Motoblock’s Kama. Lineup review, features, reviews

All about the motoblocks “Kama”

Recently, the use of motoblocks has become widespread. On the Russian market there are models of both foreign and domestic manufacturers. You can find units and joint production.

A bright representative of such agricultural machinery is the Kame brand in Kama. Their production is the common labor of Chinese and Russian workers. This brand has accumulated an excellent number of positive user reviews for a relatively short period of time. Private farms with small lands can serve with such devices easily and quickly.


Motobobloks “Kama” are produced in Russia at the Sohamash plant, but all parts are produced in China. This approach made it possible to temporarily reduce the cost of this technique, which positively affected demand.

The first thing you should know about is the existence of two lines of these motoblocks. They differ in the type of fuel. There are a number of devices with a gasoline engine, and there are also diesel ones.

Each type contains different types of motoblocks, differing in power and dimensions. However, all modifications can be traced back to mean weight units. At the same time, the power varies within 6-9 units in both lines.

There are three diesel models:

  • KTD 610C;
  • KTD910c;
  • KTD 910CE.

Her power is 5.5 liters. p., 6 l. With. and 8.98L. With. respectively. This equipment pleases its consumers with high functionality, a large number of assembly devices and reliability.

More interesting today are Kama petrol motoblocks.

Characteristics of petrol models

This series has four varieties. They differ in power and weight, like diesel.

Models of gasoline motoblocks “Kama”:

An undoubted advantage of the entire series is low fuel consumption, which is characteristic of gasoline engines. At the same time, you can be absolutely sure that this unit will be used in summer and in winter. The fuel will not freeze in it, and it will also start with a significant minus. This indicator is very important for most of the country.

The advantage of such engines is a small noise level compared to a diesel engine. Perfectly assembled Kam e-Kama brand gasoline engine blocks do not have strong vibration familiar for agricultural machinery. It is much easier to work on such devices for a long time.

In addition, the prices for spare parts for gasoline engines are often an order of magnitude lower than for a diesel engine. Therefore, repairs are cheaper.

But there are also downsides to the change. Luckily there aren’t many of them. The main of the minuses is gasoline, which is not cheap. Therefore, models with such engines are not purchased in the presence of sites with a large territory.

A relatively low power of the gasoline engine and weak cooling do not allow this equipment to last long without stopping. In low gear this engine can easily overheat – serious repairs will then be required.

Most of the disadvantages are insignificant for small farms where such units are successful

You work for more than a year.



Motoblock is an average electricity unit of 7 liters. With. This device is easy to use because its weight is only 75 kg. A regular fou r-stroke engine is certainly set on a hard frame. The cooling is carried out by air. The machine is equipped with a mechanical thre e-speed gear that is front and vice versa, as well as a reduced gear.

The start before the execution takes place with a manual starter that represents a characteristic feature of all models.

The tractor has a walk to control the adhesions. When carrying out ground grinding, the working width is 95 cm and the depth reaches 30 cm.

Kama MB-80

This model of this series also differs in a small weight – 75 kg. This installation is equipped with a manual starter. A gasoline 4-stroke 4-stroke engine has a volume of 196 cm. The package of this unit contains two main accommodation types: cutter and pneumatic fires.

The pneumatics deletes perfect frequency vibrations perfectly, so it is easier to control the machine not only on a flat surface, but also on the street.

Kama MB-105

Grape processing in early spring

The next motoblock is heavier and enables you to carry out a wide range of work. The weight of this design is 107 kg. A reliable engine of the famous Chinese company Lifan in the 170l modification has a capacity of 7 liters. With. With the standard mechanics with thre e-stage you can work with the required speed.

As in the previous case, the package contains earth cutters and wheels. But the working mill is more – 120 cm and the depth 37 cm.

