Motoblock locust. Lineup review, features, reviews

Locust motoblock. Review of establishment, characteristics, appendices, use and operation

These machines have German roots which imply high quality components and equipment overall. Grasshopper specializes in making heavy garden equipment. The company’s specialists conduct continuous developments aimed at improving, modernizing and designing new models.

The production of machines in Germany is quite expensive. In order to reduce the cost of releasing Brand Brand Grasshopper, the German manufacturer exceeded its capacities on China and Belarus. At the same time, the quality control of the products is carried out with typical German pedantry.

review of the lineup

German experts represent a number of heavy motor locust blocks to understand the difference between them. Let’s consider the technical characteristics of each of them in more detail.

Motoblock – Grasshopper 188f

­This model is designed to be a land plot, landing, harvesting and processing. It has a 13-horsepower 188F petrol engine.

Thanks to the installed Cas t-Oron building, the service life is largely increased.

Motoblock grasshopper 188f

The transmission is two ranges set with a 4×2 circuit and a constant gear hook. The drive speed is from 2 to 16 km / h and allows you to move in the range of 2 to 4 km / h.

This walk injury tractor is designed to work on heavy soils. The weight of 217 kg and tires of 6.5 x 12 ensure perfect adhesion to the surface and cross-country ability on all terrains.

Motoblock – Grasshopper 186f

This model has a 9-strong diesel engine with air-cooled Chinese manufacturer Weiman, which is considered one of the best analogues from the Japanese Honda.

Awakened equipment is powered by reinforced VOM, which can also work with heavy Montagemittel gadgets.

Motoblock grasshopper 186f

  • The changes also affected the steering column. It is equipped with an anti-vibration system that absorbs a significant part of the outgoing vibration.
  • The movement speed is regulated by a 6-level control point with 4 positions for driving and two backs and can be up to 16 km/h.
  • Weigh the Motoblock locust 225 kg.

Motoblock – Grasshopper 177f

The Locust 177 petrol engine has a power of 9 hp and can develop traction force on solid ground at least 140 kgf. This is sufficient for both private and professional use.

Motoblock grasshopper 177f

  • This model is equipped with a two-band transmission with a 4×2 shift.
  • To facilitate work in small areas of soil, a differential is installed, which allows the device to be used in a small plot.
  • The rotation frequency of VOM is 1000 rpm.

Motoblock – Grasshopper GR 900

This is the first representative of the light-weight series of engine blocks from Heustarte. The mass is only 70 kg, and the petrol engine has a power of 7 hp.

Motoblock Hourgeer GR 900

  • Due to the light performance, there is not a large number of steps of the control point, there are only 3: two forward and one back.
  • The locust engine block is designed for processing prepared soil, the width of the cultivation can cut off 120 cm, and the depth of immersion of the grind – 30 cm.
  • The fuel consumption is about 1 liter per hour, and the fuel tank with a volume of 3.6 liters can provide lon g-term autonomous operation of the device.

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Hourish lane size 105e engine cultivator

This is no longer a walk tractor, but a heavy motor cultivator. It is intended exclusively for working with the earth. The main task of this machine is the cultivation of the soil. The width of recording the meal can reach 105 cm.

Autumn in the garden. What can you forget

Grubber Grasshopper Gr 105e

  • Petrol engine with 13 HP is able to do the work with solid types of soil. The largest transport can reach 10 km/h.
  • The height of the steering wheel can be set to the height of each owner.

Motoblock grasshopper size 135

This is a typical diesel model of a walk behavior. Without oil and fuel, the mass is 154 kg. In addition to the 9 strong diesel engine, you can carry out a wide range of agricultural work. The simplicity of the start of the device is ensured with an electric starter.

Motoblock grasshopper size 135

  • The working width with mills can be set in the range of 80 to 110 cm.
  • The power selection wave has a slit and individual point coupling.
  • Hourish lane is delivered to supply the motor pneumatism wheels, a number of cutters and user manual.

Review of the attached devices


This fastening equipment is included in the set of the entire installation of the grasshopper blocks. And the width of their workmanship is one of the basic technical features of these devices.

Forged mills are also sharpened and can deliver work on any kind of floor. The knives do not wrap the grass on itself, but cut it.

Freze Hussian legs

Sabbath Mills are included in the delivery. If you wish, however, you can install a new version of this attachment – “goose legs”. They treat the soil more carefully and grind it, which increases the overall fertility of the earth.

