Motoblock MTZ: Overview of trendy and oriented equipment

Motoblock MTZ: Replacement of the adhesion equipment

The value of the Belarus MTZ-05 Motor note is the ability to work with aggregated attachments. The Belarusian tractor work offers its customers a large number of units that are compatible with it. Let’s take a look at everyone and its purpose. Let’s take a look at everyone and its purpose.


Snow cleaning is a very difficult task, and it is long and hard to carry it out with a shovel. You can use the Belarus Walk behavior tractor for these purposes. To carry out Snowpock campaigns, there are two types of problems: a snowman and a dump.

  • The snowman collects snow with a special bucket and throws it down at a distance of 2 to 6 meters, depending on the model and the power of a certain MTZ peak.
  • The dump is like a shovel, it is bent with a bow and is located in an angle. During the movement it throws snow in one direction and gradually cleans the earth.

Special snow trains are a complex design and much more expensive than garbage copies. At the same time, they carry out tasks almost the same.

Mills, cultivating, plows and egge

The main work of the Belarus Motoboblock is connected to plowing and grinding the earth. These types of problems are designed for loosening and mixing their upper layer to increase fertility and homogeneity.

Frass FR-00101 Kultivierer-Bor-Plog PV-1 Harrow

  • The milling cutter is used to process the middle MTZ-05 floors in large areas with a fixed surface. For example when working with a virgin country or a neglected area.
  • The cultivator for Belarus manifests itself well in the spring span if the floor contains the remains of weeds and other plants after the winter or the assembly of the harvest. In this case, the unit grinds it and creates homogeneity.
  • It is better to use the plow for deep soil processing through the MTZ-05 motor grain note. It goes deep into the ground and mixes the lower layers of the earth into a depth of 20 cm.
  • Another stop for the MTZ-05-Motorn note is the Harrow, which is mainly used after processing the country with a cultivating or cutter. There breastfeeding large piles of floor that remained after the cultivation or grinding of the earth.
Video: Motoblock MTZ-05-Switter plug


Agricultural plants must be served. Many of them need Hilling. The MTZ-05 hiking engine with the Cigns is perfectly coordinated with this task.

Motor blocks Brait - reviews of models, description, reviews of owners

The hip has two design options: bilateral plows or slices that throw the floor away from the rowing in bushes with cultures. In the meantime, weeds also occur, which means that this process is not carried out by hand.


To plant potatoes on the MTZ-05 tractor for a walk-in tractor, a potato cutter or potato powers is associated.

Potato purchase.

  • Vibration potato cutting edge is the most popular option that takes the floor at a depth of 20 cm and then eliminates the floor with the help of the vibration and only leaves tubers on potatoes on the surface.
  • The potato resettlement works as a following principle: The plow makes holes for planting. After a certain time interval, a special device places potatoes and two slices at the end of the lifting are buried in the hole.


Adapter horse IS-2 for MTZ Motoboblok

The Belarus Motoboblock Management with the steering wheel is in the standard configuration. When performing work in large areas, this is physically exhausting. The adapter makes work easier. It is connected to the MTZ-05-Motorn note and offers the driver the opportunity to control the seat on the seat.


Working in agriculture is often associated with the transport of freight into the distance, regardless of whether it is severe grain plants or volumetric hay. Use supporters. They come in different configurations and loa d-bearing capacity.


Cleaning weeds with the MTZ-05 walk-behavior tractor occurs easily and easily with mowers. There are two options for you: Rotary and segment. Rotor thesis with rotating knives, segmented grass cutting with knives that move in a horizontal level.

Soil and weighting

The urgent problem with the operation of the Belarus Motoboblock is an increase in its liability on the ground. When working with heavy soils, the yoks jump frequently and leaves unprocessed bodies. To solve this problem, soil rooms or weighting are used.