Kama MB-135

The most powerful unit from this series. Its mass is the largest of the gasoline block blocks of this manufacturer. It is 120 kg. This tractor for walking behavior offers its strength, which varies from 9 liters. With. Up to 13 l. With. A remarkable advantage is the presence of a durable body on a gear shaft. When using the cutter, the work cover is 105 cm and the loosening of the floor reaches 39 cm. In addition, this unit, like the previous one, has an adjustable steering.

The steering wheel can be expanded in height or 180 degrees.

The advantages and use r-friendliness not only include the advantages of the walks themselves, but also a variety of additional devices.

Unmounted equipment

There are many agricultural equipment for labor mechanization. This approach enables you to shorten working hours and increase efficiency. The Kama Motor Torn is equipped with the necessary brackets and a power selection shaft that brings the fastening equipment to work.

  • There is a whole list of this equipment:
  • Bottle cut;
  • Tail of the car;
  • Adapter;

  • Plow;
  • Mower;
  • Caterpillar Drive;
  • Pneumatism wheels;
  • Primrose bikes;
  • Snowman;
  • Shovel;

  • Brush;
  • Coupling mechanism;
  • Weighting;
  • Potato residents;
  • Potato switches;
  • Hiller;


Up to 17 elements of hinge tools are available to the owners of the Kama Motor note. Each type is designed in such a way that he does a certain work.

The bottom cutting can be cultivated differently in the density of the soil. The kit also contains saber knife. If necessary, you can choose tailors in the form of “goose bones” for the development of virgin countries.

The plow is also required for soil processing, but can also serve as an assistant when planting potatoes. Compared to the milling cutter, it performs deeper earthworks with the complete rotation of the soil layers. Such devices are singl e-body, double streaked and revolutionary.

When we speak of lifting the country, you cannot observe not useful tools such as potatoes and ditches. These devices have similar properties because they can fully mechanize the process of planting and collecting potatoes. The soot consists of a funnel, a spoon system, a furrow and rubber. This system puts tubers independently of each other at a certain distance from each other in the furrow it produced and burns with censorship.

The excavator looks a little different. This tool looks most often like a plow with knitting needles at the end. The potato collection also occurs mechanically. This tool can be simple, vibrated and eccentric.

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Next you have to mention the closet, which has several modifications. The hard flat device is very popular with farmers and summer residents. With its help, the earth not only gathers into the furrow, but also loosens what contributes to the growth of cultures.

The last phase of work with the floor is carried out with a Harrow. This device is designed in such a way that it aligns the surface of the floor and collects weeds and plant remains to prepare for the winter.

When processing herbal areas, a mower can easily manage this task.

  • There are different types:
  • Segment;
  • frontal;


Such a device perfectly prepares animal feed, easily forms a beautiful lawn of the desired height. In order to correctly select the device type, you must remember the facilitating of the website.

Of course, it is much more comfortable to work on the field, not to follow a tractor for walks, but to sit on it. With the adapter you can carry out such a modernization.

The components in the assembly include a tw o-wheeled base and a seat for the operator for working with walks. It should be noted that this device has additional brackets that make it possible to use it together with other attachments.

The most common is a car attached to the adapter, in which it is conveniently and quickly possible to transport the harvest from the fields to the basement or prepare animal food. The trailer of Kama has leaned on pages and the opportunity to unload a dump truck. He can also have one or two seats.

Since motoblock often processes different types of soil, its bikes also have different modifications to simplify and accelerate the stroke on clay goods when they raise large layers of the hard stones of the earth. These varieties can either end with ceremonial tires and pneumatic bikes.

The former is required for the best transverse running capacity when carrying out drag processes with plow or milling cutters, and the latter increases the speed when driving with additional loads. There is a third type – chassis. It is referred to as a caterpillar prefix and helps with the passage of viscosers, peat machines or snow ediffs.

  • In winter, the motoblock most often performs the function of the snowman. For such operations, it can be equipped with special nozzles:
  • Shovel;
  • Brush;

Snow mining bucket.

The most necessary garbage copies and buckets are the most necessary, while the brush is only necessary to clean snow on paved surfaces (in the courtyard).

