Motoblock Luchs MBR-9. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblocks “Lynx”: properties, models and functional features

Motoblocks “Lynx”, which are produced in Russia, are considered reliable and inexpensive that are used in agriculture and private owners in agriculture. Manufacturers offer users a high tech technology that has good properties. The range of these units is not that big, but they have already managed to achieve popularity in the implementation of certain works.

Setup and properties

Manufacturers currently offer their customers 4 changes to the equipment:

All motoblocks are equipped with gasoline power units.

The following can be differentiated under the main features of machines:

  • economic fuel consumption;
  • high energy;
  • low noise during operation;
  • strong frame;
  • Maneuverability and comfortable control;
  • a wide range of strikes;
  • The possibility of transformation of the product for transport.

As you can see, the advantages of this type of technology are great and therefore indicates popularity among domestic users.

A detailed overview of the varieties

MBR 7-10

This version of the tractor of the walk behavior refers to heavy types of equipment that can easily cultivate large plots of land. The continuity of the unit at the location to prevent the error should not exceed 2 hours, as the operating instructions say. Units are used for the processing of household areas, land in the country and so on. The successful placement of the main controller elements makes such a walk easily controlled, maneuverable and ergonomically.

The equipment with a petrol engine for 7 HP is equipped and has air cooling. The engine is inserted with the starter. With the help of a walk tractor, you can carry out such types of work:

  • Jumping areas;
  • Grind;
  • Plow;
  • solve;
  • Spud.

When using hinge devices, these equipment can be used to collect or plant potatoes. The weight of the machine is 82 kg.

Operating characteristics

Before buying, it is important to put together and carry out the device in accordance with the instructions. The runnin g-In should be carried out immediately after buying the device and it should take at least 20 hours. If the machine then works in the main node without errors, the curren t-in can be considered completed and the devices can continue to use different functions. It is also important after running to let off the waste oil and change the fuel in the tank.

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According to various types of work, it is recommended to carry out the following actions:

  • Clean the work parts of dirt;
  • Check the reliability of the connections;
  • Check the level of fuel and oil.

This technology refers to heavy units and has a balanced design and large bikes, which means that the device cannot slide and cannot load them into the swamp. Thanks to such characteristics, the technology is perfect with the tasks and if necessary it can be equipped with attachments from different manufacturers.


  • The engine is introduced by a manual starter.
  • Large diameter of the piston element
  • Enta, which offers a high performance of the device;
  • Lamella coupling;
  • Big wheels;
  • Great recording of the width of the treated surface;

All metal parts are coated with a corrosion agent.

Operating characteristics

Operating characteristics

To increase the engine power of these devices, they must be properly maintained and regularly maintained. Before you leave the location, you must check the presence of oil in the engine and fuel in the tank. It is also worth assessing the condition of the machine visually and checking the attachment of the equipment before each departure. After 25 hours of operation on the device, it is necessary to completely change the oil in the engine and use the composition 10W-30 recommended by the manufacturer. The gear oil is changed only twice a year.

Main disorders and their elimination

Each device, regardless of manufacturer and costs, can fail over time. This happens for various reasons. There are both smaller breakdowns and more complex. In the first case, the problem can be solved independently, and if individual nodes fail, you should contact the service center or other specialists to solve them.

  • If the engine is unstable, you must take the following measures to avoid breakdowns:
  • Check the contacts on the candle and clean them if necessary.
  • Clean the fuel lines and fill clean gasoline into the tank.
  • Clean the air filter;
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Check the carburetor.

The work to replace the engine on a caterpillar suspension is carried out in the usual way and in any other kind of equipment. To do this, it is recommended to separate all controls from the engine, to loosen the screws of its attachment to the frame, to use the new unit and to attach them there.

If a new engine is installed, it is also advisable to drive it before use and then operate according to the rules mentioned above.


  • The popularity of this type of equipment is not only determined by its affordable costs, but also by the possibility of installing different attachments in order to increase the functionality of the MB.
  • Cutter. It is initially delivered entirely with a singl e-axle tractor and is designed to prepare the upper globe, which makes it softer and increases the yield. The width of the cutting unit is different for each model of the han d-led tractor. The description is in the operating instructions.

  • Plow. This allows you to cultivate and plow virgin or rocky land.
  • Mower. Semorial mowers are usually sold who have different widths and are mounted in front of the frame. Before you work with such devices, it is recommended to check the reliability of the knife attachment so as not to injure yourself.

