Motoblock Pogar MZR-820. Review, features, reviews

Characteristics of the engine block “Pagar 820”

To cultivate the land in small areas it is good to use the motoblocks of light classes. One of the excellent options is the “Pogar MZR-820”. This unit is capable of processing up to 20 acres of soft soil. Consider its features in more detail.


The manufacturer advises in connection with the wander loss tractor to be used:

  • Plow;
  • cigarettes;
  • hook for floor;
  • potat o-kumber;
  • Harrow.

In some cases snowboards, dumps lobes and rotary mowers may be used. As standard, the Paste 820 Walk tractor is equipped with a four-stroke Lifan 170F engine. This device has proven itself on many other agricultural machines. The total power of the power apparatus reaches 7 liters. With. At the same time, he makes up to 3600 revolutions in one minute. The capacity of the petrol tank reaches 3.6 liters.

The BCP820PH petrol walking tractor is not suitable for industrial farming. It is much better to process private gardens and gardens manually. In this case, the functionality of the technique is quite sufficient. The cast chain transmission guarantees longer operation even under tough conditions.

Other features are as follows:

  • Start with a hand launcher;
  • belt drive;
  • Varies the depth of land cultivation from 15 to 30 cm;
  • processing strips from 80 to 100 cm;
  • one pair front and one rear wheel;
  • Compatibility with hinge systems from the “Kaskade”, “Neva” and “Oka”.

Rules of Use

Since the “Plowman 820” makes the noise very strong (the sound volume reaches 92 dB), it is not recommended to work without Berusha or special headphones. Due to the strong vibration, it is necessary to use protective gloves. You should contact the service center annually to have this done. It is advisable to pour gasoline AI92 into the engine. The gearbox is lubricated with the 80W-90 brand gear oil.

Given the instructions for the assembly instructions, the first start is made by filling the tank with fuel. In addition, the oil is completely poured into the engine and gearbox. First, the tractor should idle for at least 15 minutes for the walk. Only after the heater starts to work. The duration of the run is 8 hours. At this time, increasing the load more than 2/3 of the maximum level is unacceptable.

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The oil used in the barrel is poured. Before the next start, you need to pour a new portion. Then carried out systematically after 50 motorized hours. You should check if there is no mechanical damage. Be sure to clean fuel and oil filters.

Reviews of the owners

Consumers consider this touring tractor not only light but also convenient to manage. The start will be as soon as possible. Starter malfunctions are extremely rare. Motors can train confidently for at least 4 years. However, you must read the instructions carefully, as they are often written in a very vague and unclear way.

The walk tractor drives quite fast. The “Plowman” has a reverse mode and spends exactly as much gas as indicated in the description. Some difficulties are the cultivation of solid land. The device moves very slowly along dense ground. Once in a while

It is twice to pass every strip to process it as well as possible.

How can you make the device more difficult?

To partially solve the problem above, you can weight a motorcycle block. Regardless of weighting caps, are no worse than in the factory.

  • The weight is particularly relevant:
  • When working at the virgin countries;
  • If you have to climb the slope;

If the earth is saturated with moisture, the wheels correspond a lot.

It is important to remember: all weight aids should be mounted so that they can be easily removed. The easiest way to enlarge the mass of the tractor and give wheels load. It is most profitable to produce goods from steel barrels. First, the workpiece is cut by a mill for 3 parts, so that the height of the floor and the top is 10 to 15 cm. Steel strips are used to strengthen welds.

Then the workpiece 4 or 6 times must be drilled so that you can screw the screws. In some cases, steel is added, which improves the structure. The screws should be selected more authentic and it is easy to repair empty tanks on the windows. After installation, sand, crushed granite or brick crumen are filled into tanks. In order to make the filler denser, it is moistened.

How can you get rid of a mole and is it worth it?

The degraded steel weight are also used. They are prepared from hexagonal rods, the size of which you enable the workpiece to easily enter the hole of walking behavior. After cutting off a few short pieces from the profile, they are welded on the windows for the gymnastics disc. The axis and the profile are drilled to drive the codes. You can further increase the mass of the walk tractor and weld pancakes from the bar to the overlays.

