Motoblock Salute 5p 5.0 Robin Subaru EY-20. Review, Features

Motoblock Salute 5p 5.0 Robin Subaru EY-20. Review, Features

The Robin Subaru salute with the Japanese engine is the predecessor of the “hundredth” modification of the walk tractor. Its power is 5.0 hp, which is slightly less than that of the trailer, but due to the highest quality and accuracy of the assembly, this model is distinguished by excellent technical characteristics and exemplary reliability.

Motoblock Salute 5p 5.0


The MotorBlock 5R 5.0 is designed for constant intensive operation. A maneuverable and easily controlled machine. Thanks to its compactness, it has good mobility when working in restricted and limited spaces.


The 3RDs of the Robin Subaru Ey-20 Robin Subaru engine start easily, without undue effort from the operator, without a reverse hit.

Subaru EY20 5.0 engine

Such functionality was achieved due to the use of the technology of mechanical compression of the start and the installation of the combustion chamber of an improved form.

Distinguishing qualities of the EY-20 Subaru engine:
  • The crankshaft is made of high carbon steel;
  • inclined draft cylinder;
  • The motor has a solid fixation;
  • decompression system – automatic;
  • splash-type lubricants;
  • automatic adjustment of electronic ignition;
  • A double ball bearing is installed on the support of the crankshaft.

As a barre l-in one engine block Salute 5p 5.0 hp. With the Robin Subaru EY-20 engine, the manufacturer recommends changing the oil in the engine after the first 20 hours of medium or low power. Such a simple ongoing procedure is possible due to the exceptional accuracy of the assembly of the engine.

Unfortunately, the release of these engines is stopped and now it is not so easy to buy a walk with a high-quality Japanese engine.

The release of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. garden equipment motors. It has been stopped since September 2017.


The transmission of the walk tractor consists of:

  • Transmission;
  • Coupling.

The clutch is carried out thanks to the belt tension.

Gear transmission of a Salute 5 R 5.0 engine block

Reducer is a gear body with a large strength game. Programs – 2 forward and 1 reverse. The transition to another speed range is carried out by transferring the belts and using the reverse amplification of the power selection wave.

The frame of the Walk behavior’s tractor consists of stamped boxes. It is the basis on which the main nodes and structural mechanisms are mounted. Due to the constructive placement of the engine in the lower front, the walking behavior tractor has good stability and does not collapse during operation.

Motobo block scheme Salute 5

The Power Select (SH) pulley is designed to combine the Salute 5P Robin Subaru’s engine note with external tools that are actively driven.

Builder Gear Pulley.

club mount

Direct installation of the hitch on a tractor for walks is carried out directly on the hitch or using a universal hitch.

Club mount for a Salute 5 R 5.0 engine block


Adjusting the skeleton bar in height allows you to set the required soil processing depth. Maximum depth – up to 26 cm.

Sushnik for a Motornote Salute 5 R 5.0


Cultivation cutters (in a set of 4 Stcs) are fixed for soil processing on the axis of the walk-behind tractor. Cultivation width is possible when installing additional soi l-phrases up to 60 cm – up to 80 cm.

5 steps to the perfect perennial bed

Freak of an engine block Salute 5 R 5.0

pneumatic wheels

The Walk behavior tractor is equipped with pneumatic wheels with an embossed protector, thanks to which an excellent problem with soil and increased cross-travel security 5 is provided.

Pneumatic wheels for the Motornote Salute 5p 5.0


engine Subaru Robin EY-20
engine power 5 hp
working volume of the engine. 183cm/cube
cruising speed 2.8-3.5; 6.3-7.8km/h
Specific fuel consumption 350 g/kWh/h
Turning back 2.0-2.5km/h
mounting width 300; 600; 880 mm (when installing additional cutters)
Dimensions 1510x620x1335mm
weight 70 kilograms

Optional equipment

A hand-guided tractor with various attachments offers almost unlimited possibilities. Mechanization of heavy manual work, high productivity, versatility – these are the convincing advantages of using the Salyut 5R 5.0 hp walk-behind tractor. with a Robin Subaru EY-20 engine for farming, construction and other farm work.

You can attach various attachments and aggregates to the two-wheel tractor

Municipal brush wagon snow plow rotary mower potato planter

Video review

Overview of work Salyut 5R 5.0 hp with Robin Subaru EY-20 engine

owner reviews

Lesnykh Petr, Fastovskiy district

“All hundredth greetings are made on the basis of Salyut 5, there are not many changes there. The handle has been moved, but the gearing is the same, consider it eternal. If you do not pay attention to appearance, then in some ways the fifth models are even more reliable, the assembly is different. As for the engine, of course, according to Lifan, I doubt it, but the Briggs and Subaru are reliable, I think the best engines for today, just put gas and work.

