Motoblock Weima WM1100. Overview of changes, properties, reviews

Motoblock Veima 1100

Veima 1100 is a worthy representative of the class of inexpensive han d-led tractors. This model is constantly in demand in developing countries and in Russia. The quality of the equipment gradually improves, which has a positive effect on the performance of the machine. The WEIM 1100 Motoblock is already a model of relatively middl e-aged, but Chinese developers update and improve it regularly, which is confirmed by the positive feedback by real owners.

Purpose and design features

Weima 1100 is perhaps one of the most popular Weim a-led tractors on the Russian market. The design of the device supports a wide range of additional equipment and an extensive engine range consisting of gasoline and diesel engines. The 1100 series is the flagship and constantly receives various updates that make the hand-led tractor more comfortable and more attractive for the average consumer. Weima 1100 is intended for soil processing with a maximum area of ​​1 hectare. The mass and performance of the equipment is sufficient to ensure the quality and easily cope with the floor of light or medium complexity. Each Weima 1100 package contains a mechanical four-speed gear with two forwards, a reverse and a idle. In this case, the total number of speeds reaches six when they are added up with a tw o-row system. This enables you to tackle additional devices more rational.

Lower gears are usually used at higher loads. The on e-axle tractor in question has a dependent tap wave that can be switched off completely, which ensures comfort and safety during transport. In order to switch on or off the wave, the special lever must be turned into the corresponding position above the shaft.

The hand-led tractor is equipped with a steering wheel with height and horizontal adjustment, with which you can choose the optimal position depending on the body size of the operator. It is noteworthy that the handles are equipped with antivibration pads, which reduces the driver’s fatigue to a certain extent. It is also important to consider the solid rubber wheels that are delivered by default.

The advantages of Weima 1100 include:

  • High ground clearance and perfect axle balance
  • solid construction
  • decent functionality at the level of the competition, especially because of the support of many additional options
  • The presence of a reverse gear and several corridors had a positive effect on maneuverability and running rest
  • ergonomic handlebar
  • The power plant has a large scope for safety and efficiency
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The basic equipment of the Weima 1100 model includes crop protection discs, air wheels, crowd, partial cutter and operating instructions. It is commendable that standard milling of plant damage effectively prevents already and thus ensure hig h-quality soil processing.

At the request of the consumer, several additional options can be added to the specified stock devices. We notice the most common of them:

  • coupling
  • Hiller
  • plow
  • Groun d-t o-use
  • Metal wheels
  • Shovel
  • Mowing/Mitch Universal
  • follower
  • Potato
  • Potato streets
  • Special cutter
  • Snow and launch cleaning unit

Operating characteristics

Despite the fact that modern technologies are now available before training, the manufacturer recommends running before the very first use. Runnin g-Iin consists of several steps:

  • Add/add oil and fuel –
  • The first start of the engine should work for 10 minutes while idling
  • Check the clarity of the gear shift with increasing speed
  • Then you can continue with the treatment of the soil for test treatment. In this case, the load of the devices should not exceed 50%
  • Completion of the ongoin g-i n-Cecking consumption materials and complete maintenance


The tractor for walk injuries turned out to be quite compact for the competitors. The length of the model is 1800 mm and the width and height 1050 or 850 mm.

From other characteristics we pay attention to the depth of the processing of 300 mm and the processing width in the range of 800 to 1100 mm. The Walk Fehind tractor accelerates to 11 km/h if you go forward, or up to 7 km/h if you reverse. The mass of the device is 120 kg.


Weim 1100 is equipped with different types of power plants. Consider the most common of you.

  • Diesel Loncin WM 186 FBE 4-stroke type, familiar from motorcycles by the Bavarian involved BMW. The engine is equipped with a decompression valve, air cooling and an important introduction of manual or electrical process (manually or electrical steel). A German engine with a work volume of 0.4 liters is created 9 HP, and the lifespan of this individual cylinder ice cream reaches 7,000 motorized hours.
  • Diesel Loncin World Cup 178fe. This design unit is comparable to the previous modification. And yet its properties are somewhat optimized for better efficiency. The work volume of the engine is 0.3 liters, electricity – 6 liters. With.
  • Weimera WM170FB-A 4-stroke petrol engine is an analogue of the Japanese Eishonda GX210. The quality of both engines is about the same, but the price difference is almost two time in favor of the Chinese version. A feature of this engine is the upper layout and an inclined cylinder. It is noteworthy that this unit works without any problems, even if it is inclined 350 degrees. A cylinder unit with a volume of 0.2 liters develops 7.5 liters. With. and torque 13 N/m. Increased reliability and simple maintenance are the most important advantages of all these engines.
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Fuel consumption

The WEIM 1100 Motoblock, equipped with a diesel engine, consumes an average of 1 to 2 liters per hour, which is a record low. For comparison, this indicator lies in gasoline modification within 2 to 2.5 liters.

