Motoblock Saljut 5 BS-1. Overview, properties, reviews

Motoblocks Saljut – technical data, operating instructions

Motoblocks Saljut – technical data, operating instructions

According to the Yandex demand statistics, Saljut Motoblocks are second in popularity among Russian users, only second to Neva. There are two main types of Salyut handmade tractors:

– Saljut-5 has been developed and produced by MMPP “Salyut” by MMPP “Salyut” by today’s Moscow company JSC Oil Refinery Gas Turbine Building “Salyut” since the early 1990s. The engine block is completely manufactured in Russia, with the exception of engines produced abroad, which were recently installed on Saljut-5. From 2002 to 2012 Salyut placed an order for the assembly of the model in the Agat plant, according to disagreements between the management, the order was withdrawn and Agata began with the production of its own hand-led tractor under the Agat brand, while according to representative of the Salyut plant, the Famous Omsk reducers for Achaf are not delivered.

-Salyut-100 was developed by the Moscow company JSC NPTS gas turbine building “Salyut”, his publication fell together with the 100th anniversary of the complex and is a logical continuation of the hand-led Salyut 5 tractor or its deep modernization. At the 2013 trade fair, it was presented to customers for the first time. Representatives of the company are not shy and do not conceal the fact that Salyut-100 is completely manufactured and assembled in China, under the control of Salyut NPC Gas Turbine Engineering JSC, which bears all guarantee and post-guarantee obligations for this product.

The engine blocks Saljut-5 and Saljut-100 use engines of the best domestic and foreign companies with high technical and economic indicators. The engine type is specified in the passport for each han d-led tractor.

The official website of the manufacturer of Motoblöcken Salut –

Motoblock “Salyu t-5” – construction features.

Well though t-out design solutions from engineers in the domestic aviation industry enabled the han d-led tractor to take its place on the market and to gain consumers’ trust. They are asked both on a personal property and in a small farm and designed for the processing of small and mediu m-sized areas.

The main advantage is the use of a reduction gear. Typically, these are used for heavier machines, whereby in this class of the han d-led tractors is predominantly dispensing with chain drives. Such a gear is not afraid of heavy loads, including bumps through stones. found in the ground. The hold is provided by the tension of the belts. Motoblock “Salyut-5” has two forwards and a reverse gear, by changing the strap you can get two more forwards and a reverse gear.

PTO from a han d-led tractor to drive attachments.

The PTO to drive attachments of a singl e-axle tractor usually takes place from the medium current of the output disc. You can use the wave that is on the right side of the han d-led tractor to drive stationary attachments (woodworking machines, feed chops, etc.). A belt disk is attached to the wave (PR

Mini-tractor Kubota B 6000 - description and characteristics

(sold separately) with a protective cover and a V-belt for driving attachments is included in the spare parts kits.

Thanks to the forward and low center of gravity, the Motoblock Salyut does not tip over. The steering column is height adjustable and can be rotated 180 degrees, which is very convenient for the driver. The steering wheel and wheels are very easy to remove from the walk-behind tractor, which helps to quickly put it in transport condition.

The advantages of the Salyut-5 walk-behind tractor include a wide range of attachments and towed units. In addition to the official manufacturer of the walk-behind tractor JSC NPC Gas Turbine Engineering Salyut, additional equipment for this equipment is also produced by other manufacturers in Russia. Tillage, mowing grass, watering and spraying plantations, cleaning roads and sidewalks from debris and snow, transporting goods and other work is carried out using various towed implements: rotors with specially shaped knives (cutters), a Plough, a hiller, a mower, a pump, a snow blower, a brush, a sprayer, a wagon, etc. installed on the Salyut walk-behind tractor.

Specifications Motoblock Salyut 5X with Honda GX-200 engine (6.5 hp) Engine (Name):
4-stroke Honda GX200 OHV 6,5
Maximum power (hp): Motor function:
OHV – with overhead valves Start type:
Manual Type of fuel:
petrol Crankshaft Alignment:
Horizontal crankshaft 3,6
Fuel tank volume (l): Country of Manufacture :
Russia Overall dimensions (see):
86x53x82 Weight (kg.):
78.0 12
Warranty (month): Applies to the type:
moto blocks 2
Number of forward gears: 1
Number of speeds back (reverse): 60
Processing width (cm): Processing depth (cm):
up to 30 Handle :
Belt Adjustable steering column:
on 2 positions reducer :
gear oil in the gearbox
TM-5-18 (TAD-17I) Amount of oil in the gearbox
1.1L Maximum traction with a ballast weight of 35 kg on the road wheels and a load of 15 kg on the front suspension, kgf
63-82* 310

Mill diameter, mm

*depending on the installed engine

To put the device for storage, carry out preliminary actions (clean the device from dirt, change the oil, drain the remaining fuel from the tank and put the device in a dry and clean place).

Motoblock Salyut-100 – design features

All best practices are included in this product. In some respects the Salyut-100 surpasses its predecessor, the legendary Salyut-5. The main difference is that the shifter is moved to the steering wheel, you don’t have to bend down to engage the required gear.