Overview of the Ka m-Motor blocks. Characteristics of application and operation. Reviews of the owners

We will start an overview of the Kama engine blocks with information about the manufacturer. Motorized devices are assembled at the Russian company “Sohamash” from spare parts made in China. Thanks to this scheme, the cost of the Kama engine note decreased, and the unit has become more accessible to consumers. Functional hinge tools are also manufactured along with the motor blocks. With their help, you can perform various agricultural works on a small and medium scale.

The lineup of the Kama Motobobloks from the Sohamash

Sohamash specializes in the release of petrol and diesel models of a walk behavior tract.

  1. We offer to get acquainted with the diesel modifications of the Kama engine block:
  2. Engine block “Kama” KDT 610c.
  3. Modification KDT 910c.

“Kama” KDT 910.B.

Detailed characteristics of these models.

“Kama” KDT 610C

 Good day. I bought Kama Diesel this year. Already tested, of course. Management is not complicated, the adaptation is obvious, only strong vibration ports hands. There are only basic disabilities (milling cutters, Hitch, herd), in summer there are still expenses. I hope the tractor of the walk can withstand me and not disappoint me.

The mass of the “Kama” engine block is 120 kg. A 178Fs brand diesel is installed on a hard frame. Its power is 5.5 hp. A diesel engine is started by a manual starter. There is a locked differential. The transmission is mechanical, offers three front speeds and vice versa.

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VOM allows you to hang various active hinge guns such as a mower, rotary snow discriminator, pump, etc. The walking behavior tractor’s emergency stop button is placed on the steering wheel. belt drive. The cultivation depth is up to 30 cm.
Characteristics of walk behavior tractor “Kama”: engine type
diesel Manufacturer
kama The brand of the engine
178fs engine power
5.5 hp transmission
The differential is blocked number of programs
3 forward, 1 razad да
PTO transmission
Chain steering wheel
Adjustable horizontally and vertically The volume of the fuel tank
3.5L oil capacity
1.1L type of fuel
diesel fuel type of start
Manual lubrication system
spray The breadth of processing
800-1100mm The weight
120kg warranty

1 year

The cost of this model varies from 26,000 rubles and higher.

“Kama” KDT 910c

Motoblock Diesel Kama 610c

The weight of this model is 126 kg. The diesel four-stroke power plant KM186FS offers an output of 6 hp. The cooling of the power plant is forced air. The start of the engine from the inertial starter.

VOM allows you to hang various active hinge guns such as a mower, rotary snow discriminator, pump, etc. The walking behavior tractor’s emergency stop button is placed on the steering wheel. belt drive. The cultivation depth is up to 30 cm.
3 forward, 1 razad да
800-1100mm The weight
126kg Dimensions
177×64.5x104cm The depth of cultivation
150 – 300mm type of start
Manual 6
The number of gears forward 2
The number of transfers back engine model
Km186fs perfomance
6 hp engine revolutions
1800 rpm engine volume
296 cubic cubes/cm The volume of the oil tank
Adjustable horizontally and vertically The volume of the fuel tank
3.5L cooling
air cooling The working speed of the walk tractor
0.9 1.37 2.67 4.15 6.56 10.3 – Forward; 1.08 1.68 – ahead km/h fuel consumption
Characteristics of walk behavior tractor “Kama”: engine type
4 tact type of drive
1.1L type of fuel
5.5 hp transmission
gearbox The breadth of cultivation

206 – 640mm

“Kama” KDT 910

Motoblock Kama KDT 910C

This diesel model has great weight (145 kg) and power, a single cylinder power plant KM186FS (8.98 hp). There is an additional electric starter that starts the engine in any weather at any temperature.

