Motoblock Yeniseei. Checking the list, characteristics, reviews

Yeniseei engine blocks: description, models and advice for use

Domestic devices for agricultural work have always been emphasized in high quality and strength, which in the light in which Russian car vehicles are in the deserved demand. Among the representatives of these domestic products, it is worthwhile to highlight the technology of the Yeniseei brand, which is sold in Russia and abroad.


The entire Yeniseei Motoboblocks find in Russia based on energy operation, and the main components and components of the mechanisms are bought in China. Such a function determines the available device costs. In addition, all units are released with good maintenance. Details and elements of the equipment are widespread in the service in Service Center and specialized shops.

The petrol engine blocks of this brand are hig h-performance equipment for complex agricultural tasks in large areas, including gardens, parks and forest areas. The Motboblocks “Yenisei” can be used in connection with various steered and excluded devices, which largely expanded their functional skills. Some models in the basic configuration are implemented with several helped tools.

The preparation

The manufacturer offers a number of powerful types of motoblocks that stand out through their individual properties. The most popular models are described in the following overview.

Yeniseei MZR-800

The device works with a fou r-stitch engine, the performance of which is 8 liters. With. The main purpose of the machine is plowing and growing the soil. When using additional fastening devices, the devices can be operated as a traction device.

The mass of the device is 80 kilograms, the engine begins a special hand cable. The gearbox contains three speed positions. The depth of the milling cutter of this device is 30 centimeters if an area of ​​one meter is recorded.

The functioning of a hinge tool is possible thanks to a chain gear that stands out with reliability, so that it can easily withstand large loads during work.

Yeniseei MB-820

Such a device belongs to the category of light motlock, the manufacturer positions the machine as a device for processing land with an area of ​​around 15 hectares. The device works on a petrol engine with a capacity of 8 liters. With. A hand starter is provided to start the engine in the configuration of the devices. According to the owners, the motorcycle block can develop a good speed during movement or soil processing. The width of the cultivated area varies between 80 and 105 centimeters, with a grinding depth of 10 to 30 centimeters being cut. The gearbox has 3 basic steps, the transfer of the tractor for a walk behavior has additional reinforcement, thanks to which the device can use hard work for a long time.

Yeniseei MZR-830

Moti f-class walking behavior tractor, the mass of the device is 100 kilograms, the machine works on

A fou r-stroke engine with equipped protection against overheating and engine power is 8 liters. With. A motor block can be operated with various assembled tools, you can drive a manual starter. Due to the step transmission, the technology can move at two types of speeds. The main advantage of the device is an ergonomic control handle that can be set in height and location angle. The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters.

Yeniseei tcp900en

This model has the engine output of 9 hp. The device works with built-in air cooling on a 4-stroke engine. The TCP900 petrol hiking tractor is equipped with a comfortable handle, which can be set in different directions.

The volume of the fuel tank in the device is 4 liters. The checkpoint has 3 gears, the Walk behavio r-tractor is equipped with a manual starting system. The mass of the unit is 100 kilograms.


The Use of Nitrofen for Grapes

Almost all Yeniseei motor varieties have a similar device. Therefore, the technology is structurally a steel frame with a motor and a gear that is equipped with a control handle. All devices are characterized by their performance due to powerful engines. The checkpoint in the main models has three steps: 2 front and a rear speed. However, there are other modifications in which the number of speeds can vary in one direction or the other. Motoblocks can be maneuverable due to small sizes and the presence of reverse in design. Such a feature determines the use of the Yeniseei technology in order to work in impassable areas with heavy soil.

The ergonomic handle has a rotary angle that is designed for 360 degrees, so that with the help of cultivating people it is very easy to carry out the hill of the floor. The handle can be removed for the storage and transportation of devices. Due to such a configuration, the power selection shaft in engine blocks is a thre e-weapon slice. Motoblocks can be used to work with different attachments. Some parts can be produced by another manufacturer.

In the standard configuration of the tractor of the walk behavior there are pneumatic fires, 8 mills, and there are also modifications that are implemented with side windows and front support with a bike. The fuel consumption of Motoblocks varies between 1.7-1.8 l/hour.

