Motoblock Luchs MBR-16. Review, characteristics, reviews

Motoblock Luchs MBR-16. Review, characteristics, reviews

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Motoblock Luchs MBR-16

Lynx MBR-16 is a device that belongs to the class of the heavy walk ash. With this model, the farmer can carry out a complex cultivation of the country, namely: plowing, cultivation, loosening, weeding, hilling.

Motoblock Lynx MBR-16

The weight of the MBR-16 model is 140 kg without hanging devices. The power of the device enables it in areas of 20 acres or more. When connecting such sound devices as a cart or trailer, the MBR-16 is transformed into a universal assistant.

Many thanks to hinge equipment ::
  • Transport of goods
  • Potato harvest,
  • Plant root plants,
  • Spread fertilizer,
  • Irrigation.


The MBR-16 Motblock is equipped with a 192F petrol engine with air cooling. The volume of the fuel tank is 6.5 liters. The engine power is 16 hp, its volume is 438 cm3.

192f engine for a wal k-tractor lynx

The gear is equipment. The device is operated at two front and a rear speed. Thanks to an impressive weight, the unit easily overcomes the soil of every composition and humidity without special weight average. The device is started with a manual starter.

The depth of soil processing with installed mills is 33 cm.

Characteristics of the petrol-walk tactor Lynx MBR-16:
  • The presence of a power selection wave (you can use a walk-in tractor in combination with mowers of different types, a snowball player, a shovel liner for snow cleaning, irrigation and other types of attachments from the companies).
  • Practical adjustable control handle; ZA with considerable weight increased the cross stage of walking behavior tractor for any kind of soil.
  • If you connect a car or a trailer, a tractor with a walk behavior can perform the functions of a mini drive athlete.
  • A powerful engine and a reliable transmission – keep high loads.
  • High productivity.
  • Mechanical coupling.
  • A manual starter for a quick and simple engine start.

Motoblock Lynx MBR-16 can be adapted to any type of fastening equipment (plow, floor neck, cigarette stut, Harrow, snowball player, braids of all kinds, trolley, pendant, potato chapter, potato ride, pumps for pumping of water, pumping, water, pumping , Pumping, pumping, pumping, pumping, dodger domplings).

Lian charm in the garden
The standard package of Lynx MBR-16 contains:
  • Moto block packed in a box;
  • User instructions for assembly and operation;
  • School with mount;
  • Protective wing (2 PCs);
  • universal coupling;
  • Mühlen (1 set).

Other types of attachments can be bought separately by giving an order in your region when buying or studying.


Engine model 192f
Engine volume 438
Engine power (L.S) 16.0
The volume of the fuel tank (L) 6.5
Oil crank volume (L) 1.1
coupling Belt
Processing width (cm) 115
Processing depth (cm) 33
Programs (forward/up) 2/1
Wheels 6.0*12
Weight (KG 130

User Guide

Before the start of 100% electricity, the training of the Walk behavior should be carried out for work. From the moment of inclusion and starting work before use in full capacity, 10 to 20 hours should pass. This period is referred to as the curren t-in and serves to adapt the device to the loads. The engine can be operated at 2/3 of the maximum.

During the run, the gearbox and the engine block engine are completely lubricated with oil. All key nodes of the device are added.

Characteristics of using the engine block lynx mbr-16:
  • Devices of this type should be switched on on a flat surface.
  • Soil processing is carried out at an angle of no more than 15 degrees.
  • The diagonal treatment of rows is permitted if the area is on a slope at a large angle.

For the engine, the MBR-16 Lynx Hochoktanes use petrol and oil from manufacturers, semi-synthetic or synthetic for winter, mineral work in summer (10W30, 10W40 or other high class). For the gearbox: SAE 75W-80, 75W-70 of all manufacturers.

Important! After completing the work, clean the visible parts of dirt, remains of grass and machine oil.

The spring maintenance of a planned nature is carried out every 50 hours and the next 50 (100, 150, 200 hours, etc.). The operator of the tractor of the walk behavior must check the maintenance ability of all key components of the technology: the condition of the belts, spark plugs, coupling, gear, engine, all movable and screwed compounds.

Overview of the protective equipment for the greeting bridge of the greeting

Video review

Checking the work of the walk-in tractor Lynx MBR-16

Reviews of the owners

In the forums you will find a variety of reviews from this model. Basically, the owners notice the greater performance and functionality of the unit. But he also has disadvantages: strong vibration, noise and problems with working in an inclined level.