Mikhail Makotrinsky, smt. Katerinopole

“I have had a Salyut 5R with a Subaru engine for 5 years. He can do light work, and when he exerts himself, he replaces heavy equipment. On a small plot, I have 24 hectares, it’s quite enough. All the farming of the land is totally on it, I mow hay for two cows. I calmly transport 8 sacks of potatoes on the trolley. Well, everything else that is leveled around the house or where you can drive up is easy to clear the snow.

Motoblocks Salyut: specifications, features, video

Motoblocks of this company have been on the market for a long time and managed to win the trust of customers. They are developed and produced by the Moscow company MMPP Salyut, which specializes in aircraft design.


Motoblock “Salute” can be used in animal husbandry and agriculture. It is intended for the following types of work:

  • plowing and tillage;
  • planting and digging vegetables;
  • applying fertilizers to the soil;
  • feed preparation;
  • movement of small loads;
  • fertilization on the fields;
  • irrigation areas with vegetation;
  • Harvest;
  • Clear snow areas.

block: 2/9 | Number of characters: 420 Source:

Technical characteristics

Small-capacity equipment produced today by the Moscow company has several modifications: the Salyut 5 cultivator and the Salyut 100 walk-behind tractor. Their specifications are given below in tabular form:

Characteristics greeting 5 greeting 100
weight (kg 72.0 82.0
fuel tank volume, l 3,6 3,6
Oil tank capacity, l 0,5 0,6
Driving speed, km/h 7,8 8,8
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 860x530x820 1350x600x1100
processing width, m 0.88 0.09
processing depth, m 0.30 0.32

engine specifications

Salyut cultivators are equipped with gasoline-powered single-cylinder four-stroke power plants. Technical information on motoblock engines is represented by the following values:

Specialist advice from Stiga: How to choose the right mower for your small garden?
Characteristics greeting 5 greeting 100
engine model GX200OHV LIFAN 168F-2B
Weight without fuel, kg 16.1 16
Fuel consumption, l/h 1,7 1,5
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 321 x 376 x 346 415 x 380 x 405
Power, L.S. 6,5
Working volume, cm3 196
Cylinder diameter, mm 68
Piston, mm 54
Rotation frequency of the wave, speed 3600

Block: 3/9 | Summer figures: 965 Source:

Motoblock Salute Honda GC-190- The second most popular company product

The unit is an excellent choice for those who have small personalities and need a multifunctional assistant who can withstand considerable loads. The main “highlight” in the tractor of the walk is the Honda GC 190 engine.

The design of this part consists of light mechanical elements and shows the latest developments of Japanese experts. As a result, the novelty with low fuel consumption, maximum environmental friendliness, noise and individual cylinders will fall. Technical features of the model:

  • Power – 5.5 – 6.0 PS;
  • The capacity of the fuel capacity is 1.8 liters;
  • Cup type – belt;
  • Motor volume – 33 cm3;
  • The type of gear is equipment;
  • Weight – 75 kg.

Motoblock greeting

Motoblock Salut is a multifunctional integral agricultural technology. There are motoblocks, there are very good motoblocks, but sometimes the legendary “greeting”. When you read this article, this means that you have the question of whether you select yourself for your own agricultural machines, a universal assistant. In fact, it is not easy to prefer a certain sample of many different brands.

Salute scheme of the Motorn Pot

Brand history

The motoblocks enjoy their owners for a quarter of a century. Her release was organized in the Saltyut MMPP, whose history began in 1912 by the assembly of aviation engines in the factory, which was founded by the French company Gnome-Ron.

Today, once a small factory, today has been transformed into a joint company “Saltyut” NPC, the main profile of which is the production of Turbojet air ride engines and gas turbine units. The assembly of motoblocks is the auxiliary production.

Motoblocks “Greetings” are rightly seen as specialized equipment that is supposed to perform the economic work with a high complex.

During the entire period, the design of the motor blocks was repeated, whereby the cars rose from the steps of household appliances to a thoughless professional level in terms of efficiency and quality.

For ten years (2002-2012), the Salut 5 models were carried out in the AGAT plant, which was part of the Salut Federal Tax Act. After the internal contradictions and the structural separation of companies, the release of motor blocks on Agata was stopped, the supply of components and assemblies for its assembly, including a certain OMSK transmission. And on Agata the publication of sidewalks began under his own brand.

