Motoblock Stinko. Properties, attachments, reviews

Motoblock Stinko. Properties, attachments, reviews

The check of the han d-led tractors of the Stinko brand is limited to just one model that was estimated by the consumer and is characterized by high processing quality and reliable design.

Motoblock Stinko

The manufacturer of the Stinko brand is a Russian company of the same name that maintains partnerships with leading Russian manufacturers of devices and tools. The company’s service centers with qualified specialists are located in various parts of the country.

Motoblock Stinko MB7

The weight of the han d-led tractor stinko MB 7 is 90 kg. The device is equipped with a gasoline power plant with an output of 7 hp. The fou r-stroke engine has air protection against overheating. The engine is started manually by a reversing starter.

Engine block Stinko MB-7

The manual transmission offers two forward gears and a reverse gear. Both toothed belt slices are made of steel, which significantly extends the lifespan of the unit. A bracket serves to attach a snow plow or mower on the han d-led tractor. The remaining attachments are cultivated via an extended attachment coupling. The steering wheel is adjustable in two positions, the handles are made of vibratio n-damping material.


Horsepower) 7 PS
Type of the engine Fou r-stroke
Starting system Manual starter
Displacement (cm3) 206
Total dimensions of MB – 1D1 (2.3) m and its modifications, MM 1470x80x1000
Dry weight, kg, no longer 90
Transport speed, m/s (km/h), nothing less than 1 (3.6) – in 1st gear, 2.5 (9) – in 2nd gear
Number of gears: 2 – forward, 1 – back


The package for the han d-led tractor includes the most necessary equipment – a attachment device, arable wheels (bridge), a plow, two crow’s foot redotillers, a crowd. The brand does not produce any other attachments, but the han d-led tractor is perfectly aggregated with the roofs of other local manufacturers. So we list the roofs that can be used in the garden plot:

    Roll cutter. Crow’s Feet Cutter is able to cut ground every density, including virgin earth.

Crow's feet cutter for Caiman two-wheel tractors


Sickle mower front mower Terminator segment mower


Potato rotor sieve potato rotor km-1

Brush snow blower shovel blade

User Guide

After purchasing a stinko-axractor, you have to carefully study the operating instructions. This document contains the following detailed descriptions:

  • Device of the unit.
  • Properties of the han d-led tractor stinko.
  • First commissioning and inlet.
  • The procedure for working with different attachments.
  • Maintenance.
  • Safety requirements.
  • Troubleshooting.

The instructions indicate all total dimensions and the weight of the hand-led tractor, the type and performance of the engine, the fuel and oil brands used, design features and much more. Guided by the technical properties, the future owner of the device selects a han d-led tractor for his needs.

The owner of the han d-led tractor can independently assemble this agricultural device under the guidance of the instructions.

The device part describes in detail all components and elements of the stinko-axractor with clear descriptions of the gradual assembly.

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You can examine the instructions in detail by downloading them from the link: instructions for the operation of the walk-retarded car driver Steinko MB-7

First start

The procedure for the first start of the tractor of the walk behavior should be completed in accordance with all rules. The sequence of performance on the smallest details is described in the instructions. After the engine has been launched, the owner has to carry out another important procedure – continuously.

Scheme of the Stinko MB-7 walk behind tractor

During running there is a joke on the driving parts of the engine and ensures a long service life in the future. The current process takes about 5 hours. At this point you cannot overload the motorcycle block. It is best to take advantage of it hal f-heartedly.

After running in the tractor of the walk, it is necessary to replace the oil in the crankcase with a new one.

Technical service

Maintenance includes:

  • Daily support of the “BC” unit and “after” the company.
  • Check the condition of the device once a month;
  • Prevention in the service center.
  • Conservation for the winter period.
Motoblock service

Before the field work:

  • Make sure that the required amount of fuel is available in the fuel tank (it is recommended to water oil for SAE 30 in the crankcase in winter 5W-30 for gears and gears, TAP-15V, TEP-15, TS P-15K, TS L-14);
  • Check the presence and the amount of oil in the motor crank.
  • Pull the fastening elements to be tightened;
  • Check the tire pressure.

Limit oil and fuel levels

  • Clean and wash the motorcycle block;
  • dry in a place protected from sunlight;
  • Lubricate the friction elements with lubricants;
  • Cover and store in a dry place.

The main problems and opportunities to eliminate them

The engine does not start:

  • The spark plug burned – replacement;
  • The candle smoked – cleaning;
  • The wire is not connected to the candle – for fastening;
  • Magneto failed – replacement;
  • The filter is contaminated – exchange;
  • Fuel pipelines are dirty – exchange;
  • Caser blocked – cleaning;
  • Add lack of fuel;
  • Replace gasoline with low quality;
  • Low compression degree – contact a specialist.

The rotors stopped turning:

  • Stones or lumps of the earth were in mills;
  • The fastening elements weakened;
  • The clutch cable is not set – setting;
  • The V-shaped belt is weakened a weakened replacement.