The fuel tank capacity is between 3.5 and 5.5 liters depending on the version.

Prices in Russia

Weim 1100 in a new state costs 53,000 rubles. There are so many simple devices with a diesel engine. The petrol version costs 38,000 rubles.

The walk-behavior tractor successfully competes with Scout 135G models as well as DDE V950 II Hulk 1 and Ugra NMB-117.

Weim 1100 Motoblock. Description of the model, functions of application and video reviews

Veima 1100 Chinese walk-behind tractors are heavy machines, have a power of 6-12 hp and are structurally analogous to the 105 series. With a variety of attachments, they are widely used when performing a number of agricultural and household works on large plots up to 1 hectare. They are designed for frequent intensive use.

Technical characteristics

Motoblock type: diesel
Engine brand: London
Engine: Loncin WM178F (installed on modern BMW motorcycle models!)
Engine power: 6 hp
Engine type: four stroke
Number of speeds back: 1
Fuel tank volume: 3.5L
Number of forward gears: 2
Reverse (reversed): Yes
Processing width: 80-110cm
Processing depth: 15-30cm
Wheels: 4.00-8.00
PTO: on the wave
Coupling: disc
Cooling: Air
Reducer: double shaft gearbox!
drive unit: transmission
Fuel: diesel
Note: diesel engine
Further information: Decompression valve for easy manual starting
basic equipment: four rows of knives, wheels
Packing dimensions: 105x57x78cm
The weight: 125kg
packing weight: 147 kilos
Country of Manufacture: United States of America
Warranty: 2 years (or 24 months) from our company!

Description of the model series

The Weim 1100 family of walk-behind tractors are the most popular among knowledgeable users, the series is constantly being improved, improved, and therefore it is constantly in demand. Weima 1100 walk-behind tractors are characterized by a reliable, simple construction, high ground clearance, optimal balance, maneuverability and multifunctionality.

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Features of the Weima WM 1100 family

  • All WM 1100 models are equipped with a mechanical gearbox.
  • The gearbox is installed in 2 versions: with a lower row Low (2/1) and an increased Hight (4/2). An increased speed range is used for tillage and transport of goods, a lower one for power work and active attachments.
  • A feature of the dependent PTO is the ability to turn it off when the walk-behind tractor is delivered to the workplace. The connection of active attachments with PTO drive is possible
  • Two-shaft reduction gear.
  • Multi-plate clutch in oil bath.
  • Thanks to the adjustable anti-vibration handle, the Weima two-wheel tractor is very easy to operate, and the steering wheel can be adjusted vertically and horizontally.

The functionality of various modifications of Weima WM-1100 walk behind tractors

  • 1100 series motoblocks are manufactured with diesel engines (codes A and B) and four-stroke petrol engines (codes C and D).
  • All models of Weima WM-1100 walk behind tractors can be equipped with pneumatic wheels in two options: 5.00-12 or 4.00-8, which ensure excellent cross-country ability of the device regardless of operating conditions.
  • Weima WM-1100A diesel engine blocks are equipped with forged bottom cutters, crop protection discs, a hitch and a share.
  • The consumer is offered a choice of various manufacturing options, which differ from the basic models by additional functionality: with KM handles, axle releases for better maneuverability, with an extended gearbox – 6 gears, in DELUXE configuration, with an electric starter (marking E), with a differential lock (DIFF).
  • To perform various agricultural and household works, owners of Weima engine blocks can additionally purchase: plows, hillers, cleats, a shovel dump, universal hitches, various mowers, a snow blower, potato diggers and potato planters, carts, an adapter.
Weimar WM1100 A-6

The walk-behind tractor is equipped with a Loncin WM178FE engine with a power of 6 hp, speed 4 forward / 2 reverse, and a differential version is possible.

Motoblock Weima WM1100а-6

Veima WM1100 A KM (10) DELUXE

The improved modification is equipped with a gearbox with speeds 2 forward / 1 reverse, KM handles, offers a maximum processing width of 110 cm and is produced for the European market in a DELUXE configuration.