Unmounted equipment

  • Due to the compilation and performance of high quality during the implementation of a variety of agricultural work, the Yeniseei Motobobes can be equipped with an additional attachment tool.
  • Frases. Despite the fact that you already have a number of cutters in the basic configuration of the device, the owners of the devices very often buy additional work elements. Mühlen can become sawds in the form of “goosebones”. The first option is recommended to increase floor ventilation. The second view is more popular today because it has a deep angle of ingress in the ground. During the country with grinding, the wheels of the equipment are temporarily replaced.

Plow. This tool carries out similar tasks like and cutter. As a rule, the plow is required for work with thick soil.

  • The only disadvantage of this working part is the small width of the scope of the area of ​​the location, in which the process of cultivating the soil will take more time.
  • Mower. Universal tool for agricultural work, as well as for the care of the home area. Most often, a rotary mower is purchased for the farm, which does an excellent job of removing weeds and extra shrubs. However, such a tool is not useful for mowing the lawn, since a trace of the motoblock tires will remain on the treated surface. But for harvesting animal fodder or pre-plowing, a mower comes in handy.
  • Potato planters and potato diggers. All Yenisei walk behind tractors are compatible with a tool for planting and harvesting root crops. This equipment eliminates the use of manual labor for such work, and the crop is not mechanically damaged, as is the case with the use of a conventional shovel.

  • Okuchniki. A useful farming tool for maintaining dams after planting crops.
  • snowblowers. Motoblocks “Yenisei” can be used for domestic needs and in winter. Therefore, device manufacturers offer owners a mounted tool that allows you to clean the area from snow blockages. Due to its performance, the device is capable of throwing snow at a distance of 4-5 meters. In addition to this tool, the walk-behind tractor can be equipped with a bucket dumper for cleaning the snow cover from the tracks.
  • Wheels with bars. Not all models of Russian units are made with a large wheel diameter. Therefore, to increase the capabilities of the devices, the manufacturer proposes to install grommets. This part is a steel rim with plates that penetrate deep into the ground during movement and operation of the machine, thereby increasing traction with the ground.
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  • caterpillar attachment. This element has functions similar to studs, but is mainly used to move in a snowy area.
  • Follower. Motoblocks “Yenisei” are perfect for transporting various goods, so when using carts or trailers of various configurations, the unit can be converted into a towing vehicle.
  • weighting mean. An additional element responsible for the maneuverability and controllability of the machine in situations with heavy and difficult terrain. Details increase the weight of the walk-behind tractor and consist of a pair of pancakes attached to the wheel axle. Such useful elements can also be made independently.

Adapter. To reduce the burden on the worker operating the implement, walk-behind tractors can be used in conjunction with an installation consisting of a cart with a seat.

Recommendations for use

The main task of the newly minted owner of agricultural machinery is to study the instruction manual of the device in order to avoid the occurrence of traumatic situations or premature failure of the device. After purchase, each model must first be run in. To do this, fill the walk-behind tractor, start it and let it work at minimum speed for at least 10 hours. The used oil should then be drained off and replaced with a new one when the engine is warm.

Before preserving the device, it must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and dust, remove all ignition terminals, disconnect oil and fuel, grease control lever. It is recommended to store the device in a dry and ventilated place. After a long period of downtime, the mechanism requires a thorough examination, this also applies to the daily departure of the equipment. It is recommended to change the oil after 25 hours of work of the tractor motoblock.

All levers in the transmission must be regularly treated with lithium or calcium grease. As for the gear node, the oil in this mechanism should be drained and changed after 100 hours of operation, using TAP-15V for this.

Motoblock yeniseei. Review of establishment, characteristics, appendices, use and operation

Yenisei brand motobobloks are produced in the Russian concern of Energopom. They buy spare parts for their walks in China, and the assembly is carried out right in Russia. This is done to ensure the lowest price for the finished product and to ensure equipment maintenance.

Review of Yeniseei’s motobo blocks

Engine block Yeniseei MZR-800

A four-stroke petrol engine with a capacity of 8 hp is installed on this walk-behaviour tractor. The weight of the unit is 80 kg. And it is used for plowing and cultivating soil, as well as for transporting goods.

Yeniseei engine blocks: description, models and advice for use

The start of the engine is provided with a manual cable. The gearbox is calculated 3 positions: forward – low and increased, reverse.

