Motoblock Luchs MBR-8. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Luchs MBR 8

Motoblock Luchs MBR8 about 8 liters. With. – Professional motoblock for agricultural work of all complexity. The device is quite reliable and can take several years with proper care. Simplicity of maintenance, high functionality, good driving and qualities, support for a large number of attachments – all of this is done by Lynx MBR 8, an indispensable assistant in home and supply company. According to most positive reviews of real car owners, the technology under consideration is in demand among summer residents, farmers and gardeners who are convinced of the quality and reliability of their car. In detail, we take into account the advantages of the tractor of the walk behavior and its suitability on serious conditions, technical parameters, support for additional devices and checks.

General information and design features

Lynx MB-8 is produced by the Russian-Belarussian company “Lynx”, which is known for the production of household equipment for community and farmers. The device is designed for multiple use, and with proper care, the need to replace it with another more modern motoblock is no sense, since the MB-8 model has a long service life. The wal k-in tractor is perfect with the Hilling, the formation of beds, the transport of small goods from 500 to 600 kg. Depending on the installed devices, the device can remove the area of ​​snow or plant residues, pump water, plant and ditch of vegetable plants, make fertilizers in the soil, add compost and other types of agricultural work.

We underline the main advantages of technology:

  • Good geometric consistency, low fuel consumption
  • A strong engine, one of the most painful in its class
  • Due to the simplicity of maintenance, you can repair the machine yourself
  • Available components
  • High functionality and reliability, confirmed by several years of attempts
  • Ergonomic handle with a comfortable handle. Motoblock controls are carried out on the handle. It is also possible to adapt the car to the growth of the operator in this way vertically or horizontally
  • Maximum load capacity up to 500 kg
  • Universal design with the support of hinge options
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Unmounted equipment

Motoblock MBR-8 offers the owner an almost unlimited work volume when all attachments are in stock. Of course, every equipment can only be bought as an option, which is undoubtedly plus and is advantageous for the buyer. In this way, the summer resident has the opportunity to only acquire the necessary options based on their needs. We underline the most common types of roofs that the owners of MBR-8 choose:

  • plow
  • The Wizard
  • Potato cap
  • Potato
  • Seeder
  • Hayfield
  • mowing machine
  • Hook
  • Cultivating mills (additionally)
  • Car
  • water pump

As you can see, the possibilities of the motobobok in question only depend on the needs of the owner. It is therefore necessary to decide first by your needs and then select the desired option. Optionally, you can first buy the base package from MBR-8 without options and then gradually buy attachments.

Rules for use

Lynx MBR 8, like any other mechanism, needs timely maintenance to ensure the maximum life of the product components. Not only regular maintenance is required. In addition, immediately after purchasing a walk-behind tractor, it is recommended that you run it in with a small load, which should not exceed 50% of the maximum value specified in the operator’s manual. Break-in is necessary to increase the reliability and lifespan of parts, allowing them to adapt to current weather conditions. Let’s look at some important steps in the break-in process:

  • The walking tractor is assembled (if only purchased and in disassembled condition)
  • Checking of all fasteners and screw connections, condition monitoring of consumables
  • First engine start. First you need to leave it idle, then you can proceed to a gentle load
  • During the drive-in, works such as cultivation, mounding, planting and digging up vegetables, and transporting goods are permitted. All work is carried out in compliance with the regulations in order to avoid increased loads. The fact is that the gentle mode is the most favorable for breaking in parts.
  • During break-in, it is useful to develop a gear – for example, periodically engage gears and alternately stop for 1-2 seconds in each gear. Thanks to this, the oil does not stagnate in the box and effectively lubricates all components of the transmission assembly. This procedure is especially relevant in the first phase of operation, that is, during break-in.
  • The running-in process takes about 8 hours, after which the two-wheel tractor is driven back into the garage. You need to check the status of consumables. Some of them may need to be replaced. For example, fill in new fuel, change oil filter, etc.
  • The next day you can put the two-wheel tractor into full operation and, if necessary, load it to the maximum.
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Parameters and range of engines

The Lynx MBR-8 model is equipped with a 7 hp 4-stroke petrol engine. Starter – manual type. The gearbox is a three-speed gearbox with two forward and one reverse gears.

The two-wheel tractor is designed for a processing width of up to 1000 mm in one pass, the processing depth reaches 360 mm. The number of pure attachment knives that can be installed is 32 pieces, and the maximum number of knives is 4 pieces. Each cutter has a diameter of 320 mm and also 93 revolutions per minute. Device dimensions – length 880 mm, width 450 mm, height 800 mm. The mass of equipment is 82 kg.

The official warranty period for the ICBM Lynx is 8-12 months from the date of purchase of the product.

fuel consumption

The walk behind tractor is equipped with a 3.5 liter fuel tank. Average fuel consumption in one hour can reach 1.5-2 liters. When driving with an increased load, for example when transporting a 400 kg load, consumption increases to 2-5 liters per hour.

Prices in Russia

The average cost of the Lynx MBR-8 walk-behind tractor on the Russian market is 30,000 rubles without attachments.

Competitors: MTD T 380M, Autora Gardener 750, Huter GMC 7.5, Hyundai T800, GPT-60, Champion BC8713, SunGarden T345 OHV 7.0, Carver T-650R, GreenField Krot-2.

Motoblock Luchs MBR-8. Review, characteristics, reviews

Lynx MBR 8 is a functional walk-behind tractor belonging to the class of heavy units to work with any type of soil and perform auxiliary work in the garden, dacha, garden and adjacent areas. The weight of the machine without attachments is 120 kg.