Heckzapfwelle for attachments, gearboxes – reduction gears, manual transmission, six forward and two backward gears. Motoblock “Kama” is equipped with a silencer. Trail and steering column are adjustable. Very agile device, economical fuel consumption.
Model properties: 6
Number of forwards: 2
Number of gears back: The breadth of cultivation
206 – 640 mm The depth of cultivation
150 – 300 mm type of fuel
diesel The working speed of the walk tractor
0.9 1.37 2.67 4.15 6.56 10.3 – forward; 1.08 1.68 – back km / h fuel consumption
1.0 l/hour The volume of the fuel tank
3.5 l The volume of the oil tank
1.1 L type of drive
aligned transmission
Reduction gears engine model
Km 186fs Perfomance:
8.98 hp Start the motor:
Electrostart engine revolutions
1800 rpm engine type
4 tact cooling
Air cooling engine volume

296 ccm

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  1. The Kama Motoblocks gasoline line is represented by the following models:
  2. Motoblock “Kama” MB-75.
  3. Model MB-80.
  4. “Kama” MB-105.

Modification “Kama” MB-135.

Let us familiarize ourselves with the properties of these modifications:

Motoblock “Kama” MB-75

Motoblock Oka M B-1MM10 - model overview, properties.

Motoblock Kama KDT 910CE

The weight of this model of the han d-led tractor is only 75 kg. A Kama four-stroke petrol engine was installed on a rigid frame, the power of which was 7 hp. Start of the power plant from a manual starter.

There is air protection against overheating. Buil t-in punch shaft for the aggregation with various attachments. The box is mechanical, 2+1. Catch width when milling up to 95 cm milling depth 15-30 cm The steering wheel is adjustable.
Motoblock properties: 950
Plow width (mm): Griffin depth:
350mm 2/1
1800 rpm Motor type:
Single cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled, horizontal wave Rated capacity:
7 PS Maximum torque:
1.0 l/hour Fuel tank volume:
3.6 l Displacement:
196 Cu. cm type of start


Motoblock “Kama” MB-80

Motoblock Kama MB75

Model weight 75 kg. The power plant with an output of 7 hp is started manually by an inertia starter.

There is air protection against overheating. Buil t-in punch shaft for the aggregation with various attachments. The box is mechanical, 2+1. Catch width when milling up to 95 cm milling depth 15-30 cm The steering wheel is adjustable.
Motoblock properties: engine
Fou r-stroke petrol engine Cylinder volume
196 cm3 Motoblock power
7.0 PS. Plow width
95cm coupling
PTO Reducer
Chain Milling diameter
34cm Number of speeds
2 forward / 1 back gear
800-1100mm The weight

75.0 kg

Motoblock “Kama” MB-105

The mass of this modification is 107 kg. The Lifan 170L power plant is attached to the frame, its power was 7 hp. Manual motor start, forced air cooling.

The grip width of processing with a cutting unit is 120 cm, the processing depth is up to 37 cm, there is a tap wave, aggregate with various attachments. The steering wheel is swivelable and adjustable. Manual transmission, 2+1. Disc coupling. Drugs and bikes are included.
Characteristic: Engine:
Km 186fs Perfomance:
7.0 PS / 5.2 kW Starter:
Manual Punch wave:
There is Reduction:
gear Couple type:
spray Editing
720-1200 / depth 370 mm (including milling cutters) Fuel tank volume:
3.6 l Weight:
110 kg Number of speeds:
2 forward, 1 back Air bike size
4×10 Miss wave:

Hex S23

Motor block “Kama” MB-135

The mass of walking tractor is 120 kg. A powerful petrol power plant with a capacity of 9 HP was installed. Start the engine manual and cool forced air.

A gear gear is locked in a cast sleeve case. Shom (Power Pulley) is vertical. The checkpoint is mechanical, there are two front speeds and vice versa. When processing with grinding widths 105 cm, the cultivation depth is up to 39 cm. The rotation handle is adjustable in height.
Characteristics: Plowing depth:
1800 rpm Motor type:
Km 186fs Perfomance:
110 kg Number of speeds:
2 forward, before 1 before 1 The weight:
1.0 l/hour The volume of the fuel tank:
6 l. GOT setting:
in height and with a curve of 180 degrees Reduction material:
Manual PTO:
Horizontal Cycle diameter:
Pneumatic fires, 2 PCs. 5×10, 2 hubs D-32 mm The width of the scrap:
1050 mm. maximum torque
15.8/2500, Reducer
196 Cu. cm Start type:

Hand starter with a cable return mechanism 2500

Checking the hinge devices for the Kam a-Wal k-Blocks

    With the assembly devices for the Kama Kamotor blocks, you can expand the functionality of the motorized device and use it for various agricultural work. We offer to get to know each other with the list of hinge weapons that can be used in the aggregation with the Kama commuters:

Floor. Developed to cultivate all kinds of floors. The equipment includes active tailors. Tractor is broken down together with the walk behavior. The instructions have a detailed assembly guide with schematic drawings. If you are desired, you can buy “goose legs” cutter, which are processed through floors.

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Cutter sabe r-modified ground grinding cutter cutter cutter

Adapter pendant

Plow standard PM-1 Mood Rotor Dawn Mood Console KN 1.1

Pneumatic fires Raupillar Prefix Boden

Snowman Lapata-Hollow brush

Clutch clutch adjustable swivel weighting

Potat o-tan k-karkte l-Charfwinke l-Cupcac h-Harrow

The instructions for operating the “Kama” engine block

  1. The instructions show complete information on maintenance, the operation of the Kam a-Motorn note:
  2. The device and the assembly of the walk tractor “Kama”.
  3. Technical data of a specific change.
  4. Aid guidelines at the start of the device.
  5. Operation.
  6. Technical service.


We touch more than a few sections.

Play the walk of the walk “Kama” –

  • The duration of the current period is 10-15 hours. During this time, all moving parts of the hiking tractor are wiped off with low loads, which contributes to increasing the engines of engines and the device itself. With the run we follow the following rules:
  • Pour oils into the crankcase and gear;
  • Pour fuel;
  • Check the fastening elements;
  • Start the engine;
  • We warm up for a while;
  • We start the field work in a savings image:
  • Don’t forget to check all systems, change levers, etc.

At the end of the battery period, we change the oil in systems.

Motoboblok maintenance “kama”

One of the most important maintenance points for the tractor for the walking behavior is to replace the oil in the crankcase of the engine and the gear. Motor oil changes every 25 hours, the manufacturer recommends using motor fluids such as:

Oils are suitable for transmission:

The frequency of replacing gear oils is every 100 working hours.

The service is also the daily care of the tractor for the walk before and after the operation.

  1. Work by the owner before the start of the field work:
  2. Mut oil and fuel.
  3. Control of the reliability of fastening elements.

Pressure control in wheels.

  1. AFTER:
  2. Cleaning and rinsing the Kam a-Walk tractor.
  3. Dry.

Lubrication with lubricant.

Motoboblock misalignment “Kama”

  • We will not list all the Kama motor notes. Just let us live with malfunctions that do not allow the device to start:
  • No fuel.
  • The oil level is below the normal value.
  • Fuel hoses are worn out.
  • The filters are blocked and require replacement.

There is no compression in the engine.

  • For petrol machines:
  • The hig h-voltage wire from the candle is separated.
  • The ignition is not configured.
  • The candle failed or smoked.
  • The carburetor requires cleaning.

Problems with Magneto.

  • For diesel units:

Flapped tnvd.

Video review

We recommend seeing a short video that shows the Kama tractor in action:

Reviews of the owners

Ruslan, 42 years:

The walk behavio r-tractor works, I have it for the second season, he came out of the wintering without any problems, but not from the first jerk. The assembly is weak, while grinding it is very rattling, I pull the screws from time to time. Lester than many, it was pleasantly surprised. Last year he plowed the virgin land – the walk tractor hardly moved, I had to push, then I was tired not worse than with a shovel. Otherwise, the price of the quality corresponds to a big wait – China, it is China everywhere. The problem pulls faster than with difficulties … I don’t know how much it is enough, but it is still better with him than without him.

Sergey, 46 years old:

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