The salut engine blocks are currently collected in the PRC factories under the technical control of NPCG JSC experts.

Therefore, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the product pass when buying. Of course, the NPCG JSC does not fulfill any guarantee obligations for such counterfeits.

Checking the carving engine blocks. Characteristics, operating features, video, reviews of the owner

The models line

The main task in the development of greeting was the creation of a reliable lon g-lasting machine that can perform many tasks of an agricultural, economic, structural profile in farms and personal farms.

Motoblock Salute 5 L 6.5

The Salut 5 Motoblock is characterized by a wel l-though t-out design solution. Different modifications vary in the type of engine and its performance.

Advantages of the “fifth” model:
  • Using engines from famous world manufacturers.
  • Durable gear transmission.
  • Clean equipment with two belts – comfortable work thanks to a smaller slide construction.
  • 2 speed speed and 1 reversal.
  • The possibility of a convenient switch to a reduced speed range.
  • The presence of a power selection shaft for connecting trailer units of an active type.
  • Excellent stability due to the center of gravity shifting forward and down.
  • The steering column can be adjusted in two levels.
  • Excellent aggregation with unified hinge tools from different manufacturers.

In 2013, the modernized modification of Salute 100, named after the 100th anniversary of the company, was released. The “hundredth” model is a logical improvement on its predecessor. Designers have been working on an improved design and ergonomic motblock, which is an important factor in promoting products on the market in our time.

Motoblock Salute 100 R-M1

Features of the “100” model of Motornotes Salute:
  • The speed switch is transferred to the steering wheel, the clutch handle is equipped with a special latch, the steering wheel is conveniently adjustable in all directions.
  • A powerful gearbox with a resource of 3,000 motorized hours was installed.
  • The front and rear clutches greatly expanded the Walk behavior tractor’s capabilities when working with hinged units.
  • The commitment of the tractor to the walking behavior includes an expressive profile, expansion bushings, a specific probe for checking oil in the gearbox, an additional bracket for mounting the clutch.
  • A special advantage is three-tube floor mills with knives made of high-quality spring steel.

Pay attention to how qualitatively cultivation of soil is carried out thanks to a certain sickle shape of knives.

Video review of the work of the Motornote Salute 100 with the Lifan 6.5 engine

top models

Choosing a tractor for a walk should be based rationally on the required power. Due to the lack of electricity, the motorcycle block may fail earlier. On the other hand, it should be borne in mind that the equipment with excessive power supply has a higher cost.

For sections up to 50 hectares, the ideal option is motorized blocks with a capacity of 5.0-5.5 hp:

  • Salute 5p Robin Subaru EY-20,
  • Salute 5x Honda GC 160 OHV.

For areas of 40 hectares and above, fixed models 6.0-6.5 hp are selected:

  • greeting 5bs-1,
  • Salute 100 P-M1 welcome.

It is impossible to work with a low grade engine for a long time. Therefore, the best gasoline engines for work on medium and small ranges are installed on the motoblocks.

Despite the fact that diesel has more efficiency, gasoline engines are better in the cold and stably work at high speeds.

Motoblock Salute Honda GX-200

Recognized executives are considered to be motor blocks with Japanese Honda engines. Greeting Honda GX-200 with a capacity of 6.5 hp. – Reliable farming equipment with high classes. Since Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (Japan) stopped the production of engines, it is almost impossible to buy a minute with a Subaru engine.

Tractor MT Z-952 - Description and properties

Motoblock Salyut Honda GX 200

Motoblock Salute 100 BS-V

Motoblocks with American engines of the brand Briggs & Stratton, Vanguard (Japan) are perfectly proven – truly multitasking machines that can successfully replace one more special equipment.

Motoblock Salute 100 BS-V

Motoblock Salute 100L 6.5

Thanks to the continuous improvement of technology and quality improvement, Chinese Lifan engines are increasingly gaining popularity. Her main advantage is an acceptable price with decent quality. Salyut 100 L-6.5 is an excellent combination of a low price and high technical properties.

Motoblock Salute 100L 6.5

Block: 2/8 | Number of characters: 6084 Source:

advantages and disadvantages

Modern Grubber Salyut has a number of undeniable advantages, including:

  • Excellent performance;
  • High quality of the parts and assemblies;
  • low noise level;
  • comfortable administration;
  • adjustable processing width;
  • high level of security;
  • Solid operational resource;
  • affordable price.

There were also some disadvantages. The device has high oil consumption, sporadic clutch problems and a quick wear of the belt drive.

