Motoblock Pogar MZR-830. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Pogar MZR-830. Review, characteristics, reviews

Pacry MZR 830 – Petrol engine block for the class of heavy agricultural units. It can be used for work on any floor: virgin countries, clay, clay, black soil. The weight of the device is 100 kg without hanging equipment. In order to work with Tselina, it is recommended to load the tractor of the walk behavior with weighting agents or set floor surfaces.

Engine block Plowman MZR-830

The device is intended for use for domestic purposes. The area of ​​the country for processing can reach up to 20 to 30 acres. Industrial, heavier and powerful devices are used for large bodies.


The Pagar of the MZR-830, which is known as “Pogar Yenisei”, is equipped with a four-stroke engine, the performance of which is 8 hp. The volume of the gas tank is 3.6 liters. The fuel consumption at maximum speed and engine speed is about 1.8 liters of gasoline per hour.

SR170F engine for Motoblock Plowman

The Packer MZR-830 ​​is a reliable, powerful equipment, the proper operation of which achieves maximum results for the farmer in the harvest and simplifies all complex garden and gardening.

Features of the walk-in tractor Pachar MZR-830:
  • Despite the rather modest dimensions, the MZR-830 ​​Plowman is heavy and weighs 100 kg.
  • It is compact it is a classic layout of the most important technical elements and an adjustable steering wheel.
  • The wal k-in tractor is equipped with wheels with sizes of 4.00 to 8. These are bikes with medium diameter that are delivered in the basic configuration. At the request of the owner, it is possible to replace the bikes with larger attachments for this model (with the exception of grind cutters).
  • The MZR-830 ​​plugman works with three speeds: a back, two front gear.
  • The gearbox consists of cast iron that extends their lifespan.
  • The device is equipped with a torse that can be adjusted for the convenience of the operator.
  • The tractor of the walk behavior works with a power selection wave. This means that you can combine such approaches as a mower or a snowball player and a shovel to throw snow.
  • The width of the processed floor is regulated: from 80 to 105 cm with a depth of the processing of up to 30 cm.
  • The tractor of the walk behavior is equipped with a starter, ie the function of the manual start.
  • It not only works with factor y-mounted devices, but also with NEVA, Cascade, Oka, for example with “not trailers” or supporters that are suitable for other units. Such an aggregation is carried out thanks to a universal trailer. The clutch is delivered with the hiking loss tractor in the factory configuration.
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Engine model SR170F
Engine power (L.S) 8.0
The volume of the fuel tank (L) 3.6
Oil crank volume (L) 0.9
Processing width (cm) 90
Processing depth (cm) 30
Programs (forward/up) 2/1
Wheels 4.00×10
Weight (KG 100

User Guide

The use of the engine unit of the MZR-830 ​​Plougman is permitted with proper assembly and sufficient oil and petrol in fuel containers. The device is only switched on in a horizontal position with connected attachments.

It is important to adhere to simple operating rules:
  • Work in protective meatlings (necessary to absorb vibrations from the device).
  • Use closed clothing and bears to minimize the damage from the engine noise.
  • Check the correctness of the fastening elements of the milling and other attachments.
  • After completing the work, clean the body of the migration tractor of dirt and rubble.
  • Let the engine cool every 2 hours of work, take breaks and drown the engine.

Recommendations of the manufacturer according to the oil type for engine: SAE30 / SAE5W-30-oil. For the transmission: gear oil 80W-90. Type of gasoline: AI-92.

Do not recharge the hiker with inferior fuel. This accelerates the engine wear and oil and fuel filters are clogged faster.

The deadlines and then:
  • Play – the first 8 hours of work after the meeting and the first recording.
  • Planned, then – once every six months or a year, depending on the load of a walk tractor, but at least all 50 mothers.
  • Once a year – engine prevention, checkpoint setting, exchange of belt and spark plugs (possibly).