  • A hedgehog is a edge on which the panels are set. They enter the soil and enable them to make a plow or milling operations better.
  • The tears are hung up by the MTZ-05 motor block itself or on the fastening equipment. Therefore, they increase the weight of the hiking tractor and it is more difficult to jump. Earth cultivation will be more thorough.


Native attachments are often not satisfied with its properties and size. The main factor when choosing is the problem because it should be suitable in its design.

Scandinavian garden

The same coupling as in Belarus is presented in Motoblocks:

Therefore you can use your attachments. Each manufacturer has its own features of the adhesive devices, so that it should also be used carefully.

Freaks goose paws for agro

For example, the ARGO motor blocks are presented with a wider selection of grinding plants. You can be saber or “goose legs”. The former are considered classic and are used by every manufacturer of motblakes and goose paws in relation to the new grinding type. They enable them to process the soil deeper and thus increase efficiency.

Important! The power of your MTZ should always be taken into account. It should be enough to bring Belarus and Hitch to work.

Homemade options

All that can be manufactured by the manufacturer or independently described. Detailed collective schemes are available on special websites. If questions arise, they can be asked in the comments and receive an answer from people who have already met.

Reviews of the owners

Here are some reviews from forums about experience in working with Belarus.


“Hanging equipment to the MTZ Motor note for a man, it is like a cosmetic bag for a woman. The more it is in the garage, the greater the amount of work I can do. First I have plow and then Everything else is acquired. Even in the winter period, I find the use of snow for him in the form of snow, although he has to warm it up a little longer because the ambient temperature is lower. ”


“I cannot imagine working with potatoes without my walking tractor MTZ. What a landing, this cleaning. The use of a walking tractor saves a lot of time and effort. Everything is carried out by technology. To make manual work easier. I don’t see the meaning of leaving them. “

Closing equipment for MTZ motorcycle blocks (Belarus) and owners of the owner

In order for the purchase of the hand-guided MTZ tractor to be fully justified, all options that the design implies must be used. Namely the connection of attachments. For all models, a tap wave is intended for this, with the help of which the devices are controlled.

The connection does not require any special skills because it is designed for a simple consumer. The only thing that can meet the owner of a han d-led tractor is the difficulty of connecting it alone because some models are quite heavy.

Myths about gardening.

The tractor work offers a wide range of attachments for the MTZ engine block Belarus 09n. Under the large variety, you will find a suitable device that makes plowing, cultivation, grass mowing, transporting goods and harvesting. Not all models will list from additional attachments, but will concentrate on the most popular and sough t-after models.

Grown equipment for MTZ engine blocks (Belarus)

Milling, plowing, egging

Cutting devices are usually supplied with the hand-led MTZ tractor and have different configurations. The main function that the device must meet is to mill and prepare the soil for further planting. Plowing and eggs also play an important role and are used on dense soils and virgin soil, i.e. where it will be difficult for the cutting device to loosen the floor.

Usage features:

  • The plow is used on dense floors or virgin soil. His main purpose is the tillage and the creation of a furrow and the subsequent dusting of the raised earth. Due to its size, the plow can penetrate deep into the ground and mix the layers.
  • With the help of a mill, layers are mixed and fertilizers are sprinkled with soil. It is advisable to use milling mills on light and medium floors, as they may not dig a new floor.
  • It is best to install a grubber in Belarus in spring and autumn if the soil has to be freed from weeds. With the help of this device, the plants are ground with the earth and thus created a uniformity.
  • The area is used after plowing the area with a plow or cultivator. Because the eggs crushes the piles of earth, which remain after prior work.

The video evaluation presented clearly shows that plowing with a egg


In order to facilitate the care of seedlings and somehow minimize manual interventions, a Hiller was invented. In connection with the singl e-axle tractor 09h, speed and processing quality increase significantly. They produce 2 modifications: with plowing and slices. The floor is rejected when passing through the row to the bushes with plants. So the weeds are excavated and pulled out of the ground. This process is a little gentler than if it had to be processed with a hacker.