The bikes don’t turn:

  • weakened the fastening elements – pull up;
  • The clutch cable is unbalanced – to adjust;
  • The V-shaped belt weakened the replacement.

Unusual noise from the transmission:

  • The warehouse has worn – replace;
  • The main program is not adapted – for setting according to the instructions.

The cutter stopped turning:

  • Stones or lumps of the earth fell on the rotors – to clean;
  • stretched or burst the belt – replace;
  • The video and the pulley are not adapted – it will contact the service center.
  • The pens were lost – replace.
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Reviews of the owners

Maxim, 43 years:

“I bought a walk tractor last spring, trusted the home manufacturer and not lost. And plowing and sowing and trench – I do all the work on the hiking loss tractor. I exist a plot of 12 tomorrow with cutter per hour. There was no collapse yet. “

Peter, 49 years old:

“Stinko gave me children for my birthday, he would have decided for a long time. The car is not bad, powerful, perfectly adjustable, simple, in care. Since the birthday in August I have only tried an excavator and a plow. Now it’s full and is waiting for spring. Let us see how it comes out of wintering. “

Dmitry, 25 years old:

“The father and I ground the Motoblock Stencho for the second year. The car is good, affordable, functional at a price. The roof remained from the old nonsense, so we approached, we work completely. It starts without any problems, the handle is set very quickly. “

Overview of the Motor note Steinko. Technical features, attachments and operating instructions

Stinko is a young company that only offers one model of its MB-7 walk-behavior tractor today. During its development, specialists from the leading Russian companies that made this machine universal took part and were able to do work under climatic conditions and floors.

Motobobloks Steinko are used not only in the Russian Federation, but also in the open rooms of the CIS.

Evaluation of the Motobobka Steinko MB-7

This machine is designed in such a way that you automate a variety of agricultural work with various attachments. The main advantages of the Motoboblock-BM-7 owners refer to the versatility and simplicity of the service.

Engine block Stinko MB-7

Technical characteristics

This device is equipped with a powerful fou r-stroke engine with 7 hp. and increased gear. Thanks to this combination, an excellent performance is ensured in the implementation of the entire spectrum of agricultural work: plowing, cultivation, hilling, planting and cleaning root cultures, transportation of goods, etc.

Thanks to pneumatic tires with Christmas steps, the necessary liability is provided on the surface. The clutch is installed by a universal hexagonal type with a diameter of 24 mm. Thanks to this, the attachment of devices does not switch on the axis during operation.

The dresses are made of hardened metal, with which you can also work with a heavy type of soil to grind weeds and roots. The width of its edging is 65 mm and the depth depth of up to 33 cm.

In contrast to most Chinese and domestic analogues, the gearbox consists of hardened steel and can withstand high operating loads.

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The steering rod was paid for special attention. It has a special ant i-vibration system that absorbs most of the vibration from the engine and makes the control process as simple, comfortable and safe as possible.

Technical characteristics

Manufacturer: Stinkko
The weight: 90 kg
Country of Manufacture: Russia
Perfomance: 7 PS
Number of speeds: 2 forward/1 before 1
Engine volume: 206 cubic meters
Starter: Manual
Number of cylinders: 1
Cup type: Belt
Cooling: Air
The possibility to connect a mower: Да

Review of the attached devices


The Steinko-MB-7 engine blocks contain a number of goose legs. This is a more advanced problem compared to standar d-sisten. They enable them to use the surface of the floor deeply and grind it. Thanks to such manipulations, the soil receives homogeneity and its fertile layers.

If you are desired, you can also buy SABRE silent mills, they differ in the design of knives, but the work is carried out similarly. It is recommended that this option of hinge devices can be used when working in prepared country diagrams.

This fastening equipment is used in cases where cutter cannot fall into it, slide or dig into it due to the density of the floor.

The most common plow option is a revolutionary. It not only lifts the lower layer of the floor, but also turns it on its lime several times, which broken large floor rocks.

Compared to milling cutters, the main disadvantage is a small detection width – about 25 cm, but the work is much more stable.


Motoblocks of the Stencho Support brand work with Rotary and segment mowers. They help with the harvest of weeds from the country and prepare virgin areas for plowing and harvesting hay for winter.

Rotor braids can clean young grass and small shrubs, and segmented options for this fastening equipment are designed for the battle of bushes with medium sizes and young trees.

Rotor dawn rotor rotor coille kr-80

Potato cake and potato dwellers

Motoblocks of Brand Steinko can not only make landwork easier, but also ended up and cleaned agricultural plants. The physical and temporary difficulties are potatoes. Potato and potato cuts save their owners a lot of time and effort.

Potato trailer potato residents

Snowman and dumplings

During the winter period, many owners of Motobobloks Singko brought them to the preservation, although they can help clean the snow cover in the presence of a snowman and dumplings.