Video review

Checking the device of the engine block plow

Reviews of the owners

Nikolai, Irkutsk:

“This is my first technique of this kind. Looks impressive on the outside, I like it. According to the filling, all with everything is happy and a large selection of him. On the advice of the seller, both the plow and the hill were immediately taken. In summer they processed the corridors of the strawberries with “locals” mills – I liked the work of the walk tractor. In general, it is pleased that our manufacturers are finally not clumsy, but functional and beautiful equipment. I hope my rating will help other summer residents! “

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Oleg, Minsk:

“Motoblock of relatives from Omsk 2.5 years ago. He was not long in her operation, I look at the new one. I will not make a big rating, but I will write the main thing that I like and not. Advantages: The tractor of the walk is really powerful, of course 8 horses are not 15, but if you want a straight heavyweight, this is not a plow man. You can look for others, more powerful. At work: an assistant that is needed, the cutter is of high quality, I had no problems, the floor chops the floor. The only thing that is unusual to control it due to weight, but I quickly get used to it. It seemed that the speeds are closely switched, efforts have to be attached. Disadvantages: It makes noise strong, the instruction is not particularly extensive, but understandable! It is suitable for 40 acres, but he has to go on vacation, after all, his strength is not a shock. “

Overview of the Motor Block Plowman MZR-830. Technical characteristics. Device. User Guide

This tractor for walks refers to heavy representatives of the classes. The weight is 100 kg and the engine power reaches 8 hp. The plugmann of the MZR-830 ​​is able to carry out work on a location with an area of ​​up to 15 hectares.

Engine block Plowman MZR-830

  • The wheels of this walking behavior have a wide clutch area with the surface and an aggressive profile, which delivers the continuousness of the device even under conditions outside the street.
  • The standard delivery kit contains a number of milling systems according to the scheme (3+1), which implies the possibility of removing a couple on each side when tight areas are processed.
  • The most endangered place in the engine blocks is a gear. The Russian facility installed the cast version of this knot, which withstand intensive loads.

Technical characteristics

Power (L.S.) 8
Engine type Petrol, 4 bar
Working volume (cm³) 270
fuel AI92 petrol
Fuel tank capacity (L) 6
Number of speeds (forward/back) 2 forward/ 1 before 1
Farah no
Turning back Да
Type of start Manual
Processing depth (cm) 32
Processing width (cm) 110
coupling gear
transmission Chain
Weight (KG) 78
Dimensions (mm) 880x840x1000
Guarantee (month) 12
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Functions of the application

Before you start operating the Pogar motor block, you should check the presence of fuel and oil, the correct connection of the fastening devices and the presence of visual breakdowns.

Thanks to the universal hitch, you can use a hitch from other Russian manufacturers: Neva, Oka and Cascade.

Universal potato harvester Okuchnik potato planter sickle mower

The most common attachments are milling machines, ploughs, potato diggers, spade shovels and hillers.


The Russian manufacturer paid special attention to the frame. It is made of heavy-duty angle metal, the welding points of which are manually controlled by operators.

The petrol engine of the Plowman Yenissei MZR-830 ​​walk behind tractor is not whimsical about fuel and can run on AI-92 or AI-95. At the same time, there are no high requirements for the fuel, it is enough just to examine it for the absence of water or turbid sediment.

The gearbox has 3 positions (two stages forward and one reverse).

User Guide

Work on the Plowman MZR-830 ​​Motoblock must begin with familiarization with the instruction manual. This helps to properly assemble, commission, operate and maintain the device. This document also contains information about possible device malfunctions and how to rectify them.


In order to maintain the performance of the Plowman MZR-830 ​​​​gasoline engine block, it is recommended to regularly carry out its maintenance.

  1. The air and fuel filters should be checked every 25 hours and replaced if necessary.
  2. It is also necessary to change the engine oil. The recommended lubricant for this is SAE 10W-30.
  3. It is recommended to fill the gear unit with TAP-15v oil. The exchange should take place in spring before the start of field work and in autumn at the end of it.

Video review of work

Below is a video overview of the process of collecting cutting tools for a walk-behind tractor:

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Reviews of the owners

And here are some opinions from thematic forums regarding the experience of using Plowman engine blocks:


“I have a small garden that needs regular digging and weeding. I used to do it on my own, and my wife got jealous that I spend more time “admiring” with this garden than with her. So I bought a walk behind tractor which saved me a lot of time and effort on maintenance. In winter I attach a shovel and clear away the snow. Only positive emotions from the acquisition.

Advantages: Small overall dimensions and high performance.

Cons: if you work for a long time, the vibration is very annoying, and the motor overheats.

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