Sometimes these types of additives look ugly. It is possible to improve the appearance due to the welding of unnecessary clutch baskets from the Volzhsky automotive cars. These baskets are painted in an arbitrarily selected color. Some owners of Motoblocks prepare a load of reinforced concrete. It is poured into a reinforcing cage.

  • If the weights of the bikes are not sufficient, you can add loading:
  • Checkpoint;
  • framework;

Battery niche.

In these cases, the focus of the tractor of the walk behavior is necessarily taken into account. The screws with a cros s-section of 1.2 cm are welded on the steering bracket, at least 10 cm long. The frame is cooked from the corner, then holes for screws are pierced. The frame is set thoroughly along the frame, painted and fastened. The load should be the corresponding size.

Why does the device smoke?

Although the appearance of the smoke of the Pogar Motor Mote is a relatively rare phenomenon, it should still be treated as carefully as possible. The publication of White Smoke Club shows that the fuel mixture is oversaturated by air. Sometimes this can be due to water in petrol. It is also worth checking

What else do you need to know?

Motoblocks “Pagar” can be operated under all weather conditions that are characteristic of central Russia. Air humidity and precipitation do not play a special role. Reinforced corners are used in the production of a steel frame. They are treated with a substance that suppresses corrosion. Each seam is evaluated by special production equipment, with which you can bring a share of quality products to 100%.

Why do leaves change color in autumn?

The developers were able to create an excellent cooling system. It blocks the overheating of the piston even at extremely high air temperatures. The gearbox housing is quite durable, so the gearbox does not suffer during normal operation. The thoughtful geometry of the wheels reduces the complexity of their cleaning. In the design of the tractor from Walk injuries there is also a shaft of power removal, which significantly increases the functionality of the device.

With the block it is possible to open the virgin soil with a single string plow. If you need to process black soil or light sand, it is recommended to use trailers with 2 or more Srachi. Both disk and arrow cigns are compatible with Paharem 820. Using Rotary Hayfields will give you about 1 ha over a day of the day. The Walk behavior’s tractor is advised to use Rotary type snowfallers.

Motoblock Pogar MZR-820. Review, features, reviews

Motoblock Pogar MZR-820. Review, features, reviews

Recommend: 100%


Motoblock Pogar MZR-820

 “I have been using the Pakhar 820 since the second year, and during this time my life in the country has changed dramatically. It has become much easier, the work does not deter work in the season, but like it. I use a assembled tractor for my han d-led tractor: a plow, tunnel and a Hiller. I read in the ratings that you can connect additional devices from the Newa. My father once had a han d-led tractor, I'll see what is still in the garage, I try to hang up a cart that seems to have been somewhere. Plus points: fast, there is a reverse gear, the gasoline consumption corresponds exactly to the description. Disadvantages: Simply when the floor is hard works slowly, you have to move twice along a lane.

Pagar MZR-820-A light class petrol engine. It is intended for use on plain floors. The weight of the device is 85 kg, which allows us to operate the device on land plots of up to 20 acres.

For adhesion of the device, it is recommended to use such approaches as hip, soil, plow, harrow and potato interference. If the operator was desired, it is possible to install a rotary mower, a snowman and a snow shovel for cleaning snow.


Motoblock Plowman MZR-820

The packer MZR-820 is equipped with a four-stroke engine 170F, the unit capacity is 7 hp, the maximum number of revolutions per minute is 3600. The engine operating volume is 212 cm3. The volume of the gas tank is 3.6 liters.

For industrial purposes, this technique is not used, but a budget option for those who are tired of manually processing a garden and need a functional assistant.

