Motoblock Saljut 5x 6.0 Honda GC 190 Ohv. Overview, properties

Salyut petrol tractor with Honda engine

Motoblock salute with Honda engine is very popular with summer residents and farmers. This allows you to do a variety of tasks, which means that you can confidently describe this cultivator as a multifunction device.

Description and technical features of the hand-led Salyut tractor

The Saljut 5 unit has been produced in the Moscow plant since 1990. Both domestic and foreign engines are used in Salyut motor blocks. With the Japanese Honda engine, however, the reliability and performance of the device is significantly increased. The main advantage of the han d-led tractor is the reduction gear that is most often used in units in a heavier class. Such a gear allows the han d-led tractor to work with difficult floors and not be afraid of high loads.

Advantages of the Honda 190 motor

Honda engines for handmade tractors, the price of which is entirely affordable, are characterized by longevity and a reserve of more than 3000 hours.

Petro l-Motobloc k-Salute with Honda engine

The reduction gear is considered the main advantage of the han d-led tractor

Motoblock “Salute” with the “Honda 190” engine has the following advantages:

  • Sparing fuel consumption;
  • low noise and vibration during operation;
  • easy handling;
  • Quick Start;
  • Compliance with environmental requirements;
  • undemanding maintenance;
  • Products are certified.

Design characteristics

Motoblock “Salyut 5” with Honda engine has high technical properties and performance, since the performance of the motoblock depends directly on the engine it is equipped with. Honda engines for Grubber are among the best in the field of agriculture.

Starting system

The Salyut 5 unit with a Honda GC 190 engine has a traditional manual starter with reverse gear. A cultivator with such a starting system is perfect for a small summer house with little weeds.

Petro l-Motobloc k-Salute with Honda engine

The han d-led Tractor Salyut 5 has high technical properties


The gearbox of the mugber consists of a gear and a clutch. The presence of a reduction gear allows the device to work without interruption. The clutch of the unit is a V-belt drive with a tension role. There is a practical clutch handle on the steering wheel of the han d-led tractor.

The steering column can be set both vertically and horizontally. Number of speeds – 4 forward / 2.

Punching shaft strap

The pulley on the V-belt drive of the han d-led tractor Salyut 5 Honda 190 is perpendicular to the axis of the han d-led tractor. Thanks to it, active units are connected.

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The frame of the han d-led tractor consists of hig h-quality materials and consists of a pair of steel squares on which mechanisms and control units are installed. A reliable frame made of hig h-strength materials enables you to operate the han d-led tractor over a long period of time.

trailer hitch

A practical and durable chain holder for attaching attachments is installed on the hand-led Tractor Salyut 5 with Honda engine in the rear area. The assembly of additional devices is possible both directly and with the help of a universal coupling.

Petro l-Motobloc k-Salute with Honda engine

Honda engines for Grubber are one of the best

Processing depth limiter

In this unit there is the possibility to install a voucher. It is also installed in the tail and can fix at different heights.

cultivation cutter

The cutters therefore have the execution side (right/left) on the corresponding half-shafts of the gearbox. Designed to loosen the soil without rotating the layer. The instructions detail how the cutter occurs.

The wheels are pneumatic

Pneumatic high-quality pneumatic wheels are installed on the walk behavior’s tractor to move the cultivator on the plot of land.

To perform more complex work, it is possible to install a wheel with a larger diameter (when using expansion bushes).

Optional equipment

The advantage of using the “SALYUT-5” motblock is the ability to use a large number of attachments. This allows us to run an engine block for most farm and garden work.

Petro l-Motobloc k-Salute with Honda engine

Pneumatic high quality pneumatic wheels are installed on a walk tractor

List of additional devices for the “Salute 5” cultivator:

  • potato slicer;
  • cigarettes;
  • ploughs;
  • Follower;
  • Pigtails;
  • snowfall;
  • clink.

User Guide

When purchasing a motor note “Salute 5”, instructions for its operation are necessarily underway.

It describes all the necessary information for quality use and storage of the device:

First start and run-in

After acquiring a walk tractor or its long-term recovery, it is important to make the right first start and hit the technique. Before the first start, it is important to inspect all parts of the device and check the presence of fuel and oil in the crankcase. The race is conducted at moderate speeds on light plots.

On average it takes 25 hours with engine cooling stops to cool down the engine every few hours.

Fuel and Oil Substitute

The correct replacement of fuel and oil is described in the Honda engine service manual. Subject to all rules of replacement, as well as the use of the specified fuel (AI-92 gasoline) and oil (SAE 10W-30), engine operation is as durable as possible.

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The frequency of service

The exact terms are described in the operator’s manual for the tractor’s walk behavior. The first oil replacement occurs after the first 2-4 hours after the device has been in operation.

The main disturbances

The instructions show the main possible malfunctions of the “SALYUT-5” motoblock, as well as ways to eliminate them with a description of the causes of their occurrence in order to further prevent the malfunction from recurring.

Reviews of the owners

Constantine, 37 years old

“I bought Salyut-5 and recently bought the Honda 190 engine separately. Now the equipment works much better. I recommend”.

“Motoblock Salute 5 with the Honda 190 engine for season two helps restore order to the country garden. I use Hinging devices almost every day, the motor makes no noise and does not vibrate. The technology paid for itself for a long time. “

Motoblock Saljut 5x 6.0 Honda GC 190 Ohv. Overview, properties

Recommend: 0%


Motoblock Salute 5x 6.0

Motoblock Salute 5x 6.0L.S. With the Honda GC 190 OHV engine, the modern assistant is the string owner.

Motoblock Salute 5x 6.0


With Motornot e-Salute 5x 6.0 it is possible to optimally organize land cultivation, planting crops, harvesting and many other works required on the farm.