  • Devices for planting and harvesting potatoes. To automate the process, an growing device is used that is installed on the Lynx and axle tractor. This design has a certain shape and device, which covers potatoes and throws on the surface of the earth. The resulting trenches are excavated by miners.
  • Snow mill. Thanks to this equipment, it is possible to free the area from the snow in winter. The trailer coupling is a bucket that can collect snow and throw aside.
  • Caterpillars and wheels. By default, the hand-led Lynx tractors are supplied with normal bikes, but can be converted on caterpillars or tunnels if necessary so that they can work in swampy areas or in winter.
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  • Weight agent. Since the weight of the models is relatively low, they can be made heavier to improve the gravity of the bikes. Such a device is produced in the form of metal pancakes, which can be hung on a frame.
  • Follower. Thanks to him, you can transport bulky goods. The trailer is attached to the back of the frame.

Adapter. Motoblocks “Lynx” have no space for the operator, so he has to walk behind the device. For this reason, a person quickly gets tired. To make working with these devices easier, you can use an adapter that is installed on the frame and enables the operator to sit on it.

Motoblock Luchs MBR-9. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Lynx MBR-9. Overview, properties, reviews

Recommendation: 100%


Motoblock Lynx MBR-9

 “I will give my opinion on the product: I bought a Lynx like this 2 years ago. Satisfied to this day. First, it's heavy and there's a PTO. As far as I'm concerned, you don't have to look for anything more to work with a mounted one. The walk-behind tractor is powerful, it is very fast on cutters with native wheels, you can hook the cleats on which it is very fast. The earth turns to fluff from grinding. Here for an amateur and depending on the culture. For potatoes you can just go with a plow, in any case cutters are good! If you need a functional helper in the garden or on the construction site - grab it, you won't regret it.

Lynx MBR-9 is a hand-led high-performance tractor. It has high performance, productivity and can be used for all types of agricultural work in household plots, vegetable gardens and neighboring areas.

The weight of the device is 130 kg (without attachments). All desired attachments, with the exception of the cutting devices supplied with the han d-handed tractor, must be purchased separately.


The Motoblock Lynx MBR-9 is suitable for basic agricultural work on the floor (hills, weeds, plowing, cultivating) as well as for more complex work that is carried out by connecting attachments via a PTO (PTO).

Motoblock Lynx MBR-9

Motoblock Lynx MBR-9 is a household appliance that is designed for processing an area of ​​up to 50 hectares.

The engine of the Lynx MB R-9 – 177f OHV 270 cm3, fou r-stroke, ai r-cooled, 9 hp. The capacity of the fuel tank is 6 liters. The oil volume is 1.1 l. The gasoline consumption when the singl e-axle truck is full is 1.8 – 2 liters per hour. When working in the first course, the gasoline consumption is below the specified value.
  • Properties of the Lynx MBR-9 motor block:
  • There is a function for adjusting the width of work with the floor, it ranges from 80 to 115 cm, with the maximum width of the milling cutters you can edit a large area of ​​the construction site with a sidewalk. Behind tractor in a certain time.
  • The hand starter enables the han d-led tractor to start quickly, while operating in three speed modes is possible: two forward gears, a reverse gear.
  • Unlock the wheel.
  • Powerful wide bikes for additional agility, stability and performance (wheel size 6.00-12).
  • 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • The engine mounted at the factory, reliable and durable.
  • High continuousness on every area, the singl e-axle tractor is not prone to the side even when walking on dense ground.
  • Ergonomic design, classic layout of all key elements of the device.
  • Adjustable handle – for ease of use and better control.
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Universal coupling for attachments of any kind.

Characteristics Engine model
177f OHV 270
Motor volume 9.0
Engine power (PS) 6.5
Fuel tank volume (L) 0.9
Oil swamp volume (L) 100
Processing width (cm) 36
Processing depth (cm) 2/1
Corridors (forward/backward) Wheels
6.00×12 82

Weight (KG

User Guide

The assembly of the two-wheel tractor and the connection of the leading working elements is carried out according to the instructions. The device can operate at any air temperature, taking into account the heating of the oil in the cold season before pouring it into the tank. After assembly, a run-in should be carried out, the duration of which is at least 8 hours at an engine load of 2/3 power.

Important! When running in, the engine adapts to the loads and only then can it be used at full power.
  • Compliance with the company regulations includes:
  • All screw connections must be secured.
  • Transmission and engine are filled with oil and fuel (for the engine 10W-30, 10W-40, for the transmission gear oil SAE 75W-80, 75W-70).
The surfaces of the two-wheel tractor must be cleaned of dirt after each work. If the cutting blades are damaged, they must be replaced.
  • The walk behind tractor basic kit includes:
  • two wheels 6.00 x 12, larger wheels can be mounted on request;
  • two protective wings;
  • Universal hitch for attaching attachments;
  • the regulator knob;

Instructions for the operator.

Video review

If you are the owner of the Lynx MBR-9 engine block, you can leave your videos and reviews in the comments to this material. Your information about this model of walk-behind tractor will help other farmers to form an objective opinion and choose this model or another.

owner reviews

There are many positive reviews on the internet about these walk behind tractors. This is a very powerful, functional and high-quality device with a simple control system.

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