November in the garden: a calendar of work

The Motoblock Yeniseei MZR-800 is with cultivating soil. The width of acquisition with milling cutters is 105 cm, and the depth of their immersion reaches 30 cm. The transmission of the rotational moment to this fixture is carried out using a reliable chain transmission that can withstand increased loads.

Engine block Yeniseei MZR-820

Motoblock Yeniseei MZR-800

  • This is a representative of a light series of motoblocks that can cope with work on a site with an area of ​​​​up to 15 acres. It is equipped with an 8 hp petrol engine powered by a simple manual starter.
  • Yeniseei MZR 820 has a decent speed not only of movement, but also of work.
  • The cultivation width can be set in the range of 80-105 cm, and the depth is 15-30 cm.
  • The checkpoint is a standard of three stages.
  • The gearbox is additionally strengthened to withstand heavy loads.

The connection terminal device is performed by connecting with VOM.

Engine block Yeniseei MZR-830

Motoblock Yeniseei MZR-820

  • This is an improved modification of the tractor belonging to the heavy class. It has an 8 hp petrol engine, while the weight of the device increased to 100 kg.
  • Thanks to this, the Yeniseei MZR-830 ​​​​can handle virgin and rocky soils and perform loads weighing less than 400 kg.
  • This model of the Walk behavior tractor is equipped with high-quality tires of size 4 × 8, capable of moving for any type of soil, giving it an excellent clutch with a plowing and other work uphill.

The maximum width of surface milling is 105 cm, and the depth of its immersion is 30 cm.

Verification of attached devices


This binding is available to the main owner of the Motoblock Yeniseei MZR. After all, they are included in the delivery, and the breadth of their coverage is the main technical feature of each model.

Usually, sable-cut mills are used, which mix the soil and oxygenate the soil, increasing the yield of the soil.

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Miss cutter crow’s feet

Now on the market you will find a different version of the cookie cutters – “crow’s feet”. They produce the mixing with long bars with welded triangles on the edges. At the same time, they generate deeper soil processing, but break off when they hit hard rock.

Despite the type of cutting units, they are installed instead of standard wheels, and during work, considerable physical exertion must be made to control the han d-led tractor.

If denser areas have to be processed, plows are used because the milling mills cannot deliver the desired result and jump over rock sections that have to be passed again.

Tarpan plow turning plow

The main disadvantage of the plug is its small working width of about 30 cm, which takes much longer.

When plowing, it is necessary to make the first track. Then the han d-led tractor tips over and a bike is installed in it. The plow is lowered into the ground and plowing continues. This buried the first ditch.


Thanks to the han d-led tractors and mowers of the Yenisey MZR brand, you can keep the surroundings clean and free them from weeds and shrubs.

The most widespread mower type is a sickle mower. It cuts the vegetation with rotating knives that are between two plates.

Distance between grapes

Coel mower Zarya Heuwerchen Solnyyshko-2 r

It will not work to use the han d-led tractor yenissei MZR to maintain a flat lawn near a country house, since a wide track of the tire profile of the han d-led tractor remains on the surface.

Most of the time, this cultivation device is used to prepare the location before plowing or hay for winter.

Potato rolls and potato planters

Motoblocks from the Yenisey MZR brand support the work with potato growing devices: a potato roter and a potato planter who will help the country residents to work with this harvest.

Potato rotar potato planters


This is another potato attachment that helps keep the beds clean.

Okuchnik single-row Okuchnik disc

Snow mill and shovel

In the winter season, this essay is connected to the Yenissei branded blocks, which must be cleaned by the snow cover. With the snow plow attachment you can throw snow at a distance of about 5 meters, and the leaf blade simply clears the way.

Shovel-dump snowy

These two types of attachments are used by owners of country houses or residents of rural areas in which the supply companies do not work.

Wheels, tunnels and rails

Motoblocks from the Yenisey MZR brand have relatively small 4 × 8 bikes, which by far cannot always offer the necessary grip on the surface, which is why tunnel must be installed. They are produced in the form of a steel rim and welded steel plates that go into the ground during operation.

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Grouser’s chain attachment

In the winter season, the tunnels cannot offer the required cros s-country skills, and instead it is recommended to install a caterpillar attachment.