The Honda GC 190 OHV engine is durable with a solid resource – more than 4 thousand mothers. The rated power is 6.0 hp and allows intensive use of the tractor year of walk behavior.

Honda GC 190 OHV engine for a wal k-Tractor 5x behavior

Engine features and benefits:
  • Equipped with an automatic decompressor;
  • Thanks to the electronic ignition, it is quickly carried out at negative temperatures.
  • long uninterrupted work due to the economic fuel consumption (automotive gasoline A-92);
  • Thanks to the upper location of the OHV valves, smooth fuel supply and a complete, fast exhaust;
  • Reduced vibration and noise.

All Japanese Honda engines are initially ready for operation and do not need a specific oil replacement after the first 10-20 hours of operating times. The Honda engines do not apply to the recommendations of other manufacturers regarding layout mode.

Long work while idling is unacceptable! It leads to the accumulation of gasoline in an oil crankcase, which significantly worsens the quality of the engine oil.

The main condition for the reliable operation of the Motor note Salute 5x 6.0l.S. Honda GC 190 OHV is:

  1. Compliance with the permissible motor loads,
  2. Operation in the recommended operating speed range,
  3. Preventive maintenance strictly according to the user instructions.
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It is recommended by the operational Class Oil SG SF. The SAE 10W-30 brand can be used at any temperature. When using seasonal oil, the average temperature of the region with the corresponding viscosity coefficient must concentrate.


The transmission consists of:

  • Transmission;
  • Coupling.

With a reliable gear transmission, the 5x Honda engine unit can work in a professional mode without stopping the workflow.

Gear gearbox of a engine block salute 5 R 5.0

The clutch is shown by a cell gear with a voltage roller. The clutch handle is on the steering wheel and has a special bar to keep it with longer work.

Transmission switch lever on the motorcycle site 5 x 6.0

The speed circuit is switched on the gear. The steering column is regulated in two levels – vertical and horizontal. The tractor of the walk behavior has 4 speed speeds and 2 reversal. Recommended oil for the gear TM 5-18 (Tad17i).

The side pulley for belt equipment (SH) is the average stream of a driven strap disk, is on the vertical level relative to the axis of the tractor of the walk behavior. With its help, an active type of units is connected.

Builder equipment Pulley on the Motor note Salute 5 X

The structural basis of the wal k-in tractor is a frame made of 2 steel squares on which the knots and mechanisms of the Salute 5x Honda are installed.

Motoboblock scheme Salute 5 x 6.0

trailer hitch

There is a clutch holder in the tail, which is designed for ports of auxiliary devices with a universal coupling or uncomplicated.

Club bracket for an engine block salute 5x 6.0


In the kit of the engine block 4, the floor mill with a diameter of 30 cm has. The Salute 5x has a solid weight, which is why it effectively cultivates virgin floor or lon g-term irrevocable areas even without special cargo workers.

Freak for a engine note 5 x 6.0

The maximum width of the strip processed in a pass is 90 cm. Therefore, the motor of 5 times the Honda GC 190 OHV can be treated up to 10 acres of land.

Pneumatism wheels

The Walk behavio r-tractor has full pneumatism wheels with a full profile, which are installed during the freight transport and moves the hiking loss itself.

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Pneumati wheels for the engine salut

When carrying out work in a limited room for comfortable maneuvering, it is possible to switch off one of the bikes. Thanks to the superintendents sockets, you can expand the route.


Depending on the quality of the floor, the installation of the bump of the rabbit is regulated in the required position through the cultivation depth – up to 25 cm.

Sushnik for a motor of salute 5 x 6.0


Motor model: Subaru Robin EX17
Work motor volume (cubic meter): 169
Nominal engine performance (L.S/o. Min): 6,0
Motor type: 4 – Stact
Type of start: Manual
The volume of the fuel tank (L): 3,4
Oil capacity (L): 0,6
Fuel consumption NOM .: 1,6
Lubrication system: Spray
Dry weight (kg): 80
Type of oil: Sae 10W30, API SG, SH, SJ, SL
Type of fuel: 95

Optional equipment

On the Motor note Salute 5x 6.0 PS. With the Honda GC 190 OHV engine you can use the most diverse binding devices.

Rotor-mower-potato resident snow tub

Depending on the necessary work on the farm, retrospective units are installed in the bracket, the reduction axis or the strap disc disc:

  • You will be installed directly or a universal clutch in a follo w-up bracket: adapter, minister, plows, harme, cums, potato adhesive, various vegetable mills, garbage dumps.
  • On the axis of the gear, you fix: floor cutters, different wheels, gender, metal primer and loads.
  • Mechanisms with an active drive are connected using a power selection wave: feed, various models of mowers, pumps and pump installations, generator consoles, snowboards, brushes.

Video review

Checking the work of the Motor note Salute 5x 6.0 PS. Honda GC 190 OHV

Reviews of the owners

Peshkov Vladimir, Rivne region

“Buy salute 5x 6.0 hp. Honda GC 190 OHV is very satisfied with the engine. I made rows for potatoes, beds for vegetables. He made a renovation of the site and passed perfectly on the ramming areas in which the paths were under the old trees. The only thing that struck me was in the cold that the tractor of the walk is better not to overload and observe, so that large branches could not come into the engine. “

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Baranov Sergey, Nikolaev region

“The country on our website was like a black earth, but some brown hard. I had to go two or three times. Now the country has improved after two years of constant plowing, weeding and hilling. Everything thanks to the 5-time Honda greeting with the Japanese Honda engine 6 hp, 6 hp I like the circuit in it, it starts moving in any weather. The design is beautiful, there is enough strength, it is not overheated at all. I also work with a Rotary Scythe and a provisional trailer. Reliable, minimal service. “

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