The clutch handle is a modern variable-force type: resistance is felt when pressed, and holding force is minimal when pressed against the handle. The steering wheel is reliable and adjustable in all directions, which increases the functionality of the walk behind tractor when using the front and rear linkage. Both clutches are very strong and reliable. The frame is also solidly built.

Motoblocks farmer. Overview, properties, instructions.

Motoblock Salute 100

The transmission is geared, which means that it is reliable, durable, practically does not require maintenance and allows the use of engines of different power. Motor resource of a reducer more than 3000 hours. The use of such a gear is one of the most important advantages of Salutes.

The complete set of the Salyut-100 walk-behind tractor also refers to its merits. We are particularly proud of the three-row tillers with forged sickle blades made of 65g spring steel of the highest quality, with crop protection discs. There is also an additional bracket for installing attachments, expansion bushes for wheels, a dipstick for checking the oil level in the gearbox. a keychain

Motoblocks “Salyut-5”: characteristics, purpose, varieties and rules of operation

Motoblocks “Salyut-5” are most often used in garden or garden areas. This technique is suitable for growing soil, plants, cleaning the streets from different “obstacles” (garbage, snow), transport of goods or other works.

Planned appointment

Motoblocks have a petrol engine with a capacity of 3.5 to 7.5 liters. S., which sets different work elements. At the same time, various subsequent products are often used: rotors with special cutters, plowing, mowers, snowpock equipment, carts, brushes, spray devices that can be installed on this tractor for walks.

The tractor of the walk behavior is designed for operation in areas with a soft climate. The use as a soil manufacturer will be particularly profitable at an environmental temperature from +1 to +40 ° C if the operating rules, maintenance and storage, which are stated in the manual (supplied with the motor), the lifespan will be used many times longer be. Please note that the first 25 hours of operating the device are regarded as “running” of the engine (grinding the moving parts of the engine to each other) and other mechanisms. Therefore, do not immediately use the potential of the walk tractor with full performance immediately from the moment of acquisition.

In order to use a wal k-in tractor, no special skills are required, but it must be taken into account that certain skills are required to use some tracks. For example, the area between the cutter and the gearbox in the bottom of the floor cultivation with various garbage (stones, herbs and other objects) can clog. If the room is still blocked, you have to stop the engine and clean the object mills in it to avoid a failure of the V-belts.

If the cultivated soil contains many small stones or roots, it should be treated with small speeds. The maximum permissible angle for motlock of the “Salyu t-5” type at the edge speed of the rotation and the maximum permissible load of 15 °, but changes in the inclination in the work process up to 30 °.

The most important technical properties

  • The following is a description of the technical features of the “Salyut-5” motblock:
  • Motor type – Fou r-Stroke;
  • Motor manufacturer – Lifan;
  • Motor volume 0.195 l;
  • Fuel type AI-92 petrol;
  • The volume of the fuel tank is 3.6 liters;
  • The cultivation depth is up to 25 cm;
  • Type of transmission – mechanical;
  • Cup type – belt;
  • Type of cooling – air;
  • Processing width, cm – 35, 60, 80;
  • Diameter of the rotating elements, cm (Frase 31, wheels 39-41);
  • Clearance 11-12 cm;
  • Oil for the gear TM-5-18 (TAD-17i);
  • The oil volume required to the gear is 1.1 l;
  • Maximum speed km/h (in the case of a small diameter of the pulley of the output shaft 2.8 to 6.3 km/h if you work with a large strap diameter of 3.5 to 7.8 km/h);
  • Dimensions in the collected state, 151x62x133.5 cm;
Minitor Chuvashpiller-120. Overview, characteristics, equipment

Mass, 62-82 kg.

  • sorts
  • Motoblocks are light. You have an output of 2.5 to 4.5 liters. P., Weight not more than 80 kg. The width of the cultivated surface of up to 90 cm, the depth of the cultivated soil up to 20 cm. This type of motlocks is often equipped with a fou r-stedic engine.
  • Motoboles are means. Have a capacity of up to 7 liters. P., Mass up to 100 kg. Many such units are equipped with a gear that has two speeds forward and one back. Such units represent universal devices because various additional devices can be selected for you.

The engine blocks are heavy. Basically you have a power supply of up to 16 liters. With. and weighs 100 kg. They are mainly used professionally, for example on the farm. In such machines, alternatives in articulated devices are found in large numbers.