If it is necessary to process virgin or rocky soils, it is not recommended to use mills, you cannot provide the necessary cultivation of the soil, but only bluntly and become unusable.

Pflugmole plow

With such floors, it is better to use plows. They plunge deeper into the ground and behave much more stable in addition to the heavy weight of the grasshopper motor block.


Mitch will help the owners of the brand Grosshopper brand to mow grass and harvest hay for winter. There are two types of them: Rotary and segments. The first of them works with soft grass and the latter with bushes.

Rotorrotor KR-02m mowing barmine ka-3c

Potato cake and potato dwellers

Motoblocks from the Grasshopper brand can not only make landwork easier, but also land and clean and clean agricultural plants. The physical and temporary difficulties are potatoes. Potato and potato cuts save their owners a lot of time and effort.

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Potato potato cup for an engine block KKM-1

Snowman and dumplings

This adhesive equipment is often used in supply companies and private individuals for snow cleaning, as they differ in their budget and their efficiency.


The HEUSCHRECHRECHRARKMARK brand brands help their owners to transport goods with followed carts. The choice of your type must be made based on the transported freight:

  1. Sel f-Seval types are recommended for the transport of mass freight.
  2. With high side walls should be used when transporting bulky objects;
  3. Long cars should be used when transporting long objects.

Pendant TM-360

Wheels, tunnels and rails

Motoblocks Grasshopper are representatives of a heavy device series, the weight of which can be more than 200 kg in some models! They are equipped with air tires of size 6×12, which can ensure the accessibility of the machines on any kind of soil.

If you have a light han d-led tractor of the Grasshopper brand, tunnels can improve the grip.

Motorized cultivator CHAMPION BC 6612H with Honda engine. Model advantages, operation, video and test reports

Grouser’s chain attachment

In winter or in swampy areas, air tires and tunnels cannot offer traction. For these purposes, it is recommended to use caterpillars that increase the contact area with the surface.


It is also possible to improve the continuation of the singl e-axle tractor by increasing the weight of the device with the help of additional ballast weights. They are made in the form of two pancakes and are hung on the wheel axle.

Weights Motoblock water pump

water pump

Motoblocks from the Grasshopper brand can not only do land, but also irrigation work. With the help of a pump, you help with pumping water and pouring the harvest.


This train device is a frame with a seat that gives its owner the opportunity to control the movement of the machine from a seated position.

Motoblock adapter

User Guide

Initial commissioning, entering and preserving

Be sure to read the operating instructions before using the Grasshopper single streak! Then build the machine together in accordance with the instructions contained therein.

Then fill fuel and lubricant in the engine.

Let the machine work with minimal loads in the first 8 hours. This time is enough to lubricate all structural components of the device, and they began to work as a single mechanism.

Change the engine oil at the end of this mode.

If you plan not to use the device for a long time, it is recommended that the grass shopper unachstractor are recommended. This must be done in the following order:

  1. Drain fuel and oil;
  2. Remove dirt, dust and moisture remains to prevent corrosion on the body of the single-axle tractor;
  3. Disconnect the clamps from the spark plugs or screw them completely;
  4. Lubricate the control levers with waterproof fat.


Motoblocks Grasshopper are quite easy with regard to daily and regular maintenance.

Before you start working on this device, you have to make sure it works. Check the steering and braking system, the presence of fuel and oil, the lack of lubricant decks and unnatural deformations.

The lubricant in the engine should be changed every 25 hours of operation. A 4-stroke engine oil is recommended for this assembly.

The gear oil should be changed in spring and autumn or every 100 driving lessons. The operating instructions recommend the use of TAP-15V or TAD-17i.

To prevent the gear levers and a safe gear fixation, they should be regularly lubricated with waterproof solidol or litol 24 fat.

Litol-24 gear oil TAP-15V gear oil Tad-17i


Motoblocks Grasshopper are manufactured according to German technology, which is designed for lon g-term use under all climatic conditions and engine loads.

But sooner or later smaller breakdowns appear that you can fix yourself:

If the engine block engine is not activated:
  1. Make sure the ignition system works;
  2. Check for fuel and oil (try to change them);
  3. Set the carburetor;
  4. Clean fuel and air filters.
If the knives don’t turn:
  1. Check the functionality of the tap wave;
  2. Check the drive belt for stretching;
  3. Make sure that the attachment is correctly connected.