Block: 5/9 | Number: 492 Source:

Motoblocks Saljut 5: A series of remarkable models

The abov e-mentioned options for devices are characterized by originality and the highest popularity. Representatives of the Salyut 5 series are somewhat inferior to them in terms of distribution, but not at all in functionality. Before you deal with the special features of each object, you should familiarize yourself with the general advantages of all members of the group.

  • Multifunctionality;
  • Significant width of the cutting elements of the cutting devices;
  • Compactness and relative ease;
  • Adjustable steering wheel;
  • On e-piece rubberized wheels;
  • The ability to control the gear and gearbox over the steering wheel;
  • Vibration reduction by handles;
  • The presence of 2 straps that increase the power of the device;
  • Equipped with a free deflection roll.

The longstanding operation of the machines through satisfied owners is clear proof that these positive properties correspond to reality.

Main disadvantages

The design of the han d-led tractor is elementary so that it is easy to use.

  • If there are doubts about the engine, Lifan is of course inferior to reliability and perfection Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Subaru, Vanguard. As far as the gearbox is concerned, it can work with more than one engine according to the declared motorcycle tour.
  • The design of the belt drive is quite reliable, but according to many reviews, they have to be changed quite often because of the quality of the straps. Therefore, the quality of the drive belts can be seen as the only essential deficiency.

Block: 5/8 | Number: 562 Source:

Motoblock Saljut GC 190

This hand-led tractor is equipped with a Honda engine that has a carburetor with automatic gas supply. This option significantly strengthens the han d-led tractor and increases its continuousness on heavy soils. Completely with attachments, it does a wide range of agricultural work – from plowing and hills to snow rooms. Speeds – 2 forward, 1 back.

MTD power tillers. Review of series, properties

Technical characteristics:

  • Motor – 6 liters. With.;
  • Tank content – 1.8 l;
  • Processing depth – up to 300;
  • Cultivation width – up to 600
  • Dimensions – 1510*620*1335;
  • Weight – 75 kg.

Operating rules

Motoblocks do not require specialist knowledge and complex specific care from the owners. All recommendations, starting with the running properties, are clearly described by the manufacturer.

The main prerequisite for reliable operation is:
  • Compliance with the permissible loads of the engine,
  • Operation within the recommended operating speed range,
  • Preventive maintenance,
  • Regulatory work according to the user’s instructions.

Widespread use of various folding implements turns a walking tractor into a multifunctional machine. The native enterprise produces many auxiliary devices that differ in the connection method.

Attacks of attachments: Attachments:
  • reducer axle assembly;
  • Installation for a hitch or bracket;
  • Connect to SH.

In addition to standards, there are many specialized hinged devices that allow access to the Salut engine blocks: seeders, electric generators, haystacks, car vehicles, combined devices for simultaneously performing multiple operations.

block: 6/8 | Summer figures: 1081 Source:

Video review

Checking the potatoes with an engine block salute

Outline of the Potato Hilling with a Block Salute

block: 7/8 | Summer figures: 99 Source:

What can be equipped with an engine block salute

In the standard version, the Salyut unit is equipped with a snack and tag cutter in the amount of six. Thanks to the universal coupling device, it is possible to install additional devices:

  • Hiller;
  • potat o-kumber;
  • Plow;
  • Harrow;
  • segmented mower;
  • rake;
  • rays;
  • snow removal unit;
  • bulldozer dump;
  • floors;
  • Shopping cart.

block: 7/9 | Summer figures: 407 Source:

The cost of new and used

For the new salute device, the buyer will have to pay about 30-35 thousand rubles. A device with a production is much cheaper 15-20 thousand rubles. However, the buyer must take into account that the used car requires additional funds.

block: 8/9 | Summer figures: 315 Source:


Such power units as Patriotpobe and Hyundai T 1200 can be attributed to the analogues of the “salute”. They are characterized by the following indicators:

model weight (kg Power, L.S. processing depth, m Capture width, m
patriot testimonial 83 7 0.32 1,0
Hyundai T1200 65 7 0.30 0,9

If the buyer needs a reliable and productive motoblock to work, then you should choose this model. The salute engine cultivator is the best option of the device that exactly meets all the needs and expectations of the user. It can be used to successfully solve both professional and household problems.

Thanks to the excellent adaptation of the tractor in walking behavior to Russian conditions, it can work effectively on different types of soil with the heaviest loads of the implement.

block: 9/9 | Summer figures: 795 Source:

Number of blocks: 19 | General number of characters: 19606 Number of dispensers used: 4 Information for each dispenser:

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