In the line of Salyut-5 series motoblocks there are such models: 5 x, 5 BS-1, 5-DK, 5 P-M1, 5DK1. All belong to the “Medium” category. These are petrol models, which are great for an area of ​​u200bu200b15 or more hundred parts.

advantages and disadvantages

  • The advantages of these units are as follows.
  • The manufacturer uses the engines of famous world manufacturers (Lifan, Subaru, Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Vanguard).
  • Motoblocks are equipped with powerful gear reducers that combine the function of reversing, reliability and simplicity of operation.
  • The cleaning gear has two belts. Thanks to this, comfortable work is ensured due to fewer slips.
  • For advancement there are 2 programs and 1 reversal.
  • Convenient switching to a reduced speed range.
  • Due to the presence of a power selection shaft, it is possible to connect trained tools.
  • Due to the displaced center of gravity down and forward, the displaced engines received excellent stability.
  • The steering column, which can be adjusted in two levels.
  • The ability to combine standardized hinge devices from different manufacturers.
  • The simple design of the walk-in tractor, which is why the work is made easier.
  • The width of processing is up to 90 cm.
  • Compact dimensions.
Snowman - which one to choose?

The quiet operation of the engine.

  • The equipment also has disadvantages.
  • There is little doubt about the Lifan engine. Reliability is inferior to Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Subaru, Vanguard engines. Therefore, it is worth choosing the units of the engines of these manufacturers.
  • The design of the armadillo transmission is quite reliable, but there are many reviews saying that the mediocre quality of the belts often requires changing.

Increased fuel consumption.

Choice of chips

After analyzing the above, we can conclude that the breeders of the Salut e-5 series are reliable and unpretentious in operation. Choosing between the entire model range, you should pay attention to the units in which the engine of one of the manufacturers is installed (Honda, Briggs & Stratton, Subaru, Vanguard).

When purchasing, you should get a pair of replacement drive belts and consider the size of the site you need to work on (the larger the site that needs processing, the more engine power is required). For example, if the site size is about 15 acres, then there is enough power from 3 to 3.5 liters. s. But if the site has an area of ​​u200bu200bseveral hectares, then it is worth choosing a unit that is more powerful with 9-10 liters. With.

Device and operating principle

The device of the walk behavior tractor is shown in the diagrams.

1 – wheel, 2 – handle, 3 – engine, 4 – fuel tank, 5 – housing of the wedge gear, 6 – rack handle, 7 – gear lever, 8 – steering wheel stand, 9 – clip for fastening the handles of the wal k-Behind Tract, 10 – trad e-Motobobloc k-Controls, 11 – Shkvoren, 12 – Clamp, 13 – Soshnik Plank, 14 – Bolt M10 with a hole, 15 – Nut M10, 16 – Latch, 17 – Latch, 18 – Sushni k-Holder, 19 – Axle, 20 – Latch (scheme (scheme one).

1 – throttle control lever, 2 – fuel tank, 3 – fuel valve, 4 – engine block gearbox, 5 – axle, 6 – wheel, 7 – adhesion control lever, 8 – clutch control cable, 10 – 10 gas control cable, 10 – shield (scheme 2).

There are also configurations of units with a starter (scheme 3). There are several types: spring and electric. A spring starter – light in the installation, quickly starts the engine, its spring works on a semi-automatic device and accelerates the engine. The electric starter is powered by the battery, which determines the starting power and its service life.

To facilitate the passage of turns by the tractor of Walk behavior, manufacturers also put differentials, the principle of operation is that it distributes power between the wheels of the unit. Because the wheel that is on the outer arc of the spin track travels a greater distance than the wheel on the inner arc, the rotation should be faster. Otherwise, this will lead to the mechanism slipping. The diagram shows a bridge of a wal k-tractor with a differentiated, installed (scheme 4).

Opening grapes in spring

The principle of operation is to transmit the rotating moment from the engine to the chassis. In addition, it is possible to launch rotating equipment on the connected landing. Management comes at the expense of the grips, which have throttle, adhesion and speed switches attached.

operating rules

  • Motoblocks do not require the owner of any professional knowledge or complex specific care. Below are brief instructions on how to prepare the Salyut-5 engine block for work.
  • Before starting the engine, it is worth making sure that all nodes are accurately connected. You should also focus on the level of oil, fuel and coolant, since even the inexplicable operation of the block engine without the required number of liquids can lead to serious consequences.
  • Before using the technique, pay attention to equipment rates.
  • When work occurs on the slopes, under no circumstances should you turn on neutral gear or roll the device, turn off the clutch and move in the transverse direction.
  • If there is a trailer, when driving on a tractor for walks, the trailer brakes are used for braking. Since it lowers speed, reducing low transmission or clutch disconnect is unacceptable.
  • Before backing or turning, the attachment equipment must be raised.

  • During the movement, follow the distance from the grind to avoid injury.
  • To change the depth of soil processing, it is worth using a snuff box, the deeper it is in the soil, the greater the depth of processing.
  • When the tractor stops moving with walking, and the cutters dig into the ground, you need to raise the device a little with the handle.
  • In the case of solid soil, in order to better crush the soil, you can go through the processed area in several receptions.
  • If the processed soil is loose, try to avoid the cutter, which will cause the motor to overcharge.
  • It is also necessary to change timely components such as the drive wheel drive, drive belts. When replacing pulleys, installing a new one with a large diameter is unacceptable (all of them work for replacing and adjusting the nodes with a dried engine).

After the work is completed, the engine is transferred to idle mode. You expect the engine to complete the 23 minutes, drown it out and close the fuel valve.

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