Okuchnik tw o-row Okuchnik singl e-row disc

Snow blower

One of the most difficult and wor k-intensive work is snow removal. It is good when the area is small and you can quickly do it with a shovel. But when the area is large and a lot of snow has fallen, it is difficult to cope alone. For the Motoblock Belarus 09n you can use attachments in the form of a snow blower and a blade.

Polycarbonate greenhouses for crop protection and growth

Snow blower SM-0.6 Dump

The difference between these weights is significant. The task of a snow blower is to absorb snow with a bucket and throw it from the area to be removed. The throwing width of the snow depends on the engine power. It is usually within 3-6 meters.

The garbage dump resembles a large, slightly curved shovel with a tendency to the side. If it moves, the snow is rigid to the side. The amount of snow is removed for the next passage. It is worth considering that Schneerer is more expensive due to their design, but also serve more functional.


For farmers who grow potatoes in large quantities, a trailer coupling, which is referred to as potato, will be an excellent assistant. There is also a device for digging the harvest that facilitates the collection of root plants – potato cuts. And if you are not difficult, it is possible to collect them with special devices as soon as possible and without great effort.

Potato vibration technology KS 50,000 potato cu t-vibration

The most popular device is a vibration potato coat with which the root harvest can increase from a depth of up to 20 cm and separate with vibrations from the clumps of the earth. Many craftsmen connect a network to the device in which they immediately harvest and spend the need to spend time to collect potatoes on the field.


It is possible to make it easier to mow grass and plant yield by using mowers that are represented on the modern market in the form of rotary and segment devices. The difference lies in the operation of knives, which rotate in rotary mowers and horizontally in segmented segment. Rotation models are the most popular because mowing is carried out more efficiently.

Rotor mower Krm-1-rotor Krm-2 mower


The standard motor block Belarus is a design on an axis with two wheels. It is controlled by the operator’s hands that go from behind. If work is planned in large areas, it is physical and difficult in physical terms. Therefore, the use of an adapter that is connected to the hiking loss tractor and the movement is considerably easier and creates a certain comfort to the driver.

Possibilities to cover young grapes for the winter


Since the power of Motorogue Belarus 09n enables you to transport goods with up to 500 kg, it is advisable to use this option by connecting the trailer. There is no specific design of the trailer, every manufacturer has something special, but everyone carries out functional facilitation for the transport of absolutely every freight.

Motoblock PM-000 trailers

An ertered man and a weighting agent

To use the maximum of soil or weight with the soil. This is done so that the adhesive devices process the website completely. Groups are a rim that is attached instead of wheels. The panels are attached along the circumference of the edge, which delivers the best coupling and prevents the skirmish of the hub.

Read more: Diesel Motoblock Patriot Boston. Characteristics of application, characteristics, reviews of the owners

Floo r-bearing soil

Tears are loads that are either hung on a motor block or the attachment of devices, the unit provides additional weight and thereby prevent unequal treatment of the soil.

Using analogues for MTZ Motores (Belarus)

There are situations in which there is no way or the desire to acquire the assembly devices from the same manufacturer as the tractor for a walk behavior. Sometimes the proposed devices do not fit their properties, so that they have to search for analogues from other manufacturers. The coupling is paid for special attention, which should correspond to fastening elements on both sides. The manufacturers of Neva, Agro, Agro, are the most adaptive. Your clutch is the same as with MTZ models.

Reviews of the owners

Different reviews of the owners state that you have to use the attachments of devices when working with the Belarus MTZ 09n motor.


The use of various hinge devices for the Belarus motor is not in a mood, but a necessity. With their help, the work is carried out much faster, which contributes to saving time and more efficient than manually. In the beginning, only the required equipment was bought – a plow, a mower. As they used, inquiries and requirements grew for the tractor of the walk behavior. Now I cannot imagine that I can work on the field without a follower.

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