Motoblock Urals. Overview, specifications, owner reviews

Varieties of motoblocks “Ural” and features of their operation

Motoblocks of the “Ural” brand always remain in the conversation due to the good quality of the equipment and its long service life. The device is intended for performing various works in gardens, orchards and generally outside the city.


The motoblock “Ural”, equipped with various attachments, allows you to perform a wide variety of work, from the transportation of goods to digging potatoes. At the same time, the device is able to work on different types of soil, even on stony and clay soils. “Ural” consumes fuel sparingly, regardless of weather conditions, is powerful and most often even does without repairs, without suffering breakdowns.

More precisely, the technical characteristics of the equipment can be considered using the example of a walk-behind tractor with an UMZ-5V engine. Such a walk-behind tractor is universal and single-axle. Its weight reaches 140 kilograms, and the mass of possible cargo for transportation reaches 350 kilograms.

The amount of oil that fills the gearbox is 1.5 liters. The dimensions of the walk-behind tractor are as follows: the length is 1700 millimeters plus or minus 50 mm, the width reaches 690 millimeters plus or minus 20 mm, and the height is 12800 millimeters plus or minus 50 mm. The movement speed of the device varies depending on the gear when driving forward from 0.55 to 2.8 meters per second, which corresponds to 1.9 to 10.1 kilometers per hour. When reversing, the movement speed varies from 0.34 to 1.6 meters per second, which corresponds to 1.2 to 5.7 kilometers per hour. The engine of this model is a four-stroke carburetor with forced air cooling, brand UM3-5V.

Currently, the Ural walk-behind tractor can be purchased at a price of 10-30 thousand rubles.

The preparation

The Ural engine block base is called Ural UMB-K and various engines are suitable for it. The Ural UMZ-5V walk-behind tractor is considered the most popular, the engine of which is made at the factory – the creator of walk-behind tractors.

This model can even work on AI-80 motor gasoline, which greatly simplifies maintenance. Without refueling, the device can work for up to four and a half hours.

The Ural ZID-4.5 engine block works the same as the Ural UMZ-5V, but it cannot use AI-72 fuel. In this case, the cylinders and spark plugs will become covered with soot, and the performance of the unit will deteriorate. Recently, models of Ural walk-behind tractors with Chinese budget engines have gained popularity. Despite the low acquisition costs, the quality of the device is in no way inferior to that of its counterparts. A walk-behind tractor with a Lifan 168F engine is relevant, which is made of high-quality reinforced iron and can carry a large amount of cargo. In general, Lifan is often called a cheap replacement for an expensive Honda engine, which explains the great popularity of Chinese engines.

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Structure and functional principle

The engine for the Ural walk-behind tractor can be changed periodically, since the manufacturer often pleases consumers with improved novelties. In addition, there are situations in which

The previous one is out of operation and you have to do a sudden replacement. The most popular engines are ZID, UMZ-5V, Umz5 and Lifan-von you can replace them. For example, the engine is equipped with a carburetor, K16N. His ignition system is responsible for the required ignition of the mixture presented in the cylinder. The energy drive is either a coil or a capacitor.

In general, both the design and the operation of the device are simple and understandable. Thanks to the disc coupling, the torque goes to the gear. The latter activates the function of the Walk behavior tractor by reverse. Next, the gearbox is introduced, which is responsible for the wheels that are the union of the gears. In addition, belts play an important role in the device.

Spare parts for the Urals are widespread, and their search and recording are not a difficult task.

Chips to choose

The choice of one or the other model of the Ural engine block should take place depending on the tasks. First, pay attention to the engine, the replacement of which can be very expensive in the future. When buying a user device, it is worth asking the owner documents to ensure that this is not a fake.

Experts recommend checking the presence of subtexts, the occurrence of incomprehensible noises and possible overheating of the device.

Operating rules

With the operating instructions associated with the tractor of the walk behavior, you can find out all problems related to use. The document contains information on the installation of the device, ongoing, use, care and lon g-term memory. It is important to put together a system proposed by the manufacturer in accordance with the proposed scheme.

Next, the tank is filled with fuel, lubricant is added and running is used, provided that half the maximum performance of the walk. The lubrication of parts is very important because the tractor from the plant is unexpectedly, which forms excessive friction. Incidentally, it is recommended for the same reason to be recommended in a light mode and at the end of the Öler Set. Another important information contained in the instructions explains how the valve adjustment is carried out properly and in which cases it is worth removing the pulley.

Features of care

It is not difficult to serve the Ural block block. Every use must begin to check the details. If mounts and knots are not twisted enough, this is manually eliminated. In addition, the cabling is examined – the presence of mere wiring indicates that further operation of the tractor in the course of walking behavior is unacceptable. The condition of the belts, the presence of oil leaks or petrol is also evaluated.

Incidentally, it is necessary to change the lubricants every fifty hours of operation. Petrol changes if necessary, but you have to make sure that it is always clean.