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Weimar WM1100AE

It differs from the basic version by the presence of an electric starter.


Premium segment conversion with electric starter for the European market.

Motoblock Weima WM1100D-6 Deluxe

Veima WM1100b

The WM1100b model has a Loncin WM 186 FBE engine with a power of 9 hp, a 5.5 l fuel tank, offers a working width of 135 cm, is used successfully on large areas and has a service life of up to 7000 hours.

Veima WM1100b 6

The WM1100b 6 walk behind diesel tractor has 4 forward and 2 reverse gears, unlike the 1100V base modification.

Veima WM1100be

Motoblock Veima WM1100BE

The WM1100be engine block differs from the 1100V model in the presence of an electric starter.

Weima WM1100be NEW

Model WM1100be NEW 2016, the walk behind tractor is equipped with a 12 HP WMC188FBE engine, offers a working width of 135 cm and carries loads up to 350 kg.

Veima WM1100b 6KM DELUXE

The WM1100b 6 KM DELUXE model is distinguished by improved technical characteristics, high-quality assembly and production for the European market.

Veima WM-1100C NEW

Petrol walk-behind tractor with a Weima WM170FB engine (based on the Japanese Honda GX210 engine) with an inclined cylinder and overhead valves has a power of 6.5 hp, speeds 2 forward / 1 reverse, offers a working width of 110 cm The Weima One walk-behind tractor is allowed to operate on large slopes.

Motoblock Veima WM-1100 C NEW


It differs from the 1100 modification with speeds 4 forward / 2 reverse, processing width is 130 cm, power is 7 hp.

Veima WM-1100C NEW

The design of the walk-behind tractor combines the advantages of the two previous models: power 7 hp, speed 4 forward / 2 reverse, maximum working width 130 cm.


Veima WM1100C KM New Deluxe

Premium segment high-end model, equipped with a 170F 7hp petrol engine, KM axle release handles, made for the western market.


The powerful Veima WM1100d 6 KM NEW DELUXE walking tractor is equipped with a 177F 9 HP petrol engine, has 4 forward / 2 reverse gears, axle unlocking, offers a working width of 130 cm with rototillers Segment is in great demand.


Modification WM1100d 6 KM DIFF NEW DELUXE differs from the previous version in the presence of a differential.

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Motoblock Weima WM1100 V-6 km Deluxe diff

Application functions, maintenance

Weima walk-behind tractors feature rational, thoughtful design, easy to operate, and even beginners can afford their maintenance. Gasoline models use AI-92 gasoline, diesel models run on high quality diesel fuel. 10W-30 or 10W-40 grades are used as engine oil, and they are changed every 25 hours. For transmission – TAD-17 oil. Solidol, Litol-24 waterproof lubricants are used to lubricate parts and assemblies.

Engine oil 10W-40 Gear oil TAd-17i Litol

Most hand-guided Weima tractors are fully prepared before the sale, but it is required for machines. This procedure consists of a preliminary check of the fuel and the amount of oil at idle for 10-15 minutes. Then test the functionality of the device with additional equipment for 9-10 hours at low speed and check the gears. The corresponding maintenance is carried out after entering.

Together with additional devices, the han d-led tractors Veima WM 1100 effectively lead to floor processing and plowing, mowing grass, cutting beds and furrows, helping with planting and digging potatoes, working in connection with a snow blower and a sweeping brush, a pump, transport loads up to at 300 kg at a speed of 11 km/h

Before commissioning the handmade Veima tractor, the manufacturer calls consumers to read the instructions in detail, the detailed information about the machine device, the time of routine maintenance, possible disorders and their removal as well as security.

Video review

Motoblock WM1100B in use

Overview of the Weima WM1100BE diesel singl e-axle tractor

Motoblock Veima WM1100 A-6

Motoblock Weima 1100 S-6

User reviews


“As far as Chinese technology is concerned, the han d-led tractor Veima 1100 AE is an ideal machine. Electric starter, pulls normally and doesn’t choke. Sometimes I work with tunnels, but basically the wheels have good of f-road suitability. Diesel takes moderate. It is comfortable to work, the hands don’t get tired at all. The assembly does not seem to be Chinese, it’s a great car. ”


“I have decent 77 acres of land. I bought a Veima 1100 C motor block, gasoline, at a good price. The assembly is normal. Works in any weather, I use a lot of clutch. There were no problems for 2.5 years of operation. The only thing is that the rubber is quickly worn out and that is torn.

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