Motoblock Weima WM720. Overview, properties, reviews

Motoblock Weima WM720. Overview, properties, reviews

Weima WMX 720 is a representative of the universal han d-led tractors, which are aggregated with the entire range of attachments. It is not only used for work close to the ground, but also for area cleaning and transporting garbage.

Motoblock Weimar WM720

A special feature of the han d-led tractor Weim BMX720 is the strength of the components and their balance. All of this enables you to operate the device over a long period of time.

Motoblock functions:
  • The gearbox of the Weima WMX720 singl e-axle tractor has 5 positions: 3 steps forward and 2 back.
  • To improve the gravity, air wheels of the size are 3,0-8 and the immersion depth can be set thanks to the crowd.
  • The hand-led tractor Weima WMX 720 is equipped with a 7-horsepower petrol engine, which is driven by an electrical starter.
  • The scope of delivery includes an active redotiller that is not installed instead of the air tires, but is connected to the tap wave.


Type of the engine 4-stroke petrol engine WM170F-2
Engine power 5.3 hp
Motor volume 196cm³
Fuel tank capacity 4.5 liters
Start type Manual
Number of speeds 3 before / 2 back
Editing 60cm
Processing depth 20 cm
Drive unit Belt
Dimensions (L*b*h) 1400*1700*880mm
The weight 105kg

User Guide

Before using the Weima WMX 720 singl e-axis tractor, you must read the operating instructions.

You can read the instructions under the link: Use instructions Weima singl e-axle tractor

It helps to understand the construction of the device and the purpose of the lever, to study the correct order of assembly and the input of the equipment, to familiarize yourself with the technical properties and the schedule for the main maintenance work.

Schematic of the Weima walk-behind tractor

The han d-led tractor Weima WMX 720 differs somewhat from other han d-led tractors of the Chongqing Weima Power Machine Co .. Ltd. And there is a protective cover above the engine and part of the handlebar. This protects these parts from dirt or other hard objects.

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Weima WM720 housing for hand-held tractorWeima WM720 housing for hand-held tractor

At the same time, the han d-led tractor Weima WMX 720 has no protective wing. The steering wheel is adjustable and can be adapted to the body size of the driver.

The service consists of a few simple steps:
  • The engine oil should be changed every 25 hours. It is recommended to use half-synthetic options 10W-30 or 10W-40.
  • For the gearbox of the hand-led Tractor Weima WMX 720, the operating instructions recommend using TAP-15V, TAD-17i or its analogue.
  • Waterproof lubricant (litol-24, solidol, etc.) should be used to smear the gear levers.

Video reviews

Overview of the soil processing with a singl e-axle tractor Weima WMX 720

Overview of the configuration and the device of the han d-led tractor Veima 720

Owner reviews

This is what the owners of the Weima WMX 720 handed tractors say in the forums.


“I tried to process virgin countries. This is definitely not his horse, it is necessary to have a heroic force to contain this horse. It drives with great difficulties, and when a hook or a stone comes across, three sweat become down. There are no problems when working with a flat area. The course is smooth and smooth. The choice of problems is gratifying. This motblock is only necessary in small areas because it heats up and suffocated pretty quickly. Advantages: quality, functionality. Disadvantages: Little weight, picky for fuel. “


“I worked with this wal k-in tract in season 2. There were no serious problems for the entire working hours. He tore his belt a few times when he climbed onto the stone, but when he replaced the oil, he drove from anywhere from anywhere. And so it is stable, the trailer pulls significantly, it consumes relatively much gasoline. About 1.5 liters of gasoline are used to work per hour. Advantages: stable work, good details. Disadvantages: If you don’t find a mistake, then you are not. “

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Weima WMX-720 Motoblock. Description of the model, functions of application and video reviews

The multifunctional universal aggregate of the Weimer WMX-720 motor block has been manufactured since 2013. This is the joint development of Weim and Honda, an analogue of the BCS 740 Pasquali PowerSafe. The machine is characterized by the possibility of an optimal aggregation with a wide range of binding equipment, not only agricultural, but also of economic fate. The tractor of walking is equipped with a 7-hp engine with a motor with 7 hp

Motoblock Weimar WMX-720

Technical characteristics

Forward – 0.134, 0.626, 3.039 m/s;

Back – 0.268, 0.626 m/s

The volume of the fuel tank

3 forward / 2 before

406 mm 、 508 mm 、 660 mm

Reduction ratio

Description of the WMX-720 model

  • A feature of the Weimer a-Walk behavior is an active floor mill that is installed on an independent power selection shaft.
  • Thanks to the mult i-level transmission, it is provided by the optimal speed limit with different attachment s-3VD/2NAZAD programs.
  • The World Cup 170F-2 engine is developed under the license from the Japanese manufacturer Honda, which is characterized by improved parameters.
  • In appearance, the motorcycle block of the WITE differs from other models with a protective housing that is installed above the engine and part of the steering wheel.
  • The power selection wave serves to transmit the rotating moment with three special teeth.
  • High pneumatic wheels ensure a rational handle with floor.
  • With an excellent balance of the walk tractor, you can operate it in intensive mode for a long time.

A version of the improved assembly is available for Western Europe – the Motorblock Deluxe WM720 of the WEIM with similar technical properties.

Characteristics of application, maintenance

The Weimera WMX-720 is reliable, easy to use and wait. Regulations are not particularly difficult. Submission of consumption of consumption: motor oil filter, air filter, carburetor filter, straps, oils according to the instructions of the manufacturer is the key to the lon g-term operation of the device.

  • For gearbox, the recommended oils of the SAE 80W/90 or TAD-17 brands should be used, which have a certain level of viscosity, since the highest oil level for good lubrication should be maintained, especially when working on the slopes (no longer as 25 °).
  • 10W-30 or 10W-40 is used as motor oil, the exchange after 50 motorized hours, the level test should be carried out every 4 hours.
  • When working under contaminated conditions, an air filter in an oil bath should be washed more frequently and motor oil should be added every 8 hours.
  • For the lubrication of moving friction units and parts, standard universal lubricants Solidol, Litol-24 are used.

The Weima walk-behind tractor can be easily aggregated with a variety of attachments, it can be used for pumping water, clearing snow, mowing grass, transporting goods, sweeping the territory and many jobs in the garden.

  • Attachments can be mounted on a flange or hitch.
  • If you are mounting a lawn mower, snow blower or rotary mower, turn the handlebars 180°.
  • Simultaneous engagement of reverse gear and blade drive is prohibited.
  • The adjustable ridger is specially designed for creating beds and furrows for sowing and watering. Install it like a plow and clipper – on the device mounting flange, which is located on the back of the gearbox.
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Proper maintenance of the Weima two-wheel tractor and competent operation will significantly extend the life of the equipment. You can familiarize yourself with the features of the Weima WMX-720 walk behind tractor, maintenance and adjustment in the factory manual at the link:

Video review

Motoblock Veima WMX-720

user ratings


“I really liked the Veima BMX 720 walk behind tractor with its unusual shape reminiscent of an old motorcycle with a sidecar. It is convenient to use, security and protection are excellent. I have a plot of 55 hectares, I do all the work with it: cultivation, cutting beds, digging potatoes, preparing hay, transporting various goods. The earth was completely different in 4 years, wheatgrass brought out. In general, what you need is the car.


“Motoblock Weim 720 was bought for its versatility. Happy with the device. Well, there is an adjustable hiller, a plow, a mower, of course, cutters. Last winter I tried to throw away the snow, it’s normal. Of the shortcomings – the clutch is worn out, I had to adjust the cable and it works. I change consumables, oil, filters. Basically satisfied.”

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