Possible problems and their reasons

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As a rule, possible malfunctions in the work of the Walk behavior tractor are given in the attached instructions. For example, if there is no rear or front front line, this can be done either due to a break of the belt or its inadequate voltage or a broken gear, whereby the gear is not switched on. In order to solve the problem, the belt should adapt the workshop in the second case in the second – to the tension and in the third – because it is a bad idea to disassemble the device itself without adequate experience. Sometimes it happens that the belt of the gear is relaxed – then it has to be replaced.

When the oil flows along the gear connection, this happens either due to a spoiled seal or due to insufficiently drawn screws. You can tighten the screws yourself, but you can change the seal better than the specialist. After all, the oil sometimes begins over the block axis and gross directions. There are two reasons for what happens. The first is destroyed, which only the master can repair. The second – the oil is flooded in a volume that has one and a half liters more than one and a half liter. This situation is easy to repeat: let the existing fuel out of the gearbox and fill the new in the required volume.

Optional equipment

The Ural motor blocks are equipped with a large number of different devices, which are mainly popular and compatible. First of all, it is a grinding cutter – the basic part that is required to process the surface layer of the soil. The grinding cutter mixes and grinds the floor so that the yield increases. Incidentally, it is recommended to only use this equipment in a prepared area. It is also possible to attach a plow to the Urals, which, as you know, is used to plow virgin countries or solid land.

The plow is immersed in a depth of up to 20 centimeters, but at the same time there are rather large earthen lumps, which is considered a major disadvantage. The 2nd plow, which has a special “sprin g-shaped” shape of the linemas, easily solves the problem. In this case, a piece of land in this case is first turned over several times and at the same time crushed, according to which it is already sent to the side.

In agriculture, there is an indispensable mower to prepare hay for the winter season and remove grass.

The Ural block block can be equipped with a segment and a rotary mower.

Pruning orchids step by step

The rotary mower has several spinning knives. Due to the fact that the part is not swiveled and directed, the grass is cut off. As a rule, a rotary part is used for cleaning grass with medium size, and it is better to treat the area overgrown with storm with a segment. This part is equipped with two rows of blade that move together. Therefore, they manage to cope with the most neglected fragments of the earth.

Another interesting equipment is a potato cliff and a beginner of potatoes. Your functions can be guessed with names. In winter, the use of a hinge is relevant to the snowman and dumpling lopata. The first is involved in the cleaning of the courtyard and also works at minus temperature. The equipment lifts snow and removes it by about eight meters. With the dumplings you can clean the route and throw away snow nearby.

Finally, an important configuration for the Ural engine blocks is viewed as a trailer, with which the transport of goods can be carried out with a weight of up to 350 kilograms. This design can have different configurations, so you should select it depending on the planned classes. For example, if the transport of a long and heavy material is expected, for example, protocols or long pipes, the car must necessarily be on four wheels, so that the weight of the freight can be evenly distributed. The upcoming transport of somewhat more important requires sel f-raising carts in which the sides lean back. Fire objects are more convenient to transport in a trailer with high sides.

Reviews of the owners

Reviews of the owners of the Ural engine blocks are generally positive. Often among the advantages is the ability to use the device for a long time without worrying about breakdowns. If spare parts are still needed, finding them is not particularly difficult.

In addition, gratifying to save gas, at the same time cope with the tasks qualitatively.

If we talk about the disadvantages, then, perhaps, the inability to use the “Urals” when moving over long distances can be called.

 In addition, it is recommended to observe safety measures when using technology, especially when wearing special headphones and a protective mask. Even in the heat, you can't use a tractor without shoes.

Motoboblock operating instructions Patriot Ural: features of devices and customer reviews

Motoblock Patriot of the Urals is practical and effective equipment for cultivating soil in the garden, household and farms.

The devices are easy to install and operate and unpretentious to maintain.

Engineers took into account the needs of consumers and used modern management and anti-vibration technologies when creating models from this series.

Consider the features of motoblocks and rules of operation, as well as the characteristics of models.

Features of the device

Motoblocks Patriot are very popular in the Russian market and CIS countries. The demand for them, compared to the technology of competitors, is due to multifunctionality and high quality. With all their advantages, motoblocks are represented in the household border.

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The brand originally appeared in the United States. Later, the production of equipment was transferred to China to reduce costs, but at the same time it was controlled by American engineers. In 1999, the production of equipment was opened in Russia. Since then, the products have been significantly improved.

Mini-applications are mainly used for soil processing (loosening, planting plants, collecting root crops and grain). In addition, motoblocks are used for spraying crops with fertilizers, processing the soil with chemicals to destroy insects, as well as snowball players and vehicles.

Most often, the owners of the charts raise plows to increase the power of the units. Another attachment of a device that allows you to quickly remove potatoes from the fields. In winter, motoblocks act as snowball players when equipped with special equipment in the form of a curved shovel.

Motoblocks go well with seeders. It is convenient to prepare the soil with the same equipment, and then plant it with seeds. The machine is equipped with a trailer for transporting fertilizer, water, chemicals and crops.

