the kit with the cart 20-25 km/h.

Bison’s technology with a petrol stream unit is used. The engine is equipped with an electric starter with a starting system, but the engine starts with the manual device without any problems. A trailer and a Rotary mower were bought in the kit. The engine power is sufficient to work with this equipment. The disadvantage is the high fuel consumption, but the engine begins slightly in the cold season.

Roman, Tula region.

The tractor of the walk behavior was bought to pantry a plot of plot with clay soil. Before the work began, thread connections were expanded, the processing quality is low. Plowing was carried out with a gradual depth on several visits. The bison is not suitable for such work.

Price and analogue

The average price for motoblock in the bison is 50 thousand rubles. Heavy models equipped with a double plow are estimated at 80,000 rubles. Direct analogue in terms of value and functions are the Centaur or Zirka technology. Of the domestic models, similar features have products under the NEVA brand that are equipped with a petrol stream unit.

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