Video reviews

Below you will find a video overview of the Hilling with an adapter:

And here is a video overview of the operation of the hand-led Grasshopper tractor with active cutting plants:

The following video view demonstrates the operation of a sieve potato rotor:

Owner reviews

Here are the reviews of han d-led tractors from the Grasshopper brand in thematic forums:

Motoblocks Lynx - Reviews of Models, Description, Reviews The Owner


“An excellent han d-held tractor that is very similar to the engine in its appearance, but only with a perfectly functioning Chinese engine. Translations are clearly involved. Sometimes the differential does not work immediately. The switching system is perfectly thought out and is easy to set up. In addition to the technical properties, the main advantage is an organic appearance that is pleasant to look at. In general, this is a heavy and solid han d-led tractor.


“My Grasshopper is already 5 years old. It is very efficient and reliable. Rubbered handles absorb a large amount of outgoing vibrations. It is characterized by stability and maneuverability. The performance is great – both the cutting edge and the plow pull without question. It does all the work on my 20 hectares.

Motoblock Grasshopper: Properties of models and functions of the company

Motoblock Grasshopper: Properties of models and functions of the company

Land processing is considered a complex process that requires a lot of physical exertion and time. To make their work easier, many summer residents and farmers use a special technical device that is known as a han d-led tractor.

The market for agricultural devices is represented by various models of drive units, but hand-guided grasshopper tractors are particularly popular with property owners, since they are considered the most powerful and interference-free in operation.


Motoblocks manufactured under the Grasshopper brand are reliable devices with German roots. The company’s engineers constantly develop new modifications and complement them with modern devices.

In order to reduce production costs and make products affordable, the German Grasshopper plant opened workshops in Belarus and China and left the right to control the quality of the equipment manufactured.

The main feature of these han d-led tractors is an improved transmission.

It is similar to a car equipped with a disc coupling, and a durable body made of cast iron protects the parts well from dirt and mechanical damage.

The manufacturer completes all units with wide, massive tires that offer perfect grip on every type of surface. In addition, han d-guided tractors are equipped with a planetary gear. The device is driving, fits well in curves and can also keep the trail on a bike.

In low gear, this technology can be used as a powerful tractor for the transport of goods with a weight of up to 1200 kg.

The following properties also include the advantages of the hand-guided grasshopper tractors:

  • High performance;
  • low fuel consumption;
  • good terrain and maneuverability;
  • Long lifespan of the equipment;
  • Switching and switching is carried out with the help of steel rods, there are no cables in the construction, which makes the equipment more reliable;
  • Fou r-spee d-Ze i-band gear that offers high efficiency;
  • A big motorcycle tour.

With the exception of the high price, they are not the defects. Hig h-quality technology over time, however, justifies financial investments because no repair costs are required and little fuel is issued.

Popular models

In various versions, grasshoppers are available, they differ not only with the design, but also with technical indicators. Before acquiring a specific unit, it is therefore important to take into account the characteristics of the change and compliance with the volume of the planned work. The following units contain the most popular models of Motoblocks that have received positive reviews.

Housing bar 188f

This device is available in the configuration with Weimera petrol engine, its performance is 13 liters. C, volume – 390 cm³. The engine is carried out by a backward starter.

For the engine work, the manufacturer recommends using AI-92 petrol.

The hiking loss tractor weighs 217 kg when he treats the floor, it ensures a depth of up to 30 cm.

Checking the Motor note Salute 100 L-6.5. Description, characteristics, reviews

This model has a modernized gear that is operated in two modes (increased and reduced), as well as two reverse and four front speeds. In addition, the design ensures that thanks to which attachments and the decreased devices can be attached to the device.

The clutch coupling in the hiking loss tractor is shown by several slices that are immersed in a butter container. The manufacturer replaced metal bars with strong cables, which extends the lifespan of the devices. The steering column is easy to control. The speed is 2 to 16 km/h forward and from 2 to 4 km/h.

Housing bar 186FB1

This model has a WeiMan 188FB1 diesel engine, its performance is 9 liters. With. The engine volume is 420 cm³, the fuel tank is designed for 6.5 liters of gasoline. The device weighs 225 kg, it has a gear that works in two areas – increased and reduced.

The number of gears in unit 6 (2 after and 4 in front). The engine is introduced manually and is also equipped with an air cooling system.