  • Among the main distinguishing features of the motoblocks, the Patriot of the Urals can be distinguished:
  • assembly of a cast iron gearbox;
  • High flow metal alloy frame;
  • stability and stable work;
  • small weight and compact size;
  • excellent maneuverability;
  • the presence of several speeds;
  • big wheels;

 In addition, it is recommended to observe safety measures when using technology, especially when wearing special headphones and a protective mask. Even in the heat, you can't use a tractor without shoes.

A special design of grinding.

Technical characteristics parameter
description engine power
7.8L.S. engine type
4 stroke, petrol engine volume
220cc The volume of the fuel tank
3.6l The breadth of processing
up to 90 cm coupling
Belt transmission
chain, cast. pneumatic wheels
4.00-8.00 The number of speeds
4 forward/ 2 forward The speed of the shaft
156ob/min The diameter of the milling cutter
32 cm Dimensions in dimensions (d*sh*c)
1000*1000*500mm The weight


Top 3 Best Models Rating location Surname
1 Top-3 best models of the Ural series Patriot Ural with extreme wheels (440 10 7581)
2 35 000₽ Patriot Urals (440 10 8000)
3 36 000₽ Patriot Urals (440 10 7580)

37 000₽

The best models of the Ural series

Top-3 best models of the Ural series

 In addition, it is recommended to observe safety measures when using technology, especially when wearing special headphones and a protective mask. Even in the heat, you can't use a tractor without shoes.

Patriot Ural with extreme bikes (440 10 7581)

A multifunctional motblock equipped with a petrol engine of 7.8 hp. The model is equipped with large pneumatic bikes and tailors.

The speeds are switched on the handle by the gear.

Four and two back speeds are provided.

The presence of a thre e-crown slider enables you to attach a mower to a snowman, a trailer and other devices.

An extended frame prevents damage from the air filter, benzent tank and silencer during operation and storage of the device.

  • Characteristics :
  • Processing width – 90 cm;
  • Engine power – 7.80 hp;
  • Tank volume – 3.6 l;

Weight – 107 kg.

  • Advantages:
  • attractive appearance;
  • Quick Start;
  • permanent case;
  • stable frame;
  • economic fuel consumption;
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Practical handle.

  • Defects :
  • I had to digest bad welding of the bikes;

35 000₽


Patriot Ural (440 10 8000)

A motor block with a 1-cylinder fou r-stroke petrol engine with a capacity of 7.8 hp is high quality and high performance.

The speeds are switched by a comfortable rotation of the handle.

With the presence of a thre e-bi o-strap pane, you can connect a mower, a car, a plow, a snowball player and further fastening equipment.

The model is equipped with a generous degree of gearbox, which means that the risk of oiling is equipped due to the wear resistance of the seats of the warehouse.

An extended frame prevents damage from the air filter, benzent tank and silencer during operation and storage of the device.

  • Characteristics :
  • Processing width – 90 cm;
  • Processing width – 90 cm;
  • Engine power – 7.80 hp;
  • Engine power – 7.80 hp;
  • Tank volume – 3.6 l;

Weight – 107 kg.

  • Advantages:
  • Optimal size;
  • high energy;
  • Quick Start;
  • permanent case;
  • Cast iron gear;

Practical handle.

  • Defects :
  • There is no differential;

36 000₽


Patriot Ural (440 10 7580)

A petrol engine of 7.8 hp with a petrol engine offers high and fast soil processing, seeds, cultivation, ground fertilizers and root plants.

Four front and two rear speeds with practical switching are provided on the gear.

The model is equipped with a pulley, which makes it possible to equip it with additional equipment (snowman, Harrow, plow, car, etc.).

An improved frame protects the gas tank, the silencer and other elements from outbreaks.

An extended frame prevents damage from the air filter, benzent tank and silencer during operation and storage of the device.

  • Characteristics :
  • Processing width – 90 cm;
  • Engine power – 7.80 hp;
  • Tank volume – 3.6 l;

Weight – 107 kg.

  • Optimal size;
  • attractive appearance;
  • Quick Start;
  • Comfortable coupling with plow ;;
  • Safe frame;
  • Cas t-yrion Editor;

Practical handle.

  • Defects :
  • a light weight;

Lack of differential.

User Guide

After buying a walk tractor, the patriot of the Urals remains competent to extend the lifespan.

  • The manufacturer recommends the following recommendations:
  • Before each use, carry out a visual inspection for malfunctions, including checking the reliability of thread connections;
  • After work, remove earth or snowbums to avoid rust.
  • Evaluate the quality of the thread and device of the tractor for walk behavior after purchase, including whether all the elements are present;
  • Assess the level of lubricants in the engine and gearbox;
  • Do not leave the device in working condition without checking;
  • Refill the unit in an open space and strictly in a refrigerated condition;
  • If you spill the fuel, roll the unit back to the side at least ten feet before turning on.
  • Do not use in greenhouses, greenhouses and other enclosed spaces;

Use selected oil from trusted manufacturers: fuel M-10v2 or M-10G2 in summer, M-8G2-inch winter.

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