Motoblock Luchs MBR-8


The device has established itself as reliable and powerful with high power and performance. Lynx MBR-8 is equipped with a four-stroke 170F petrol engine. The type of cooling of the engine is air. Power – 8 hp or 5.9 kW. The engine volume is 170 cm3, the fuel tank is designed for 3.6 liters, and oils 0.9 liters. At full load, the engine consumes an average of 1.8 liters of fuel per hour.

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Motor 170f for a walk tractor lynx

Basic configuration of the Motor Block Luchs MBR-8:
  • Motoblock disassembled – without steering wheel and wheel;
  • two wheels;
  • Set of Cutters (4 PCs, 32 knives);
  • protective wings for wheels;
  • adjustable handle;
  • user instructions.

The MBR-8’s lynx can handle a strip of land up to 95 cm wide. When installing the cutter cutters included in the kit, the device turns a layer of land to a depth of 35 cm. The gearbox installed on the walk-i n-gear, clutch mechanics, multidisc. There is a power shaft of power, therefore, the functionality of the walk behavior tractor is expanded to the maximum.

The type of fuel recommended for this model – gasoline 92AI is allowed to use the brand 95AI. It is not recommended to pre-use a bad gasoline due to rapid blockage of the fuel filter and engine wear.

You can connect to the device, in addition to standard commands (ploughs, tillers, etc.), also with a special hinge, rotor or disc brakes, snow cleaners, etc.

The classic layout of the main parts of the tractor for walks makes it convenient, maneuverable, available for transport, taking into account the distance of the control handle.

The main characteristics of the Lynx MBR-8 walk-in tractor:
  • Adjustable handle (in directions and height).
  • Sustainable large pneumatic wheels (dimensions 4.00×10).
  • A universal coupling for connecting a cart and other devices, for example, trailers, caves, potato diggers.
  • The diameter of the cutter is 32 cm, the number of revolutions per minute is 93.
  • Three modes of operation (two front wheels and one rear wheel).
  • The manufacturer’s guarantee for the product is 12 months.
  • A powerful factory-maged engine, reliable, moderately noisy.
  • A gearbox that withstands maximum loads.
  • This motblock allows you to cultivate landplots ranging in size from 30 to 50 acres.
  • The carrying capacity, taking into account the traction force – up to 450 kg, with a weight of up to 500 kg, it is recommended to use weight means.
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engine model 170f
engine volume 170
Engine power (L.S) 7.0
The volume of the fuel tank (l) 3.6
Oil crank volume (l) 0.9
coupling Belt
Processing width (CM) 100
Depth of processing (CM) 36
Programs (forward/up) 2/1
Wheels 4.0*10
weight (kg 82

User Guide

Carry out the collection of the walk behavior tractor according to the given instructions. We also recommend that the seller consults on matters of interest and examines the reviews of owners of similar models using the farmers’ internet forums.

Use a tractor for a walk according to the instructions:
  • Timely change the oil, add gasoline (the quality of the gas stations should be high, so the engine will work stably, without any outages).
  • Serve the motoblock properly – clean it from pollution, replace the filters in a timely manner (ideally every 50 hours of work and immediately after break-in).
  • Do not reduce the conditions for running in at least 8 hours with the subsequent draining of oil and gasoline and filling with fresh fuel (engine oil type 10W-40, 10W-30).

Video review

If you are the owner of the Motoblok Lynx MBR-8, share your own overview of this model. Links to the Shot videos and detailed reviews of this Walk behavio r-tractor can be left in the comments on this article.

Such information will be useful for those who have not yet decided to choose a walk and to think about the acquisition of a universal assistant for the garden and the garden.

Reviews of the owners

The forums have many positive reviews of this model. Its functionality, high performance, performance and simple control are determined.

Vitaly, Vologda:

“I consider the Motoblocks lynx of Belarus to one of the best, I trust this manufacturer. I used MBR7 earlier, then I sold it and bought it for me MBR8. I liked that you have changed the clutch, in the 8th model it is disc, no need to deceive your head with these belts: you wear it pretty quickly, then you have to change it. And then the oil was flooded and that was it. In the work of the tractor of the walk behavior, I will say the following: his properties are excellent and he really justifies them. It doesn’t work with milling cutters, it just flies. The earth is small in dust. But maybe the quality of the earth is important, we have black soil, the floor is good. I personally do not feel the weight of walking behavior, although it relates to heavy, heavy, heavy ones for me of 140 kg and more. A little later I plan to make the video as he pulls the snowman – I will take it from the neighbor for a while and check how to clean the snow. “

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Stepan, Izhevsk:

“I took a lynx after reviews and characteristics, read in the network and the seller persuaded me. The motoblock is really, I will not speak badly. But of course there are nuances at work where without them. According to my preliminary evaluation, however, it is cooler than the same Neva or Ugra. I have not compared with foreign colleagues, there is no chance.

Advantages: heavy but well controlled. Petrol for such a weight is really modest. At first we didn’t succeed with the Cigns at first, but then I went like a nice one. From the hinge I use everything that is in the barn: the plow and the mower and the hooks I didn’t think about weight, but you can try it.

Disadvantages: Little practical information, instructions, we say, are already written for those who normally communicate with technology. If from scratch, nothing will be clear. I would like more information about the characteristics and the video in the manufacturer’s network how foreign companies are shot about their goods. “

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