Trailer equipment is used for the transportation of goods with Yeniseei MZR brand motor blocks. There are several types of them, the most convenient and universal trolley is considered. You can complete the unloading process by simply lifting a trolley.

Trailer AMS-03 Trailer of Engine Block Cargo PMG300-1


Motoblock Yeniseei MZR-830

Another way to improve the patency and control of the Yeniseei MZR Motoblock is to add extra weight to it by installing weight agents. Their factory model consists of 2 pancakes suspended on a wheel axle. If you don’t have one available, you can use any heavy object that can be hung from the axle.



When working with Yeniseei brand motoblocks, there is a large load on the operator, which is why fairly quick general physical fatigue occurs. To avoid this effect, you can install a carriage with a seat – an adapter. This will largely improve the comfort of work.

User Guide

The operation of the brand new Yenisee i-MZR owners should start by studying the user’s instructions so that they understand the principle of safe operation by the machine and prevent injury or equipment failure.

First start, running and maintenance

  1. The manufacturer recommends that you operate the Yeniseei before using the motoblock. This procedure is as described in the instructions and includes the following phases:
  2. Assemble the device according to the user manual;
  3. pour fuel and oil;
  4. Work 8 hours in the minimum load on a walk (work with a cutter, with an empty trailer, etc.);

Replacement of engine oil.

  1. If you don’t plan to use the Yenisei Walk Abandoned Tractor for a long time, it’s better to arrange a walk to save yourself:
  2. remove the remains of dirt and dust;
  3. Wipe dry device;
  4. Disconnect the ignition terminals;
  5. Pull out the candles;
  6. drain gas and oil;
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Lubricate control lever.


The owners of the Yeniseei MZR talk about the ease of maintenance of this technique.

  • Before each exit, you should inspect the car for an unnatural location of parts, lack of oil leaks and engine power.
  • Engine oil replacement should be done every 25 hours of operation. It is recommended to pour all four stroke motor small garden equipment lubricants with 4T mark.
  • In the gear node, the oil should be changed after 100 hours of operation. TAP-15V needs to be poured into this node.

Shifters should be lubricated with waterproof lithium or calcium grease.

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After completing work with the Motoblock Yeniseei MZR must remove the residues of dirt and dust from the device and fastening equipment to prevent the machine from starting.

Transmission oil TAP-15V LITOL MOTOR OIL SAE 10W-40

Repair of the main faults

The Yeniseei engine blocks are collected from Chinese spare parts, they have two sides of the coin. On the one hand they cost a penny and on the other hand they often fail. Therefore, each owner of this technique must be familiar with the ways of the main malfunctions of the Yeniseei motoblocks. In most cases, this only requires a set of tools and knowledge of the device.
  1. If the machine engine starts with difficulty or during the operating stalls:
  2. Check the amount of oil and fuel, advise if necessary.
  3. Check the spark plug, remove the carbon from it or replace it with a new one.
  4. Check the connection of terminals to the spark plugs and whether there is a spark.
  5. Clean air and fuel filters, they need to be cleaned every 50 hours of operation.
  6. Set the fuel mixture in the carburetor;
If more complex information occurs, it is recommended to contact the service center.
  1. When Yenisei’s Wal k-Control tractor vibrates during operation:
  2. Check the aggregation of the fastening devices.
  3. Make sure that the bolt connections on all knots become boring.
  4. Check the quality of the fuel and whether it contains water.

Clean air and fuel filters.

Video review

Below you will find a video review of the first start of the MZR-800:

The following form The review shows the process of snow removal by the MZR engine block:

Reviews of the owners

The owners in thematic forums say the following about the experience of working on the Yeniseei MZR brand:


“The traction indicators of the MZR-800 in height. Although it is not recommended to load it heavily while running, I milled the virgin countries. He even raised the lawn. The only thing that made additional weight. While he works with the plow, he behaves stable, does not fall off and does not bury. The housing is made of hollow metal, but I like its design. Switching gear is simple and clear. Ahead is very comfortable. Bikes with a small diameter, I want a little more. Thanks to small dimensions, it takes up little space in the garage. The clutch is perfectly set and the tractor of walking does not tear from the start to the quarry.

Advantages: engine thrust, powerful gearbox, hig h-quality frame and painting, rubberized handles.

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