Among farmers, this model is also known as “Packer – Yeniseei”. This is a popular Russian medium-sized walk tractor, where the owner can do any type of work on the site.
  • Features of Walk-In Traktorpagar-MZR-820:
  • The transmission of the device is chain and is made of cast iron.
  • The packer MZR-820 has a manual start function (starter).
  • The weight of the device is 85 kg without hanging equipment.
  • The drive is belt and the ignition system: TCI.
  • With plowing, the device can process the soil to a depth of 15-30 cm, and the processing width is adjustable and ranges from 80-100 cm.
  • The Walk behavior’s tractor works in three gears: two in front, one in back.
  • On the “Plowman” of the MZR-820, medium-diameter pneumatic wheels with dimensions of 4.00×8 are installed. If desired, you can put a wheel with a large diameter of this model.
  • The overall dimensions of the device are 1390*800*1070 (mm).
  • The maximum fuel consumption when working in second gear is 1.8 liters per hour.
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The “pacry-senisei” device is compatible with the attachment equipment from the manufacturers Neva, Cascade, Oka. The equipment is connected to a factory hitch installed on a tractor for walks.
  • Basic Equipment of Walk Behavior Tractor:
  • packaged motorized car in disassembled;
  • Wheels (2 PCs);
  • Wing (2 pieces);
  • Plug (for installing a snow blower or a mower);
  • Cup for attachments;
  • Miss (4 pieces disassembled);
  • Lessons in Russian;
  • a set tool for assembly;

Guarantee card.

Characteristics Engine model
SR170F 8.0
Engine power (PS) 3.6
Fuel tank volume (L) 0.9
Oil swamp volume (L) 100
Processing width (cm) 30
Processing depth (cm) 2/1
Corridors (forward/backward) Wheels
6.00×12 85

Weight (KG

User Guide

The han d-led tractor has a high noise level – 92 dB, so it is recommended to use special headphones or earplugs when using. Despite the presence of upholstery on the steering wheel, the operator must wear antivibration gloves on the hands. The lon g-term operation of such an agricultural device without equipment is not recommended.

The engine maintenance is carried out once a year in a specialized service center.

The manufacturer recommends using the AI-92 petrol device to refuel. Use the SAE30 / SAE5W-30 oil motor. Use gear oil 80W-90 spark cancellous type F7RTC for the gearbox.
  • When working with a singl e-axle tractor, note the following operating rules:
  • Complete the assembly in accordance with the instructions.
  • Perform the first start with a full fuel tank and oil in the engine and gearbox.
  • Leave the hand-led tractor idle for some time (10-15 minutes) so that the engine gets warm and then start working with the earth.
  • Do not burden the device with full power, during the entry time – 8 hours after the first start – the load 2/3 of the maximum should be.
  • After entering, let off the oil from the containers and fill in fresh oil before you start again.
  • Perform planned maintenance work every 50 hours, check the housing and the cutting tools of the hand-led tractor for damage, clean the fuel and oil filters, check the gap between the spark plugs and clean it from carbon deposits.
  • Insert the device at sloping floors on sloping soils (more than 15 degrees).
  • The device must be started on a flat surface.
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Avoid getting stones or large branches in the knife, you can damage the knives.

Video review

Reviews of the owners

Owner reviews

Sergej, Obninsk:

“I write to tell my opinion on this model. First, it is really easy, sometimes I even think that I should have buyed a heavier one. But the choice has already been made, I work with what I have. The advantage is simple control. Stop quickly, the starter never failed. There have been no complaints on the engine for 4 years either, I change fuel filters and that’s it. The inspection is carried out more than once every six months, sometimes less often. According to the instructions, assembly is difficult – if a beginner in the Dacha garden business is generally dark. Manufacturer, write clear and more detailed instructions! “

Anatoli, Moscow area:

“I didn’t like the motoblock. I don’t have it on the website at all, we do everything manually. I tested it with a neighbor. Usual technology, nothing outstanding. I do not understand the enthusiasm, except maybe not to process with my hands, but the han d-led tractor is usually. I have not found any detailed videos and the ratings are all different, I thought about a purchase, but I still don’t know which model I will buy.

Roman, Rostow:

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