In addition, durable traction, Mult i-Disc coupling and differential are included in the package. With the power selection wave you can connect an additional trailer or fastening equipment to the device. The engine block transmission can be folded together, gear and in a durable cast iron building. The steering wheel of this model is modernized, the handle can be set in two levels.

In the tractor of the walk there are very high protection protectors who protect him from slipping from slipping.

Hourish lane GR-135

This model is diesel, it is provided with a powerful engine of 9 liters. C, which is launched both by an electric starter and manually. In addition to the engine, a cooling system is installed that protects the engine from overheating. The gearbox offers reverse and two front speeds.

The weight of the motblock is 166 kg. During the extension, it can deepen 30 cm and cover the surface with a width of 1.35 m. The device is available in configuration with large pneumatism wheels. An additional transport bike is attached to them.

The size of the tractor of walk injuries is 1030 × 570 × 880 mm, the model is al l-wheel drive. The volume of the fuel tank is 5.5 liters, oils –1.65 l.

Such a walk tractor is ideal for processing the size of the areas.

The device is characterized by a troubl e-free operation, in the event of a fault, spare parts can be purchased without any problems, since they are always produced in a large selection and are available in stores.


Added devices can also be connected to all han d-led tractors of the Grasshopper brand. The units are delivered entirely with saber cutters. They work well and cut the grass without wraping it. These attachments are suitable for processing every type of soil.

If desired, the owners of the device can expand its functionality by buying the following additional equipment.

  • Plow. It is necessary if it is planned to edit rocky areas and untouched country where it is difficult for conventional milling cutters to cope with the work. In contrast to milling, the plow is not dull and sinks deeper into the ground under the weight of heavy devices.
Graben excavators - which should you choose?

  • Mower. This device is usually bought for the winter. Mowers are available in two types: segment mower and gyro mower. The first option is suitable for mowing shrubs and the second for soft grass.

  • Potato planters and potato roters. Such devices help with rapid planting / harvesting crops.

  • Shovel blade and snow blower. Thanks to such devices, it is possible to clear the area of ​​snow. Products are characterized by efficiency and budget and are mostly used by supply companies.

  • Follower. If goods are also to be transported in addition to the tillage, it cannot be dispensed with. Your manufacturer produces various types: long dump trucks with high side walls.

  • Rails, wheels and tunnels. Since hand-guided grasshopper tractors are heavy devices and the weight of some modifications can be up to 200 kg, they are equipped with 6 × 12 frames. Such tires ensure the continuousness of the unit on each floor.

If a light han d-held tractor is bought, it should be equipped with tunnels. They are usually used in the winter season to improve the liability of the equipment on the surface.

In addition, caterpillars are often used to cross swampy areas, which enlarges the contact area with the treated surface.

  • Weight agent. They are made in the form of two “pancakes” that are mounted on the wheel axle and increase the weight of the singl e-axle tractor.
  • Water pump . With the help of such a device, it is possible to pump water and irrigate garden cultures.
  • Adapter. It is a train device in the form of a frame with a seat. With such equipment you can control the han d-led tractor in a seated position.

Operating rules

After the han d-led tractor has been selected and bought, it is important to provide it with suitable storage conditions and proper operation. This protects the device from possible failures and extends its lifespan. The first step is to start and take it. According to the manufacturer’s instructions, you have to fill in fuel (petrol or diesel) and oil before starting the handled tractor.

In the first 8 operating hours, the minimum load must be set, during this time all parts and assemblies are lubricated and begin to function as a single mechanism. Then the engine oil is drained off and replaced by new ones.

If the han d-led tractor is not to be used for a long time, it should be turned off in a dry place on a stand after the fuel and the lubricant have been drained and cleaned by dirt and dust.

You also have to lubricate all levers with a special fat that protects you from corrosion.

The maintenance provides for the following types of work.

  • Daily equipment controls. Before operating the device, make sure that the braking and control system works. You also have to check the fuel and oil level in the tanks. Due to lubricant lack of lubricants or leaks, parts can be deformed.
  • Timely oil change. It is recommended to carry out this every 25 operating hours of the engine. It is best to use the oil TAP-15V and TAD-17i for handmade grasshopper tractors.

Despite the fact that Grasshopper units are of high quality and are suitable for operation under all climatic conditions, they can sometimes fail. This is usually due to an engine overload.

Simple breakdowns can be fixed yourself.

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