Most of the time the dumplings are used. They are cheaper and do similar work.

Schaufel-offshore sniper to motor blocks


With the help of STINKO engine blocks, you can transport goods in the distance. The choice of your type should be based on a transported freight:

  1. Sel f-Seval types are recommended for the transport of mass freight.
  2. With high sides, volumetric objects should be used in cases of transport;
  3. Long trolleys should be used in the transport of long objects.

Wheels, floor and caterpillars

Stingko M B-7 has a low weigh t-Nur 90 kg. This is an average indicator compared to the engine blocks on the market. This is sufficient to do 90 % of the tasks. Problems can occur during the processing of fixed soil types if the clutch with the surface is not sufficient.

To solve this shade, soil rooms should be used, they are equipped with metal plates that are immersed in the ground and improve the course of the device as a whole.

Bikes in the size of 4.00-10

If you drive on a viscous, swampy or sno w-covered bottom of the floor surfaces, this is not enough. Like standard pneumatism, they will slip. To get out of this situation, you can install a Caterpillar module. You can increase the contact area with the surface and thus improve the overlapping.


However, there is a floor or caterpillar prefix far away, often the problem occurs during operation and the output must be found immediately. The easiest way to improve the continuousness is to give the engine note STINKO MB-7 additional weight with weighting agents. Factory models are two pancakes that are hung on the leading axis.

If you are not at hand, you can always use something difficult that is available in return.

Motoblic water pumps

water pump

Brand Stingko motor blocks can help in the presence of a pump pumping water and irrigation of the country. Therefore, you can save your owners for this work when purchasing a separate engine.


There is a significant disadvantage when working on Brand Brand Steingo. When his operation is long, the arms and legs damage due to the constant walking behind the device. The adapter is a metal frame with a seat, thanks to which you can simply steer the car in the right direction from a seated position.

Front adapter Forza Motoblock adapter

User Guide

Initial commissioning, running-in and preservation

Before using the Stinko two-wheel tractor for the first time, be sure to read the operating instructions! Then you should assemble the device according to the instructions contained in it.

Then fill the engine with fuel and lubricant.

Let the machine work with minimal load for the first 8 hours. This time is enough to lubricate all the structural components of the device, and they began to work as a single mechanism.

At the end of this mode, change the engine oil.

An electronic version of the manual can be found here:

If you plan not to use the device for a long time, it is recommended to mothball the Stinko two-wheel tractor. This must be done in the following order:

  1. drain fuel and oil;
  2. Remove residues of dirt, dust and moisture to prevent corrosion on the body of the two-wheel tractor;
  3. Disconnect the clamps from the spark plugs or unscrew them completely;
  4. Lubricate the control levers with waterproof grease.
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In order to maximize the performance of the Stinko walk behind tractors, regular maintenance must be carried out according to the recommendations in the owner’s manual.

Before you start working on this device, you need to make sure that it works. Check the steering and braking systems, the presence of fuel and oil, the absence of lubricant leaks and unnatural deformations.

The lubricant in the engine should be changed every 25 hours of operation. A 4-stroke engine oil is recommended for this assembly.

Transmission oil should be changed in spring and fall or every 100 driving hours. The instruction manual recommends using the Tap-15v or TAd-17i.

To prevent the gear shift levers from jamming and to securely fix the gears, they should be regularly lubricated with waterproof grease Solidol or Litol-24.

Litol-24 engine oil SAE 10W-40 gear oil TAP-15V

Troubleshooting Stinko devices

Stinko brand motoblocks are assembled in the Russian Federation, taking into account the nuances of our relief and climatic zones. In the production process, only Russian parts are used, which can always be found on the market, and if necessary, make minor repairs with your own hands.

If the motor block motor is not activated:
  1. Make sure the ignition system works;
  2. Check for fuel and oil (try changing them);
  3. Adjust the carburetor;
  4. Clean fuel and air filters.
If the blades do not rotate:
  1. check the functionality of the PTO shaft;
  2. Check the drive belt for stretch;
  3. Make sure the attachment is properly connected.

Video review of Stinko walk behind tractors

The following video report demonstrates harvesting potatoes with a walk behind tractor:

And here is a video review of an example of mowing grass with a walk-behind tractor:

Reviews of the owners of devices from the Stinko brand

Here are the reviews of Stinko brand walk-behind tractors on thematic forums:


“I’m not an expert on this technique. That’s why I based my choice exclusively on the advice of the seller. He recommended Stinko, it was in the middle price range and looked good in terms of technical characteristics. Brought home. I assembled it quickly, then let it run for 8 hours and now I use it for pleasure. The range of services is just huge, he can do everything in the garden in my place, give him gas and an appropriate trailer hitch. Depending on the load, consumption is around one and a half liters per hour. Also, with a universal hitch, you can use a hitch from Oka, Neva, Cascade, etc.

Advantages: not a big price, technical and operational characteristics, assembly.

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