Igor, brave:

“Motoblock was needed over the Internet. I immediately liked the strength, after all, 16 liters are not a joke. The ICBR-16 was really powerful, there were nuances with the attitude while they got used to it, but generally quickly adjusted. The weight can be felt very much if you control the motoblock, you don’t have to make efforts, the technology itself and you only directly. The oil is the best, it takes a little. The engine rumbles evenly like a tractor without noise. Despite the fact that my lynx is already 5 years old, I won’t change. Now there is such a new one, also with a constricted, in the region of 600 CU. “

Vladislav, Gorenichi:

“I am the owner of Lynx MBR16, I hope my rating is useful for those who are still looking for their assistant in the garden. I thought for a long time, I decided to get the money to get it so that it was enough for a normal walk, not cheap. As a result, I chose a Belarusian lynx and read a lot about her. In practice, it turned out that my acquisition has both advantages and disadvantages.

Let’s go to the advantages: the first is power, the motoblock practices its 16 horses successfully, doesn’t heat much, but in summer it still has to be done at work. The engine is good! There are no complaints while I have all the time (I took a new one) and that was three years – there were no complaints about the engine at all. According to the reviews, reducers from the forums are reliable. Mine never failed, they didn’t repair anything. Like a wide selection of a hinge, for example, there is a lot suitable for these motoblock from the NEVA. Personally, I use the usual plow, a single zign, sometimes a car. Mühlen naturally dig for potatoes.

High pressure laundering - why can it be used?

There are also disadvantages: the vibration is strong, gloves are absolutely needed, I have already bought. The device is loud, the head is already buzzing after a working day. Silence on the hills. If a tw o-row Hiller is addicted, he stops for some reason. I read that this is a common problem, but I use a singl e-rowing, and everything is fine.

Overview of the hand-led tractor Lynx MBR-16. Technical characteristics. Device. User Guide

This han d-led tractor is used in local companies and in small horticultural companies. It is able to process a property with an area of ​​up to 10 hectares.

Motoblock Lynx MBR-16

  • MBR-16 can work with a variety of attachments all year round.
  • Thanks to the air cooling of the engine, the hand-led tractor can work 12-14 hours with minimal interruptions.

These machines are collected in the Russian company “Lynx”. Your products are known for their high quality and technical properties of the equipment at a low price. Therefore, it is very much in demand for buyers.

Technical characteristics

Engine model 192f
Engine volume 438
Engine power (L.S) 16.0
The volume of the fuel tank (L) 6.5
Oil crank volume (L) 1.1
coupling Belt
Processing width (cm) 115
Processing depth (cm) 33
Programs (forward/up) 2/1
Wheels 6.0*12
Weight (KG 130

Application functions

The main task of the hand-led petrol tractor Lynx MBR-16 is the automation of agricultural work through additional attachments:

  • Cutter;
  • Plow;
  • Mower;
  • Leaf blade;
  • Follower;
  • Okuchniki etc.

Potato rotor hole pitcher Grousers

It should be noted that a “crow’s feet” knife set is included in the scope of the factory. Their processing width is 90 cm.


  1. The MRBR-16 motor block is equipped with a high-quality Chinese petrol engine with a capacity of 16 liters. with the using a manual starter.
  2. The position of the handlebar can be set both horizontally and vertically.
  3. The MBR-16 motor block has wheels of size 6 × 12. The owners of this equipment notice the excellent off-road capability of the car in any weather.
Shantui SD16 Bulldozer - Description and Specifications

User Guide

Every buyer must study the operating instructions. It describes the functional principle of the han d-led petrol tractor Lynx MBR 16L, the rules for its assembly, maintenance and correct operation. Better spend a little time with studying the operating instructions rather than making expensive repairs later.


In order to maximize the lifespan of the hand-led tractor Lynx MBR-16, its owners have to carry out regular maintenance. The frequency of their implementation is described in the operating instructions.

Before each trip, you should visually check the machine for an unnatural arrangement of parts or breakdowns, the correct aggregation of attachments, the presence of fuel and oil.

  • The engine oil must be changed after 25 hours of operation. For this, it is recommended to use semi-synthetic options with a classification of 10W-40.
  • Motoblocks Lynx MBR-16 are operated with AI-92 or AI-95 petrol. Fuel must be clean and fresh.

Video consultation of the work

Below you will find a video view for the ground milling with a hand-led Lynx MBR-16 tractor:

Reviews of the owners

And here are some opinions from thematic forums on the experience of working on this hand-led Lynx tractor:


“In general I am satisfied with the work. It is one of the best in its class with a minimum price. However, reliability is not too high. If you increase the charge of the engine, after each repair after each repair you will have relatively cheap. The petrol engine is 16 l C and offers diameter even on viscous soil after rain.

Advantages: high power supply, wide application.

Cons: Low level of detail “


“I consider this model as a lynx the best option for owners of small areas. The 16 l C motor consumes 2-2.5 l/h. The handle is comfortable, fits the hand well. Now from the attachment equipment I have a place, grinder and trailer. I’m working on it in the second season. The service is well described in the operating instructions and can easily be carried out independently. With increased loads, engine knocking and additional vibrations are heard, but this does not affect its operation. “

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